Lucy Di Marino

Basic Bircher

This simple basic bircher recipe makes a delicious light breakfast, afternoon snack and even dessert, topped with dried and fresh fruits.



40 g flax seeds
40 g chopped pecans
50 g chopped Brazil nuts
70 g chia seeds
80 g dried mulberries


20 g cashews
160 ml water


Making sure the mulberries are dry enough that they are crispy rather than chewy, process in a high speed blender or food processor into a sugar. Mix well with the rest of the bircher ingredients and transfer to a airtight storage container.

To make the milk, blend the ingredients until smooth. Add to a bowl with 60 g bircher and mix well. Allow to soak for 20 minutes. Serve topped with dried and fresh fruits, nuts or coconut yoghurt.

To eat with other milk, soak 60 g bircher in 180 ml.