Lucy Di Marino

Chocolate Coconut Chunks

The perfect sweet treat, the recipe for these chocolate coconut chunks can also be split to make a creamy rich chocolate and cakey coconut date bites.


Cake Bites

150 g pitted medjool dates
220 g desiccated coconut


110 g cacao nibs
150 g creamed coconut
200 g date sugar


To make the cake crumbs, in a high speed blender or food processor, process the ingredients until well combined with a crumbly cake texture and break into crumbs in a bowl.

To make the chocolate, in a high speed food processor or grinder, process the cacao nibs and coconut into a smooth thick liquid. Add the date sugar and process again into a smooth liquid chocolate.

Add to the coconut date crumbs and mix well. Transfer to a container or mould and freeze to set for 1 hour.