Exploring the Gift of Conscious Imagining – Part Two

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Our state of mind can be either expanded, open and free flowing or contracted, restricted and closed; we get to choose no matter what is occurring in our lives. And how we think determines how we feel and the reality we create and exist in. When you are tight and tense, you are focused on thoughts that are not serving you. When you are relaxed and calm, you are open to healthy perspective and allowing wisdom and wellbeing to guide you. Let yourself expand. Open up to your potential. When you let your thoughts flow and new ideas in, you will find that you no longer want to act small. You no longer want to live by beliefs that box you in. Any fear that tells you to hide away, be ashamed, feel undeserving or wait for a better time to be happy can be let go of.

Expand beyond definitions of self. You are interested in operating from a higher consciousness now. You are interested in co creating with the Divine energy that you are a part of and that supports the manifestation of your every conscious and love inspired desire. Every moment offers you a fresh start, every new thought a new beginning. Take a deep breath. Connect with all of life. Feel your dynamic and essential truth pulsing through you. Investigate your ideas of reality, discover your vibrational essence, uncover your power, explore your potential, be guided by your light.

Choose feeling good, know that you are whole and understand that joy is a gift within you and you can feel it at any time and in any place just by allowing it. Understand that the more you choose joy, the more you’ll attract joy and you’ll be manifesting from a place of health, happiness and connection. There does not have to be struggle. There is no virtue in this being hard work. You do not need to suffer to deserve reward. You only need to meet yourself, to come home to your true worth, to remember your abilities and realise your power. Anything and everything that directs you away from this experience is based on a misunderstanding; an illusion of reality that is not beneficial to the expression of your wellbeing.

Feel yourself expand beyond your conditioning and your programming. Let your perspective open up when you feel yourself contract. Allow your mind to settle when you feel stirred up and your thoughts to flow when you feel stuck. Commit to awareness so that you no longer act on feelings that are not inspired by love and health and wholeness and will not inspire action that leads to you getting what you want from life, which is ultimately to enjoy peace, spaciousness and happiness. You have access to clarity and sanity no matter what is going on around you and when you tune into your intuition you will be guided to live in alignment with your wisdom. You will be guided to give up thinking that is not serving you, that obscures who you are and what you are capable of. You have the power to stop the cycle before repeating past behaviour that does not serve you and ending up where you no longer want to go.

Where do you want to go? How does it feel to be there? What thoughts will create the feelings that will inspire the action that will deliver the results that will see you arrive where you want to be? Expansion widens your view. It transforms your perspective, it develops your understanding. When you connect with your ability to grow beyond your illusions, you raise your consciousness; you enjoy a new awareness of the way you operate. You choose something better than you are currently allowing. This isn’t positive thinking, this is understanding the power of thinking, of choosing love to guide you in how you use this power and bring it to life with your focus and attention.

Thoughts are energy which means they carry a vibration. This is also true of the feelings they create. So the thoughts you think most often and the feelings you spend most time in, create your vibrational reality and the energy field around your body that is radiating information out into the Universe. As you raise your vibration by choosing thoughts more aligned with wisdom, health, love, wholeness, you transform your experience, your energy shifts, you change matter.

Your cells respond to their environment. The way you think affects you on every level because the way you feel impacts and influences your entire life. Changing how you think and feel and imagine and act and behave and respond to match the energy, vibration and frequency of the person you want to be in health and wholeness elevates you. It changes your entire state to match the reality you want by allowing you to expand beyond what is known and familiar, limited and limiting into a new and empowered experience of yourself.

Your energy field can extend metres outside of you. What you think, you feel and what you feel, you focus on and what you focus on, you experience and create more of and all the while, you are emitting a vibrational frequency via your energy field out into the Universe as information about who you are and what you want. You can change this to become a message of conscious desire. You can match the frequency of the reality you want to experience. You can expand beyond your limited concepts and beliefs and behaviours and expectations in order to begin creating the life you want to be living. You can have the life you want. You can manifest all that you can ask for.

And you get there from a new energy, not from the same starting point that has brought you to where you are now. As the saying goes, if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. You have to keep expanding past your limiting beliefs and your familiar emotional experiences and take control of the way you use your imagination so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of the loving intelligence of life that is directed by you to power every experience you use it to create. You have to keep letting go of everything that prevents you from operating from a conscious approach to creating your reality in order to start doing it with awareness.

The process of expansion is a process of elimination. Does it serve you? Does it heal you? Does it help you? Does it feel good? Does it lead to positive action? Does it yield positive results? Does it get you what you are asking for? No? Then let it go. Uncover your blocks so that you can discover what they are preventing you from enjoying. If you need help in this work, find it. Do what you need and are guided to do to take a new approach to life, to consciously imagine something greater for yourself.

Mastering the art of conscious imagining is the process of waking up to the gifts you already hold within and the magic you possess for bringing into being and receiving all that you intuitively desire. When you wake up to who you are and act in accordance with this truth, you will find that as your approach to life transforms so too does your reality. Stay curious enough to keep going even when you come up against the ego and persuasive illusions. If it doesn’t feel as if it’s leading you towards a higher vision and better future, move on and keep expanding. You will always be glad that you did.

Release. Relax. Open up to who you really are. Choose a new approach that reflects your knowledge of your creative power. Send messages of conscious intent out into the Universe. Radiate wholeness. Energise wellbeing. Vibrate at the frequency of innate worth and health. Change the way you think and feel and the rest will unfold in ways you cannot conceive of from the limited mind. Stop fighting life. Allow its gifts to find you.

If you experience challenge on your journey, allow your inner wisdom to guide you in how you respond to and experience it. When you change your viewpoint, you change your point of view. The time you spend on something is the time you spend on something. If it doesn’t feel good to you, if it doesn’t feel as if it is guiding you from and to your deepest truths, your inner knowing, your clarity and peace, turn around. The whole purpose of getting what you want in life is to feel good. When you don’t feel good, stop. Let go. Breathe yourself into awareness of the experience you are creating and change direction. It’s never too late to turn another way.

You do not have to resist or struggle against or control circumstances to change how you feel about them and what you are focusing on in the moment. Notice where you are concentrating your energy and whether the thoughts you are energising are leading you towards the life you want to live or away from it. In the moment that you want something greater, remove your focus from what is and open yourself up to possibility. Let yourself be carried towards what you want by conscious imaging and enjoy the ride. Feeling good is what it’s all about. Believe in the potential for you to create what you want. Send out signals of intent into the Universe. Do not focus on what you don’t want or make efforts to resist it.

You can operate far better from an open and free flowing mind in order to take the action that you need to a mind that is stuck, stagnant, limited and overwhelmed by life. If other people doubt you or question you or challenge you, know that you do not have to prove to them that feeling good is the ideal way of feeling good. They can feel any way they want to about anything they want to; you don’t have to go there with them. Choose not to get stuck in their mindset so that you can keep moving along your own joyful path of trust and flow. And if you do feel hung up on their opinions and ituit that you need to, do the work to find out why, release this old patterning and reprogramme.

If you imagine that are supported by a higher power, if you engage with the feelings of connection and love and possibility and magic this affords, if you trust that what you want is on its way to you because you are consciously creating it, there is no struggle and stress. There is only the allowing of events to unfold, intuition and inspiration to guide you in allowing and encouraging them and what you desire to be received. You will move with life, rather than against it. You will have the clarity of mind to take helpful action. You will find it easy and natural to adapt to change. You will be guided by insight to make decisions that keep leading you forwards in the practice of conscious imagining.

When you begin to allow yourself to be guided by Divine intelligence, you’ll find that handing over the reins to an energy of love and potential will move mountains. Jump into the unknown and let life carry you. You are supported. You will be taken care of. You are always being sent signs. Become aware of them by allowing yourself to believe that the creation of your desires can be effortless once you open up to a greater wisdom and connect with your own.

Allow the journey to be natural and easy. Decide what you want. Imagine that you have it. Feel that it is already yours. Be the person who you see receiving it, in your thoughts, feelings, actions, behavior, decisions and choices. Clear your mind and listen to wisdom. Communicate your trust to the Universe. Do not dictate the means by which you believe you should receive what you want. Do not set the conditions by which it must arrive. Do not try to micromanage the way it must come into being. Do not set a deadline for when you should receive it by.

Ask and act as if it is already given. This means that you do not have to think about how to bring it into being because you feel as if it has already been received. You allow the joy, peace, relief, ecstasy you believe your desires will give you to be expressed before you receive them. Assuming this state of being assumes your request has been heard and your wish has been granted. Release your desire to the Universe and relax in the knowing that it is as good as given because you have the power to live in any moment as if it is.

Stay in the vibration of receiving. Feel the wonder and happiness of your creative power and the love and support the Universe is offering you as you co create together. Practice conscious imaging for the sheer joy of thinking yourself into a state of connection with and allowing wellbeing. Enjoy the journey. Have fun consciously creating a state of bliss. Appreciate the experience of uncovering the good feelings that reside within you and returning to your natural state of innate worth and wholeness.

Set your intention and feel it into being. Ask the Universe, God, light, source, life for assistance in manifesting your desire and surrender control. Believe in the outcome as inevitable. Live as if it is already certain. Allow the wisdom of a higher intelligence to guide you towards receiving it as you trust in yourself to take effortless and intuitive action. Let trust guide you. Surrender rather than struggle. Know that by directing your focus onto what you want, how you want to feel and who you want to be, that you are setting in motion a chain of events that will concentrate energy into matter.

The rest is not up to you. You do not need to know what happens behind the scenes. You do not need to do the work of a far greater mind than your own. You do not need to dictate instructions for how and when your desire should be delivered. Fall out of ego. Fall into trust, into love and into grace. Open up to your potential for success, for joy, for celebration. Be excited about who you are and what you can do and what is being done for you. The energy of life brings into being your every experience – choose how you want to direct it, be conscious of the way you are using it.

You are this energy, a part of the loving and creative intelligence of the Universe. The energy that creates and lives all of life. Start to act like it, realise your worth and know that you can never be less than you are, lacking what you belong to, undeserving of the spiritual health, joy and wellbeing that is your birthright. You must get clear on this. You must embrace it as truth. You must reconnect with the innocence of self love that you were born in and that misguided teachings convinced you out of. Uncover the wisdom within you that knows who you really are. Open up to the limitless abundance you are worthy of experiencing. Connect with the power you hold to create the life you truly deserve.

Give up all thoughts that tell you that living your greatest life is selfish or unkind or unjustified. Being the conscious creator of your life will empower you, inspire others and do good in the world. Become aware of the fixed beliefs that you automatically default and defer to, the ideas disguised as facts that hold you back, the thoughts that tell you you cannot change, the unhelpful opinions that were never yours to begin with. Release every urge to judge your dreams and ridicule your desires and reframe your hopes within the context of an illusory reality. Let it all go. Focus instead on possibility. Embrace peace and stillness and health. You have the power to change. You have the right to choose better. You have the ability to create the life of your dreams. Accept who you really are. Refuse who you are not. Be willing to do the work to uncover your greatness.

Hold your truth close and be guided by it. Walk alongside the energy of life towards the manifestation of your desires. Let its intelligence guide you. Let its love inspire you. Let its limitless power provide for you. Uncover your potential. Live from the awareness of who you want to be. Feel the feelings of joy, peace, love and gratitude that arise when you co create with the Divine to manifest all that you long for. Relax into your right to be and have all that wisdom guides you to ask for.

Separate the past from the present, focus on the here and now. You don’t have to counteract your dreams with arguments that invoke your past failures as evidence that you don’t deserve and can’t create everything you want. That isn’t reality, it is a version of reality. Choose a new one. Every time your mind wanders to unhappy memories, bring it back to the here and now. Memories are distorted by time, beliefs, perspective and state of mind. They are not true, they are not fact and even if they were, they would still be only shadows, residues of what was and not indications of what is or what may be. Who you are right now in this moment is the only indication of what you can create for yourself and the experience you are inviting in. Who you realise yourself to be, how you think and feel and choose to take part in the world right now are what matter when it comes to conscious imagining.

Do not give thought to ideas of karma or Divine retribution. The Universe is God, is love, is light, is truth and none of this supports a system of punishment. What we focus on, we get more of because it is what we tune our awareness to. If you are focused on how hard life is and has been, you create this experience for yourself and use it to inform your perspective and expectations. You continue to invest in established beliefs by unconsciously taking action to confirm them. In this way, you will keep proving to yourself that life is hard for you, that you are a certain type of person, that you are limited in what you can change in your life and that personal transformation is not possible. This thinking tells you that based on your past, you do not deserve or know how to achieve change and happiness.

Separate all that you have done and all that you have been and all that has been done to you from the you who is reading this now. You are not your thoughts. You are not your actions. You are not your behaviours. You are not what has been done to you or forced upon you or dictated to you. You are God in action, love in motion, Divinity in human form. You have the light within to guide you towards the life you desire. You have the wisdom within to take you there. You have the grace available to do it naturally. You just need to trust in who you really are and take the time to reinforce your faith. Do not give into the ego’s scaremongering. Do not give into guilt and bitterness and resentment.

Close your eyes. Go within. Commune with love. Listen to wisdom. Find out who you really are. Let go of separation from wisdom and wellbeing by separating truth from fiction. Rewrite your story. Reclaim your right to happiness. Know that you are one with life. Let your soul soar. As soon as you decide to separate your present from your past, your truth from your limited thinking, your wellbeing from your conditioning, it is clear which path to take. Dissolve into the the Divine. Let go of judgements. Rest in forgiveness and understanding. Allow yourself to be loved by the energy of creation and guided by love in manifesting your desires.

Feel your way. Are you feeling good. No? Turn around. Give up the urge to feel justified in your unhappiness. You cannot feel justified in your unhappiness about living a life you don’t want and at the same time create one that you do. You have to choose. If you feel as if you are moving away from healthy feeling, you are being guided to see that you are moving away from what you want towards what you know from the limited ind and it is in the unknown that positive change and deliberate creation happen.

You have to trust in something new and you can do this by trusting your inner guidance system. When your thoughts feel wrong to you, they are wrong for you. This is not a reflection of the situation you are thinking about but of the clarity and helpfulness of your thinking. If your thoughts feel anything other than clear, fall out of your thinking and into being where you are able to connect with your truth, your wisdom and your deeper values.

You are always being guided by wisdom. You can feel your way through your thinking. Notice how it feels to you. Stop and turn around when you are uneasy. Trust that you will find solutions and experience insight when you drop out of the personal mind and into the wisdom of Divine consciousness. Let intuition lead you. Ignore the calls of the intellect to prove your deeper knowing. Ignore the claims of the ego that wants to keep you operating from the familiar patterns of past belief systems. Feel your way through your thinking and drop out of it when it starts to get complicated.

You are always feeling your thinking. Before, beneath and beyond your personal thinking, your interpretations, the created self and the realms of the intellect and ego, wisdom exists. Wisdom is certain. Wisdom is neutral. You don’t have to force yourself to think positively, just notice which direction your thoughts are pointing you in – towards happiness and health and success or away from them – and turn around when you need to. Your natural inclination to feel good will take care of the rest.

Simplify things. Settle down. Notice that when you turn away from peace, clarity is hard to come by. Remove your focus from your thinking and allow your mind to clear by letting uneasy thoughts flow by. Calm yourself by moving your attention from how you are feeling to your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths and sigh them out. Bring yourself back to the present. Drop out of thinking and into being. Feel deeply into the silence of your intuitive self and be guided by a deeper knowledge that steers you towards health, creativity, wholeness and abundant joy.

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