Lucy Di Marino

Defining Our Dreams and Desires

When it comes to getting clear on what we want from life and how to create it, tuning in to how and why we desire and dream of what we do bypasses our blocks and guides us in wholeness to trust ourselves, to have faith that the information we seek are available to us. Before, beneath and beyond our conditioning, we are clear, we are wise, we are capable. In the moment we feel hesitant to consider what it is we want from life, resistant to it or challenged by it, we can know that another experience is available to us that can help us navigate the blocks and beliefs that are might stopping us.decide it is better not to engage in self reflection, to postpone it to a later date or work to convince ourselves that we are fine as we are when in fact we sense that we want something different or more and ready to start moving towards it.

Alignment is the experience of wholeness, unity, integration of all that we are spiritually and physically, it is the state of health in every sense. In alignment, we are authentic, powerful, operating and processing life from a state of clarity and truth. In truth, we know intuitively our purpose in the moment, our passions, our dreams and desires. When we ignore, doubt or refuse our wisdom, we create an experience and reality for ourselves that allows us to see where we are not in flow.

We are equipped for expansion, learning, development, growth. When we turn to the stillness, peace and wholeness within us for guidance, we relax into ourselves, into life, understanding that we can trust ourselves, take wise action, operate well, live authentically, experience freshness, envision new experiences and expressions of self. Opening up to change and variation and newness, letting go of what we are holding on to that holds us back, noticing where we are struggling against the flow of life rather than flowing with it can all help us to define what it is we truly want and what we might do to create it.

We are greater than our fears, we have the power to process, heal and release them and the inner wisdom to navigate life from wholeness and peace and joy, always towards wholeness and peace and joy, getting clear on our dreams and desires, exploring and realising them in a way that feels insightful and expansive, light and fun. We have the gift of imagination, we can enjoy envisioning the creation of a truer life, guided to know whether we are working to achieve what is right for us or not. We can let go of what we have or are doing when it is not aligned and keep on with what is even when it is not working to our timeline, learning and growing as we need to whilst we work towards it.

When we are willing to investigate and challenge what turns us away from the wisdom and peace and clarity within us, we find that we have access to insight, that we have the strength and resilience to explore what we want versus what we are creating, accepting or refusing, that we can keep coming back to the truth of our wholeness in order to consider and dissolve what blocks us from operating from it, knowing it and being guided by it to dream and desire and move towards a fulfilling and expansive experience of life, beyond the limitations we have innocently invested in that are holding us back from it.

Our dreams and desires will be unique to us and what looks like fulfilment for one person will not for another. Asking ourselves the questions that allow for true answers is natural, energising and liberating. When we allow ourselves to be a channel of awareness, not complicating the information we receive with past thinking, we find that not only do we have the intuition and instincts and inner wisdom to lead us but that blocking or refusing or doubting them has manifested in some way in our lives. When we hold space for ourselves to discover what is available to us beyond the familiar, we are able to experience clear vision and insight and it is exhilarating. In awareness, we bring in to the light what has kept us feeling in darkness, freeing up our energy and allowing us to focus consciously our creative power.

How flexible are the rules and regulations we have created for ourselves? How willing are we to relax or rewrite them when it would benefit us to? Committing to noticing the resistance we create to our intuition, instincts, wisdom when it conflicts with our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we can do, what we can’t and why, means setting the intention to be honest with ourselves, patient, open and gracious as we discover where and how we are holding ourselves back. Taking the time to sit down with a pen and paper and open up to our most authentic truth, allowing what comes us to be freely written can help us to realise that all along we have had access to the clarity, guidance and support we have been waiting for.

We deserve to live lives of peace, presence, purpose and meaning.

Self reflection leads us to discover our power, our beauty, our innate love for ourselves and life. It leads us to consciously rewrite our programmes so that we feel ourselves in a new vibration. In newness, we entertain fresh ideas, we are open to inspiration, we allow flow, we know peace and connection and purpose, however these manifest for us. We are worthy and deserving of receiving what we desire from our highest truth. When we see that we are refusing what would prevent us from wholly reclaiming and operating from our worth, our potential and our creative power, we are able to invest our time and energy in exploring what we are holding on to that keeps us from living as we want to.

As we do this it can be helpful to notice how many competing narratives we have operating at the same time so that we can choose a simpler way. In connection with a higher wisdom, we are interested in what might be and how to get there. When we start working with our innate drive, with the momentum that doing so enables, with our imaginative and creative power, we want to explore life, evolve, transform, be curious. We find in the certainty of our inner wisdom, in alignment with our spiritual health and wholeness, that we are brave and confident until we remind ourselves not to be and noticing this is what moves us towards making new choices.

It can be confronting to really allow ourselves to think about what we want because it might mean giving up or letting go. It can also be challenging to consider what we have so far allowed ourselves because we are then guided to reflect on the beliefs we hold about what we are worthy of and what we deserve. When we feel unclear, we can know that this is not the only expereince that is available to us. If we let it pass, we will feel clear again. Knowing this means we stop energising what leads us away from wisdom and truth and the feeling of it so that we allow for, invest and trust in openness and awareness, are able to experience a greater expression of self without limits or expectation, in concert with our intuition and wisdom.

We do not need to justify our existence, our joy or our good fortune. If we allow ourselves to flow with life, led by our wisdom, our innate intelligence, expanding beyond and transcending the illusions we cannot, we experiment, we explore, we evolve. We move beyond the stories we have been told and tell about who we are when they are not helpful, elevating us, true. We realise when something is not working for us and we are gentle as we make living from self knowledge our practice so that we let go of what is preventing us from trying something new, persevere when we are guided to or move on when we are not. We notice how we are investing our energy, no longer identifying with past beliefs about what we want so that we can discover what we truly do, holding space for ourselves to uncover our worth and release what is holding us back from operating from it. We refocus our attention, reclaim our time, tune in to our internal guidance system and recover our ability to live as is right for us.

Sometimes we have to give up what we have got or are wanting or expecting or even feeling obligated to go after to make space for what is meant for us, for something better. And sometimes we need to dig deep to continue with what is taking longer or more effort to achieve than we thought it would. Sometimes the reward is the growth we experience on the journey and not the outcome we are hoping for because the process is evolving us into a truer expression of self. Growth, self realisation, actualisation can be disconcerting and uncomfortable but to find out what life might be, we have to trust that when we tune in to what truth is guiding us to create and receive and achieve, that we have the resources to.

When we are open to change, to newness, to the unknown, we access within ourselves a higher wisdom, a greater awareness, we experience an elevated consciousness. In this feeling of wholeness and clearness and joy, we are inclined to make choices that are motivated by the desire to and are the result of discovering who we really are. When we surrender to clarity, when we allow flow, when we rise up out of the experience of the limited, we are able to envision lives that resonate with our spiritual health and freedom. It is our choice and commitment to be led by this state of freedom and flow in how we make changes in our lives. We are innately creative and intelligent. We are also receiving inspiration. We have the gift of imagination and we can use it to direct our experience in any way we choose.

When we become intentional about embracing the unknown, fluid and flexible so that we give up what is not right for us, able to challenge our beliefs about what should be, we are able to follow, create and receive what is. The information we seek about how to know our purpose in the moment, our passions, our dreams and desires exists within us and when we do the work to allow ourselves to drop into stillness and connectedness and awareness, we realise that we are always being guided towards them. When we let go of what direct us away from, covers or doubts our instincts and intuition, we uncover a wisdom that directs us towards discovering the answers we may not have even realised we needed. We are able to reflect with clearness on what we have been thinking and feeling until now, never dismissing but processing, understanding and healing what we may have misunderstood or disregarded, struggled with or avoided.



Following our own path takes practise and patience, self love and trust. The idea that if something is meant for us, it will find us, can leave us feeling uneasy when we have been used to holding on tight to what we have and trying to control life but if we see it simply as an invitation to make plans, flow with life so that we are flexible, trusting in our wisdom, we find that we do not have to surrender all, that we are always being guided to open up to what we really want without fear that we will not be able to attain it or keep what we already enjoy. We can only direct ourselves, we may have to let go of what we wish to keep as we define and move towards our dreams and desires. In the moment that we have to make decisions that feel challenging, we can return to stillness and clearness, to our inner wisdom and health. We can make choices guided by our wellbeing.

As we become more familiar with clarity, we are able to navigate the endless stream of outside information that comes our way, discovering as we do what is possible in life, what we do want and don’t want from truth and not our programming, what feels natural to us and aligned with our own inner guidance. We are not obliged to follow anyone else’s way. Only we possess the knowledge of what is for us, no matter how certain another person is about what is the right way to live or create or evolve. Their way is their way and we can trust ourselves to know when our way is different. Life is about experimentation and when we are relaxed in how we approach trying new things, letting go of others, passing by what doesn’t make sense to us in the moment, we can enjoy the path of self discovery and self realisation which is not linear. If we follow our hearts as we navigate life, from love and curiosity and grace, we do not resist it, we allow it to unfold as we work towards realising our dreams and desires, growing, learning and enjoying the ride.

We can trust ourselves to be open to the information available to us and work with it in a way that enhances our lives and encourages our insights. Self doubt is the result of believing that we are unable to discern helpful from unhelpful guidance and trust ourselves to know when something conflicts with what we know intuitively is right for us. Navigating the information shared by others from the knowledge that we can trust our own path allows us to comfortably review it without the need to change who we are or what we are doing in order to fit in with what doesn’t resonate with us. This frees us from the stress of conflict. We are not here to please others, to shrink ourselves to fit spaces not right for us, that we have outgrown or were never comfortable in. We are here to uncover our truth and share it in the world in the way that our inner wisdom guides us to.

We can decide what we follow, we can choose what we discard, we can know what is right for us, trusting that we have the knowledge within to guide us to recognise when something is or is not helpful for our journey.

It can be challenging for us to acknowledge what we want as well as what we don’t and we often over complicate doing so. Once we open up to possibility, once we get clear on the direction we want to be heading in, we find that things work out for us because we are better relaxed, in a flow state, open to inspiration, operating from a new energy, vibrating at a new frequency, able to innovate, respond well, take useful action. When we know what we want and work to get it, we keep tuning in, we keep declaring that we are in trust, in faith, aligned with our truest desires and we find that we are creative, inspired and feel supported by life.

Evolution is about exploration and experimentation. We do not prove our worth through what we do or achieve or get right. We experience our worth by reclaiming it, operating from it. To be open to what is on offer to us, wellbeing, wholeness, clarity, love, we have to let go of ideas about what our lives should look so that we can have fun discovering what they do look like when we are aligned, in truth, in peace. When we face challenge, pivot, persevere or move on from something, we can do it with confidence, with trust in ourselves when we are listening to our instincts and intuition. No matter the claims of the conditioned mind, we can enjoy the experience of newness, letting go, working hard when we choose to as we experience the momentum of our innate drive and support of our spiritual wellbeing.

Allowing ourselves to define our dreams and desires and go after them, may open doors we hadn’t imagined and lead us down paths other than we had decided on journeying. When we drop our expectations, our limitations and widen our vision, our perspective shifts so that we are able to notice what is on offer to us, ask ourselves questions about what we truly dream of for ourselves and desire and consider how we might embrace and realise them. We have the ability to be flexible and fluid, to embrace the possibility that our best lives may look completely different than we had thought they would despite what we have been programmed, conditioned or taught to accept or go after.

Following our dreams and desires leads us to express our innate joy and love. This is what satisfies us, this is what enriches our lives, this is what leads us to growth and transformation and success because we are showing up in ways that are authentic and signalling to an intelligence within and all around us that we are ready to create and receive what is right for us. We are aligned with our creative power, channelling guidance and inspiration, in flow. We find the way that is right for us in the moment and doors do open, we do achieve and succeed but not necessarily in the way that others have or as we have been conditioned to expect or programmed to believe but in the ways that resonate with our truest selves.

When we centre and ground ourselves in truth, we are present, aware that we are the creators of our experience, able to change our minds and think and feel differently in every moment, to be clear and let go of ideas about what should happen or who we should become no matter how long we have invested in them so that we are ever more connected with the loving intelligence of life, with who we really are. The more we connect with our truth, the less easily we are swayed by the illusion of all we are not, able to trust our our intuitive insights and take instinctive action, conscious in our approach, aware of our power, open to what guidance and wisdom is available to us, without deciding beforehand on what and how it should be received.

When we live this way, from a place of authentic realisation and understanding about what is right for us, we are able to navigate challenge and change, follow our own path at the same time as being open to what sparks inspiration and our imagination, able to celebrate the successes and achievements of others without believing we need to strive for them ourselves. We dissolve our illusions about what we should be doing and achieving and aspiring to, as well as our judgements and fears about what we really want because we have the resoruces within to find our way.

When we think about our potential, often our focus falls on to what we believe we are able to do based on what we have done before and what we have been told we can expect to achieve in life. However, connecting with our true capacity for achieving, learning, evolution and growth actually happens when we move beyond who we think we are and what we are capable of and open up to something far greater. The limits we apply to our lives are often thought created rather than fact based. We create our experience of life according to the beliefs we hold about it. Changing our minds allowa us to expand beyond our illusory limits as well as drastically change the way we view and respond to our circumstances.

We are creatures of imagination and past a certain age we use our imagination to keep ourselves operating within the confines of our programming, conditioning and habitual reactions and patterns. When we begin to us our imagination to play again, to tell new stories and experience new states of being, we begin to explore who we might be and what we might do and we realise the power we hold to create new lives. We are whole and wise. When we are operating from clarity and insight, we feel it. When we aren’t, we feel it. When we allow our thoughts to flow, when we become aware of how we think about them, we notice how we are operating, we become aware of the fundamental beliefs about life that are driving us and we get to choose to change them when they do not serve us in living well.

A simple affirmation that can lead us in this is: I trust in the power of my spiritual truth. I am open to guidance. When we are open to being shown the way, to accessing a wisdom, a consciousness, an awareness outside of and beyond the limited mind and following what we intuitively know is right for us, even when we are directed away from what we have or thought we wanted, we have more moments in life that feel magical and mystical and miraculous. We get out of the way and are moved by life, carried and supported by an intelligence within that has been available to us all along.

Inspiration leads us beyond limited perceptions of self and concepts of our potential. When we allow ourselves to fall out of the limited, the constricted and contracted and into the possibility of the limitless, we become inspired, we experience insight, we discover truth. In truth, we are guided to live and create in ways that align with our highest awareness. When we tune in, when we align, when we raise the frequency of our being to love, health, wholeness, we awaken to our potential to do the impossible, to define what we want, to make our dreams reality, trusting in possibility, open to opportunity, no longer waiting for proof before we experience, no longer justifying in order to receive, no longer holding back from what we truly desire, no longer allowing the expectations of the limited mind to turn us away from all that is on offer to us.

Potential is explored in the realm of possibility where we widen our vision, expand our focus and look for ways to take part in the world beyond previous versions of self and models of being that have held us down or back. We deserve lives that are right feeling, aligned, easeful. Our innate knowledge that the possibility exists for us to move beyond fear and limitation to live from curiosity, insight and wisdom is always ready to guide us to expand into realisation of and connection with our limitless potential. We have what we need to live well in the way that is right for us, to channel and follow our inner guidance and to live from wellbeing, in wellbeing as we do.

Find a quiet space where you can be still and relaxed and centre yourself in your wholeness. Take the time to reflect on the questions below, allowing yourself to write down the answers that arrive without reconsidering them, doubting or judging them. What we are concerned with here is moving beyond what we know from the limited mind so that we can explore who we really are, what we really want and what we might become, create and experience.

Who would you be if you lived from self trust, self truth and self love?
In what areas are you denying yourself this?
What is it that you love to do?
What areas do others seek your advice in?
What are you good at?
What would you be doing with your time if you had no limited thinking about it?
Why are you paying attention to ideas and opinions that are not enhancing your life?
What guidance do you hear when you are calm and at peace?
What qualities do you want to practice?
What actions can you take today that will move you closer to becoming who you want to be?
daily practice would honour your truest dreams and desires?
What inspires you?
What holds you back from enganging and following inspiration?
What do you fear most, failure or success?

How valid are your fears?
How valuable are your limitations?
How much power do you act as if you have over your experience?
If you could manifest one thing right now, what would it be?
How can you begin to create it?

It is when we become interested in who we really are that we begin to see through the illusion of who we are not and understand that habitual patterns of being may give us a sense of identity but they are not truly it. We have the answers within to guide us in living well. We can grow and evolve and expand and thrive and create in the way that is right for us in the moment. We can question the thinking that holds us back, we can consider the fears that arise when we imagine failure and success, we can navigate processing and healing because we have the capacity, the ability, the resources to do so. We can choose to flow with life, to let go of rigidity and experience fun and play and joyful imagining, consciously creating our experience, enjoying defining and envisioning our dreams and desires, allowing our innate worth and wholeness to lead us.