Lucy Di Marino

Caesar Salad

Rich, salty and creamy, this delicious vegan take on a Caesar salad has crunch, a savoury seaweed flavour, a hint of cheesiness and is nut free. Quick and easy to make, it is perfect enjoyed alone and also makes a delicious side.



¼ tsp ground rock salt
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
3 tbsp dulse flakes
100 g raw mushrooms
225 g romaine lettuce


¼ tsp ground rock salt
1 garlic clove
20 g shelled hemp seeds
40 ml lemon juice
40 g untoasted sesame seeds
50 g sunflower seeds
130 ml water


Finely slice the mushrooms and massage with ¼ tsp ground rock salt and 2 tbsp dulse flakes until they have a cooked texture. Stir in the remaining dulse flakes and nutritional yeast and mix with the lettuce, roughly chopped.

Blend the dressing ingredients until thick, creamy and smooth and dress the salad. Season with black pepper.