Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Dream Designer

When we go to sleep at night we often find that what we have been focused on during the day and even previous days as well as what we have given energy to shortly before we go to sleep influences not only the content but the quality of our sleep and the feeling we wake up in. Our dreams are reflective of where our focus lies during our waking hours, what subconscious thoughts, beliefs and ideas we are holding in place, following and energising and how they are directing us. As we begin to redefine and refine our sense of self and change the way we perceive and take part in life, we change the way we process and handle life and this has an effect on our entire experience.

By taking conscious control of what we spend our time on during the day as well as before we sleep, we can start to design our dreams. If we are very aware of the information we consume, the thoughts and feelings we believe in and energise and how well we allow, process and release our experiences, we will find we can trust in our ability to discern in every moment between what will lift us and guide us in wellbeing and what will not. As we make conscious choices that change how we spend our time and energy and what we give our attention to, our dreams will begin to reflect our new experience of life so that as we consciously change our actions, our thinking and the feelings we encourage, we reprogramme our subconscious beliefs and habits and our dreams change too.

We can dream design as a way to explore creating sleeping experiences that we enjoy and that feel expansive and illuminating and restful. There are many ways in which we can experience self direction in sleep and one of them is to be very aware of what we want to dream and how we want to feel during sleep and afterwards so that we consciously focus on and bring to life our desired experience as often as possible during our day and particularly before we go to bed. By deciding what we will experience at a later date we engage in the practice of prospective memory, remembering to carry out intended actions in the future.

All day long we create our lives. We create who we think we are based on our past experiences, our perceptions, our identification with familiar thoughts and feelings as well as how we expect our day to go, how we respond as it unfolds and more based on the sense of self we create and hold in place and for the most part we do it unconsciously. As we go about our lives in this way, we programme ourselves to dream familiar dreams based on familiar beliefs and reactions to life. So, what would happen if we woke up to our creative potential and started to create our days with intent and purpose and presence? If we were willing to give up who we think we are in order to experience something greater in our waking lives and in our dreams?

If we discovered we were able to programme our dreams to tap into the potential and power we hold to live well in every way that we can imagine, how would this influence us and what might we learn about ourselves from the insights that would arise?

Many of us take our dreams seriously, allowing them to set the tone for our day and we might even be practiced at innocently investigating them for meaning and guidance from the feeling they have left us with. If we want to experience something new whilst we are awake and asleep we have to be willing to refuse to follow the same patterns of thinking, feeling and doing so that we are present and conscious in every moment, practicing new ways of being that allow us to process, learn from and release our less consciously created experiences in order to make room for new perspectives, perceptions and expressions of self.

This means that we don’t create a new experience by doing what we have always done, instead that we make the commitment to try something new. We take control of how we spend our time and how we feel about how we spend it, choosing new routines and practices. We decide with awareness and self love what we want to think and feel about life and take action that aligns with our new attitude so that we are not swayed by past beliefs that claim past ways of being make more sense or are right for us after all simply because they are familiar to us.

If we are not where we want to be in life and we are not moving towards it, in order to change we have to take a look at why. When we begin to wake up to the power we hold over our lives, we have to be ready to give up who we have been in order to expand into who we can be and embrace the limitless creative potential within us that is ready to guide us when we get out of our own way. This means choosing to think better, feel better, do better and better means in line with who we really are and our ability to express and experience health, peace, sanity, balance and joy whenever we choose to.

With the intention to change come clarity and enthusiasm and if we allow the energy of transformation to drive our actions, we keep coming back to our ability to choose, our desire to evolve and our power to elevate and expand our experience. We do this by giving up the urge to follow every thought about what we have got wrong so far and what we cannot do and why and instead encourage inspiration, open up to imagination and envision a life in which we are guided by a spiritual wisdom that leads us in and always towards harmony.

As we change the way we respond to life in the present as well as to the past, we change the way we feel about ourselves, we are renewed and whole and restored.

In this state of being we want to explore our abilities and spend our time and energy consciously focused on what resonates with our inner wellness, what engages our innate wellbeing, what lifts us and allows us to reflect on and heal from what we need to. As we do, we find that when memories of the past resurface or unsettling predictions of the future occur or concerns about the present arise, we are able to deal well with them, we know how to respond to them and we are empowered to remain present and grounded in our wholeness as we do.

To train ourselves to sleep well, to design our dreams, to programme our night time experiences, we must consider until it becomes our habit to, whether what we are thinking, feeling, doing, saying, consuming, surrounding ourselves with and focusing on when we are awake are experiences we want to be continuing into sleep. We can also consider if by spending our time as we do we are making room for change and practicing flow and encouraging wellness or not and if not whether we want to keep doing more of the same.

We cannot remain as we are and do things differently so we need to decide what is most important to us. We cannot design our dreams without spending our time in new ways, redirecting our focus, transforming the way we view life and creating new experiences for ourselves. In order to move beyond what is known we have to do something new and decide that doing something new is more important than engaging in familiar habits. We are easily conditioned and programmed and once we put new habits and routines into place they become our default setting but we have to create and commit to them as well as allow ourselves to keep following our instincts so that we are flexible and adaptable as life flows.

As we reimagine ourselves in our waking lives, we reimagine ourselves in our dreams too. Dreams can be a source of escape from the limited and the known, an experience of beauty, joy, connection and peace we have forgotten or feel distanced from. In this way they inspire us and even fortify us, offering us glimpses into the magical and mystical and leading us to follow their guidance in living from ideas and concepts outside of what we have become accustomed to allowing.

If we programme ourselves with the suggestion that our dreams can be enjoyable and wholesome and healing as well as deliver us wisdom on how to keep walking the path of self realisation and truth then we will start to experience them in this way.

A new thought is all it takes to experience the world and ourselves differently. Once we cement the intention and decision to keep doing the work that self love guides us to, to keep being gentle, compassionate, forgiving and patient with ourselves as we do it, consciously spending our time reconditioning ourselves to a new understanding and experience of life will become our new normal as will redirecting ourselves when we find we are turned away from clarity and wisdom.

As we are so often reminded, our lives are dreams of our own making brought into being by the experience we are creating for ourselves. Being conscious of and intentional about how and what we bring into being, discovering our strength and resilience, our propensity to heal, grow and learn and recovering our knowledge of our inner wellbeing connects us with our creative power, imaginative potential and our innate desire to experience the new and evolve and transform as we do.

Dream Designer