Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Affirming a Beautiful Life

Most often when we think of beauty we think of what is pleasing to look at, what inspires rapture and wonder and awe. Beauty engenders pleasure and satisfaction and whilst what is beautiful includes what is considered lovely and wonderful to see, what is beautiful is also what feels this way and what appeals to us on many levels. The concept of a beautiful life will mean different things to us all and there are sensations it evokes that go beyond how a beautiful life appears aesthetically because it is about the way we live, how we enjoy, what we do to express and encourage pleasure and satisfaction in our lives in a way that honours and enhances them.

The most beautiful way to live will be unique to each of us and yet, universally, we live best when we are in tune with our inner wellness, able to trust in our intuition, free to flow with life and willing to return to clarity and sanity when we find we have reverted to or become engaged in unhelpful ways of being. In this state of openness, wisdom and evolution, we are able to consider what a beautiful life means and looks like to us and create it.

To begin, we need to understand that we deserve to live a beautiful life and are capable of doing so. That we have the ability to shape our experience in a way that leads us to bringing into being what we wish to achieve.

We have all heard it said in many different ways that if we follow our bliss then doors will open for us, that the Universe will respond and all good things will come to pass. And when we are fully aligned with our wisdom, our magnificence and guided by our wellbeing, we are clear, we take inspired action, we are present to gratitude, opportunity and possibility. Until we are, we may struggle with ideas about worth, value and ability that hold us back from creating and experiencing and expressing beauty.

There are many teachings that suggest that as soon as we identify what we want, we are on our way to achieving it but until we can recover our right to receiving and creating a beautiful life and explore and ground ourselves in our capacity for doing so, we will keep coming up against the claims of the limited mind that we have no idea about what we are doing, no right to try to achieve it and the evidence it provides for why.

Repeating to ourselves that we live a beautiful life allows us to experience and centre ourselves in feelings of gratitude, wonder and appreciation. We are led to notice and reflect on what is beautiful about all of life and our lives in particular as well as feel hopeful about what beauty we might create and discover. Taking this approach is not just mystical and spiritual, it is practical. It allows us to tune into our ability to steer our minds, refresh our emotions, gain insight into where we feel held back and work towards changing our approach. In this space we are able to make plans, to invest in ourselves, to break down the journey we see ahead into actionable steps so that we move forwards on the path of creating a life of meaning, joy and abundance, heeding our inner guidance that empowers us to take charge of our destinies.

So often we wait to make changes or put things off for the future that would improve our lives and of course there are times we need to rest or prioritise something other but often what we are putting off doing is what will help us achieve what we are longing to, what we are called to. In the case of changing our lives so that they better fulfil us, so that they better represent us and allow us to express our truth, taking a first step moves us beyond the habitual patterns that keep us from making the changes we desire and as we continue moving forwards, we eventually create new habits and form new patterns.

How do you feel when you imagine living a beautiful life, feeling well in yourself and your surroundings, in your work and relationships? What thoughts come up that lead you to disbelieve you are allowed or able to create a life like this? What are they leading you to uncover about your belief system?

When we hear stories of transformation, of people achieving their dreams and creating lives they love, they seem to always include how the changes came about because of shifts within, that an experience or insight led to a new perspective on life that allowed for expansion, change on a grand scale and a new understanding of what was available and possible. These are accounts of what people have uncovered within themselves, of what they have learned about their inner resources of strength and resilience and innate fortitude, of their connection with their spiritual truth, with the Divine energy of life, of their opening up to inspiration and creativity and newness.

And we are all being led all of the time to uncover our truth, to live in connection with life, from gratitude and appreciation for life, to find the way to live beautifully that makes unique sense for us and to change and grow and flow as we feel guided and are able to. We all have the capacity to change our understanding. We all have the ability to transform what we think and how we live so that the ideas we hold about life and our place in the world allow us to do well in the way that is right for us.

There needs to be agency. We have to decide to embrace and explore what lies within us and we have to choose something other than what investing in fear leads us to. When we do, we turn away from fear and towards love. In love, we understand that we have spiritual wellbeing. We feel how knowing this changes the way we operate. We are led to live as a reflection of our truth and we know that life is beautiful and that from this perspective we can live beautifully.

We are always being guided towards expressing as a higher awareness, transcending our doubts and fears in order to live from faith and love. There is no better catalyst for change than the knowledge that you deserve more than you have been allowing yourself. You are able to make the changes you need to make to live the life you deserve to live. You are guided, you are supported, you are loved and affirming that you live a beautiful life asserts that you know you can and are worthy of doing so. It is the first step on the journey of trusting in yourself enough to open up to new ways of being so that you no longer put off what you feel called to do, hoping for a miracle; you walk the path you are guided to because you know you are one.


I deserve to live a beautiful life
I decide what is a beautiful life
I make the choice to live a beautiful life
I am supported in living a beautiful life
I experiment with creating a beautiful life
I let creating a beautiful life be simple
I enjoy living beautifully
I trust myself to live beautifully
I am at ease living beautifully
I Create a beautiful Life peacefully

Getting clear on our worth is the journey of a lifetime.

In moments of insight and connection and expansion, we feel at one with life, a part of life and deserving of all good that life has to offer. Outside of these moments, we default to our subconscious beliefs and if these are not healthy and healing, loving and helpful then we struggle to assimilate the two which makes sense; one of these experiences is life enhancing and what is not creates feelings of tension, struggle and strain within us, letting us know we are faced away from clarity, truth and wholeness.

With this in mind, we can know that whatever feels unhealthy to us is not helpful for us. When we feel uncomfortable, unhappy or distressed by ideas that we are unworthy, unable, we can know that this is because we are creating an experience other than what is true. We are worthy. We are equipped. We deserve to live beautiful lives and we have the ability to do so. Imagine now how you would act and live and treat others if you felt whole and well and supported and a part of life; if you felt truly able to live beautifully. You would be a force of good, inspiration and motivation in the world because when we feel whole and well we act in ways that are wholesome and healthy.

Deciding on what a beautiful life looks like for you can be as simple as making a list of all the things you enjoy doing and experiencing in life. Focusing on what you most like to spend your time on, how you enjoy being and what you appreciate in the world can help you create and build a life that feels meaningful in the way that is right for you. Society and culture programme us with messages about what we should do and what we should want and separating our true desires from these is not only liberating, it is fascinating, enlightening and healing.

When we are living a life in which we allow ourselves to receive and create what we truly desire, we feel whole and fulfilled, content and connected. If what we have and create and go after is not what we really want, it will never be enough and we will repeatedly feel the results of this.

The journey of self discovery is one of revelation. Who are you? What does beauty look and feel like for you? What do you really want from life? What do you already have and what do you want to move towards? Your life is in your hands in terms of how you think and feel and interact with the world. If you need help and support in discovering more about yourself, find it. You deserve to live a beautiful life and you are capable of deciding what a beautiful life is for you.

Stepping into our ability to live well happens when we make the choice to. Empower yourself by affirming that you make the choice to live a beautiful life and see where doing so leads you.

In the state of empowerment, we are energised and confident and trusting. When we make plans from this space, we take action towards achieving our goals whilst being flexible, creative and innovative enough to adapt when we need to. Setting out simple steps that we can take to move us closer to a life that feels right and satisfying for us not only helps us to make progress physically but mentally we view our goal as achievable and we open ourselves up to inspiration and insight.

Life will give us a full experience of whatever we direct our minds towards. When we decide that life loves us and we surrender to love, to receiving love and expressing love, operating from love and resting in love, we feel healed and whole and aligned and faithful and we find it easier to take part in the world, to enjoy other people because we enjoy ourselves. Whatever a beautiful life looks like to us, it will involve other people. As we become more comfortable with the understanding that we can live well, that we deserve to live well, that we are designed to live well, we make healthier decisions in our relationships, we change our approach to connecting with others, we set boundaries, we are respectful and loving towards ourselves and those we spend time with, we collaborate and are of service, able to receive and offer support in the physical world because of the support we have discovered in the spiritual.

What makes life so interesting is that we are able to think and experience our thinking which means we have the creative power to think differently, to change our minds and our experience. What feels beautiful to us now is different than what felt beautiful to us a year ago and will be different to what feels beautiful to us in a year’s time. Allowing ourselves to experiment with life, to try new things, to be enthusiastic about exploring what is on offer to us leads us to continue expanding beyond limitations and set roles into who we really are and refining our ideas about what we want from life as we do; learning and growing, living and enjoying.

We often make things complicated because somewhere along the way we picked up the ideas that what is good takes time, what is of value takes hard work, what is difficult is what matters most and these may be true experiences in some instances but they are not the standard and we don’t have to make them be. Transformation may not occur overnight, although it is possible, so we can take our time creating new beliefs and experimenting with new attitudes and perspectives and we do not have to make doing so complicated or expect it to be a burden or overload ourselves with tasks and practices.

This is at times confronting and demanding and it is also liberating and calming. Letting living beautifully be simple, taking a simple approach to living a beautiful life means taking intelligent and sustainable action that actually moves us forwards effectively, in peace, in grace and in love and wisdom. Life is not all or nothing, it does not need to be hard to be working or difficult to be worthy. Simplifying can be as easy as writing down what we need or want to achieve and working out what we can do at each step on the journey towards creating and receiving it to keep us aligned with our wellbeing and inspired in our plans and action by it.

Once we get clear in the moment about what a beautiful life feels like for us, we are able to enjoy living and creating it. There is a difference between working on something and feeling like life is hard work. Enjoying living beautifully means knowing what is right for us in the moment and choosing it from the space of empowerment and self knowledge and insight. As we begin to see beyond illusions of reality to the truth of love, peace and spiritual wellness, having fun makes sense to us, enjoying is a choice we find we are naturally inclined to make.

Having fun happens when we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy our pursuits no matter what anybody else has to say about them, including the conditioned self and move beyond limited thinking that in some way directs us away from experiencing and expressing peace, love and harmony. When we surrender to our innate wellness, when we allow it to guide us in uncovering our obstacles and blocks and unhelpful beliefs, we accept ourselves, we love ourselves, we are patient and caring and nurturing towards ourselves and we lighten our loads, elevate our experience and enjoy life.

If we allow ourselves to be, we are overwhelmed by information, opinion and judgement from outside sources and discovering our own true voice, inner guidance, real self can be challenging. Quieting down the noise of outside information, consciously choosing what and how we take it in allows us to find out and follow what we are guided to and begin to default to our inner wisdom which leads us to trusting that we can. Living a beautiful life means living well, choosing well, trusting ourselves to be well in the world, it means learning with grace and self compassion and awareness, treating ourselves and our impulses and desires with respect, defaulting to our internal navigation system in a world of opinion so that we feel connected with the intelligence of life, supported by it and able to defer and surrender to its expression in and through us.

Reflection leads to insight, it opens us up to wisdom and in the space of wisdom we are creative and innovative, inclined to explore and experiment with life.

When we operate from wisdom, we are naturally self trusting, we know that life is a journey, an adventure and an opportunity to explore our gifts and our abilities, investigate and follow our passions and learn and grow and enjoy ourselves along the way.

We get to choose how at ease we are in ourselves, in the world, in our joy. Some of us imagine we will be at ease when we are allowed to be, once we have a reached a certain level of success or an age when we have the right to be, when we can finally give up everything that makes us feel we do not, when it doesn’t make sense to not share our joy regardless of past beliefs or what other people’s reactions might be. But why wait? If we can imagine being at ease in the world, if it is something we know we are capable of, why not allow ourselves to be at ease now?

When we allow ease, we are allowing what is already available to us, we are embracing and choosing a state of being other than what the limited mind directs us to. We can be thankful that the ego has done all it can to keep us safe and we can gently assure those parts of us that still feel unsure that we are old enough and wise enough now to thrive, that being at ease engenders space and health and expansion and that in wellness and openness we experience new perspective, new awareness and an ever clearer understanding of life and how we can live it.

When we choose to live beautifully and allow ourselves to do so in a state of ease, we are blessed, we are free, we are living in health and wholeness, overlooking concerns about the opinions of others, turning away from past thoughts and beliefs and behaviour, riding the waves of life when we feel challenged and triggered so that we approach what we need to with curiosity, with self trust, with a willingness to learn and grow with joy, self love and grace.

Living beautifully in ease allows us to live beautifully with ease, it allows us to be led by intuition, to be inspired, to trust in our wellness, to default to our wholeness, to surrender to the intelligence of love, following the path that is right for us, energising the experience of happiness and health and responding to the limiting beliefs of the conditioned mind with compassion, with understanding and with a certainty that we can choose something other than what they are offering.

To live in ease is to know the self, to be invested in the self and to allow self knowledge to keep us centred in truth and return us to truth when we have turned away from it.

To be at ease, in ease, to live with ease happens when we relax, rest in, are led by and allow ease. When we do not block it or shut it down or push it away. We do not have to wait for a certain time to be at ease in the world. We are living now and have the option now to allow good feeling, confident in the truth of who we are and how we choose to live from this space and free to feel easy about life no matter what we have been taught or told, had modelled for or demanded of us. It is when we open up that we feel at home in the world, not when we shut down. When we freely trust our intuitive wisdom to lead us towards health and happiness and love, we know we are living beautifully.

You are not cheating at life by allowing it to be good, you are not taking what is not yours when you receive what you want, you are not less deserving than others and so you achieving and succeeding and manifesting an experience of beauty, a beautiful life, is not taking from people more worthy than you or going against what is right. You can and deserve and are guided to create a beautiful life in peace. Peace is within you, it is you, you can live from peace and experience peace and return to peace. In peace you are led to do what makes sense which is to live well and not to hold yourself back from creating a life that feels beautiful to you no matter what, until now, you have believed.

Until we know to do otherwise, we create a sense of self based on our ideas about what will keep us safe, nurtured and loved and often this means we act in the world and feel as if we are unsafe, unnurtured and unloved. In order to return to our instincts, to defer to our internal guidance system over the coping mechanisms and learned behaviour that misunderstanding and hurt led us to create and default to, we have to know that peace is an option for us and that there are many ways for us to realise peace.

Repeating the affirmation that we create a beautiful life peacefully, feeling the truth of our ability to do so, speaking these words to ourselves in the mirror, writing them down, does not stop past thoughts from occurring but helps us to navigate our response to them so that we consider their truth, their validity, their usefulness in guiding us to create the life we want to live.

We have an innate understanding of how to live well that is available to guide us to be true to our wellbeing, to honour and respect ourselves, to act in and from health, harmony and clear mindedness.

When we come to be at peace with the ideas and beliefs and thoughts that we no longer feel an urge to pay attention to or believe in it is because we have come to recognise and trust in our innate ability to choose something other and discovered compassion and patience for ourselves that lead us to be gentle and understanding when we make mistakes so that we can grow through them and move past what tells us we are unable to or undeserving of doing so.

Part of this is understanding that what leads us away from peace is preventing us from living as we wish to. If we do not consider those thoughts and feelings, reflect on and release them in order to process, understand and move beyond them, we are focused on what leads us away from healing, creativity and innovation whilst often struggling against, denying or repressing an experience of suffering. Allowing ourselves to remember insight, clarity and wholeness and the realisation of these leads us into a new expression and experience that finds us living in peace and creating a beautiful life peacefully because of it.

When we begin to treat ourselves compassionately, patiently and lovingly, we feel tender towards ourselves when we consider the confusion and suffering we have experienced by identifying with the beliefs created through misunderstanding and hurt. We are led to treat ourselves with consideration and care when we notice we are feeling distressed so that we can choose a gentler, healthier and happier approach to how we express and experience ourselves in the moment. Peace guides us to know that we change when we realise we do not have to silence the ego because we can simply and gently override it. We can thank it and have love for ourselves and compassion for our past misunderstandings and suffering as we expand into a new and healthier expression of self and recognise the beauty in doing and being able to do so.