Lucy Di Marino

I Am in Coherence Affirmations

I Am in Coherence

To be in coherence is to be whole, unified, in a state of clear relationship with all parts, connected, consistent. When we affirm that we are in coherence, we are affirming that we are, in every way, congruent. We are beings of energy, of the spiritual, beyond all that prevents and blocks coherence. When we affirm our coherence, when we allow and bring ourselves into coherence, we are open, surrendered to a greater expression of our truth, sustained in health, whole and harmonious.

Our state of being, our energetic frequency, is affected by our state of mind, our outlooks, perspectives and points of view. How we understand and interpret life, how we process it, what we hold on to, what we need to heal, all affect how we express and once we realise that it is our most natural state to be in coherence, to know and experience and practice awareness of our spiritually stability, we affirm it, energise it and consciously commit to maintaining the feeling that doing so creates within us.

Life is not stagnant, it is always moving, changing, evolving. When we feel as if we are blocked or stuck or habitualised in our approach to life, we experience this as a stagnation in some way and unconsciously refuse the flow of life energy. As we innocently create blocks, we experience imbalance as incoherence, chaos, confusion, disharmony, unease. If we acknowledge unease as a sign that we are tuned out of our ability to exist in and operate from coherence, it becomes our practice to assess how healthy and whole feeling the experience we are creating for ourselves is so that we can step back from it when we need to, ground and centre in our wellbeing and reset to coherence.

I am the energy of life

Self realisation is the journey of remembering what we have forgotten about who we really are and what resources are available to us. Repeating an affirmation of health until it becomes belief, identifying with it, expressing as if it is true, conditions us to make doing so our habit. Affirming that we are the energy of life takes us out of narrow thinking, contraction and constriction and opens us up to the majesty of our truth and we feel it and are guided by it, making choices that honour it.

We are each of us the creators of our experience and when we realise this at the same time as learning that we are connected to and lived by the intelligent loving energy of life that is whole and well, we realise that what we seek is always available to us. The loving intelligence of life is within and all around us, we are connected to it and when we allow, nourish, accept, embrace our connection, we experience coherence and harmony. What prevents us from knowing our truth is an investment in ideas that turn us away from it. Instilling and energising new beliefs is what changes things for us.

We are life, always connected with life, created, powered and sustained by life. When we feel cut off from the energy of life in some way, we are blocking our awareness of our connection. Once we remember and affirm it, we experience our remembering as upliftment. Our knowledge and experience of connection raises the frequency of our being to that of coherence, health, wholeness, we know our spiritual strength and vibrancy and are restored and recovered.

The energy of life is my resource of Creativity, strength, health and resilience

We live in the feeling of our own version of truth and when this is aligned with what is true for us spiritually, we are coherent, connected, consciously powerful. In this state we take right feeling action, overriding or bypassing attempts by the limited mind to direct us away from doing so with claims about what we should do, what we are obliged to do, what we must refuse.

The power we hold to change our lives by changing what and how we think and shifting our feeling state is limitless and embracing this, living it, knowing it is done by affirming it, transforming our beliefs so that our actions are inspired and motivated by them. Changing our minds changes our experience. Looking at something differently and choosing to believe in what we see when it feels aligned, healthy, right, allows us to explore our resources and express our creative power, sustained by our inner strength, exploring our imaginative capacities, enjoying our resilience.

We have to choose to express our health, know our joy, take conscious action which we can as soon as we know we are able to. Giving up conditioned reactions to life that direct us away from experiencing, supporting and expressing our innate wellness and wholeness is our work. At times it feels light and at others heavy, as we get caught up in the feeling of past states of being. Knowing that we have a choice in how we respond, remembering that unhelpful habitual thinking, feeling and action can be given up, moved on from, expanded beyond, allows us to step back from and let them pass when we find ourselves engaging in and energising them. The rush of adrenaline they may offer us is temporary and leaves us feeling defeated and deflated, out of coherence and misaligned.

I trust in my inner guidance

We do not have to act against our own truth, health and happiness simply because we are used to doing so. There is a better way and it is natural to us. When we trust in a higher wisdom to guide us in responding to life in ever more helpful and liberating ways, we discover that we feel it when we turn away from our intuition and awareness of our ability to express and operate from our spiritual coherence. If we can notice this without judgement or reaction, we can stop assigning how we are feeling to what we are thinking about and allow ourselves to turn towards our inner wisdom when we feel unbalanced, retuning our frequency.

Trusting in our inner guidance, surrendering to it, knowing that we are of an energy that is total intelligence and love, changes how seriously we take the ideas, past beliefs and claims that do not feel wise, healthy, helpful, harmonious. Imagining ourselves radiating golden light, seeing it within us, all around us, shining from us and through us at every level, energises our experience of our truth and our trust in it to elevate and replenish us, restores us to health and coherence.

To have a new experience of life, we need to think new thoughts about it and trust in those that feel like wisdom, uplift and benefit us so that we are motivated in how we live by them. We create our reality consciously or unconsciously via our belief systems. Setting the intention to create new beliefs, entertain new states of mind, shift into more aligned and empowered states of being, transforms how we live and reconditions our minds and bodies and our entire approach to and experience of life.

I am in harmony with the energy of life

We train ourselves to become the people we want to be by investing in the experience we create during our conscious visualisations, mental rehearsals and practices that nurture our investment in a new expression of self, whilst being open to flowing with life as we need to so that we are fluid, able to adapt well and evolve. We think, we feel our thinking, we are motivated into action by how we respond to the experience we are creating and we change our familiar patterns by being open to new thinking, new feeling and new action motivated by new beliefs.

The words we use to describe our experience are powerful; they create it. If we affirm and believe and operate from the knowledge that we are in harmony with life which is love, health and wholeness, we know we are limitless in our creativity, capacity and ability. We have to change the way we express ourselves in order to experience something new which means giving up past stories, beliefs and habits that do not serve us so that we can transcend what we feel blocks us, dims us, holds us back. If we wake up every day and affirm ourselves as love, peace, coherence and feel it to be true, we find that we express ourselves this way.

The subconscious takes as fact everything we tell it and as we operate from the subconscious mind most of the time, when we reprogramme it to operate from awareness of our truth, our inner resources, our spiritual health and wholeness, we trust in life and ourselves, we allow and align with harmony. If we recognise that when we change what we believe in, we change how we think and feel and act, we are inclined to be conscious of what we ideas we are investing in, how we are thinking, intentionally creating our state of being so that we express, acknowledge and are guided by more of our truth more of the time.

I release all blocks to the flow of life energy

We experience spaciousness when we drop into coherence and the peace and knowing it offers. We relax into life, relinquish the illusion of control that the limited mind invests in and is motivated by and allow the flow of life energy to us and through us, elevated by it, lifted. It is an entirely innocent reaction to tense and tighten in life, to hold on to what we long to let go of and refuse what we desire. Supporting ourselves by affirming coherence and flow creates space for us to choose a better way. As we change our beliefs, we open ourselves up to new experiences that reinforce them. Affirming that life energy flows through us and that we flow with it changes how we approach life, what we prioritise, how we get things done, what motivates us and whether we are open to insight and inspiration. When we allow the flow of life energy to move through us, we feel the release of resistance, experiencing our health at every level.

Being aware of how we approach flow, noticing when we are trying to force outcomes rather than taking helpful, inspired, wise feeling action, guided by insight and imagination, fluid, adaptable, helps us to recognise how effortless and light and joyful life feels when we are on board with it as opposed to when we are struggling against it in some way. Flow does not mean we do not address or change what we need to, rather that we are able to remain centred, grounded, conscious so that we are effective, coherent, graceful as we do. Our energetic frequency, our state of mind and being is within our control. Reminding ourselves when we feel out of sync with ease and health that in awareness and conscious connection with life we are harmonious, helps us come back to a state of coherence, balance and health.

The energy of life is always flowing effortlessly to us and through us. Visualising this intelligence cleansing and clearing us of any blocks, suffering, resistance and energising our inner wellness as it does is a practice that resets us when we invest in it and is powerfully healing. Never does this deny or discount what we have been through. It is the result of recognising that despite what we have lived through, our connection with life, our spiritual wellbeing, our inner health and wisdom are never compromised, damaged or broken. We can restore our awareness of our truth, we can recover coherence. Gently affirming the release of what blocks, turns us away from, rejects our ability to realise coherence shifts things for us. When we visualise ourselves as open to life, cleansed and cleared by it, we are in faith, in grace, patient when we default to past expressions of being that resist life rather than influenced, motivated by or reactive to them.

I am guided towards healing

There are times in our lives when we may not realise that we are shutting down or refusing our experience rather than allowing it to be felt and released. There is a difference between being conscious of the thoughts we energise, the thinking we create and the experience it generates in order to live more fully in alignment with and express our innate wellbeing and repressing or avoiding it. We are innocent in the moment that we forget our power, our connection with the intelligence of life and default to past patterns that see us attempting to ignore or struggle against our experience. As we practice our ability to be conscious of how we respond to familiar triggers and sensations as they occur, we discover that we are guided towards healing by our inner guidance which is always signalling us home to love and health and stillness.

In the clarity of self knowledge, we are aware of what within us feels hurt or broken and in need of healing. In our truth, we are spiritually whole, well, stable. As we experience the world of form, we forget our truth and we experience suffering. When we have repressed or denied or avoided our suffering, it is opening up to the possibility of coherence, affirming and allowing it that guides us to healing. As we heal, we can allow the process of release, trusting in our wellness, affirming coherence, considering what within us is uncomfortable, uneasy, imbalanced without identifying with it or reacting to it.

So many of us fear the release that allows healing, frightened of reliving an experience, being derailed by or returned to it. When we allow our feelings to rise up and out of us, knowing we can remain distanced from them, centred in wholeness, grounded in presence, able it to witness what is occurring, we release ourselves from the power we have assigned them over us, we discover why we have held on to what we desire to be free from and uncover what within us has been unexpressed. Whether we do this alone or with support, in self love, we can allow what feels uncomfortable within us to be acknowledged and released because before, beneath and beyond every sensation we experience exists the peace and wellbeing of spiritual coherence.

I allow the loving intelligence of life to lead me to coherence

When we notice that we are tense or stressed and searching for guidance in familiar thinking, letting it be okay allows us to relax into the moment, becoming present and conscious of our truth and power and able to return to peace, stillness and coherence. Life is love and if our experience does not feel loving, as if it is leading to love or created by love, we can choose something better for ourselves. In love, we are open and in openness, we surrender to the spiritual energy of life, guided by its intelligence to be kind and gentle with ourselves as we navigate our experiences.

The journey of self realisation, motivated by our desire to feel well, whole, safe, free, is not always comfortable as we allow ourselves to feel what we have been denying or avoiding or struggling with. When we relax into a greater awareness, when we refer to the intelligence of life, we find that there is nothing to fear, that we are supported in release and that release is ultimately healing and restorative.

Life flows, it transforms. When we accept what is and has been in order to flow too, we can transform. We are always well within. Our core truth is the essence of wholeness, Divinity, health and love. At times we misread our experience as a sign that we are damaged or broken or not as we should be but when we recognise that the intelligence of life is guiding us to know via our feeling state whether we are operating from awareness of it or not, we recognise unease as the call to return home so that we can operate clearly and release what distract us from, doubts or veils it.

I am a part of and always connected with the wisdom of life

In coherence, we heal, we allow healing, we dissolve into the oneness of all life, unified, whole, aware that there is no separateness. We can tune in to where we need to heal by closing our eyes and envisioning the light of wisdom, health, harmony within and all around us. Do we sense blocks, striations, breaks or fractures in this light? Noticing without analysis or judgement what we sense can reveal to us what we are holding on to, where we feel it and gain insight into how we have been experiencing it. As we do, we can affirm our full and total health, our ability to be well and heal and visualise our light whole, intact, luminous.

We do not have to be concerned that we will prevent our own healing or coherence as we affirm our truth and practise investing and having faith in our health and healing. When thoughts of self doubt occur, we can have compassion for them as we continue to visualise ourselves radiating health, vibrating at the frequency of intelligent love, connected, coherent, powered and supported by the wisdom of life, trusting in our intention and innate abilities. Allowing ourselves to experience coherence, the presence of wholeness and connection means allowing the energy of life to express as wisdom within us, guiding us to identify our blocks, resistance and suffering so that we can release, process and heal from them.

Giving ourselves permission to release what prevents us from presence and knowing connection does not mean we are without fear but that we are no longer motivated by or reactive to it. Limited thinking may claim that removing our attention from our worries and concerns is irresponsible, yet it is doing so that allows us to live instinctually, intuitively, from our wisdom, to expand beyond what we wish to heal and release, no longer attached to, identified with or constricted by limited ideas about healing. The wisdom of life leads us in self love and with compassion and patience to be mindful of our desire to control, analyse and resist what actually leads us to resolution, recovery and restoration. Expansion and transformation occur when we relieve ourselves of the duty of remembering why we cannot relax into healing.

I deserve to experience peace and health and coherence

We have access in every moment to the Divine intelligence that we are. When we trust in and allow this energy to return us to coherence, healing us, evolving us, transforming us and expanding us into ever greater expressions of our truth, we surrender to its power, we discover this power within us and we open the door to a new way of being. All roads lead us back to ourselves if we allow them to. When we fully inhabit the knowledge that we deserve peace and health and coherence and that we are innately worthy of healing, we learn to keep turning inward to the power and potential that exist within us, to our connection with life and its coherent, harmonious, balancing energy.

We have the strength and resilience and capability to be well, to do well and to keep elevating our experience and we are guided to know that we deserve to. As we affirm coherence and trust in it, we can go gently and slowly. We do not have to make radical changes unless we are called to. We can experience shifts in areas we might have been feeling stagnant, unsure, confused or even as if we’ve been failing by taking one step at a time. Simply reflecting on what we are working towards, what we really want from life versus what we’ve been conditioned or programmed to can help us gain perspective, entertain new thoughts, channel inspiration.

The belief that we are not worthy often runs deep, yet it is flawed and we feel this; when we feel turned away from clarity, wellness and wholeness, we are. As we affirm our worth and deservedness, we also affirm our wholeness. In coherence, we are in truth, we realise that the intelligent energy of life is love and that we are always being led by love, in love to love. Affirming our right to health, to peace, to joy, to love, to coherence reawakens the knowledge within us that it is when we embrace our innate worth and deservedness that we experience and are guided by them. We are not alone as we expand and evolve, we are connected to and supported by a higher power that we always have access to, that is always available to heal us and guide us in healing. When we acknowledge this, when we open up to it, we come home.