Exploring the Gift of Conscious Imagining – Part One

We use the gift of imagination all day every day and not only can we use it to create or bring to life an experience, we can also use conscious imagining – being aware of what we are creating in our internal worlds and choosing to focus on what feels good to us in order to experience it as having already happened – to call into being what we desire. This is the art of deliberate creation, known as manifestation but to clearly convey what we are doing when we manifest what we wish to receive in life, rather than what we don’t, the gift of conscious imagining is a term that allows us to understand that we are imagining with awareness and using the gift of consciousness to create a real feeling experience of our vision, bringing our focus and energy to it in order to feel, act and live as if it has already happened.

We are always creating. Choosing to be conscious of how and what we create leads us to realise the power of our potential for focusing our energies onto what we want to receive and experience in life, rather than what we don’t. So often we make things much more complicated than we need to. As children we innately trusted in a mystical, otherworldly power that we called magic. This trust and ability to trust is still within us. Magic is the power of mysterious or supernatural forces to influence events. The supernatural is a force beyond our understanding of the laws of nature that is extraordinarily great.

It is natural for us to be extraordinary it is just that we have forgotten who we are. We have covered up what we are capable of. We have bought into the illusion that life is hard and unfair and complicated. This is what we are taught and this is what we come to find because it is what we look for. And yet, we keep alive a belief in magic, we invest in hope that dreams can come true. But we have to trust in magic to experience it. We have to invest in faith to take the step from hope to creation. We have to remember that what we expect to see in life we do and what we expect to experience, we create. We have to take charge of what we are creating if we are to begin living the lives we want to live. We have to let go of our conditioning and work beyond our programming to trust in magic again.

When we allow what is supernatural to occur in our lives by opening ourselves up to it, by inviting it and embracing it and working with it, we do experience the extraordinary and we come to realise that we have had the power to create and experience what is extraordinary all along. Yet it is an intentional act to move beyond the known, to step into a new awareness and state of being. The known may be somewhere we long to escape at the same time as keeping ourselves there because it is familiar, as if we are safe even if we are unhappy or satisfied. We do this because we are frightened of giving up the illusion of control. But we are actually powerless when we unconsciously create and operate from the unhelpful programmes and conditioning of the subconscious mind that motivates the ego.

Until we decide to become aware of and change the subconscious beliefs and paradigms running our lives, we default to them the majority of the time and feel as if we have  little control over the way our lives appear to unfold at the same time as trying to control as much as we can via them. In our least conscious moments, we spend time on guard, preparing for the worst, watching out for it, looking for opportunities to experience it and even inviting it for the sheer relief of having it happen so that the waiting for it is over with.

Imagine if we did this with what we wanted to experience rather than what we don’t? Imagine if we prepared for the best, looked out for it, expected it? How would this inform our choices and decisions and the way we choose to live? We have become accustomed to fear and apprehension and worry. And we have tricked ourselves into believing that this is a natural result of growing up and living in the real world, of being prepared and responsible. But this isn’t true.

Creating feelings of fear, tension, worry, stress under the misguided notion that doing so means we are aware of and dealing with situations that need our attention doesn’t mean we are. Allowing ourselves to connect with our ability to deal with what we need to and create feelings of peace and harmony by imagining that we already have done allows us to see things clearly and take innovative, creative or simply just common sense action to manage and handle our situations as well as opening us up to possibilities we unconsciously dismiss or ignore from an overwhelmed and frantic state of mind.

So what if we change our minds? What if we practice trust? What if we do the work to experience a new perspective and operate from a new state of mind and expand past our limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behaviour? When we begin to live consciously, we tune into the frequency of deliberate creation, we spend time in conscious imagining and we begin to intentionally create our experience. We operate from a present awareness of who we truly are and we trust in the wisdom within us to guide us on the path of expansion. When we choose to explore our truth, trust in our intuition and the power of a greater consciousness to guide us, we purposefully take steps to expand into our greatness, connect with our potential and do the work necessary to move beyond our subconscious beliefs and programmes so that we can begin to create the lives we want to be living.

Allow self love to guide you to go within so that you can hear a higher wisdom. Gently practise trusting in your ability to create all that you want to receive alongside the energy of life and embrace the possibility of the unknown. We can experience magic. We can manifest all that we desire. We can expect great things to occur. We can jump head first into the unknown. We can quiet our minds and let our truth be known. We can make room for magic. We can make it common to experience the extraordinary. To put it simply, there is the energy of life and everything else is pure potential. Feel the energy of all that is within you and all around you and allow it to guide you in creating what it is you wish to receive.

Every morning spend half an hour in the space of trust. Set your alarm. Don’t think, just do. Operate from an awareness beyond the intellect. Feel as if you are supported by the Universe in bringing into being all that you desire. Didn’t life feel wonderful when you believed in magic? All that has changed is your belief system and attitude. Rediscover the joy in believing and see where this feeling takes you. In trust your mind is free from worry and doubt. A liberated mind is a productive mind, a clear mind, a problem solving mind, a mind in clarity. When you are free to expand your vision, you notice what you were too overwhelmed to see before. Opportunities and signs become apparent to you. You open up to new perspectives and enjoy insights and inspiration.

What does it feel like to trust? What does it feel like to know you are taken care of? What does it feel like to believe? Trust in the energy of life that you are a part of. Trust in your ability to create whatever it is that you wish to receive. Feel the experience of this unwavering, stable and true faith in the energy of creation that lives you and guides you and enables you to manifest what you desire. Believe in the reliability, truth and ability of the Universe to give you what you want and clearly ask for. It is safe for you to trust.

Ignore the ego which claims that you don’t have time to dedicate half an hour a day to trust. You always have time for self support, self love and self realisation. Spending time in trust might be as simple as reciting the words, I trust in my ability to create, I trust in my ability to surrender, I trust in my ability to believe in trust. You have been programmed and conditioned to trust without question much of what your guardians, peers, society and others told you during your formative years. Now is the time to question what has been passed onto you and open up to a trust more powerful and innate than inherited belief in anything that leads you away from wellbeing, gratitude, hope, health and happiness.

Let go of all thoughts that doubt, deny or try to control your experience of trust. Feel yourself trusting and yielding to belief in yourself and the Divine energy at work. Stay with it. Trust in your ability to trust and enjoy the experience of it. You’ve got to believe to receive. When thoughts occur that tell you you have trusted before and not received, let them flow by and really reflect on whether you gave yourself over to a greater consciousness, whether you trusted in the absolute power of creation enough to surrender your dreams to a limitless intelligence. You might find that in the instances you are bringing to mind that you were still trying to micromanage the journey, that in fact you were still attempting to control the outcome. Notice how you felt then. Were you invested in the feelings of your dreams coming true and allowing those feelings to guide you in your actions or were you rehearsing dread, fear, disappointment, resignation as a means of preparing for things not turning out as you were hoping they would?

The way we think is dictated by the beliefs and ideas and opinions that we subconsciously hold about the world. These influence the way the brain interprets the information it receives via our senses in order to form an understanding of the world around us and who we are within it. We are only ever experiencing an interpretation of life, no matter how accurate we believe it to be. This means that as we change our beliefs about how life works, as we trust that we have the creative power to engage the gift of conscious imagining to manifest all that we desire, as we operate from faith in a Universe that receives our requests and works to deliver them, we begin to experience a reality that supports this.

This is why we can be faced with evidence of something and deny it if our beliefs are strong enough to reject what is right in front of us. The evidence that supports our ability to manifest is all around us and every single one of us has had experience of it, too. We just cannot see it until we believe it. We have to believe in possibility to experience it and we have to trust to receive what we ask for. Trusting is knowing that something is in place or will occur and when we operate from trust, we act as if what we ask for is as good as given and free our creative energy up for further conscious imagining.

Decide on one thing you want and feel as if you have it. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Think about what you want. Imagine having it. Feel this as true now. Let it be easy. Why not? It can be. Don’t think yourself out of it. Stop trying to work it out from the intellect. Don’t reason with the ego which will demand evidence and proof. Drop that thinking. Let go of the desire to create from the intellectual mind. Do you remember what it felt like to dream big? Do you remember the feeling of limitless possibility? Those feelings are still within you. The ability to imagine great things has not disappeared.

Someone somewhere told you that your dreams were not realistic based on their own limited perception of reality and the experience of life they were creating for themselves. Let that go. Return to the state of limitless imagining. Reclaim your right to dream big. Release all that no longer serves you and all that is holding you back from connecting with your creative potential. Let things be simple. Surrender to the potential you have for creating a life that is far more than you can imagine from the conditioned mind which believes in a limited reality. Open up to the energy of creation, trust in its ability to work for you and align yourself with its Divine intelligence. Look past your limiting beliefs, take control of which thoughts you pay attention to and focus on the feelings you want to experience.

Conscious imagining is feeling and knowing and doing from a space of power and creativity before, beneath and beyond the intellect. It is the act of organising Universal mind into matter. Manifestation occurs in the realm of magic you have access to when you are unconcerned with the limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind which informs and directs the ego. Let your thoughts settle like sand at the bottom of a calm sea. Rest in the stillness of simplicity. Float on the calm waters of peace. Let go of the beliefs that are holding you back and change the paradigm that you are operating from. Give up all that you know and open up to the powerful potential of something far greater. You have the ability to make new truths real for yourself. This is the result of conscious imagining.

For fifteen minutes in the middle of the day, clear your mind of all thoughts and let wisdom be known to you. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and if possible lie down, close your eyes and relax into being. You have innate knowledge within and allowing yourself to be quiet enough to hear it will allow you to be guided by something beyond ego, personality and subconscious beliefs and programming. You are opening up to a knowledge beyond what is already known to you so move your focus away from your thoughts to the silence and stillness before, beneath and beyond them. You can come back to them later if you want to but there is nothing that they urgently need to tell you in this moment.

Meditation gives you the break you need from your thinking to start questioning it. Enjoy the space it affords you to take a step back from your habitual patterns of thought. Rest in it. Everything you want is within you. You are the love you desire, the joy you seek, the wisdom you are waiting for. When you drop into the quiet within, you are communing with the Universe which is you. Transcending ego, personality, belief systems, conditioning and the judgement you have been programmed to operate from expands your consciousness and you become aware of your limitless potential to feel, experience, create and receive what you are asking for. Disconnect from the personal mind and open up to the Universal.

You are not creating an experience now by following, energising and forming thoughts and experiencing the feeling of them, you are opening up to and engaging with intuition and wisdom. There is a different quality of feeling to intuition. It is really a no feeling, a vibration of deep knowing that is felt rather than rationally understood. Intuition originates from an intelligence outside of the bounds of reason and does not seek qualification via the intellectual mind. It is only once the personal mind, the ego gets involved that the vibration of intuition is stirred up into feeling. When we know something intuitively it is felt in a very different way to the feelings generated by thought. You can trust the felt sense of intuition and wisdom and you can connect with the vibration of inner knowing without seeking guidance, qualification or feedback from the intellect. Allow yourself to be guided by truth.

Breathe deeply, sigh out your breathe. Relax into softness. Engage with the feeling of possibility. Connect with the energy of life. Dissolve yourself and become one with the Divine. Stop thinking and start dreaming. You do not have to control this journey, only let it unfold. Be guided by your wisdom and your truth. Allow questions to arise and answers to be known. Fall into intuition. Let the urge to second guess what becomes known to you pass by. Connect with the spiritual energy of creativity that is you. Feel yourself becoming aligned with the energy of life. Experience your whole being alive with light and potential. Engage with this awakening. Dissolve into it. Become one with all of life. Now listen.

The desire to manifest is the desire to evolve into the truest and highest expression of ourselves possible. It is the desire to be at peace, in health, supported, loved, loving, noble, courageous, resourceful, grounded, successful, centred, resilient, confident, creative, to be people who operate from wellbeing, intelligence, truth, integrity, authenticity, respect, reverence and self worth. We have an idea that if everything is in place then we will be able to be who we wish to be. But what if we actually get what we want by being now the person we think having what we want will make us? What if becoming who we want to be is a choice we make inside that brings into being what we want to receive in the physical world?

Who is it that you want to be? Who will you become once you have manifested your desire? How does this future you show up in the world? How do they think and feel and act and live? What is stopping you from being this person now other than a belief that you can’t be? What if you decided right now in this moment to embrace your right to change, your ability to trust and your wisdom to guide you in transformation? Why not decide today to find out what life would be like if you imagined you were already the person you want to be? To take action as the person who has already manifested their desire? To make decisions based on the value system that this future you lives by?

You get to choose the thoughts that you give time and energy to and invest in. You get to choose the ideas you act on. You get to decide who you are and who you want to be and you can let all of your current thinking go and explore the space left behind in which wisdom resides. Visualise yourself living the life you desire and receiving everything you have asked for. Don’t watch yourself doing it, experience yourself living it, getting up in the morning as the person whose desires have already manifested. Daydream, meditate, do whatever works best for you. At every opportunity, practise being the person you want to be, living the life you want to live and receiving all that you desire and have asked for.

Mental rehearsal convinces the body that what you are imagining is real. In this way, you are convincing yourself on every level that this imagined new reality is fact and in doing so, your beliefs, ideas, feelings and actions will start to reflect this. Pay attention to what you are paying attention to. So much of the time that we spend daydreaming is focused on imaginings that are not leading us towards the peace and health and happiness we desire. Rather than creating and focusing on the feeling of not having what we want, battling challenges to receive it or dealing with conflict on our way to winning at life, we can feel gratitude for what we do have, excitement for what we can create and joy that we have the ability to consciously imagine it into being.

Once we recognise how we bring to life experiences of what we don’t want in our minds and become aware when we are doing it, we can redirect our focus to imaging receiving all that we truly wish for and experiencing the feeling of having it come to us easily without struggle or force. Mentally rehearse the experience of abundance that you know is on its way to you. As you practise living your new life, you will begin to create a new reality for yourself by changing your thought patterns, your perspective and the paradigm from which you operate. In this sense you are living in integrity. You are acting in alignment. You are consciously imagining into being a truer, clearer, more aware experience of yourself and your creative abilities.

When you are focused on the practice of living the life you want to live and training yourself to respond to your visualisations and mental rehearsals as if they are your true reality, you are consciously choosing to be the person you believe that manifesting your desires will make you. The person who acts in alignment with the values that you know your true self holds. The real you, free of the obligation to pay attention to limited thinking and operate within the constraints of unhelpful conditioning. The true and happy self who believes in the possibility of magic. This is not fake it till you make it because you are not pretending to be something you are not. This is the act of becoming all that you truly are by being this truer you by choice until you remember how to be by instinct.