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I Am Safe Within Affirmations

I Am Safe Within

As children we learn about how to be in the world by watching and modelling the people around us. In the best case scenario we are free to explore our own ideas and intuition and are encouraged to experiment with the views and beliefs we have taken on and created and still, we work to fit in and we inherit and create states of being that are not helpful for us, that we actively struggle against and that leave us at a loss as to why we repeat behaviour we know we are not aligned with.

In other scenarios we are not encouraged to explore our uniqueness, our emotional intelligence and engage in critical thinking and feel unsure about our ability to live well. In the case that we have developed and evolved in order to simply survive, we are endlessly trying to adapt to our environments and when we perceive them as threatening, unstable or unsupportive, we try to self correct because it was once safer for us to believe that it was we who needed correcting than to have understood our environments as unsafe.

Whatever our background, the voice of doubt, fear and self criticism that attempts to keep us safe by anticipating the future from a limited understanding of the past and present becomes familiar early on and we become identified with and attached to it. Once we are old enough to care for ourselves, to engage in emotional awareness and navigate situations and environments in ways that allow us to remain grounded in wellbeing and centred in wisdom, we can thank and release the voice of the limited self and affirm that we are safe within.

Until we know that we can do this and begin to release those survival mechanisms we have come to subconsciously identify as safe for us and rely on in favour of making changes that allow us to enjoy and engage well with life, we will keep investing in, defaulting to and being directed by a limited sense of self that is unaware of who we really are and what is really available to us.

My mind is a safe place for me

Without emotional awareness, we are almost endlessly engaged in a thinking feeling loop which finds us thinking unhelpful past and familiar states of feeling into being, trusting our feelings as evidence of the truth and usefulness of our thinking and being motivated to generate similar thinking by them. However, things begin to change for us when we begin to understand these feelings as a signal that we are turned away from clarity, inner health, truth and innate wellness and directing us to return home to the wellbeing within.

Until we do, if we trust in the inner critic and voice of self doubt, we think negatively about ourselves, we are always doing wrong, failing, let down, isolated, alone, unable and we feel the pain of this misunderstanding and take it as proof that we are ill equipped for life or broken in some way and the cycle continues. When we recognise that we feel our thinking, that we get to choose our thinking, that we can change our thinking, we begin to understand that we have control over how we take part in the world, over how we feel and behave and live.

There is a space of stillness within us, a space of vastness, peace, truth, health, wholeness that we can access when we change our minds about who we are, what we can do, how we can take part in the world. In this space of wellness we are naturally self appreciative, spontaneously self compassionate, clear minded and guided to return to peace and sanity when familiar reactions to the feeling of past thinking would direct us in another way. In this space of awareness, it makes sense for us to live from an understanding of our ability to take care of ourselves whatever our pasts, the circumstances of the present or what other people are doing or claim is best.

Our minds are a safe place for us before, beneath and beyond the confusion and misunderstandings we have experienced and invested in and we realise this once we recognise that the thoughts that flow through our minds are simply options for the direction we can take our thinking in. We can let those that do not align with self trust, self love, self esteem, self respect, self appreciation flow by.

We do this when we fully realise that our experience is created within us by us and that when we think differently, we feel differently and that whilst feelings can linger that we do not enjoy, whilst physical states of being might not shift immediately, we have the choice to treat ourselves kindly and gently without dwelling in the feeling of misguided thinking, taking it as validation of our thinking, identifying with it and being motivated by it to continue the experience.

It is safe for me to question my feelings

We do not have to be frightened of our feelings even if we have felt overwhelmed by them in the past. When we engage in self realisation work, we are creating and affirming and investing in new ways of being and part of this is allowing what comes up for us to flow out of us without judgement and reaction, with the trust and knowledge that we are able to remain rooted in health and clarity as we do. We may do this work alone or we may seek support or connection with others. We can trust ourselves to know what we need in the moment.

Once we stop being frightened of our feelings, we have the option if we feel guided and able to investigate them, question their origin, explore their roots. We do not need to dwell in our every feeling in order to avoid repressing or denying them and we can sit with what comes up without becoming immersed in the experience. Reflecting on what we are feeling and why can allow us to become conscious of habits of thinking that may not be representative of where we are in our understanding of life and our awareness of who we are in the moment.

When we question the feelings that are created by belief systems, ideas and perspectives we hold that we are still mostly unconscious of, we can experience insight, revelation and forward movement. We can start to see what inherited ideas and philosophies we have taken on from others about how to live, what we have created and come to believe in, how we have moulded ourselves to fit the needs of others or our understanding of them and consider whether these adaptations of self actually resonate with us, whether we may be keeping alive beliefs we no longer truly invest in, never did or have moved beyond. Simply reflecting on this opens us up to the possibility that we are not as we feel and think and behave, that there is a true self that is stable and whole and always available for us to return to.

I am innately blessed with spiritual health

The true mind, meaning what exists as Universal, spiritually healthy, outside of the confines of the personal is experienced by us when we surrender to it, when we let go of all that we are holding on to that prevents us from allowing it and in the space of truth and wholeness and health that we come to when we do, we commit to changing the patterns of thinking that we have been unconsciously repeating or felt at a loss to deal with because in wisdom we know we can and it makes sense to.

It is safe for us to question our feelings when we know that we are not them but the creators of them, that we have the option to turn our attention away from them even as we feel them suffuse us, that we can ground in the truth that we are stable, whole and well within and remember our ability to experience distance from the thinking that creates them.

The created self that identifies with unhelpful familiar thoughts and feelings is an illusion we created in response to our interpretation and processing of circumstances and events and we have the power to understand who we really are and create new experiences of being. When we commit to remaining conscious of how we are creating our experience in the moment, we can relax knowing that giving up past beliefs does not leave us at risk, instead doing so allows us to question those ideas that claim this and discover beyond them a state of harmony, health and spaciousness.

I have clarity and spiritual intelligence

Knowing that we have the ability to reflect neutrally on the thinking the conditioned self creates and the feelings that occur as a physical reflection of it is helpful once we do the work to ground in our truth and embody it so that we can ride the waves of unhelpful familiar states of being as they occur without being overtaken by them. The purpose of self inquiry is self realisation, healing, resolution, restitution. Knowing why we think and feel what we do does not automatically lead to change and so we do the work to write new programmes of being as well as look at our patterns, beliefs and behaviour and investigate the motivations for them if we feel called to.

We have the clarity and spiritual intelligence to question our feelings without exacerbating them, feeling lost or overwhelmed by them and as we experiment with engaging these gifts we begin to uncover more of who we really are and let go of more of who we are not. If we are not the familiar limiting experiences we have innocently created for ourselves, what free, flowing, connected expressions of life might we actually discover ourselves to be? Being curious without expectation or judgement leads us to learning more about life because without agenda, without a predefined notion of what will be learned, we are open, willing, connected with our ability to think and feel clearly.

Peace comes from within

When we become curious about why we think the way we do and whether we trust in all of our thinking, we naturally question those states of being that we know are not helpful as they arise so that we get to choose whether we go along with them and if we might learn more about the way we operate by witnessing and reflecting on them instead.

We can heal without searching for the root causes of our habitual perceptions, perspectives and behaviour and we can investigate them. Whichever is the right path for us, what we are concerned with is changing our ideas about life so that we come into ever greater states of alignment with peace, health, wholeness and possibility rather than continuing with what does not serve us.

Affirming our innate worth, wholeness, truth guides us to understand that we do not need to prove that we deserve to feel this way and are worthy of life. Peace and a feeling of safety within are our birthright and our realisation of them leads us to live well and do well in the world. We are innately blessed with spiritual health, we are born worthy and deserving of it and remain so throughout our lives.

I am able to self regulate

As we begin to become aware of the way we operate, we are able to engage in self regulation so that we opt out of certain patterns of thinking, thanking those familiar thoughts that would lead us to turn away from harmony and grace for trying to keep us safe and turning away from them. It can be this simple even when we experience the feeling of past thinking because when we focus on awareness, we are guided to forgo struggle and we accept and allow and choose a new way.

A thought occurs, if we engage with it and do not feel sane, balanced, healthy, we can allow it to pass with the thinking we generated about it and trust that the feeling we created about it will pass too. As we do, we become aware of our inner resilience and our ability to create and allow new states of being and discover a new sense of self. We are reprogramming our minds and reconditioning our bodies so that we are able to live in alignment with our spiritual truth.

This is a whole being experience. We do not discount or deny the physical, we retrain it as we retrain our focus and attention. In this space of gentle and loving self vigilance, we refuse to recycle thoughts that do not serve us, we tell them no thank you and wait for others to come along. We refuse them gently, we let it be easy and light, we simply turn away from them. We recognise them for what they are, ideas that have no place in our lives now.

When we welcome the unknown we override those states of being that have at some point convinced us that we need to be constantly predicting or anticipating the future in order to be safe. We cannot predict life and we do not need to obsessively attempt to once we realise that within we are safe and whole and well and that our minds are a safe place for us.

I have the capacity for new thinking

We experience our minds as a safe place for us once we know that we get to choose to reconsider our approach to life so that rather than adapt to life as the limited self guides us to, we adapt to new empowering ideas and enjoy new empowered states of being. When the mind is a safe place, before we default to familiar thinking, feeling and action that narrow our focus and contract us in some way, we remember our truth and our ability to remain grounded in our capacity for new thinking and feeling and in this awareness we are expanded enough to refuse what has been and invite in and allow something different.

If we want to feel differently, we have to think differently and we can by refusing to identify with and dwell in the physical states that are the result of past belief systems, perceptions and perspectives so that what may have once felt all consuming and overwhelming we now understand as sensations mirroring thinking that we no longer want to invest in and have the option to refuse. We are in the process of forming new habits of being. Our feelings are just physical manifestations of our thinking and when we start to think differently, we start to feel differently, we respond to unhelpful familiar patterns in new ways which creates new experiences for us that allow us to question our choices so that we can navigate life more comfortably and confidently.

Accepting that we feel our thinking, allowing our feelings to arise without judgement, stopping to consider them without being directed by them, simply with curiosity about what they might be telling us about how we are thinking, what we are thinking and why we are thinking it allows us to discover that we are able to step back from the urge to act on our feelings and that when it would benefit us to, we are able to allow our minds to become clear and quiet enough for more insightful and inspired thinking to be experienced and guide us.

I commit to meeting my own needs

As we become more aware of our ability to live consciously, we are more comfortable with creating healthy boundaries for ourselves so that we meet our own needs. When change is more beneficial than things remaining as they are, we can invest in and support and continue with our evolution even when it is challenging and confronting.

Expanding our focus rather than contracting it allows us to take new ways and commit to them. We can grow by nurturing ourselves, gently exploring new ideas and concepts and deciding to do the work even when we experience past states of being that would have previously motivated us not to. We do not need to suffer to grow, enlightenment doesn’t only come through challenge, we do not have to deny ourselves joy or pleasure or avoid comfort in order to experience the spiritual and explore the metaphysical.

What we all ultimately want is to feel secure and safe and that our needs are met. When we start to experiment with meeting our own needs, with going against what feels normal in order to experience what feels truly right, our lives become brighter, we are more present and engaged in the world. As we begin to trust more in our wellness, we experience the certainty that a clear mind offers, our ability and right to feel whole and happy in ourselves and we increase our sense of wellbeing and create self esteem.

I am able to think and feel clearly

The familiar is often described as comfortable but if it is in a way that is not comforting, it sees us allowing the limited self to halt our expansion rather than truth and wisdom to support it. In order to turn away from what is unhelpful but known and move beyond it, we have to relearn self trust. Many of us forgot self trust at an early age. When we remember our ability to think and feel clearly, when we experience that our minds are a safe place, as we explore following our inner guidance and intuition we rebuild self trust and we move forwards when past beliefs and the feeling of them surface to warn us against doing so.

The experience of past beliefs is at times extreme and what helps us to not get involved with it is to recognise that we have the opportunity to remain distant from it. So often in life we try to distract ourselves from what is uncomfortable and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, the difference between distance and distraction can be life changing so that we no longer view our state of being in the moment as something we need to flee but as something we are able to free ourselves from.

Distraction is the action we take when we feel our experience is too encompassing to move on from. Distance is the natural result of querying it and discovering it to be within our control. Until we understand on a fundamental level that we are creating our experience in every moment, distraction might seem like our best option and if it is, we can take it. This is not the same as being guided to take action to centre and ground in our truth. Long term and lasting change happens when we experience a distance from our created state of being that allows us to decide whether we want to focus on and dwell in it or change our mind about how we are able to respond to it.

I have limitless creative potential

A habit of thinking creates a neural network in the brain that triggers certain emotions. In order to change how we think and feel, we have to give up who we think we are so that we become free to experience new thoughts and feelings and no longer default to habits of being that are the result of and endlessly repeating an experience of the created self. Choosing to give up our mental and emotional addictions so that we can think and feel differently creates new neural pathways that allow us to see and feel and experience life in new ways. In doing this, we are training the brain to default to new states of being and we are able to gain a sense of distance when presented with past versions of reality we had previously believed in and been attached to.

When we distract ourselves from something it is because we don’t want to focus on it; when we allow ourselves to experience distance from something it is because we know we don’t have to. There is a saying that everything seems difficult until we’ve mastered it. Transformation can seem impossible because as creatures of habit we practise being who we are in every moment. But we are endlessly creative beings of limitless potential. We can never reach the limit of evolution or growth.

Until we view life differently, we unquestionably believe in our experience of reality. The sooner we wake up to this, the sooner we are able to engage with our potential for positive change and experience distance from any thinking and feelings we have until now believed we could only escape through distraction. When we decide to commit to doing the work to transform we are investing in our future rather than our past, doing what our future selves will thank us for rather than returning to what we know because it is challenging not to.

I practice self forgiveness, self love and self compassion

As we do the work of self realisation, as we realise that we are safe within, we do best for ourselves by practicing self forgiveness, self love and self compassion. When we see a better way, we take it. Until we do, we operate from misunderstanding. We must be gentle with ourselves. There is no good brought about through self reproach of any kind. It is when we sit in compassion for ourselves that we become aware of our inner dialogue and are able to create a new narrative that is wise and loving and healthy.

No matter what we have been taught, right behaviour, meaning what is aligned with and driven by our core values, is not created through judgement and punishment and nothing is remedied by our not being gentle with ourselves. When we are gentle, compassionate, kind, connected we are curious about our behaviour. We allow room for healing. We reflect on who we feel ourselves to be outside of our conditioning, histories, confusion, trauma, embracing who we are in the moments we feel loved and are loving.

When we are tender with ourselves we acknowledge our pain and we soothe and heal it. We allow room for inner guidance on how we can best proceed. When we are led by love we find answers within that guide us to make peace with our lives and move forwards with care for ourselves, self respect, self patience, self forgiveness and self awareness. We are curious about our experience rather than judgemental of or frustrated by it and we rest in a quietness that allows us to observe it.

There is no right way to live and we are always doing our best and yet in life we harm and are harmed. We have the inner resources to move through and past these experiences into more conscious, gentle and whole feeling ways of living. When we are in distress it can seem impossible that peace and health and love are within us and when we feel far from them is when we need our own gentleness most.

Knowing that our minds are a safe place for us allows us to remember harmony, health and peace in the moments we feel swayed by past experiences. Giving ourselves space to be heard by ourselves, noticing the feelings we are experiencing, reflecting on why they may be coming up and remaining non judgemental and loving provides the awareness, distance and support we need to let go and move on.

I open up to my ability to imagine and envision freedom and success

Intuition and wisdom encourage us to imagine and envision success and freedom which fills us with feelings of courage and desire. When we encourage these elevated states of being, when we dwell in them, when we make them familiar we begin to act from them, we are inspired by them, we find we have access to and are supported in our progress by a higher consciousness. We can trust ourselves to keep walking this path, to keep affirming and experiencing that we are safe within despite what our past suffering and limited ideas tell us.

It is a powerful moment when we transcend suffering through gentleness and compassion because we become free of an identification with states of being that keeps us welded to and repeating them. Love heals all. Over and again we experience this and yet we’ll never stop realising it, never stop learning it. And this is okay. We are on a journey of remembrance. We are human. We need not be afraid of this as we can also embrace the spiritual truth of our existence that keeps us going and growing and guiding us to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves as we do.

It is our most natural act to treat ourselves with reverence and care. In the moments past states of being urge us to forget this, turning towards the space of clarity, harmony and peace that is always within us awakens our self healing capacities so that we treat ourselves with love, we take action from a feeling of trust and connection and the results are self care and wellness. This process is natural to us, expands us and sees us return more quickly to resilience, health, compassion and gentleness, to the knowledge that we are safe within which guides us with clarity and love when we trust it to.