Create: A Course on Reawakening Inspiration, Creativity and Joyful Imagining

Create is a five part course designed to help you remember your creative power, realise inspiration and reawaken joyful imagining.

Course Outline

The messages shared in this course are simple truths that resonate before, beneath and beyond the ego and its understanding of life and for this reason, Create is designed to be worked through one module a day over the course of five days. This will allow you the time and space to let the information you absorb and uncover within really develop for you, reawakening your creative capacity, your wellbeing and your right to explore and enjoy your creativity. Of course if your wisdom decides that you would benefit from making your way through in another way, then do; your intuition and authentic path must be honoured.

The layout of this course is also simple and yet opening up to a truth that exists before, beneath and beyond the conditioned self can be confronting as well as empowering so please be gentle, kind and patient with yourself as you discover your creative power and all that it allows for you.

The work here is based on a premise: Our thoughts create our feelings. Not the thoughts flowing through our minds but the thoughts we think about them which create and are the result of our mood and perspective in the moment. Our thinking is either helpful or unhelpful and we always feel which direction we are heading in: clear, calm, centred or tense, stressed, overwhelmed.

Sometimes physical issues mimic the effects of certain emotions but still it is our thinking about them that creates our feelings about them, our experience of them. Our thinking creates our feelings. This means that no matter what we encounter in life, we are the ones creating our experience of it. Until we discover who we really are, our thinking is based upon subconscious beliefs about who we have been conditioned to believe ourselves to be and how we have been programmed to take part in the world. Expanding beyond the illusory self to the true self is what we are concerned with here as it is once we enter the space of truth and limitless potential that the magic begins.

I hope you enjoy Create and allow yourself to uncover the inspiration, creativity and joy that exist within you as well as your ability to imagine, dream, play and flow as you create all that you are guided to in this life. You are lived by and a part of the creative energy of life. Allowing it to flow through you and from you will lead you to remember how naturally creative you are and how much fun it is to consciously create.


Part One: Naturally Creative

Part Two: Remembering Fun

Part Three: Making Space

Part Four: Allowing Inspiration

Part Five: Playing Again

A Never Ending Journey

Return to this course any time you wish to refresh your connection with your ability to imagine, dream, play and flow as you create. Do come back to it in the weeks after you have first completed it and let its messages take you deeper on your journey of self realisation.

Naturally Creative

Why Not You?

You are naturally creative. You are lived by and a part of the creative energy of life and allowing it to flow through you and from you will lead you to remember how naturally creative you are and how much fun it is to allow yourself to create. All that is stopping you from creating what you want to or identifying what this is is an idea that creating it is beyond you, that whilst others may be able to enjoy creating and experiencing certain things in life, you cannot create them, have them, be them, do them.

If you consider that other people are just other people, with the same inner resources as you, the same faculties, the same potential, then it is time to start asking, why not you? Are you living the life you want to live? When you were younger and you felt limitless, is this the life you envisioned for yourself? How many ideas about what you can’t do have got in the way of you following your intuition, chasing your dreams, opening up to inspiration, trusting in your ability to create a life that you enjoy and desire?

You have the ability to create and be inspired and inspire others to create because you are a part of a creative energy that is always transforming, always growing, always expanding its consciousness. Not only do you have access to this energy, you are lived by this energy, you are guided by this energy and you are able to tap into and make use of this energy by giving up the ideas that are holding you back from embracing who you really are, by getting out of the way so that the real you, your innate capacity to create and the inspiration that is always flowing to you and from you can be known.

You were Born Creative

From the moment you entered this world you have been creating ideas, concepts, beliefs, ideologies, philosophies. These guide the thinking you create, the feelings you create, the behaviours you create, the home you create, the meals you create, the relationships you create, the work you create and on and on every day. You have been creating since birth and all day every day make use of your natural ability to create which is so innate to you that you don’t even notice you are using it.

You create your experience of life with your thinking which in turn creates your feelings. You also create a sense of self and how you show up in the world as well as the rules you live by and the behaviours you engage in which you have decided are appropriate for who you have created yourself to be. These creations inform the way you express yourself in the world and relate to it, due to do the understanding you have created of how life works and the perception you create of it in every moment. Yet when you overlook that these are all creative acts, you forget that you are creative and miss out on the magic and power you hold within.

All that you need to do to begin to create in ways that fulfil and delight you, ways that engage your wisdom and knowledge and inspiration, is take a step back from the self that you have created and start to reflect upon who you have become and the life that you have made for yourself. As soon as you create enough distance from the illusory self you have come to identify with and turn towards the free flowing, Divinely guided, innately creative true self, you will be able to start recognising, harnessing and enjoying your creative power because you will not stand in its way any longer, you will be its way.

You are Your Greatest Creation

Although it may have been a while since you last truly engaged and connected with who you really are, we sense when we are out of alignment with our wellbeing and one of the ways this manifests is as a seeming lack of creativity. We are so focused on who we are not and what we can’t do that we come to feel disconnected from our creative energy, insightful impulses and innate inspiration and lose faith in our ability to create. This is because we are facing away from it towards what is not true and what covers up and distracts us from what is.

As a child you tried to make sure you would be able to fit in with the world and you created a sense of self that you believed would allow you to achieve this. Whatever happened to you, whatever you did or didn’t do then and as a result of that time can be let go of now as you see the innocence in your trying to survive. You can decide to let go of the creation of the illusory self you have kept building upon in order to create a way for you to allow a more authentic expression of yourself to emerge so that you operate from wellbeing, health and happiness and uncover your ability to live a life that recognises, honours and is guided by your truth.

You are your greatest creation, a masterpiece you work on every day but if you are not producing a work of such beauty it takes your breath away, it is time to start anew. Who you are is Divine, glorious, magnificent and innately creative and you can begin to experience this truth in your every day life as soon as you begin to recognise yourself as a manifestation of the loving intelligence of life, as a creation of unique wonder and beauty and wisdom so that you allow yourself to explore and experience your creative capacity and realise your imaginative potential and start creating a new sense of self that enables you to create a life that is all you have ever wanted and deserve to live.


Your affirmation for today is:

I have the ability to create and be inspired and inspire because I am a part of and guided by the creative energy of life.


Take a pen and paper and allow your true self to expand upon what you have read here as a stream of consciousness that is not edited, not second guessed, not censored. Allow your creative abilities to guide you in giving voice to your inner wisdom which is waiting to lead you towards a more creative way of being.


Now you are in a state of flow and awareness, take a moment to close your eyes, get quiet within and ask yourself the questions below, writing down your answers as they arise.

Who do I believe myself to be?

When do I feel most creatively challenged?

What creative opportunities do I offer myself in my daily life?

How do I prevent myself from being creative?

Do the Work

When we want to be more creative we often overlook how creative we already are in our everyday lives. Whether you are creating meals, outfits, hairstyles, bedtime stories, a home, work, routines, you are endlessly creating and using your creative gifts in everything you do. A great way to recognise how creative you are is by making a list at the end of the day of the things that you have created. Once you see how and where you are already creating, you will feel a sense of wonder and achievement about your creative faculties. And from here you can decide that since you are creating anyway, why not have some fun whilst you do it? Why not introduce an element of play?

Your work for today is to:

  • List everything you have created no matter how seemingly small or mundane or insignificant and reflect on:
    • how much fun you allowed yourself to have whilst doing it.
    • how in flow you were as you did it.
    • what the monologue was in your head as you did it.
    • how you could have enjoyed it more and how this might have improved your experience, your mood and even the product itself.

Remembering Fun

When did You Stop Playing?

Creating is an act of play, it is a way to harness the energies of imagination, fun, enjoyment and grace within us so that we bring into the world what we are each intuitively guided to. When we think of creativity, we think of inspiration, development, mental growth. As adults we can very easily lose our sense of play. We become conditioned to believe that life is hard, reward is a result of suffering and that successful adults are serious and practical. This actually seems to be very far from the truth and whilst success means different things to different people, an alternative interpretation sees those who are connected with their wellbeing playing at life, creating, learning and enjoying the moment as truly succeeding.

It is when we play that we allow our thoughts to flow, our minds to quieten down and our wisdom and creative energy to guide us. We approach challenges from a state of mind that is curious, open and interested in what we might learn and how we might grow through and move beyond them and we give up on notions of success because we are having fun, enjoying a creative approach to life, getting things done in new ways and having new experiences of what we are able to do and achieve.

Creating is fun. Any time you have come to feel otherwise it is because you have started to entertain thoughts that point you in another direction and there is nothing wrong with this, it is just that it is more enjoyable to have fun, it is more beneficial to enjoy, you feel better when you let go of seriousness and favour a lighter approach to creating that ignites sparks of inspiration along with your inbuilt confidence, capabilities and imagination.

Seriousness is Distracting You

As a young child you did not feel condemned to seriousness, you did not believe that being serious would help you have more fun or a better experience or learn more about life and yet as an adult you have come to take things very seriously. This has turned you away from inspiration, creativity and your ability to flow with life from an open, inspired and innovative mind and you have become distracted from your natural ability to create. As we get older and we begin to take on ideas about what is achievable for us and what isn’t, we gradually cover up our truth and the more distant we become from ir, the more distant we feel from happiness, wholeness and our innate creativity.

What a relief it is then when we remember who we really are. Until we do, when we see others remembering who they really are and living creatively, enjoying lives of satisfaction, health, wealth and success, we feel at a loss as to what they have inside of them or available to them that we don’t that allows them to take and enjoy life in such a way. When we take this thinking and the feelings of bewilderment, separation, despair, frustration and insecurity that it creates seriously, we cover up our limitless potential to create and grow and thrive and instead of the world of possibility and excitement and wonder we lived in as children, we find ourselves in an experience that is difficult to navigate and which we can only at best survive in.

When we take life seriously we are living from the ego which operates from a skewed and distorted vision of the world built upon ideas and opinions about life that are not real or true but created by us, taught to us and programmed into us. Rarely do they guide us towards allowing in inspiration, new thought and fresh ways of viewing and taking part in the world. It is when we stop taking everything so seriously, stop taking our unhelpful thinking so seriously, that we loosen our grip on what directs us away from having fun and allow ourselves to relax into the unknown and the experience of allowing life to unfold and ourselves to creatively respond to it. Taking life seriously does not lead us to health and happiness. Taking our innate health, happiness and creativity seriously would be a better way to live in order to operate from them, express them and enjoy them.

The Benefits of Enjoyment

Enjoying life is good for our health, it raises the frequency of our vibration so that we are in tune with happiness, inspiration, wisdom, wellbeing and creativity. Not only does enjoyment feel good, it benefits us mentally, emotionally and physically and as we start to look for opportunities to enjoy ourselves we naturally become more creative in the way that we view and take part in life.

There is a freedom to creating that expresses the truth of our inner being that is always, endlessly, forever free of everything that we feel constrains us, weighs us down, holds us back and prevents us from creating. We are energised by creating because we rein in our attention from what has been distracting us from our potential and when we do, all blocks to the expression of our wellbeing, health and wholeness disappear. When we forget to take our unhelpful thinking seriously, we lighten up, we express our innate happiness, we wonder, we imagine, we enjoy, we play, we become free to create, unrestricted by limited ideas about who we are, what we can do, what is appropriate or expected or necessary.

In the space of creativity, we expand beyond our restraints and we tune into the energy of life. We enter a zone of pure being in which inspiration flows through us and from us and we create for the thrill of it, the joy of it, marvelling at our connection with a Universal mind that is unlimited and revelling in our ability to channel its power which is more accurately a giving of ourselves over to it. You are always creating but if you are not aware of how or what then you might feel as if your life is out of your control. Once you recognise that you get to create the way you experience life, as well as the way you experience yourself and all of your inbuilt abilities, you will quickly find that you are inspired, that you are energised by a creative power and that when you allow yourself to have fun with what you might create, you begin creating things you had not even imagined possible from a limited mind.


Your affirmation for today is:

I am able to play at life safe in the knowledge that I have the creative power and wisdom to meet its challenges and generate solutions.


Take a pen and paper and allow your true self to expand upon what you have read here as a stream of consciousness that is not edited, not second guessed, not censored. Allow your creative abilities to guide you in giving voice to your inner wisdom which is waiting to lead you towards a more creative way of being.


Now you are in a state of flow and awareness, take a moment to close your eyes, get quiet within and ask yourself the questions below, writing down your answers as they arise.

When did I last have fun and what conditions do I set for allowing myself to enjoy life?

How do I feel when I take life seriously and how effective am I at creating and enjoying when I do?

In which areas can I bring more enjoyment into my creative endeavours?

Where in my life would it benefit me to start to play?

Do the Work

We find that play is more fun and less effort than a tired approach to a routine that we may feel trapped or bored or disillusioned by. Taking a new approach to something you already do can help you to bring in elements of creativity to your day. Setting a creative goal each morning will allow you to start to play at life again and get into the habit of looking for more ways to be creative. Reflecting on the following questions can help get your creativity flowing and release you from a mindset that only a serious approach to life yields results: What can I create today? How can I play? How can I make my routine more fun? How can I make my everyday creative tasks more interesting? How can I make my experience more rewarding? Play is practical too. Ideas of any nature are still created by you. Why not create ideas that resonate with your innate joy and inspire you to play more?

Your work for today is to:

  • Set a creative goal that you know you can achieve and be conscious of your ability to:
    • think new and inspired thoughts.
    • adapt to circumstances as they change in order to overcome or adapt to challenges.
    • enjoy yourself no matter how you might have felt about creating recently.
    • let go of seriousness.

Making Space

Room to Create

When our minds are busy and full, it can seem as if we have no room to create and so we need to make space which we are designed to do. As soon as you allow your thoughts to flow, they will and when you let in new thoughts, they will bring the opportunity for new feelings with them. Whatever you believe about life is true and real for you and so if you believe you have no room for creativity, this is what you will experience. If when you notice them playing in your mind, you let these beliefs go and allow yourself to become quiet and still, you will naturally begin to feel more spacious and this will affect how you view and approach and handle life.

Once you start to see that your experience is your creation and that you are living in a reality of your own making then it makes sense to explore what you might create that benefits you, that delights you, that helps you to start operating from a clearer and more spacious state of mind. Once you begin to get curious about this and investigate your ability to experience a sense of spaciousness within, you will naturally have more moments of calm, meditation, reflection when you will be guided to move forwards by the creative energy of life that is always leading us to learn and grow and transform.

In these moments of peace and quiet and stillness, be aware of the unease and unhappiness that occur when you entertain ideas that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy, that you are unable to create in the ways you want to and know that this is the result of turning away from truth. This is the result of believing in what does not serve you and what directs you away from your wellbeing and innate ability to thrive in the world. Now notice how you feel when you recall the experience of a clear mind able to imagine, able to envision, able to enjoy creating and trust the feelings of joy that bubble up within you. You are naturally creative and able to achieve; trust this truth and let everything that would turn you away from it pass by.

Unleashing Potential

There are areas in your life in which you are already creative without too much thinking preventing you from creating with ease and flow. You get to choose how you experience life and you can experience the joy of endless and limitless creativity and play just by waking up to the areas and ways in which you already enjoy creating every day and why you feel able to do so in those and not in others. Allowing yourself to get creative in every area and in ways you enjoy is the beginning of a more playful and fulfilling existence. Where are you not allowing yourself to be creative and why might this be the case? How might you be preventing yourself from enjoying creating in the areas you already are? How we feel is always down to the way we view life and our place in it. Our experience is always the result of a perspective we create ourselves that influences our thinking and generates emotions that inform our actions. Once we are inspired to, we can create a new way of viewing the world, ourselves and our creativity and inspiration and see how this changes how we think and feel and where this takes us.

Creating the life that you want begins with the recognition that you have the power to do it. Playing at life frees us to explore our creativity and imagination. You have the ability to create the life you dream of. You have the gift of creation. You are endlessly inspired and within you have the potential to keep creating no matter what you have been told or what you have come to believe about yourself. Unleashing your potential to create the life you want to be living begins by truly embracing your ability to create and your right to do so.

Have you been investing in and holding onto ideas about unworthiness, failure or fear of trying? Have you been concerned about starting something you might not complete? Once you let all of these limiting beliefs go, you will find that inspiration takes you over and guides you to create in ways and with a joy and ease that the limited self could never dream of. And when something is not working or no longer resonates with you, your wisdom will let you know so that you can let it go with grace, making space for the inspiration to start something new. You have the creative power of thought and now is the time to begin using it to your advantage rather than to make yourself feel small, less than and not enough. Practice affirming that you are creative and able to channel the creative energy of life simply by letting your thoughts flow so that your mind gets quiet enough for inspiration to be heard. Feel the truth of this and make it a founding belief as you remember how effortlessly creative you really are.

Engage and Express

Creativity is innate to you and when you are free flowing and riding the waves of life you allow yourself to engage and express it in any given moment. If this is not the case right now then you can use areas in your life that you enjoy, passions and hobbies, to spark the inspiration that is always within you. Where can you get creative in your life with little effort? In which areas do you feel whole and well and sure of your Divine right to express your creativity and your innate ability to enjoy doing so? Beginning to be more creative where you already enjoy life with little resistance is a great first step to engaging and expressing your creative energy.

This will allow you to create just for fun, without any expectations or doubts or limiting beliefs getting in your way. And once you get out of the way of your creativity you will be able to begin creating in areas that you have come to view as the big ones, the heavy ones, the serious ones, the impossible ones and you will find that whilst creativity can take work and commitment and dedication and time, it is effort that feels effortless when you stay out of the way and allow your inner resources and faculties to take the lead so that you hand over the reins to your true self, your intuition, your wisdom and experience how capable and creative you really are.

Once you start to reflect on where you are frightened to be creative in your life or held back by ideas that tell you creativity is not appropriate or available there, you will uncover many unhelpful and untrue beliefs that tell you you do not have the power, the stamina, the resilience or the inclination to create. You do. You demonstrate this every day in the areas in which you are already creating and in the strength of the experience you create for yourself in every moment of your life. Pivot that creative energy away from energising what makes you feel your creative power is blocked or stagnant or non existent and allow it to take you beyond the limits of the ego. Your true self knows the way. It is time to start creating consciously, with intent and allowing inspiration to take you over.


Your affirmation for today is:

I am effortlessly creative and allow this to be my experience in all areas of my life.


Take a pen and paper and allow your true self to expand upon what you have read here as a stream of consciousness that is not edited, not second guessed, not censored. Allow your creative abilities to guide you in giving voice to your inner wisdom which is waiting to lead you towards a more creative way of being.


Now you are in a state of flow and awareness, take a moment to close your eyes, get quiet within and ask yourself the questions below, writing down your answers as they arise.

When do I feel least creative and what role does my state of mind play in this?

Do I trust that I am naturally creative and why might I have come to believe otherwise?

In which areas do I easily create without too much thinking and how can I bring this sense of creative ease and flow into other areas of my life?

What do I enjoy in life and how might I use this enjoyment to engage and express my creativity in these areas?

Do the Work

We all have hobbies we enjoy and passions that excite us and when we get creative with these, amazing things happen. We have limitless potential. When we combine this force with a cause or project that resonates with us, we find ourselves guided by creative genius and in a state of creative ease and flow in which ideas come to us effortlessly and solutions occur and we trust ourselves to come up with more and more creative ways to play at life in every area.

Your work for today is to:

  • Get creative with a hobby you already enjoy or begin a project in an area you are passionate about. Whilst you do, notice how you:
    • feel when you allow yourself to become taken over by inspiration.
    • forget to remember your illusory limitations when you are in the creative flow.
    • view yourself and your opportunities when you are buoyed up by the joy of creating.
    • generate new ideas for your next project or for restarting or continuing unfinished ones.

Allowing Inspiration

Open Up to Truth

Until we understand the messages of our emotions, we long for truth, health and happiness as we keep making moves away from recognising that they exist within us and realising them in our lives. Once we start to see that our thinking creates our feelings and that before, beneath and beyond them we are whole, we are safe, we are strong and resilient, it is time for us to allow all of the limiting beliefs we have spent time investing in to be identified so that we can notice how they make us feel and head in the opposite direction, letting go of our investment in them as we expand beyond them.

You are safe to sit with the feelings that arise when you consider your blocks to creativity. When you are quiet within you are able to witness the experience of these limiting beliefs with the distance that inner silence affords. It is okay to feel, there is nothing to worry about, simply remember that you are not your thinking, you are not your feelings, you are not the experience of them but the creator of them, able to allow them to pass and create a new experience in their wake.

Support yourself as you uncover your truth and come up against the ego and its story that you are not able, not enough, not safe to create and cannot or should not enjoy creating. Self care is self love and self love is recognising the innocence of following the feelings that were simply trying to alert you to unhelpful thinking. Forgive yourself for the blocks you have placed in your own way and let them fade away now. They are only thoughts and thoughts can be let go of any time we choose to see through them.

Change the story

All of your life you have told a story about who you are, who other people are, how the world operates and more and it is time to change the story now so that it is written by truth, inspired by wellbeing, consciously brought to life by your creative abilities and guides you to keep opening up to who you really are, what you are capable of and the creative flow that is available to you when you drop out of the narrative that doubts it or directs you away from it.

It is time to listen to a new voice, one that believes in you because it is the true you, the creative centre, the intuitive wisdom, the Divine intelligence, the energy of life that keeps it moving, transforming and fresh and new in every moment. This voice does not need to keep you back in order to keep you safe, this voice will lead you only towards expansion, evolution, transformation, joy, happiness and health. This voice will guide you to live from wellbeing so that you are more consciously creative in your day, enjoying your connection with this energy that flows through you and from you into the world.

If you could tell your younger self what life would hold for you, would you choose the voice of the limited mind that depicts a life of hardship, insecurity and struggle or the voice of truth and love that tells of your innate power, limitless potential, creative energy and endless inspiration? Your inner child is within you and using their vast imagination to bring to life all of the stories that you keep telling yourself. Change the story now and use your imagination to encourage that little self inside of you to know they can move through the illusory obstacles they have innocently set in their way, dissolving the blocks you have created in your adult life and allowing every part of your self to embrace your ability to create and enjoy creating.

Believe in Yourself

Think about everything that you have created in your life and enjoy the feelings of capability, awe and wonder that arise when you do. You are plugged into an energy that is creativity in essence and the moment you tune into it, you are able to create without end. Believing that you can do this is as easy as recalling the times you have been able to, remembering the feelings of ease and flow and fun you experienced and the excitement and sense of achievement you enjoyed, reflecting on what you have created or times you allowed yourself to recognise what wasn’t working and gracefully moved onto something new.

This creative ability, this ability to take inspired action, this innovative way of working with life when things don’t go to plan has not left you, it has not gone away, all that has changed is what you have come to believe is true for you. You have been innocently energising ideas that turn you away from self trust, self love, self reverence, self enthusiasm and faith in your creative capacity and when you see that this is also an act of creation, you can turn around and head in the direction of consciously creating with the sense of fun and play that are natural to you.

There will be times when you choose not to create, when you are guided to rest and relax and be still. And yet these will also be times of creation as you think new thoughts and enjoy new experiences and open yourself up to new reflections and insights about life that guide you in your work, your day to day living and that you learn and grow from. You do not have to be concerned about turning your creativity off or lessening its power by taking a break. Trust your inner wisdom and be guided by inspiration so that you allow yourself to have slower times when they are right for you; you will enjoy another way of creating when you do.


Your affirmation for today is:

I know who I am and what I am capable of and allow this knowledge to guide me in consciously creating.


Take a pen and paper and allow your true self to expand upon what you have read here as a stream of consciousness that is not edited, not second guessed, not censored. Allow your creative abilities to guide you in giving voice to your inner wisdom which is waiting to lead you towards a more creative way of being.


Now you are in a state of flow and awareness, take a moment to close your eyes, get quiet within and ask yourself the questions below, writing down your answers as they arise.

What stories have I been telling myself about creativity that I have not wanted to investigate or been unaware of until now?

How can I support myself as I face my limiting beliefs about my ability to create?

What is the most empowering self truth I am aware of right now and how can I use this to propel me towards greater self realisation?

What in my wildest dreams would I create if I had no thinking holding me back?

Do the Work

Once you have uncovered your creative power and begun to let creativity flow again, you can drop the story you have been telling yourself that sets limits on what you are able to do and achieve. Getting curious about any roadblocks on the creative path caused by commitment issues, fear of failure, limited thinking will lead you to get creative about how to deal with them, allowing you to see how you are always creating in every area so that you begin to investigate how you might start using your creativity in a way that really serves you. We get to achieve and enjoy once we start playing at life and we begin to be carried along by a natural sense of momentum that leads us beyond self imposed restrictions and limitations. Letting yourself open up to a new narrative about your creative abilities will guide you to start creating in a way that moves you beyond limiting beliefs and towards an experience of infinite creative possibilities and potential.

Your work for today is to:

  • Drop the stories that have been preventing you from allowing inspiration to guide you whilst:
    • allowing what comes up and sitting with it in a space of love, patience, forgiveness and trust in your ability to remain whole and safe.
    • investigating the thoughts that tell you what you cannot create and imagining how you could achieve these things and how doing so would make you feel.
    • being gentle with yourself as you see the innocence of believing in limited thinking and investing in what has held you back.
    • reflecting on how you would think and feel and act if none of these stories existed for you any longer.

Playing Again

The Gift of Imagination

You have been blessed with the gift of imagination, with the ability to bring your ideas to life in your mind so that you can experience what you do not yet in the world around you. This is an act of creation so phenomenal you have overlooked the power of it as it has become commonplace for you to use this faculty to bring to life an experience of what you don’t want and can’t do out of a misguided concept that you are somehow keeping yourself safe this way.

You are not. All you are doing is utilising a great power to prevent yourself from engaging with and expressing all of your natural abilities, skills and talents and inborn feelings of love, health, peace, strength and happiness. Connecting with these and building on them and from them with the gift of imagination allows you to experience an inner world in which you know you are able, you know you are capable and which leads you to consciously create in the world outside of you in the areas you want to because you know you can.

Meditating every morning on what you want to create for yourself over the next 24 hours can take as little as five minutes and bring to life an experience that carries you through your day with grace, confidence, faith and love for the way this works which will naturally lead you into a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that you are able to do with the power of thought alone. Imagine from this space how you might use the creative energy that is available to you to bring your ideas to life. It only gets more exciting when you realise that you get to choose what you think about creating, what you create, how, when and why.


Imagination allows us to visualise so that we create a mental image of something and feel it to be true. As the subconscious does not know the difference between fact and fiction, visualisation is a powerful creative tool that can help us to reprogramme our belief systems so that we can break free of unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and reclaim the energy once used to struggle against our wellbeing and channel it into bringing our dreams to life, imagining how we might create something we feel will allow us to express our health and happiness in the world and letting ourselves drop into the state of ease and joy this brings us as we are guided to envision where our creative might power take us.

Visualisation allows us to bypass our blocks when we choose for it to, bringing to life an experience of a world in which we are free flowing, confidently creative, playing at life and enjoying every moment. If all we are ever doing is creating an experience of life then why not start to create one that is joy filled and empowering or at least entertain this as a possibility?

You can create any experience of life that you want and when you are guided by your insightful impulses, your wellbeing, your wisdom and your truth to take inspired action, you will begin to surprise yourself with just how able you are to create. If there are no limits to what you can create, what would you like to, how would you do it, what would allow you to get there and why would you ever stop? Operating from wellbeing, making it fun, engaging imagination, playing with the power of thought and the resources you hold within will not steer you wrong. You may not always create what you set out to or continue with what you begin but you will be generating and allowing in new ideas, experiences and opportunities on your way and if life is a journey, what better way to spend it?

Reawakening Your Resources

In order to make use of your internal resources you have to know that they are there and deep down you do. It may have been a while since you believed in them but you have always had an inkling that there was greatness inside you and you were right. It is time now to reawaken it, to reawaken your natural and innate ability to be inspired and to harness your creative energy so that you start moving towards growth, expansion and a greater awareness of who you really are and what your true self is really capable of.

It is a wonderful thing that you are designed to be so conscious of the way that your thinking impacts you and if you are designed so well, imagine what other gifts reside within you that you are yet to discover. Allowing yourself to let go of limiting beliefs that cap your potential and rein in your enthusiasm will lead you to uncovering the magnificent and innate abilities that exist within you and as you do, you will find that they quickly begin to transform your life, your understanding of how life works and your approach to creating your experience of it.

Your inborn happiness, health and intelligence can only guide you to making best use of your creative power, generating ideas, illuminating possibilities and opening you up to opportunities to create what it is you most want to and resonate with in the moment. Your inner resources will not dim if things don’t go as planned, they will not disappear if you decide to stop, they will not be compromised if you have moments of doubt, confusion or stress. They will still be available to you whether you are paying attention to them or not. Let this guide you in the way that you create and why and know that it is safe to allow the feeling of your thinking to arise up and out of you. You get to decide which thoughts you follow and if you don’t feel as if your thinking about them in the moment is leading you towards the realisation of your innate happiness, health, joy and wholeness then let them go. You know which way direction to head in.


Your affirmation for today is:

I recognise that life is fun when I allow it to be and I allow it to be as I create my experience of myself and the world around me.


Take a pen and paper and allow your true self to expand upon what you have read here as a stream of consciousness that is not edited, not second guessed, not censored. Allow your creative abilities to guide you in giving voice to your inner wisdom which is waiting to lead you towards a more creative way of being.


Now you are in a state of flow and awareness, take a moment to close your eyes, get quiet within and ask yourself the questions below, writing down your answers as they arise.

How have I been using my imagination to my advantage and to my disadvantage?

What is the amount of time that I need to envision my day every morning and how can I make this an everyday practice?

What do I want to use my imagination to programme myself to believe about my creative power?

Am I ready to unleash my creative potential and allow it to carry me beyond the limits I have placed on it until now?

Do the Work

Your creative power is now well and truly reawakened. The next step is to create something that you want to exist in your life that doesn’t yet and that until now you haven’t even considered it possible that you could achieve. No matter the size of your vision, once you find the confidence in yourself to go after what you want in life and get there by playing as you create, life becomes increasingly more enjoyable and growth and transformation happen as a result. Challenges become opportunities and so called failed projects become stepping stones to future ones. A creative mindset in one that envisions success because it knows that success is enjoyment, fun and play. Let yourself see the world through fresh eyes that show you opportunities to create and then tune into your ability to be carried by inspiration and enjoy creating all that you are guided to.

Your work for today is to:

  • Choose something you want to create that has seemed too big for you to attempt or even entertain as a possibility before and as you begin planning how to bring it into being, ask yourself:
    • am I afraid of failure or success?
    • am I willing to trust in my resilience, innate wholeness and ability to have fun?
    • will I allow myself to play at this project and not get caught up in limiting ideas about success and worth?
    • what would life be like for me if I achieved this and created bigger and better things from there?