Full Moon in Virgo, February 2021

The Full Moon in Virgo on 27th February at 8:17 a.m. GMT is a time of enlightenment, of spiritual richness, of engaging our innate sense of wholeness to lead us in supporting ourselves as we spend time connecting with the magnificence of who we are truly are and allow this knowledge and the Divine creative power of all life to guide us in rewriting our fundamental scripts so that we operate from truth, love and recognition of and reverence for our innate beauty.

From the personal mind, the conditioned identity, we have so little idea of what we hold within us. Everything we have thought ourselves to be is so much less than all that we really are. It takes time and energy to explore this, to allow ourselves to feel safe and certain when we have been taught to believe we are broken or not quite as we should be and have ideas that we are less than, unworthy, not good enough. During this full moon, we will do well to protect ourselves as we delve deep into self love and self healing work and practices. We are sensitive beings, reactive to stimuli. Whilst the ego is mostly misguided in how it reacts, we are always on different levels reading the information around and directed at us, sensitive to it and responding to it. Recognising this and choosing to be protective of our energy and wellbeing as much as possible now will allow us to step back from what and who we need to as we realign with our ability to approach and deal with life from a neutral, centred and grounded state of being, taking time for meditation, rest, reflection and self celebration.

It may be our habit to question our right to self care, put others first, feel nervous about asserting our needs and prioritising our own wellbeing and we can understand now that this sense of unease is simply a result of us acting against our own best interests. We deserve our own respect and love and time and attention, no matter how others react to this. Taking care of ourselves now is imperative if we wish to ride the energy of this full moon so that we shift into a new state of being that is connected, conscious and clear. A simple way to take inventory of our needs is to witness ourselves in the moment as if we are the loving energy of life looking down at ourselves. What would we give ourselves and how would we guide ourselves if we were? This is what we need now and what we deserve.

We have all sorts of ideas about who we are, who we aren’t, how we should and shouldn’t be and we try to change at the same time as remaining invested in them. To change, we have to embrace new ideas and let go of those that don’t align with our understanding of what lies within us, our spiritual truth, who we have the potential to become. To let go we have to identify our blocks so we don’t continue to identify with them. We do this by centring ourselves in the wellbeing, health and wholeness within and from this space of clarity, insight and wisdom witnessing the thoughts we are most compelled to engage with and the feelings we are most reactive to. When we begin to notice our habits of thinking and feeling, we can choose a new approach to dealing with the thoughts that have triggered us before. When we do, we begin to realise the power we hold to create new experiences for ourselves and create change on every level.

As we enter a space of self love, self care and self preservation, we can trust ourselves to process and digest and find peace in the way that is uniquely right for us. We have the ability to consider, reflect and move on from all that pains us, integrating our insights and realisations so that we feel fuller, more truly ourselves because of this work. Again and again we realise and remember that living well is beneficial for the whole. When we live well, we are in love, guided by love and loving. To live from an open heart centres us in wellbeing, truth, kindness, respect, clarity and health. We do well in this space and state of being and contribute to creating a healthier world because of it.

During this full moon, it will be helpful to us to look at how intuitive we are in our approach to life and how we live. Are we flexible with our routines as we are called to be? Are we able to do what we need and want to in a way that allows us to flow with life and respects our natural inclination to flow? When we are in a state of flow we are not resisting what is and not creating untrue and unhelpful ideas about what we can do and who we are. We simply live the best way that we can in every moment, able to see what is true and not becoming enmeshed in a fiction we are creating because of our thinking about it. In flow we accept what is in order to thrive and bloom and flourish. We flow with life, using our energy and faculties to work with it to do what we can and want and feel inspired to.

Entering our inner realm, resting in the soothing and healing energy of truth is ultimately balancing for us and during this full moon if we allow ourselves to drop into the stillness and sanctuary of inner peace throughout our day we will spend our time well, doing what happiness guides us to, what we intuitively lean towards in order to express our innate joy and peace and wellness. This will look entirely different for every one of us but a relaxed and fluid approach to listening to our inner guidance and trusting in it now will allow us to engage with life in a way that feels very easy and natural and directs us towards a very wholesome feeling experience.