Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Energy of Possibility Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to remind you of the energy of possibility that you can trust to guide you towards creating the life you desire.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down.

Spread out your arms and legs and relax your entire body.

Breathe deeply and slowly and gently.

Inside of you is a light.

See it like the glow of a firefly at the point of your solar plexus.

Feel its warmth radiating through your body, sending light to the top of your head and the tips of your fingers and toes.

Feel the love and health in this light.

It is the light of wellbeing, inspiration and possibility.

It is intelligence, wholeness, awareness and able to guide you to remember your potential.

You can expand beyond your limiting beliefs.

You can be guided by the light within you.

You can trust your intuition to steer you in peace, with love, towards an experience of gratitude and abundance.

You were born with inner wisdom.

Turn towards it.

Notice how you feel when you do and when you don’t.

You can pause and move on from limited thinking.

You do not have to be able to read the future to take steps towards living as you most desire.

You do not have to be afraid that what has been will be.

You can follow your light when it guides you to let go of past beliefs.

You do not need to repeat past thinking.

You can trust your intuition to let you know which thoughts are directing you towards creating the life that you truly desire.

Any time that you start to doubt yourself, you are looking in the wrong direction.

Away from possibility and awareness of your potential and not towards it.

Look towards the light inside of you.

The glowing firefly of possibility, brilliance, creativity and enthusiasm within.

You have everything you need to make it in the world in the way that is right for you.

You can trust yourself to know what is right for you by dropping out of your thinking and into a state of relaxation.

In the pause and stillness and peace of being, focus on your inner light.

Allow your wellbeing to lead you in creating what before might have seemed impossible.

Allow love to inspire you to live the life that you truly deserve.

The energy of possibility is potent.

It is motivating.

It is creative.

It is inspirational.

It is available to you right now.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale, breathe out focus on anything that is standing in your way.

Breathe in and breathe out all limiting beliefs you are holding onto about what you can and can’t achieve in the world.

Breathe in and breathe out any fear that is holding you back from embracing possibility.

See the light within you.

Feel its truth and intelligence and health in every cell of your body.

Your guidance system.

Your potential.

Your possibility.

Your innate wisdom knows success in the way that is right for you is entirely possible.

Let any thoughts about what is impossible for you flow by.

You can be open to play and joy and good humour.

You can have fun experimenting with life.

You are heading towards a new destination, enjoying a wonderful and expansive journey.

Enjoy yourself.

Explore yourself.

Possibility, happiness, gratitude and abundance are a part of your spiritual wholeness.

You can access and express and experience them any time you want to.

Look beyond the familiar thoughts that flow through your mind.

Centre yourself as the feeling of past thinking arises.

Feel the light within you lift you into a new awareness.

Be nourished and soothed by the joy and love and peace that radiate from it.

Feel yourself rise above the limited and the known.

Awaken to the potential that exists for you to create the life you truly desire.

Be led by this awakening as you continue your day.

Allow it to guide you with peace, clarity and wisdom.

Let the energy of possibility carry you.