Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Dissolving Blocks Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to help you connect with your power, your innate worth and the creative energy within you and all around you.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find somewhere quiet where you can block out the light.

Sit comfortably.

Scan your body for any tension or tightness.

Direct your mind to relax these places during this meditation.

Allow your breath to slow and your mind to rest and your body to remain comfortably sitting up straight.

Remember who you are.

Remember what you know.

Remember what is available to you.

Somewhere deep inside of you is the awareness of the truth of your being.

Somewhere deep inside of you is the awareness of all that you are.

The knowledge that will heal you and guide you and light you is the knowledge that you are the very essence of beauty, the actualisation of Divinity, the energy of love, health and wholeness.

Somewhere you are holding in place blocks to realising this knowledge and you feel this emotionally, mentally and physically.

Where you are tense and tight is where you require flow and alignment.

The ability to flow is natural to you.

The inclination to align is innate.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, imagining that you are breathing in a cleansing, healing and guiding golden light.

Breathe out slowly through your mouth, releasing as you do any feelings of struggle, resistance or fear.

The blocks you have created that you have become identified with and ruled by are just imaginings.

These blocks that feel so real and solid are just ideas in your mind.

Imagine the golden light within you moving through you, filling you with feelings of warmth and health and love.

Feel this light in every cell of your body, returning to you a sense of wellness and ease and trust.

Allow yourself to relax into this experience.

Give yourself over to the delight and comfort of feeling this way.

In the state of peace and health, imagine that the blocks you have been holding in place are now outside of you.

Blocks you have innocently constructed that are preventing you from living as you truly want to.

Blocks that you are safe to let go of now.

Forgive yourself for creating these blocks.

Celebrate yourself for being brave enough to release them.

You do not need them now.

You do not want them.

You are ready for a higher expression of self, a truer vision, a healthier manifestation.

You are ready to free yourself from the responsibility of maintaining them.

See the golden light within you shining out from you and flowing into the blocks.

See them dissolved by this guiding, healing, cleansing light.

As you witness this, feel the joy of giving yourself permission to create and embrace a new and magnificent experience of life.

Know that you are allowing yourself to move in to a more authentic state of being.

You are free now to move in any direction you decide to.

Any time a block appears in future you can envision it outside of yourself and the golden light dissolve it.

Any time you feel fear or struggle or resistance, you can allow the golden light to return you to a sense of lightness, clarity, peace and health.

Recall that your mind has been working on releasing tension and tightness in your body during this time.

Remember that you were able to direct your mind to heal and balance you.

Thank yourself for your kindness, love, generosity and creativity.

Sit comfortably in the power of your own being.

Scan your body once again and notice how much lighter and easier you feel physically.

This is the result of feeling lighter and easier mentally and emotionally.

Sense now the cleansing golden light of health and guidance activating awareness of your wellbeing on every level.

Feel your spiritual intelligence rejuvenating your body and mind.

Notice how the energy of life and love and health and wisdom moves through you without restraint or restriction.

Enjoy this sense of flow and alignment.

Recognise that you have the power to dissolve anything that you create.

Realise that what you bring into being in your mind you can free yourself from whenever you choose to.

Feel the light within you active and activated.

The energy of life, love, inspiration, creativity is flowing within you, to you and through you.