Lucy Di Marino

I Have Limitless Potential for Newness Affirmations

I have limitless potential for newness

To experience newness is to experience a fresh state of mind, a fresh perspective, to see things in a new light and to feel and be refreshed by our ability to do so. In every moment we have the opportunity to experience newness, to think new thoughts and feel new feelings and be inspired to take new action. When we open up to our potential for newness, we allow the flow of inspiration to, through and from us and we are guided by it, led by it, we channel it and we feel that inspiration, our potential for newness, the creative energy of life is known to us, inseparable from us and we experience the truth of ourselves.

When we align with our highest expression, with intuition, with the energy of life, we open up to an intelligence that guides us in realising our limitless potential for experiencing a new outlook, a new understanding and we are directed by the wisdom of this intelligence to experience life in presence, in truth and experience newness. In newness we are creative, we sense who we really are, a spiritual energy that exists before, beneath and beyond the personality we have created and the ideas and beliefs and experiences known to it and we transcend it, expanding beyond it into an exploration of empowered living.

When we set the intention to experience newness, to experience life from our ability to be fresh in every moment, open, at ease, we are immediately aware of our propensity for conscious creativity, enthusiasm, lightness, happiness, harmony. We are tuned in to an innate awareness of what is available to us and we are able to flow with life. We experience the wellbeing of grace, the buoyancy of joy and the clarity and wisdom that allow us to free ourselves from doubt, pressure, guilt, resentment and remember that we have the choice to think and feel in new ways, embracing our potential to experience a new state of being.

I am one with the creative energy of life

As we begin to practise living from this remembering, we become more interested in flowing with the creative energy of life than in blocking it and when we do block it, we allow ourselves to return to truth and grace and allow the experience to pass. This is not the same as struggling against, running from, repressing or denying but recognising that we are the creators of our experience of what is, has been and will be. It is the understanding and practice of the knowledge that the programmes we have been running in our minds and bodies can be let go of and moved on from. We can heal and we can experience new thinking and feeling about events and situations that we have created familiar reactions to. When we allow ourselves to be inspired to experience life differently, newly, we find that beneath any state of being that has become habitual and known to us, we are always able to receive and act upon inspiration to open up to newness and experience a fresh perspective.

Every one of us is creative. When we get out of the way of the creative energy of life, we have new ideas, we experience insight, we are tuned in to our intuition, aligned with our deepest values and carried by inspiration we might deny or block from a limited mindset. In this state of connection with life, we move forwards with momentum, we find solutions to challenges, we give up what doesn’t work for us, we flow with life with faith and trust, self patience and self love. At times, we hold on to limiting stories because we believe they help us know what to expect in life and that this keeps us safe but it actually keeps us repeating familiar patterns, states of mind, perspectives, perceptions and experiences. We can trust ourselves to learn from what we have been through and move forwards into an allowing of newness, a desire for newness, an embracing of the unknown, conscious use of our creative power.

All it takes to engage with our creativity is a willingness to be open to inspiration and to allow ourselves to be guided to create our lives in a way that takes us beyond limiting beliefs into a space of possibility, insight, awareness, wonder and joy. When we allow ourselves to be taken over by inspiration, we are creative in a way that is far more resonant with our truth and potential than when we operate from the limited mind. We enjoy the experience of creating and every time we give ourselves over to inspiration and our potential to experience newness, we let go of more of who we are not and become more aware of who we truly are.

I am open to seeing things differently

It is extremely empowering when we come up against or engage in familiar thinking and feeling and know that we have the option to see things differently, to change our perspective, to override past beliefs programmes and patterns. In the moment we feel overwhelmed by what is unhelpful and known, grounding in the awareness that we can experience new and fresh thinking allows us to pause, to breathe and to choose something else. This means that we do not have to think as we have thought, feel as we have felt, be as we have been, that we have the power to decide that and the ability to live differently.

We are beings of pure love and wisdom blessed with the gifts of consciousness, thought and feeling. At times we get so caught up in our thinking and the feelings it creates that we aren’t really conscious of the fact that we are creating them, that we have a choice about how and what we think, that we do not have to react to every thought that flows through our minds or every past experience that arises for us. It is when we recognise our capacity for looking in a new direction, for taking control of the way we use our innate gifts that we allow our potential for newness, for change, growth and transformation to be realised and we operate from a more compassionate understanding of ourselves.

When it comes to the way we think and feel, we do what is known until we discover we have the option not to. When we become willing to turn towards something new, to take another route, to be comfortable with the initial discomfort of moving into a new state of being, we trust our feelings as a guide to the usefulness of our thinking, we begin to stop blocking the energy of life from flowing through us, from guiding us in creativity, happiness and inspiration to take a new path into a more enjoyable experience.

I know that new thinking is always available to me

There is more that is unexplained than explained in life. If we allow that we are created and powered by an intelligence that is known to us in our quietest, most present, most connected moments, by following our intuition, our clearest path into newness, not only do we invest our trust in a spiritual energy that is always guiding us towards our highest truth and greatest expression of ourselves, we silence or tune out of the voice of the limited self even when it feels uncomfortable to break away from what is familiar but not serving us.

When events occur that would once have triggered us into unhelpful habitual reactions, we can open up to new thinking, new feelings and take new action. All that is stopping us from expanding into newness is an innocent unwillingness to stray from the known path but to no longer do what we have always done, to no longer be who we have always been, we have to give up the familiar beliefs, expressions and experiences that are not serving us in the moment in favour of something better.

Life is always in a state of change so just because it feels as if things have always been a certain way doesn’t make it true. We have changed in the course of our lives, we have evolved and transformed, we have embraced new ideas and ways of living and discarded others because we have been open to seeing things differently. If we can make this our primary mode of operating, we will find that in openness we welcome newness and in newness we experience freshness, clarity, hope, healing and higher awareness.

I can experience new feeling by allowing space for new thinking

New thinking that creates new feeling is always available to us. Our spiritual wellbeing is always directing us towards realising this so that we no longer unconsciously recycle the same unhelpful thinking, identify with the feeling state it creates and take unhelpful action because of it. In awareness, we notice what we are thinking, we accept and work with what is available to guide us, evolve us and we channel inspiration and open up to our potential, emerging on a path of self renewal, self exploration, self realisation.

No matter how long we have felt stuck or stagnant for, we have access to an inner wisdom, a guidance system that can steer us towards peace, truth and insight. We can experience new feelings by allowing space for new thinking. All that prevents us from accepting that along with life, we too are able to be ever moving, fluid, in flux, is a desire to in some way prevent life from going awry by trying to keep things within the bounds of our idea of a safe experience. This doesn’t actually allow us to, it prevents us from engaging fully with life and finds us feeling unable to deal with what we are trying to prevent or avoid.

From this mindset, thinking and feeling and behaving differently might seem impossible or even irresponsible but to feel better, to feel safe and healthy and supported, we have to do things differently. We are able to see things in new ways, we are endlessly resourceful and we can take new action in any moment. When we begin to read our feelings as a guide to the helpfulness and clarity of our thinking, we realise that when we doubt our spiritual wisdom and wellbeing, we feel it. Giving ourselves over to the intelligence that exists before, beneath and beyond the personal mind engages our ability to embrace life and be well and whole when things do not go as we had wished them to or planned.

I experience newness by following bliss

A way to start allowing ourselves to experience newness is to follow bliss. Bliss is the dissolving of ourselves into peace, truth, harmony and health. It is the realisation that we are Divine, that we are loved and that we are love. It is the falling away of all that we are not so that we are one with life. The experience of truth is always available to us and when we follow it, when we prioritise experiencing the peace of who we are, we are guided by our innate happiness to live well in the way that is best for us in the moment.

When we follow bliss, we engage with the world from a state of curiosity, appreciation and love and we are consciously creative, inspired, instinctive and responsive to life. In bliss, we allow ourselves to let go of what we have been holding on to that turns us away from bliss, we wake up to ourselves and our capacity for newness and we uncover an inner compass that directs us towards alignment, transformation, growth.

When we discover who we really are and commit to energising this truth in all that we do and are guided by it in our choices and actions, we spend more time in bliss, we operate from wellbeing and we are less concerned with the notion that we are certain people destined for certain lives which automatically opens us up to newness. In any moment we can move on from what we feel has been holding us back from uncovering who we really are, what we really want and can do in life and realise our connection with the energy of loving intelligence we are a part of and allow it to guide us to experience and create new ways of living and being.

I allow myself to let go of what I have been holding on to

When we follow bliss, we are led by insight and intuition to follow our inner guidance and as we do, we naturally expand into new ways of being without having to consider whether our choices are right because we trust ourselves, we have faith in what is guiding us, we know we can handle any challenges that occur. It is safe to release any blocks we have created to inspiration, creativity and the energy of life when we know that we have access to an intelligence that is always leading us to and from wellbeing and we allow ourselves to let go of what we have been holding on to that is not serving us.

When we explore our capacity for newness, we experience an expansive and unique view of life, we follow bliss, we connect with the truth of who we are, with our power and potential so that we are led to be curious about the world and what we want to do in it. We find we are moved more by our inner wisdom than by ideas about what we should be thinking, feeling and doing and show up in ways that benefit us and others. We let go of the justifications that direct us to energising past states of being that do not enhance our lives and we allow ourselves to transform. We discover we are free to live in joy, operating from wellbeing, surrendering to a higher consciousness.

This leads us to presence, to connection and when we are present and connected, we are free from personal perspectives and beliefs that do not lead us well. We experience moments of presence and connection every time we are touched by beauty, love, peace, stillness, awe because in these moments we lose sense of the personal self and we experience the sublime, the magnificent, the exquisite and are lifted to a state of spiritual oneness. We touch truth and we come home, to love, to trust, to flow, to being open to newness.

In any moment I can move on from what has been holding me back

Our capacity for newness is what guides us in health and what heals us. It is what allows us to experience fresh perspective and insight when we revert to hypervigilance, hyperarousal, shut down or repression. It is the knowing that we can experience things differently at any time, that what has happened is no longer happening and that what is happening now can be lived through and processed and moved on from. If we set the intention to experience newness in any moment we decide to, not only will we experience a deeper sense of wholeness, connectedness and harmony, we will be more inclined to recall and refer to these moments for encouragement during the times we feel we are defaulting to old models and paradigms. We will be lifted again by our knowledge of our capacity for experiencing truth, peace, love and wonder, feelings that awaken and are a result of our innate reverence for life and elevate us into a higher state of consciousness so that we lose sense of ourselves as limited and touch truth and wisdom.

The limited self cannot compete with the magnitude of the soul. In the state of spiritual wholeness, we allow the energy of life to guide us, lead us, flow and express through us, we allow newness because we are without attachment to a limited personal perspective, open to a more aligned, pure and connected state of living. It is a state of truth, of knowing, of trust opposite to everything that leads us to feel rigid, tight, tense, grasping, small, fearful. It is health, it is wholeness.

When we are in health, we know our wholeness. When we are turned away from it, we feel it and we believe we are disconnected from life because we are focused on the personal thinking of the limited self. However, we have the capacity to be well, to live well and to experience wellbeing. We are directed by a greater awareness to fall out of ourselves and into the energy of love that is within and around us and that supports and guides us. We are never forgotten by life, we are a part of it and loved by this energy of love. We always have the opportunity for new thinking and feeling in every moment. When we remember this and embrace this and live this, we are reminded of how truly awesome, magical and mystical life is.

It is safe to release any blocks I have created to inspiration, creativity and the energy of life

However we have come to it, many of us are invested on some level in the belief that we are better safe than sorry when it comes to change and as a result have come to feel limited, fearful of the unknown, uneasy about giving up what we have and do and are familiar with that is not working for us in favour of trusting in our hearts and the wisdom that resides there. When we work to stay as we are in an attempt to stay safe when we know deep down that we are being guided to expand, we are operating from the misguided belief that the unknown we are directed to embrace and explore by our inner wellbeing equals danger and we prioritise a false sense of security over faith, potential and possibility.

Being responsible and trying to control or avoid life so that we can refuse the unknown are not the same thing. Staying as we are long term because we feel we cannot cope otherwise is not our only option. Planning is often crucial in life, as is time to recover, restore, recharge and heal, however, the ability to flow with life, to reevaluate our plans and motivations and desires when we need to, to allow ourselves to open up our lives in order to truly live them is always within us and directing us to remember and operate from it. Trying to account for all potential eventualities or avoid all possible triggers not only assumes that if we make and follow plans, things will go as we want them to or that if we avoid life we will feel well, it leaves us believing we are unable to handle challenges, unable to recover and move on from what we believe has made us unequipped for or afraid of life and we innocently refuse or turn away from opportunities for understanding, processing, healing, change and growth.

We experience life based on how we think about it and the feelings we create that we energise. If we do not believe in the potential of the unknown, in the new to offer us the joy of expansion and transformation, we most likely won’t notice that we are able to experience newness. Yet, we are able to show up fresh in every moment. We are able to change our minds and our dominant feeling state. We have the inner knowledge to transform our understanding and perspective and experience joy and health and healing. Just as those who have gone before us on the path of self realisation, we can experience miracles, we can find our faith rewarded. When we release the blocks we have convinced ourselves are boundaries as well as those that we know are preventing us from flowing with life and life from flowing through us and venture into the unknown, guided by love, we too learn and expand and grow. Making plans in life and taking responsible action make sense. Taking time to be well when we need to come home to ourselves is necessary. Avoiding, rejecting, dismissing or repressing newness, freshness and joy in favour of following a misguided notion of what will allow us to stay safe is not the same and sees us living a life that is less than we deserve.

I set the intention to experience newness in any moment I decide to

When we embrace the unknown, when we trust in our limitless potential for newness, we take action towards creating lives in which we are aware of and open to limitless possibilities for enjoyment and fulfilment, insight and realisation. Being sceptical or afraid of change does not mean it is unavailable to us. It means we get to consider what is leading us to feel that way and question whether it is stemming from wellbeing or not. Deep within, we not only trust in our ability to embrace the unknown, in our resilience, in our potential for creating a truly great life, we are driven by it. We are spiritually whole and well always and when our innate health leads the way, we find that we have endless capacity for a clear mind, fresh feeling and allowing and exploring newness.

Self belief comes from self awareness which is the result of realising that the stories we tell ourselves either contract or expand us and that before, beneath and beyond them we are whole, clear and able. We are always conditioning ourselves to certain responses to life via the perceptions we energise, the perspectives we operate from and the ideas we invest in based on our beliefs about how to best survive life. When we set the intention to experience newness in any moment that we decide to, we are not only primed to change the narrative, we are called to investigate who we truly are regardless of what is or has been. If we feel as if challenges have changed who we are for the worse or affected us to the extent that we are not able to live in alignment with our inner radiance, we can realise that we do have the option to experience fresh and new understanding and insight. To allow new thinking and feeling and tell a new story.

We experience life as we allow ourselves to. When we are guided by our highest awareness, we make choices that lead us to live well in every area. We are always feeling the call to serve ourselves in order to feel and be our truest. When we follow it, life might not look how we expected it to, we might not live as we believed we should but we live in alignment with our purpose and passions and truth in the moment and we experience empowerment. We can go slowly as we revise our ideas about ourselves and life. If the most we can do to begin is notice when we are telling ourselves disempowering stories about our circumstances, our potential, our situations, this is enough to allow us to redirect our attention, focus and energy to being present, allowing connection, grounding in our wellbeing and remembering and affirming our ability and right to experience newness.

I am able to show up fresh in every moment

To change what we believe and in turn what we feel able to do in life, we have to change the way we see things. One way to approach change is to fully engage with the fact that every day is new, that every moment offers us the opportunity to take a new way and that we can show up fresh and experience fresh perspective and feel the results of this. We can change, we can let go of the beliefs and stories we have become attached to. We can physically retrain ourselves to invest in and come alive to and experience new ways of being, new beliefs and new attitudes. We can lose interest in what past thinking has to say and become more interested in who we are outside of its claims and confines.

When we think about the energy we are creating for ourselves in every moment and truly grasp how living from peace, love, joy and returning to them in the moments we become aware that we are choosing something different changes our experience and what we bring into being, we allow ourselves to turn towards an experience of insight, clarity and harmony, to choose to practice integrity, to ground in a state of wholeness, honesty and authenticity and return to it when we notice we have strayed from it. When we do, we find that we can experience truth, express ourselves with truth, in truth and be at peace with life and how we take part in it. We are always being called to operate from an understanding of our conscious connection with life, allowing ourselves to flow as we navigate our experiences, choosing to maintain awareness that we have the choice to be led by health and the knowledge that we have creative power, intelligent insight, access to Divine wisdom and intuitive guidance.

A part of allowing ourselves to remember our ability to show up fresh in every moment is processing our experiences and releasing ourselves from them. At times we unconsciously we hold in what needs to be expressed, push aside what needs to be dealt with or deny what does not fit with our view of how life should be. As we process and release, we support ourselves as we give up the blocks and burdens we have been suffering from by affirming our limitless potential to show up fresh in every moment so that we are present, grounded in presence and guided by it. We allow truth which is to say we do not complicate the inner guidance we receive, we are open to new thinking and fresh insight because we are less attached to past ideas and experiences of self. We flow with life, we trust our intuition and our ability to be guided by it, we are interested in where it will lead us and enthusiastic about our capacity for freshness and newness.

I trust in my ability to embrace the Unknown

If we trust ourselves to allow emotion without judging ourselves for it or being overtaken by it, we relax into being, able to take the action we need to at the same time as being forgiving and patient with ourselves when we act in ways that do not align with our truest values, when we are motivated by past beliefs and the physical memory of past reactions. As we process and release, we find ourselves more graceful in doing this, able to remind ourselves of our ability to be present, to not continue reacting when we have repeated past behaviour, to trust in a new way so that we operate in balance, we are not one sided but harmonious, energising appreciation for our ability to change rather than caught up in self recrimination for not always engaging it.

Living in the moment, being guided by our intuitive wisdom guides us in harmony. The potential for an experience of grace and balance and wholeness is always available to us. One way we can engage it when we feel challenged is to focus on our heart centres. As we do, we can see and feel them radiating warmth, health, clarity, peace and wisdom through us, resetting us so that we remember and invest in peace even before we experience it. If we allow ourselves to rest in trust that turning away from known states of being that do not aid us and towards clarity and health, we will find that we have new thoughts, we create new thinking, we experience new feeling and we return to a state of balance and wholeness.

Coming back to the here and now, allowing our thoughts and feelings to flow, spending moments throughout our day consciously dropping into the stillness that is always available within us serves us in taking a new path guided by wisdom and wellbeing. It is in stillness that we are present, that we are alive to the moment, that we experience the energy of oneness and in oneness we dissolve, the personal ceases to be and in the wellness of this connection we are energised, reset, restored. In presence, we are whole and in our wholeness we are balanced, harmonious, healthy and free to be guided to release what we do not need so that we know and are led by all that we are, supported, loved, connected, clear and able to experience newness.