I Can Discern Between Intuition and Ego

The ego is the created self built upon conditioning that we follow in order to navigate and make sense of the world around us and is often based on flawed ideas that we are less than, not good enough, not successful enough and is uncomfortable with change which it perceives as a threat to its identity. In order to reprogramme the subconscious mind and recondition our understanding and experience of life so that we can expand beyond the ego and its limiting ideas and beliefs, we can assert new truths with mantras and affirmations that guide us to remember the true self, the whole self that operates from love and knowledge of our innate wellbeing, stability and health and discover that beneath the chaos and confusion caused by identifying with the ego that tells us otherwise, exist wisdom and intuition always guiding us to know how to live.

When we are embark on change the ego tries keep us as we are whereas intuition which manifests as self love guides us forwards towards transformation. One feels familiar, the other feels liberating. When we choose the familiar over exploring the new, we choose to remain as we are rather than explore who we could be and who we express as before we consider what might be available for us beyond the limited mind is very rarely a true reflection of who we want to be.

We are able to differentiate between intuition and ego; one leads us away from what we really want and one leads us towards it. Self love gently guides us to act from faith, peace and happiness, towards developing trust in ourselves and goodwill towards our every effort to live well without pressure or stress. Self love is available to us all of the time. It resides beneath our trust in and identification with the ego. When we feel as if we are not thinking, feeling or behaving in ways that are born of wellbeing and inspiring us towards living our best lives, we can relax into the knowing that there is a healthier and happier way available to us.

The idea that we are the limited self claimed by the conditioned mind simply because we feel so strongly when we invest in and energise an identification with it turns us away from realising who we really are and what we are really capable of. When we move beyond this experience to a space of stillness and peace within and start living from intuition and faith, we stop identifying with the emotions created by belief in our limitations and start reading our feelings as reflections of the usefulness of our thinking, finding that not only are we able to take action when the ego would have us stand back, stay safe, play small, please others over our own wellbeing and integrity but that when we do, we start to experience a new sense of self that widens our perspective, expands our mindset and generates new habits of thinking that support our growth and journey of self realisation.

We cannot wait to feel aligned with the true self before we act in life and we don’t need to when we start to trust that we can take action from a calm, centred, harmonious space of wellbeing, wholeness and resilience just by turning our faith away from limiting beliefs towards our truth, from ego towards intuition. If we know that the conditioned self that tells us we are limited is not who we really are then we can take intuitive action despite the thoughts that flow through our minds doubting, criticising and analysing our intuitive wisdom even when it has been our habit to believe in and identify with them.

When we energise limiting beliefs, it is simply because it is our habit to and the feeling of those beliefs are familiar to us. Once we become open to creating new habits of thinking and aligning with new emotions, we will find that we no longer identify with feelings of tension and stress because we know who we really are and use our feelings as a sign that we are turned towards wellbeing or away from it.

There is a sense of underlying stability, a foundational support that we rely on when we start to live from intuition, when we no longer second guess the information that makes itself known to us before we are intellectually aware of it. We are instinctual and we can trust our instincts as soon as we believe in and act upon our ability to move beyond the idea that we are limited to the realisation that we are strong, brave, connected and supported even when the ego claims we are not and we begin to experience the familiar feelings that we create when we believe it.


I Can Discern Between Intuition and Ego

Intuition is a knowing beyond the knowledge of the limited mind, a sense beyond the senses. When we practise listening to our inner wisdom we will find that we can discern between intuition and ego, that this is not something new we need to learn but something we are able to remember. When we open up to our intuition and receive its wisdom, we tune into a feeling of innate knowing. Listening to the ego is entirely opposite to this and finds us getting caught up in doubt or fear about what messages are coming through.

We can practise tuning into intuition by dropping out of our personal thinking into a space of quiet contemplation and communication with the spiritual intelligence of life, resting in the peace and space and stillness that exist before, beneath and beyond the personal mind. Here we know truth, we know faith, we trust in the wisdom that makes itself known. Intuition is a sense of truth beyond the senses, a deeper knowing than the intellect can make sense of, without feeling, a clarity of being. Ego is highly emotional, clamouring to qualify what is instinctually known via the limited knowledge of the conditioned mind. The reason we find it so hard to follow our inner guidance is because the ego complicates the information we receive, rejects it, doubts it, obsesses over it and ultimately makes a simple system complicated.

We can trust that no matter what the ego does with the information we receive from our intuition, it will never lead us away from love and truth and peace but towards alignment, harmony and health. The ego might not like what we are guided to do but in order to live as we feel called to, we must decide which we choose to listen to and for most of us, listening to the ego has not led us to living the lives we dream of.

It is when we think that we have to be free of fear, fear of doubt, free of insecurity to act that we reaffirm who we are not. When we know who we really are, we can act without giving energy to the concerns of the ego and despite the feelings we create when we do pay attention to them momentarily. When wisdom speaks we sense beyond the intellect what is right for us in the moment and if we refuse to take part in our habitual reaction of questioning, judging and overriding this, we find that we can once again become comfortable with following our instincts without giving attention to thinking that is concerned about doing so.

Our intuition will guide us if we let it. We feel uneasy when we believe in the ego’s claims because they are not true reflections of who we really are and what is available to us. We feel our thinking in order to know when we are headed in the wrong direction, towards truth or away from it. When we stop identifying with how we feel and use our feelings to guide us, we find that they work to alert us when we are invested in who we are not so that we can turn away from illusion towards truth and take intuitive, helpful, guided, elevated action despite the unease that momentary belief in the ego’s claims creates.

Until now we may have spent most time paying attention to thinking that feels urgent to us but when we realise that acting on this directs us away from common sense and helpful action, we can start to tune into the innate wisdom of our intuition and trust it to help us discern between the two. The difference between wisdom and ego is always made apparent to us via our feelings. We know what the ego feels like as opposed to inspiration, creativity, joy, wellbeing and happiness. Living by our intuition, by our spiritual wisdom facilitates a healthy and connected state of being and allows us to remain neutral when past thoughts occur that we once would have reacted to with limited thinking.

The ego leads us to contract in some way, the true self to expand, one feels like shrinking, tightening, the other like aligning, opening. One leads us back towards what is known, the other towards what is not yet explored. If we can just take a moment to breathe our way through what feels uncomfortable or complex as it occurs, we will allow ourselves the space to relax into trust so that we find we know what to do in any moment for our greatest good and let our inner wisdom guide us in our actions.

The ego has an agenda, the ego knows what is best, the ego feels limited and has a lot to protect and defend, justify and prove. Truth, potential, possibility, intuition expand us into a state in which we discover we are limitless. Maintaining our connection with the true self so that we can confidently, compassionately, patiently keep working towards moving beyond the ego’s demands and fears means practising getting quiet enough within to know we can safely take intuitive action and allow any urges to second guess it to flow by.

Using our experiences to learn to live well and take action that resonates with our inner wisdom and knowledge of who we really are allows us to keep aligning more fully with our intuition and ability to express our highest truth in the world. Letting ourselves be guided to take intuitive action and noticing how natural, easy, gentle and in flow it feels to do so helps us to recognise how tight, rigid, tense and stressed we feel when the ego creates confusion over whether we should follow our instincts.

In every moment we have access to the wisdom, intuition and wellbeing that we seek and it is only habitual thinking based on our personal beliefs, subconscious programming and identification with a limited self that prevents us from experiencing truth. When we live in alignment, we trust and follow our instincts without question and we reach this stage by becoming comfortable with the ego’s discomfort when we take intuitive action, confident in reading our feelings as a reflection of how helpful our thinking and state of mind are in the moment, more willing to trust in what we are innately guided to do than any thinking and feeling the ego would create about it.


I surrender to a higher knowledge
I act out of love for myself
Intuition guides me in self love
I am instinctually guided to take aligned action
I trust in the stillness within me
I overrule the concerns of the ego to act from truth
I choose to pay attention to my inner guidance
I invest in my intuition over fear
I am able to live in alignment with my true self
I consciously allow my spiritual wisdom to guide me

We can discern between intuition and ego by feeling the difference between insightful impulses and unhelpful urges. An impulse is a desire to do something that stems from a space of knowing that bypasses the reasoning and intellect of the conditioned mind and is born of an intelligence that exists before, beneath and beyond it. Impulses come from who we really are and are motivated by insight, wisdom and the soul’s calling to express and manifest in the world in a way that is aligned with our innate health and happiness and our creative potential and spiritual power.

An urge is a desire to act that stems from the responses of the conditioned self to the world it filters through its biases, fears and prejudices. It comes from a need to stay safe by keeping the illusory self intact, reacting to life in a way that we know is unhelpful when we witness the feelings our urgent thinking creates which are reflective of our state of mind in the moment.

When we trust our intuition, we may not always be able to justify our impulses via the logical mind but we have a knowing that we are on the right path or making the right decision even if it seems otherwise to the ego. When we trust the ego, we can justify our urges but feel the effects of this thinking as a clear sign that we are turned away from truth, health and wellbeing; if we don’t realise this or acknowledge it, the strength of these feelings can be taken as evidence that we are right in our choices.

Insightful impulses will lead us towards growth, expansion and the expression of our highest self. Unhelpful urges will more deeply establish our identification with the ego, turning us towards limiting beliefs and a limited self expression. We can know the difference between insightful impulses and unhelpful urges by assessing the thinking and feeling that accompanies them. Insightful impulses simply occur and when we consider them from a neutral standpoint feel like new understanding, like illumination, like knowledge. Unhelpful urges are generated by thinking that reduces our capacity to understand, to learn, to evolve, to think clearly and they feel like stress, tension, instability. Insightful impulses lead us in the direction of joy, evolution and learning, unhelpful urges in the direction of contraction, stagnation and unease.

When we become more interested in the growth and development our wellbeing is always guiding us towards than the known and familiar experience the ego creates for us, we will naturally become more curious about the way we engage with and take part in life and how we create and respond to our thinking and feelings. When we begin to see that we do have a choice about how we act in and experience the world, we start to align with who we really are as we make healthier, happier choices which leads us to relearn to trust the wisdom that is always guiding us towards health and happiness and notice how unhappy and unhealthy we often feel when we listen to and follow the guidance of the ego.

We have a choice not to act on unhelpful urges which we know do not work out for the highest good of all and instead trust in our insightful impulses which lead us to act with a clarity and awareness that exist outside of the bounds of the limited mind. We have access to truth, peace, harmony and grace and we are always being alerted when we are not acting from and inspired by them in the way we are approaching life. If we learn to trust that our feelings are messages about the direction we are heading in, alerting us when we are turned away from wisdom rather than proving unhelpful thinking to be true and accurate, we will be more willing to allow unhelpful urges to pass by and trust in our insightful impulses.

Once we finally learn to trust in intuition, inspiration and wisdom and follow our insightful impulses to take aligned action, we often come up against a desire to second guess what we have done, backtrack in some way and this is due to the fears of the ego that tells us we are unsafe when we become visible, at threat when we move beyond the familiar which leads us to feel vulnerable and urgent about undoing what we have done. If we can allow these feelings to arise without immediately acting on them, we will be able to differentiate between the personal thinking of the limited mind and Universal thinking which is vested with a greater intelligence, guided by wisdom, informed by insight and leading us always to new experiences, evolution and growth.

When we trust in the wisdom of spirit over the ego, we are choosing to surrender to a higher knowledge, to have faith in what lies outside of what is known to the limited mind and give ourselves over to the mystical. When we do, we give ourselves up to love, source, light, health, joy, God, truth, essence, consciousness, wellbeing, creativity, inspiration. We operate from a pure awareness of self as a part of the whole, unbreakable, undamaged and safe. When we let go of what we think we know and enjoy a more expansive experience of life, we soften. The more we soften, the less we feel impacted by life’s events and the better we flow with them, adapt to them or work with clarity to change them.

Trust in our intuition allows us to trust in life, in our ability to be led by the intelligence of Universal consciousness. When we trust in our intuition, we relax, we are connected, guided, held, lovingly supported. We do not brace for impact when we soften because we do not resist what is occurring. We do not qualify the wisdom we receive from spirit, we trust in it and ourselves to follow it without investing in feelings of hesitation, struggle, fear; we return to source and are guided to navigate life from innate gratitude, health, curiosity, awe, wonder, insight and trust.

Trusting in our ability to discern between intuition and ego and following our intuition is an act of love for ourselves because rather than continuing to invest in the ego, we no longer create suffering by living out of alignment with who we really are. We know that we are strong, resilient, intelligent and able to instinctively take steps towards wellbeing in every moment. When we act out of love for ourselves, we are kind and generous and patient when we fall back into past habits, conditioning and programming, when we default to an idea of self that sees us as separate, insecure and at risk; our spiritual wisdom calls us home to patience, truth and love whilst the ego demands we get caught up in fear, panic and confusion. Our intuition is always guiding us towards expansion and the expression of our innate wellbeing. The best way to honour it is to follow its lead even when we have initially taken another route.

We can remember that what the ego seeks to justify, the spirit will harmonise. When we act out of alignment with who we really are and we feel it, we can default to the restorative and balancing effect of our inner wisdom by refusing what the ego offers us and choosing to follow the intuitive guidance we are always receiving to remember who we really are, to return to love.

Intuition will always guide us to act from self love because spirit is love and the intelligence of life is loving. When we wake up to the nature of suffering that it is caused by a misunderstanding of who we are and what is available to us and a misidentification with the ego over the Divine, we experience compassion for ourselves, we reroute our energy towards expanding our awareness and we grow, we evolve, we thrive. We uncover inner resources that astound us and feel our connection with the dynamic and essential energy of life strengthening as we transcend a limited understanding of reality built upon false truths and open up to the knowledge and wisdom that have always resided within us. As we do, we react less to past thoughts, able to even remain neutral when they occur, we begin to express ourselves differently in the world, our identity changes and yet, we still remain aware that the created self in any form does not represent the magnificence of who we truly are.

Self love is the breaking away from the ego and its concepts of reality to fall into the freedom that is the realisation of our oneness. We are always everything we want to be. When we surrender to the truth of our existence, we are guided by the light within us that illuminates it, lifting the veil of illusion so that we find ourselves over and again, whole, guided, safe and able to give ourselves up to the wellbeing within, carried by love, led by wisdom, intuitively guided to learn and grow and explore and expand.

When we allow ourselves to be instinctually guided to take aligned action, we feel the difference between trusting intuition over ego. We are not held back by our circumstances but motivated to see beyond them to the potential we have to embrace joy, to act from wisdom and to live from love. We are perfect. We are whole. When we return to the space of stillness within us, we remember this, we lose sense of ourselves as limited and come alive to our innate knowledge and are guided by it to see how exquisite life is.

Intuition is a wisdom without feeling that is beyond what is known to the senses and intellectual mind, an impersonal knowledge available to us that guides us when we allow our minds to quieten down enough for us to tune into and follow it. When we make it personal, meaning when we try to fit wisdom in with the limited knowledge of the personal mind, we feel conflicted.

Our thoughts about received wisdom create our feelings about it. We may know a right decision but have conflicted thinking and feeling about it because it doesn’t fit with our plans, vision or limited understanding. Alternatively, we may be used to our minds being so noisy that we feel we cannot hear our inner guidance or tune into our intuition. We change this by knowing that we can be guided and that guidance is always available and that it may feel strange or uncomfortable at first to follow our instincts but that we can allow ourselves to be led by them.

Wisdom, insight and truth are quiet certainty; knowledge we have before, beneath and beyond our thinking. A sense of rightness, surety, certainty that is no feeling at all. If we choose to, we can create feelings about this with our thinking but these feelings are not indicative of whether our intuition is trustworthy or not, it always is, it is our thinking we need to assess in this way.

We are the creators of our experience. Our brains even determine the information that our eyes receive based on the beliefs we most commonly hold about the world. We create our experience of the thoughts we pay attention to which are neutral until we create thinking about them. Because our thinking is so often loud and fast paced, we have made it our habit to pay more attention to it than the stillness that resides within us and that is always available to us. We have all had experience of this stillness and it exists no matter how much noise we are making in our minds.

When we learn to trust in the stillness within, when we choose it over the compelling feelings created by the most limited thinking of the conditioned mind, we access wisdom and we are guided to reprogramme our subconscious, to recondition our minds so that we learn to once again default to intuition, to pay less attention to past thoughts and open ourselves up to new ones, to trust in our inner wisdom, to remember our innate knowledge and turn towards our wellbeing.

In the space of stillness within us, we are guided to take action that aligns us with truth and expands us beyond the ideas and beliefs and opinions that have held us back so that we form new beliefs, so that when familiar thoughts occur, we choose a new response to them than past behaviours created from belief in and identification with them. In stillness we find that we can never be disconnected from wisdom or without wisdom or damage wisdom, that when we choose to let go of belief in the validity of limited thinking and instead drop into a space of innate and Universal knowing, we fall into wisdom and the intelligent guidance it is offering us at all times.

Wisdom will always lead us towards acceptance, forgiveness, love, health, safety and peace and away from indecision, self doubt, fear, suffering, insecurity and struggle. When we question ourselves, when we feel unsure of what decision to make or choice to take, we are not listening to intuition but the doubts of the ego. Intuition is an innate sense of deep inner knowing and because of this it is often ignored in favour of reacting to the physical sensations of unease created by the ego’s fear.

We have the power to overrule the concerns of the ego in order to act from truth. Intuition, guidance, wisdom are without emotion. When we consider our instincts from the personal mind, the conditioned self creates thinking and feeling about them but otherwise they are simply a knowing beyond qualification and explanation and we can follow them even when the ego is creating noise and confusion because we have the power to.

When we ask for guidance and quiet the mind in order to tune into our intuition, still the ego will question the information that is received and and try to rationalise it, qualify it, gain insight into it, reject it. The more attention we give these thoughts, the greater our feelings of confusion become but we still have the ability to tune out of the ego and into truth, to return to the knowledge of the wisdom received and follow it no matter what the limited mind has to say about it.

In this sense, we choose to pay attention to our inner guidance over our familiar experiences. We deny the desire to identify with the what is known and we refuse habitual limited thinking. We do this by remembering we are not the voice of fear or panic or doubt or insecurity or even rage of the ego, we are the awareness of it, the power that creates it and decides what to do in regards to it. We are the all powerful creator of our minds and lives, we choose to continue with familiar thinking or disregard it, we choose to listen to intuition or forgo the unknown for the known. We choose to pay attention to our inner guidance or not and deciding to is a powerful affirmation that we are not who we have believed ourselves to be but something much more.

Beneath the idea of who we are as limited lies the wisdom, peace of mind and self trust that will guide us when we allow ourselves to follow them. When we reflect on where the information we are paying attention to is coming from, the limited mind or a space far beyond it, our doubts and concerns begin to dissipate and we experience the ability to choose which way to go.

It is a conscious choice to invest in intuition over fear and when we make this choice and make peace with this choice, it is fascinating to witness the urge to talk ourselves out of following our intuition and internal guidance. We reach a stage where we know we do not need to question our wisdom and yet we still give time to thoughts that do and it is here that we decide how we want to live, if we are brave enough to choose surrender, if we trust more in our ability to be whole and well as we live from and embrace the unknown than we do in an idea of ourselves as insecure, unable. What we will find is that intuitive wisdom occurs without thought and that when we follow it we are in flow, operating from a space of blissful being that is in harmony with life.

We can decide to consciously allow our spiritual wisdom to guide us. This is the experience of living in alignment with the true self and the true self is always guiding us to explore our capacity for love and wellness so that when we live from authenticity and integrity and truth, when we follow our intuition, we pay attention to its wisdom and in the moments we give in to the urge to follow the familiar thinking of the ego, we choose love, choose trust, choose to affirm that we can grow through our experiences to do better next time. What points us towards wellbeing and never away from it is our towards path transformation and self realisation. What turns us away from self celebration, self respect, self patience, self trust is never going to lead us to faith in our intuition, spaciousness, stillness or aligned action. Our instinct is always to live in love. We feel unwell when we do not because we are fighting our truest stare, our most natural way of being.

The information we receive from wisdom is always right for us in the moment, regardless of whether the personal mind can prove it to be. Whilst we may tune into our wisdom and seek its guidance, until we are willing to listen to it over an identification with the familiar doubts and fears of the ego that turn us away from it, we do not live from truth but from an idea of who we are that does not recognise the knowledge we have access to, the power we have to follow it and the joy and grace that are available to us when we do.