Full Moon in Taurus, October 2020

The full moon in Taurus on 31st October at 2:49 p.m. GMT is a time to reassess our approach to life, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to begin to operate from a space of trust in and state of being that is beyond the self consciousness of the ego and an expression of the magnificence of the soul. It is a time to be radically honest with ourselves about what isn’t working in our lives and why and decide whether we want to continue with what is familiar or transform the way we think in order to become who we want to be.

Often when we say we don’t know what to do, we mean we don’t know how to continue operating from within our familiar framework and make the changes we want to in our lives. To change the results we are getting we have to change the method we use to get them; we have to act differently which means we have to move beyond our common beliefs and ideas and opinions into new intellectual, imaginative and creative territory, into new ways of feeling and behaving in the world. This is extremely uncomfortable for the limited self but discomfort isn’t anything to be feared when growth and expansion are our motivation, when evolution, joy and fulfilment are our desired outcome. In fact, what feels confronting for the continuation of the ego is often very useful for the expression of the soul. We can learn to be less self conscious in terms of our illusory insecurities and more self aware in terms of our divinity and magnificence.

In order to transform and evolve, we have to stop validating all of our feelings, stop believing in all of our thoughts. This full moon is the perfect time to really start realising that we are creating our experience of life and that we have the power to change it. This doesn’t mean be harsh or unkind with ourselves, it means giving ourselves space to truly emerge. Journalling now can be extremely helpful in guiding us to see where and how we are operating from illusion. What do we want? Why haven’t we got it? What does our heart tell us? What does our ego have to say about it? Can we follow our wisdom? Are we ready to move into our truth?

We don’t have to be afraid that we don’t have what it takes to build a life that allows us to be well and enjoy our time here and we don’t have to base our future predictions of what is possible on our past results. Any limited ideas and beliefs we have invested in and come to identify with are just illusions. What we see other people doing and achieving that inspires us is available to us too. We too have internal guidance, we too have inner resources of strength and resilience and creativity. We have just as much right to succeed as the next person and the spiritual intelligence to guide us to. We can allow the Universe to steer us to realise our greatness but we have to do the work to step beyond the roles and personalities we have created for ourselves. We have to be brave enough to be magnificent. We have to be bold enough to take up our rightful space here. We have to be confident enough to live from love which always guides us to the realisation of our wholeness, our limitless abilities and absolute certainty that we are able to and worthy of experiencing health and wellness.

This full moon is time to take action that scares the limited mind so that we demonstrate the innate knowledge that we are worthy of taking up space here, that we have something of value to offer the world, that we are a part of the whole and willing to contribute to the successful evolution of our world. In our most beautiful dreams what does our life look like? How do we act and behave and take part in the world? What can we do to live in better alignment with this person? It’s a process. It’s a journey. Every step we take towards fulfilment, joy, truth allows us to express a truer version of ourselves which elevates our sense of self trust and wellbeing. We have to decide to make changes, we have to choose to leave our comfort zones, we have to do the work to overcome who we think we are in order to become who we want to be. It’s up to us. Which from the limited mind is daunting but from the limitless mind is powerful and empowering knowledge to live by.

We are not here to be perfect, to get it all right all of the time, we are here for some time and during this time, we will be continually finding our feet. It is the beauty and magic of the journey that is the human experience. It is what allows us to forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. It is what allows us to rise above the misunderstanding that we should be perfect, that life should be perfect, that we are not strong or resilient enough to cope if this isn’t the case. It allows us to reset, to realign, to forgo the toxic behaviour of living in guilt and self criticism so that we give ourselves permission to be brave, to give up investing in thinking about getting it right so that when perfectionist thoughts occur that we could have, should have done something better and a feeling of deep unease arises, we decide not to identify with them, to give up ideas and beliefs and habits of behaviour that do not express our highest truth and are not guided by our highest wisdom.

Perfectionism is exhausting; it strains us on every level. Allowing life’s creative energy to flow to us and through us is joyous. It allows us to have fun with life, to play, not taking things too seriously and benefitting from the lightness of being that this affords us. Taking part in life is not only a necessity, it is a joy when we don’t have to be perfect, when it doesn’t have to be perfect. We can show up with trust in our intuition and instincts, with faith that we have the wisdom to navigate life and take part in it successfully. This full moon we will find the pull towards taking inspired action without the need to censure, reassess or panic over what we share with and put out into the world. We make positive changes to our lives when we value ourselves too highly to waste our time and energy on what holds us back and limits us and now we will be more invested and aligned with change than a perfectionist mentality that prevents it.

As we become comfortable with being uncomfortable, as we begin to be honest about where we have refused to change, as we treat ourselves with more compassion and kindness, we will start to transform in the ways we have dreamed of but denied ourselves. We will also become aware of and honest about where we have been wanting other people to do the work for us. What we encounter in life offers us opportunities to expand past our illusions, evolve beyond our triggers and experience a greater expression of self. If we are relying on other people to take the action we refuse to, we are actually refusing ourselves the opportunity to become more fully who we really are and long to be.

We are not deserving of the challenging events that occur in our lives but we often unwittingly continue them by not taking the action we can and need to to deal with them. We experience and prolong struggle when we know that we are worthy, powerful, limitless and whole and act as if we are not. When on top of that we expect others to be this way for us, we weaken our trust in our inner strength, we invest in the fear and frustrations of the ego over the intelligence and wisdom of the spirit, we turn away from our light and the grace and clarity of truth. This full moon, we are being called to realise more fully that not only is it possible for us to uncover our resilience and potential and meet challenges in a way that allows us to grow through them but that when we move out of the way of the spirit, when we step out of the personal, we are guided to do so in ways that expand us beyond self consciousness into self awareness and allow us to trust in our Divine ability to show up clear and connected in every moment and able to change as and what we want to.

There are no right or wrong ways to go about embracing and creating change, only more enjoyable ones. If we can begin approaching change by embracing our innate power to take useful action, to be guided by a wisdom and intelligence greater than the personal mind, investing in our potential to bring to life a vision that expands us beyond the limited ideas and notions we have believed in, we will liberate ourselves from small concerns and worries and release what has made us feel cut off from opportunity and success and love. And when we do, we will feel clear and pure and open and connected with life. And we will remember that we never lose the ability to experience life this way because love, peace, bliss, harmony and clarity of being are available within us always.