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I Am Divine and Divinely Loved Affirmations

I Am Divine and Divinely Loved

Affirming something as truth can help us to recondition our minds to a new understanding and experience of life by opening us up to new perspectives and possibilities and leading us to invest in new beliefs. Repeating an affirmation with conviction and joy can help us to bypass familiar logical, critical, conditioned thinking in order to energise and build faith in new ideas that reprogramme the subconscious mind which accepts everything we tell it as true. When we begin to recondition our thinking, we begin to reprogramme the way we view, consider, understand and show up in the world. When we change our subconscious beliefs, we start to feel and act differently.

The energy of life, what we may call God, Source, Light, Love, is the energy that created us and lives us and loves us. We are always deserving of, worthy of and receiving the love of this Divine energy. In fact, as a part of this energy, we are love. When we imagine that this is untrue, we feel the effects of being turned away from our intuition, our wellbeing, our innate knowledge and health which we experience as tension, suffering, confusion, stress. When we are in alignment with our truth, we feel whole and well and secure because of it.

Our subconscious beliefs determine how we operate and when we do not question, challenge and replace them as we grow and evolve, we express ourselves and experience life in a way that is habitual but not necessarily serving us. In order to change the way we think and feel and act so that we can live well, we must start to become aware of the choice we have to think differently, to change our belief systems and to recondition our minds and bodies so that we are thinking and feeling and acting in alignment with what we want and not what we have always known and done.

I am Divine and Divinely Loved is a powerful affirmation to repeat to ourselves. It encourages us to have faith in a power and wisdom greater than the limited mind acknowledges and know that we are supported. It guides us to trust in a higher awareness that we can channel and that we are a part of so that we know we can co create with life when we set the intention to.

I am equipped for life

The way we think and feel and act determines our experience of life, the way we do things, the understanding we have of what is possible for us in the world. The only way to start getting new results, to start creating and achieving what we desire is to allow space for new thoughts and think in new ways that lead us to feel differently and inspire new action. To do this we must imprint new beliefs on our subconscious minds, rewire our neural networks, reprogramme our paradigms so that we are take action from liberating and empowering ideas about life that reflect the truth of our limitless potential.

Quite often, we unconsciously affirm unhelpful beliefs and judgements about ourselves and the world without questioning them and doing so cements them into facts that we see as immutable. Once we begin to realise that we have power over the way we look at and understand and experience the world and ourselves, we open up to taking steps towards change. We are equipped for life. We have the power to think in new ways and feel new feelings and take new action. We are Divine and Divinely loved, always accepted and supported and able to direct the energy of life as we choose.

Affirmations can help us invest in the possibility of change and embrace the choice we have to live in a new way. Repeating affirmations throughout the day can remind us to be aware of how we think and feel and act when we are not speaking them. We have to change the model of our reality, the way we take part in life in every moment to transform. Self realisation does not necessarily lead to self mastery, rather, we uncover who we really are and then do the work to create change from our new understanding of self so that we express our highest truth, living in alignment with wellbeing and wisdom.

Another way of working with affirmations is to write them down so that we begin to build a new image of ourselves in our minds. Writing the statement, ‘I am’ is powerful. It connects us with our potential for growth, insight, clarity and connection and helps us to recognise what stories we are holding onto and investing in about who we are and what truths we are denying or overlooking. “That is not true or possible for me” is not the same as saying, “That is not what I was taught/ understood/ decided is true or possible for me.” We can feel the difference between the two and allow ourselves to move towards what feels expansive, healthy and healing and away from what would have us doubt our inner strength, wellbeing and resilience.

I have access to Divine wisdom

All of life is energy and this energy is a loving intelligence that we are a part of and guided by. Because of this, we are always spiritually whole and well and can rely on the wisdom we have access to guide us in every moment, even those we find most challenging. In order to experience change and transformation, we can allow our inner wisdom to guide us.

We have spent our entire lives rehearsing an expression of self and we need to invest time in reminding ourselves of our power and potential. A simple way to default to our intuition is to consider in every moment that we are operating from the conscious mind, what is the most healthy decision I can make right now or the most healthy action I can take? Our intuition and instincts are always leading us towards an experience of wellbeing. Reminding ourselves of this can help us to remember our ability to engage in fresh thinking and take new life enhancing action that becomes our default response to life.

Empowering ourselves with the understanding that we are a part of life and never apart from it can see us transforming how we live in every area and how we deal with what we need to. The phrase, let go and let God, brings instant relief. It allows us to turn to a greater power, to ask for support and then surrender the outcome to the Divine. When we do this, we trust in a higher wisdom, we are guided by our faith that the Divine works for us and with us and through us, we know ourselves a part of and loved by this intelligence and we surrender limiting beliefs and express ourselves more truly as a result.

I am Divine and Divinely Loved is an affirmation that reminds us of our connection to life, of our blessings and it lifts us. We might also change this slightly to, I am Divine and Divinely Lived, so that we know that we are a channel for Divine wisdom and inspiration, always being guided towards a healthier, happier way to take part in life, with an innate ability to heal and recover and be restored. We are the creators of our reality, we have the power to change the way we look at life and how we show up to live it. I am Divinely Lived reminds us that we are equipped for life because we are one with life and we have life enhancing resources available to us.

I trust in myself and the energy of life

I am Divinely Lived is an affirmation that connects us with our own power at the same time as allowing us to surrender to a greater one; to acknowledge and engage the power we hold to co create with a loving intelligence, trusting in ourselves as Divine and in the Divine energy of life. In self trust we engage our ability to bypass limited and unhelpful conditioning and programming and replace past beliefs with an understanding that leads us to act with the grace, integrity and clear mindedness that are available to us.

I am Divinely Lived reminds us that we do best when we give ourselves over to the guidance, support and intelligence of the intelligent conscious energy of life. This allows us to surrender in a way that sees us no longer blocking the flow of wellbeing, wisdom, insight and inspiration. We flow and allow flow by clearing our minds and trusting in our intuition, in a power unseen and unknown by the limited mind, understanding that what this power offers is greater than anything we can contemplate or comprehend from it.

When we give ourselves over to something greater, we move out of the way of the energy of loving intelligence so that it can restore harmony and balance in our lives in every way. When we invest in the power of the spiritual, when we experience the magnificence of the Divine love that we are, we are in truth and in truth, we are clear, we take healthy action, we are focused and present and at one with life

Affirmations can be repeated as we go about our day or read aloud in front of a mirror. Telling ourselves as we face ourselves that we are Divine and Divinely Loved and being open to processing this, allows us to hold space for ourselves when we feel the discomfort of the limited mind that believes that change is a threat with will leave us unprepared for and unprotected from life. Noticing if this happens as we speak affirmations to ourselves with ease and grace can guide us to deeper knowledge about anywhere we feel hurt or stuck or insecure so that we can bring reflect on these feelings and what motivated them and they can be acknowledged, processed, healed and released.

I am lived by the energy of love

I am lived by the energy of love is an affirmation that guides us to turn within to experience and express health, happiness and healing, as well as to the energy we are a part of that creates and powers all life. When we do this, we take responsibility for our experience, we invest in self trust, self confidence and self direction, we choose health in every moment and we are empowered by the knowledge that we are the creators of our experience and that we have the resources we need to thrive.

Ultimately, our experience of life is our responsibility and no one else’s. This can seem unlikely or unfair. It is not a claim that we have not been harmed or that unhealthy behaviour towards us is to be tolerated, rather that it is we who have control over the thoughts we follow, the thinking we invest in, the feelings we energise and the actions we take.

Responsibility is empowering. It is healing and it is helpful because it allows us to step away from blame and shame and guilt into compassion and clarity and insight. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our experience sees us come to the understanding that we are worthy of feeling well, that we can, that we are whole within and choosing practical and helpful action towards expressing this.

When we believe that we are loved and love in essence, we know we deserve to feel well and we are guided towards healthy action which frees us to change how we live. Taking responsibility for our experience gives us a choice over how we respond to life, allowing us to choose to make inspired and healthy changes and turn within for guidance when we repeat past behaviour that does not reflect our newfound understanding of the power and wisdom we hold to live better.

I take conscious and intentional action as life supports and guides me

Responsibility is proactive, it is freeing and it is empowering. When we take responsibility for our experience, we grow. We become aware of our potential to change the way we think and feel and start to shed layers of personality constructed upon a foundation of ideas about life that are false and unhelpful so that we begin to uncover more of who we really are and discover how it might be possible for us to live.

When we come to understand that we can take control of our lives in a way we hadn’t previously realised, much of the struggle and stress of life disappears. We still face challenges but understanding that the way we respond to and experience them is within our control, liberates us. Turning to a higher power for assistance relieves us of the desire to micromanage life so that we can show up present, clear and able to take conscious and intentional action whilst maintaining faith that we are supported and loved as we do.

We are far more than we realise and we will keep uncovering more of our greatness as we evolve. Before, beneath and beyond habits and identity, fear and suffering, is a loving and intelligent energy that is stable and whole and available to us at all times.

Taking responsibility for living from our wellbeing and honouring it in the way we experience life allows us to operate from authenticity, presence, health and wisdom at the same time as practicing faith that a higher power is supporting us. In living this way, we are acting in alignment with our truest selves, guided by the intelligence that we are a part of, loved and supported by.

I live in alignment with my truth

When we realise that the peace, security and certainty that we are searching for in life lie within us, once we uncover our innate wholeness, health, worth, power, we begin to take responsibility for our lives in a way allows us to ask for support when we need it, open up to connection and develop a sense of healthy interdependence that enhances our lives and does not see us depending on others for our sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

We become empowered by taking responsibility for our experience precisely because doing so is the result of taking control of how we think, feel and act. We recognise our creative power and potential, we know who we really are beyond the habitual thinking, feeling and behaviour we have come to identify with and define ourselves by and we trust in and are open to the clarity, insight and inspiration that are available to us.

It is interesting to notice the urge to argue for our limitations because it allows us to recognise the conditioned desire to remain in a state of being that is familiar. If we sit with the feeling of this without reaction or judgement, affirming our intention and ability to live in alignment with our highest truth, we move beyond it.

Being gentle with ourselves when this happens and sitting in love and with patience allows the experience without reaction so that we can notice it and remain distant from it with a sense of neutrality that encourages reflection and insight. When we allow what occurs to rise up and out of us, affirming that we are Divine and Divinely loved, we are able to move into new and healthier expressions of self, no longer limited to past states of being and belief systems.

I surrender with trust and faith to a higher power

How we experience life is relative to the interpretation of it that we have created and are creating. The limited mind can find many justifications for the personal reality we inhabit and energise and invest in but if it is not serving us, then we have to know that it is a choice to continue to live within it.

Our feelings are the result of our thinking, we are the creators of both, we get to respond differently than we have done, we have the capacity to hold space for ourselves as we surrender to the spiritual wisdom of life that has equipped us with the ability to decide what we think and feel, to change our beliefs and allow the feeling of past thinking to move on when it occurs, rising up and out of us.

It is okay to feel; feeling cannot harm us when we realise that we are in control of the way we view and assign meaning to our experience, when we understand that we have the ability to self regulate. We are allowed to feel and we have the capacity to experience a sense of distance from the way we feel that allows us to consider it and respond consciously to it. We have the ability to consider our feelings without getting involved with them. We are powerful beyond measure. We can trust in our Divine nature to support us in living well and surrender to the wisdom of life when we know we are not thinking and feeling clearly.

Allowing ourselves to be curious in place of judgemental, accelerates our learning. Curiosity activates areas of the brain that release dopamine. We feel good when we open up to new possibilities and ideas. We are energised and lifted. If we can simply be curious about the thoughts that we have taken as fact and followed and abided by, we can start to question and challenge the beliefs that are not expanding us, understanding that they are nothing more than imaginings that have prevented us from clarity and opening up to and believing in the possibility of something better.

I am worthy and deserving of Divine love

As we begin to unfold, to bloom, to uncover our truth, we experience relief, relaxation, resonance and joy. These are the feelings of awakening, the feelings of recognition and remembrance of who we really are. These are the feelings of falling in love with ourselves again. We are worthy and deserving of self love and always receiving Divine love. When we feel the truth of this and are led by it, we live more harmonious lives. Any misguided teachings that claim we are unworthy of love can be let go of as we rest in the health and joy of self recognition.

Cultivating trust in our inner wisdom, deferring to love, leaning into our light are the acts of knowing that what we seek is within us and we expand beyond a limited concepts of self into an understanding of our greatness, oneness, truth and connection. We understand ourselves to be truly magnificent. Every route we take to realise our Divine being is a method of facilitation to experience the loving intelligence that we are that exists within us and around us.

No matter what we have been through or are going through, we are spiritually whole at all time. We are manifestations of the Divine energy of life. It is our soul’s calling to remember our wholeness. It is our wisdom that guides us to open up to life, to keep choosing something better than defaulting to unhelpful programming, conditioning and limited beliefs about what is on offer. It is the intelligence within us that is guiding us to feel better in every moment, to connect with a greater love for life, a healthier way of experiencing it and a return to the grace and peace and wellbeing that exist within and all around us.

We are one with life, one with truth, one with the Divine. This knowledge may have been covered up but it is still within us, guiding us to uncover it, to realise it, to fully connect with it, to trust in and live from it. It is all within us. Like the wisdom within a seed, we have the intelligence to grow and thrive. We are always being guided, we can return to love and trust ourselves to think well and feel well and take healthy action.

I am everything I believe the Divine to be

We are everything that we find awe inspiring and wondrous and beautiful in the world, everything that our hearts resonate with and celebrate. We are worthy of realising this. We are worthy of embracing this. We are worthy of living this. We deserve to experience our spiritual health. We deserve love. We deserve to have faith in ourselves. We deserve to have respect for ourselves. We deserve to step into our light. We deserve to expand and evolve. We deserve peace. We deserve forgiveness. We deserve to feel connected with the Divine. We deserve happiness. We deserve freedom. We deserve all that we truly are.

As the limited mind presents arguments against this, against following our instincts and surrendering to a higher power and feeling good, we can affirm our ability to act wisely, in grace, with faith, from the space of clarity, wellbeing and wisdom. When we trust in the Divine to guide us, we are acting in alignment with our highest selves.

The energy of life, the Divine is working with, through and for us. If we want to change, if we want to do the work to transform our beliefs and reprogramme our minds and live from a new idea of who we are, we have to commit to doing it and be willing to discover what is possible for us beyond what we know from the limited mind. Once we do, we operate from a new framework, we begin to see that we are only ever experiencing a personal understanding of life and that beyond this, we have the ability to connect with fundamental truths, knowledge and wisdom uncontaminated by personal thinking that we can channel, align with and act from in order to live in the way that makes best sense to our unique manifestation and expression of the Divine energy of life.

We are consciousness in motion, love in action, wisdom manifesting as energy seemingly concentrated into form. We are miraculous. We have limitless potential. What stirs within us as we read and affirm this is truth, remembrance of our innate wellbeing. We are never alone or forsaken or forgotten, we are not damaged or broken, we are a part of life, never apart from it and loved because we are love in essence. We are not our behaviour, our experiences, what we have done or been through. We are the eternal and loving intelligent energy of life. As we rest in this and remind ourselves of it every time we feel we are turned away from peace, truth, wellbeing, we come alive to ourselves again, we experience the loving intelligence of the Divine, we know that in the realisation of this love, we are home.