Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Energy of Expansion Meditation

This energy of expansion meditation can be used throughout the day to help you move beyond limited perspectives and past beliefs and behaviour into awareness of and trust in possibility and your limitless potential.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down.

Close your eyes.


Slow your breathing by taking a deep breath in through your nose, filling your abdomen, your chest and back and releasing slowly through your mouth.

Repeat this soothing and rebalancing breathing until you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Imagine you are lying on a beach.

Your eyes are closed.

You are resting.

You are so comfortable.

The warm soft sand is moulded around your body, supporting you well.

You can hear the waves gently washing on to the shore.

The sound is a soothing rhythm calming you and relaxing you more deeply.

You have a sense that everything within you and around you is in perfect order and harmony.

Spread out your hands and feel the sand, these fine particles of rock and mineral, the result of transformation and endurance.

Feel the rays of the sun warming you, resonating with your own light, energising you and cleansing and healing you, transporting you to a state of transcendence, oneness, joy, total peace.

There is a sweet floral fragrance brought to you on a refreshing breeze that is gently passing over you.

You feel well.

You feel healthy.

You feel peaceful.

You feel at one with life.

You can feel that the sea and the sun and the sand and the trees and the flowers and the breeze are all a part of the energy of life that you are also an expression of.

You can feel your connection with the oneness of all life.

Rest in this feeling.

Let it move within you, carried by your breath through your body, in and out and all around you, this awareness of the energy of life, this sense of oneness, this wholeness that you are.

Feel the energy of life in the ground beneath you.

As it radiates through you, feel its vitality fortifying you, recharging you and centring you.

Feel the innate knowledge stirring within you that there is so much more to life than you have allowed yourself to experience.

So much more than you have been taught or shown to look for.

Here now you are your total, whole, true self.

Your innate beauty is reflected in nature.

Your potential and wisdom are mirrored back to you.

Your eternal resilience is in evidence.

And you can feel it; the expansive nature of life.

Shift your position to lay more comfortably and deeply in the sand.

Allow yourself to connect with the knowledge that there is nothing that can hold you back from expressing as you are truly guided to.

Right here in this moment you can be whoever you want to be.

Connect with your innate knowledge of who you really are.

Allow your spiritual wellbeing to guide you in realising and becoming an ever truer expression of your eternal, essential, limitless self.

Let it lead you in your actions and inform your choices and dispel doubt.

Be confident in exploring your inborn resources.

You are so ready now to move beyond illusory limitations.

You are so ready now to explore the boundless energy that you are a part of.

Surrender to a higher mind.

Liberate yourself from a limited identity.

Embrace your ability to operate from a state of limitless potential.

Know that you can carry what you realise and experience now in to your day.

Sit up on the beach and look out across the water.

There is a beautiful sunset setting the sky alight.

It is awe inspiring.

It takes your breath away.

It humbles you.

It takes you out of who you think you are and into an experience of something far greater.

Allow this moment of oneness to be remembered.

You are nature.

You are beauty.

You are energy.

You are creation.

You are beyond illusion.

You are outside of limits.

There is nothing that can hold you back from being who you truly are.

Here and now, you are in love with life and in love with yourself and you know that you are truly free.

Continue in this awakened state of being as you begin to come back to the room you are in.

Know that the feeling of freedom exists within you as you go about your day.