Full Moon in Leo, January 2021

The Full Moon in Leo on 28th January at 19:16 GMT is a time of innate strength, courage and connection as well as an opportunity for us to reassess our path, our destination, the motivation and intention of the journey we are on so that we can change course if we need to, decide on a new approach, a new way, a new outcome for what it is we have been aiming for, trying to achieve or heading towards. During this full moon we will do well to reflect on what isn’t working out for us so that we can prioritise what we need to in order to get our lives on track in all areas and be honest with ourselves about what we have been avoiding doing, hiding from and trying to make happen that simply isn’t coming into being.

The Leo full moon is a time to boldly move forwards with a mindset of responsibility, to take charge of our lives, to head into a state of being that is mature and aware and that sees us taking care of anything we have been putting off, denying or running from. We are on a path in life and there are times we need to change direction because the road we are travelling is not working out for us. This can seem like failure or challenge but we have everything we need to take care of business, to seek support, to be upfront with ourselves about where we are and where we need and want to be and to take new action when we see clearly that our current approach isn’t working or our goal or aim isn’t right for us in the moment.

We might consider now the idea that what is meant for us will come to us. This doesn’t mean we don’t work for what we want, that we don’t take risks and build networks and look for opportunities but that we don’t fight against life, that instead we trust in it, looking objectively at our circumstances and taking the action that makes best sense rather than longing for what isn’t coming to us. This allows us to work with what is so that we have the energy to raise ourselves up into a new and expanded state of mind and being, so that we can open up to and explore a new vision and take helpful, useful and responsible action towards manifesting it that keeps us moving forwards and growing in a state of connection, awareness and wellbeing.

As we allow ourselves to reconsider our path, our progress and our destination, we will find we are feeling decisive and determined about how we approach life. The Leo mantra is I Will. We are not here to do anything other than live our truth, strong and defiant when we need to be, confident and assured always. This will come about now if we truly understand that every single other person on Earth is only a person, every one with their own issues and worries, all of them making mistakes and misjudgements as they grow and learn so that we realise it does not matter what people think of us. Why would it? How could it? Other people hold no power over us in this way unless we give it to them and we don’t do that when we see things clearly.

This is both a practical and metaphysical full moon and as we make decisions and take action to create a happy life in the world of form, we will also be keenly aware of all that exists beyond it. This full moon is a time for magic, for moving beyond the realms of the impossible and if we invest belief and faith and energy into connecting with our mystical abilities now, we will be more than surprised by what we are able to bring about. Allowing our minds to be quiet and the energy of love and truth and health to rise up within us is a perfect starting point for creating a mantra, affirmation or incantation for what we want to create and receive. Whether we repeat this in our minds, speak it aloud, write it down or perform another ritual, it is the element of believing in the unbelievable that will tune us out of our minds and into a vibration of trust and inspiration.

As we step into a space of self trust, inner guidance, innate confidence and spiritual connection now, we will find that we are more generous in our consideration and treatment of other people. As we reflect on others, particularly those who we have close relationships with, we might think about what qualities they display that we admire, what attitudes they hold that we align with, what actions they take that inspire us and wonder how we might be guided by these reflections to be respectful and kind during our interactions with them. We are most honest and authentic when we are aligned in our own actions and attitudes and qualities. We can often take ourselves very seriously and when we do, we find every one of us lacking. When we instead live from a healthier and happier state of mind, we are guided to be gentle and loving and understanding with ourselves and others which always leaves us feeling more in tune with our intrinsic values and a better expression of them.

Not only will this full moon be a period of newness, it will also be a time of natural rest and recovery as we take care of our need for relaxation and rejuvenation on every level. How often do we truly rest? Are we aware of the habits that drain us? Are we conscious of how and where we spend our energy? Do we indulge in doing what makes us feel well and happy and whole? As we prepare now for new action in new directions, we will aid our success by taking the time we can to restore our strength and do what we need to to maintain it. This is a full moon of power, confidence, even defiance as well as acceptance, forward movement, connection and action. We are strong, we are brave, we are well aware of all that we hold within us and in this space of self awareness, we do our best when we live from self respect which sees us healthy minded and taking care of ourselves in every area.