Lucy Di Marino

Experiencing Clarity

Often when we are unclear it is because our fears and habits that are familiar and known, are obscuring our awareness of and ability to experience clarity. The conditioned self is always attempting to remain safe and we choose the familiar, not necessarily because it is what we want but because on some level we are uneasy about choosing something different. To experience clarity, insight and new states of being, we have to stop doing what we are used to doing so that we can start living as we are able to. To begin, it can be helpful to reflect on our motivations so that we can explore how we might experience and take part in life rather than continue as we are used to or as we tell ourselves is the only way.

This does not mean dismissing what we have been through in life in any way or refusing the healing we might need to do, rather, it is the recognition that we have the option to consider whether what we are telling about ourselves is reflective of our truth, enhancing our lives and aiding us in living well or impeding us in some way. As we reflect on the beliefs that lead us in order to replace those that do not serve us, it can be helpful to know that changing them allows us to acknowledge all we have come through in a way that guides us to celebrate our strength and wisdom as we discover what health, clarity, insight, joy and ease are available to us.

Our biases, filters, limitations, conditions and more, affect us on every level. We identify with and inhabit ideas about ourselves, our lives and what is possible for us. Experiencing clarity and insight is the experience of dropping into a clearness of being and the wholeness that we are so that despite these identifications and our familiar embodiment of them, we find we can experience the distance to know truth. Being clear means being free and in the moments we are free, we can see through the illusion of limited thinking and gain perspective and clarity on why we live as we do and how we might do things differently.

We create change when we free up the resources within to do so, when we make space for something new which happens when we are less attached to what has been and able to consider something better.

We open up when we experience clarity. In clarity, we reject the stress of struggling against life in order to accept what is and respond well because of this. When we live well, we are living in alignment with our truth and wellbeing. Acceptance is not a passive act of surrender or allowing but intentional and grants us the freedom to see things differently and create change within and outside of us. When we refuse to accept what is, we energise an experience of tension that directs us away from clarity and we focus on and often identify with and embody it.

In struggle, we are caught up in ideas about what should be and we lose sight of possibility, opportunity and our capacity for newness. Unclear thinking and feeling lead to unclear action. Stress occurs when our inner worlds and outer worlds are not aligned and we believe they should be or cannot accept that they aren’t, meaning we struggle with the fact that what we want or wish was so, isn’t. Peace is the awareness of this. Acceptance grants us the calmness and quietude to consider what might be. A first step towards changing how we feel is accepting it so that we no longer struggle with or judge it.

Acceptance allows us to come back to peace and clarity when we have forgotten or feel far from them. In acceptance, we adapt to life in ways that allow us to process it and do well because of this, able to ground ourselves in our wholeness, centre ourselves in clearness and explore and investigate how we might be rather than defaulting to what we are habituated to. The space acceptance affords us is the space where truth and wellbeing reside. Here, we discover untapped or forgotten resources, strength and resilience and are guided to notice how we are thinking and feeling in order to reflect on whether we are identified with and operating from unhelpful conditioning or a more balanced, creative and innovative state of being.

Acceptance allows space for clarity, wisdom and insight, space for us to consider aligned action that leads to change within and without.

Acceptance does not lead to apathy but connection with our truth and realisation of our abilities so that we can stop identifying with limited thinking about what is, has been and could be and experience a new perspective. When we are connected, to our truth, to our spiritual resilience, to life, we know wholeness, health, clarity and peace and we choose them. In the moments we are unclear, we are being guided by limited thinking and lose sight of our ability to be instinctive and intuitive in our approach to life. When we are clear minded, less constrained by our conditioning, we are able to consider or notice what allows us to take clear action.

Urgent and uneasy feelings reflect urgent and uneasy thinking, they are not evidence of its claims or justification for it. They are experiences of our own creation and when we come to know this, we begin to identify with and invest in a self image of a powerful, able and conscious creator that overrides our programming and conditioning and allows us to think and feel and act in new ways.

In this new and empowered state of being, we are intentional, aware and able to recognise as innocent and misguided, the urge to keep intact and protect the conditioned self and see that we have the option to turn towards truth, compassion, connection and presence when we are feeling compelled to return to past states of being and action. We always have access to clarity. At any time, we can start to identify the unhelpful beliefs that are guiding us so that we stop playing small or safe and start exploring and expanding into our potential. Clarity allows us to differentiate between what we really want and are capable of and what limited thinking claims is safest, possible or most realistic for us.

Clarity is a pureness of thought and feeling that allows us to connect with our truth and expand beyond the confines of a life lived from the instruction of limiting programming and conditioning.

As believing is seeing, when we approach change from the filters and biases of limited thinking, we disallow transformation because we are trying to create it from within a framework that will not allow it and provides evidence that it is impossible or unsafe in some way. Making it our practice to engage in what allows us to inhabit peace and awareness leads us forwards to ever more easy and natural expressions of self and change occurs organically as we see things differently. When we choose to believe that things might be other than our limiting beliefs claims, we can distinguish between what is right for and available to us and how we are instructed to operate from a limited sense of self.

Practising envisioning that we are able to trust in our ability to make clear decisions and take clear action and seeing ourselves doing so, grounds us in the bodily experience of knowing and doing and can lead us to getting clear on our way forwards. Inhabiting the feeling of our ability to choose something new, something different can help us to overcome the limiting beliefs that guide us to contract rather than expand. Imagining new ways of being and engaging in the experience of them as we explore and play with our capacity for choosing again when we have returned to, been led by or are heading towards what is usual and known that does not serve us, offers us a lighter approach to change and directs us towards connection, intuition and clarity of being.

Playing with the idea that we can change our minds, our feeling state, take new action and adapt well to life as we go, can guide us to imagine how we might do things differently, how we might live if we made new choices and ground in the truth that we can and know how to, strengthening our trust and faith in our ability to create new experiences of and responses to life. It is we who decide how we interact and engage with life. This does not diminish or reject all that we have been through but allows us to accept and process our experiences well, guided by clarity and the knowledge that we are able to navigate and explore and experience differently what until now we have believed held power over us.

Absolute clarity is the experience of truth, it is balance and harmony and wellness. The experience of total clarity is freedom.

We always have the ability to see things differently. In clarity, we know a lightness of being that comes from non attachment to limited perceptions and expressions of self. Clarity is the vibration of total wellbeing. In wellbeing, we are whole, pure, powerfully conscious, alive to our gifts and aware of what truly is. Total clarity is the experience of consciousness, connection to and with the intelligence of life, a state of knowing that is clear and certain, that opens us up, energises us and fills us with feelings of love, peace, knowledge and awareness.

It is by inhabiting this space, by aligning with, investing in, identifying with and inhabiting this state of being, that we become free from believing we are the suffering caused by limited thinking and begin to invest in and energise an expansive and transformative experience of who we really are. In clarity, we find that the realisation of the love that we are balances, restores and gives life to us, that the light of love elevates us into states of health and wholeness, illuminating and amplifying our ability to experience oneness, truth and a purity of self beyond what we have been conditioned or programmed to believe in.

Love, clearness, pureness, vitality, is peace in every sense, a clarity of self that is ascension, a dissolving into the Divine. It is absolute truth and inner wellness. When we allow the loving intelligence of life to be known to us, we have nothing to do other than allow consciousness to make available to us our truest state of being. In this state of wholeness and grace, intuitive, organic, natural living is effortless and a new way of being is accessible for us to immerse ourselves in more and more deeply. From this space and experience of clearness, we can witness the choice we have to return to past ways of thinking and being or remain clear and light as we take steps to investigate how we can allow ourselves to keep expanding into clarity.

When we come to know ourselves as powerful creators, resourced, innovative, adaptive, imaginative, we open up to new ideas, realisations and a clarity of being that leads us to identify when we are being guided by wellbeing, wholeness and an investment in possibility and when we are energising and being led by something other.

To find out what we really want in life, we have to find out who we really are and in order to do this, we need to separate from the ideas, beliefs, behaviour and states of being that are familiar but guiding us away from realising truth and clearness so that we can uncover and open up to something other than what the conditioned, programmed, limited offers us. Connecting with and being guided by our natural inclination to be clear and take clear action is what sees us refusing to any longer engage with and follow thoughts and beliefs that lead us to contraction and stagnation.

Every one of us has access to clarity and, still, taking time to consider what within us is uneasy about change requires a willingness to investigate and be curious. Recognising that our lives are only as good as we allow them to be is not to dismiss in any way our circumstances or what we have been through but to know that we have the ability to choose how we think and feel about it. Life is a journey and we have so much power over how we enjoy it. We are not born guaranteed an easy ride and, yet, we deserve to live well, to experience spiritual health, peace and wellbeing and knowing this leads us to them.

In order to move beyond your innocent misunderstandings about your worth, your abilities, your power, allow yourself to relax into presence and the clarity of being that is always on offer to you. In the moment that you are spacious and whole and in flow, you are apart from confused ideas about yourself and a part of life, experiencing truth, vitality and wholeness. Gift yourself as many of these moments throughout your day as you remember to, doing nothing other than simply relaxing your mind and body, allowing yourself to rest in the stillness within and embodying the feelings of love, peace and clarity that are endlessly available to you.

When we are clear, we are experiencing an optimal state of flow, we move with life, we allow our abilities to be known to us, we are able, open, willing, aware, intentional and guided to action by what is available to us outside of the confines of the limited, the known, the familiar, the personal.

Change does not have to be hard but it can be challenging when we come up against our conditioning. Allow yourself time and space for transformation and be kind with yourself as you embark on the journey of clarity. Use these questions to get in touch with who you really are as you free yourself from identification with and instruction from who you are not, working through any resistance to self realisation and creating the opportunity for breakthroughs by doing so. Allow your answers to be guided by the clarity within you and record what comes up without judgement.


How do I want to feel?
What can I do to Inhabit this?
What do I want from life?
What do I envision when I ask this?
How can I create it?
What Fears Arise around this?
What are my truest desires?
What Limited ideas come up of what I can settle for instead?
Can I allow clarity?
What does clarity feel like?
When am I clear?
What leads me to refuse clarity?
What is my familiar approach to change?
What might I do from the space of possibility?
How have I adapted well in life?
How might this knowledge lead me ?
In play, what life do I imagine?
What can I affirm about my ability to play?
What does spaciousness feel like?
How can I allow it?
What do I know to be spiritually true?
What practices guide me to align with this?