Full Moon in Cancer, December 2020

The Full Moon in Cancer on 30th December at 3:28 a.m. GMT is a time to be present, to recognise that only the current moment is unfolding, that nothing else is occurring other than this so that we can set down the weight of the past, understanding that what has been is no longer being other than in our minds where we innocently keep it alive. When we connect with the potency and magic that is available to us in the present, we are primed for manifestation, for true expression and for ease and grace in the way unique to us and guided to reflect on the fullness of who we are, of all that we have come through and achieved in our lives, of how light life is when we are awake to the now and what a wondrous thing it is to be alive in all senses.

As we reflect during this full moon on the lives we live and have lived, on all that a person is and experiences, we will find that we have often refused or been unable to see other people in their fullness, that often we have reduced them to their encounters with us only and that this way of interpreting and viewing others reduces us, also. When we are at one with life, when we are in touch with spirit, when we are in our wholeness, we recognise the wholeness in others and in some sense know we are one with them.

This changes how we respond; we take things less personally, are clearer minded, able to assert our needs, create and maintain healthy boundaries and communicate well without feeling emotional about doing so because we are led by the intelligence of the soul and not the sensitivity of the ego. And in this state we are more sensitive to our intuition and spiritual wisdom, guided to operate from clarity and healthy behaviour, understanding and compassion. We see that other people are also learning and growing and making their way through, driven by their own desires and dreams, overcoming and integrating their pasts and experiences.

We might also consider that perhaps we are gifted difficult interactions in order to learn about how we treat others. That what we are most sensitive to ourselves, we may be least sensitive to when it comes to other people. And vice versa. We are all doing our best to be human and get grips with what it means to be. When we relax into this, when we are present and in our wholeness, feeling that it is okay to be ourselves just as we are, we let go of the insecurities and sensitivities that lead us to react to others because we are more sensitive to what they are growing through.

In this sense we can view life as a lesson in evolution, in learning to relate well, in connecting better with all that we are and all that others are, too, in seeing that when we operate from a limited identity what we perceive in any one moment is not only filtered through our conditioning and biases but also dictated and understood by a limited sense of self and life. During this full moon we will be driven to throw off these conditions and limits, to return to a raw and potent form of ourselves, to move beyond what we have accepted about life into the realm of the unknown and to embrace and harness the energy that we unleash and feel around us as we do so that we are not confined and repressed and reduced by small ideas but expanded by magnificent ones.

Cancer is a sign known for its sensitivity, insight and intuition and we will feel more fully in tune now with what is mysterious and unseen. We will have a sense of a deep awareness and remembering that there is nothing unknown to us, that we are the Divine, that we are life, that we are the answers and guidance and power we seek. Cancer is known for being an emotional sign but this does not mean reactive or overly affected by life, rather that this is a sign of deep feeling, of deep compassion and understanding and love. Cancer leads us to access the wisdom of our hearts, to enter the cave of inner knowledge and Universal wisdom we find there and surrender to the truths and intelligence on offer to us.

During this full moon we will feel inspired to give ourselves over to life, God, light, magic, whichever the term that is right for us, recognising that our ideas and notions of this source of all energy, creative power and love can never touch on the truth of its greatness. If we follow this inspiration and allow it to lead us, we will start to connect once again with our potential for manifestation, for alignment, for expressing our highest selves, for embracing life in its entirety, to ride the momentum of the energy we are channelling that is moving us forwards now, in trust, in faith and in openness.

Setting down our full moon wishes will open a portal to a new world for us if we fully connect with the potency of our words and creative abilities. Taking the time to meditate on our truest desires in the way we are called to, sitting in stillness, dancing, movement of other kinds, connecting with nature and committing them to paper is a transformative practice when we believe in the power of our words and natural understanding of how to bring them to life, working with and surrendering to the energy of creation within and all around us.

As we give up our truest desires to an expression far greater than the small mind and the self that creates and is created by it, we will feel physically freer, healthier, more aligned with the intelligent and healing forces of wellbeing within us and guided to reflect on the messages we are always receiving from our intuition and inner wisdom on how best to be well physically in the way that is right for us. Cancer is the sign of the home and our home in the physical world is the body we are born in. When we take care of this vessel, treating it with reverence and kindness, connected with it and respecting it, we enhance our feelings of wellness no matter what challenges we may be facing.

When we reflect on where we were this time last year, we might see that we are in some ways more fully ourselves and also that we have uncovered more of our conditioning, more inherited or learned behaviours that we are not aligned with, that do not reflect who we know and want to show ourselves to be. And this is okay. We will change what we want and need to when we allow ourselves to. When we take the guidance of the soul over the direction of the ego. When we are brave enough to move through the discomfort that is doing what we feel most authentically inspired to so that we are larger than the lives we have so far lived and created and more in tune with the greatness of the spiritual truth of all of life.