Lucy Di Marino


Discover is a five part course designed to help you realise your magnificence, your potential and your innate ability to live from wisdom and wholeness. The messages shared in this course are simple truths that speak to the spiritual knowledge within you that is greater and more liberating that anything the limited mind can conceive of. It can take time to allow these truths to settle in to your consciousness, reawakening the wisdom that already exists there, so DISCOVER is designed to be worked through one module a day over the course of five days so that they really develop for you, fully engaging your wellbeing, your capacity for clarity and your resonance with the truth of limitless potential and possibility. If you feel guided to make your way through this course in another way, please follow your intuition. Your authentic path and expression must be honoured.

The layout of this course is also simple and yet opening up to a truth that exists before, beneath and beyond what is familar to us can be confronting as well as empowering so be patient with yourself, be compassionate, kind and gentle as you see the innocence in your forgetting, doubting and turning away from your truth. The time you spend uncovering and surrendering to the wisdom that is available to you is an investment in yourself, a decision to explore who you really are and discover your potential, an act of bravery and self love.

This course is based on the premise that we are a part of life, powered and guided by the loving intelligence of life that exists within and all around us. Until we realise this and our creative power, we do not see how we are creating our expereince via thought and feeling. Where we focus our attention, energising thoughts and feelings, we direct consciousness. We are powerful creators and whilst we forget this, beneath the beliefs we invest in and feel to be real, the personalities we create and become identified with, the conditioning and programming that has shaped and guided us, we are whole within, able to drop out of the experience we are creating and into a the peace and love and harmony available to us that will guide us in wisdom, with clarity.

We have the ability to think new thoughts and feel new feelings and experience a new state of being in any moment. If we recognise that thoughts flow through our minds and that it is the thinking we create about them that determines how we feel, we are able to notice that our familiar experience of life does not necessarily reflect or honour our wholeness and wisdom and is simply created by thinking that is familar to us. We feel our thinking. Our feelings are a result and reflection of our thinking. Not every thought that occurs to us is true or helpful and we do not have to invest in, energise, validate or identify with a thought or the feelings that our thinking about it creates simply because it has occurred to us or we have become used to doing so.

We can choose which thoughts we pay attention to, we can decide on how we think about them, we can change our expereince of and response to life and we can use our feelings as a guide to our clarity and state of mind in the moment. We have the ability to consider our thinking, to allow thoughts and feelings to flow so that we operate from and when we need to, return to, clearness, ease and peace.

Expanding into the true self is what we are concerned with here. It is once we enter the space of truth and limitless potential that the we experience the joy of our truth and our creative power. I hope you enjoy DISCOVER and the process of discovering the truth of who you are before, beneath and beyond the layers of identity you have innocently constructed. I believe we are God in action, Love in motion, Divinity in human form. I wish for you to feel the peace that you are and experience the intelligent love and wisdom always available to you.