Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

This guided meditation is designed to help you relax into, embrace and trust in your natural ability to flow with life.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find somewhere quiet where you can block out the light.

Lie down.

Breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Feel the peace and calm of each breath moving through your body as you relax.

Allow yourself to melt into the surface you are lying on, releasing all tension and tightness.

Let your jaw slacken and your eyelids relax, your neck soften, your shoulders release, your back lighten and the rest of your body follow suit.

Allow all of yourself to shift into a deep and healing relaxation.

Let your thoughts flow through your mind without focusing on any one of them.

You can return to them later if you decide to.

You can let them pass for good if this is best.

Right now is the time for you to rest deeply.

Right now is the time to experience the wellbeing that exists within you.

Your wellbeing is always stable and intact and whole.

Your spiritual wellness, clarity and connection are always available.

Your spiritual health is the truth of you.

Wholeness, love and peace are who you are.

When you are open to and expressing your wellbeing, you flow with life.

In flow, you are clear, engaged, aware, kind to yourself.

In wellbeing, you find it easy to accept and healthily adapt to change.

In wellness, you are connected with life.

In health, you are able to self regulate.

You are able to find solutions.

You are inclined to be curious.

You are able to meet challenges and accept life in order to change what you need and feel called to.

In wellbeing, you are in peace and in peace you take helpful action.

In wellbeing, you are in love and in love you refuse to turn away from your wholeness.

You are able to stay centred when you or other people make mistakes.

You are able to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

You are able to move beyond past expressions of self even when the feeling of them recurs.

In the space of spiritual wisdom that is within and always available to you, you are able to engage and appreciate your ability to flow, to adapt, to transform.

Intuition guides you to be gentle with yourself when you feel conflicted and frustrated.

Instinct leads you always back to health, to peace, to the clarity and stillness within.

The gift of flow is always available to you.

You are life.

You struggle when you struggle against it.

It is simple to be well and feel well and act well when you operate as your truest self.

You take healthy action no matter what past beliefs and the limited mind would direct you to do.

It is your default setting to flow with life no matter what limited thinking is telling you.

Resistance leads to unease and unhappiness.

Acceptance leads to awareness and intelligence.

Forgiveness and compassion are your truest essence.

When you forgive yourself for your innocent misunderstandings of life, you allow space for reflection and insight.

Living in flow is living in grace.

Grace leads you to elegantly move with life.

In grace, you accept and you respond by moving with life and not against it.

You are equipped to live in grace.

You are equipped to live in flow.

You do not need to change anything to access peace and wellbeing.

Your innate peace and wellbeing will guide you to change what you need and are called to.

You are have the wisdom to know in every moment how best to flow with life.

Flow leads to action that is healthy and life affirming.

Flow is the ability to navigate well.

Flow leads to processing and learning and growth.

Flow is the state of continuous change and movement.

Flow is the opposite of resistance or stagnation where there is unease and no development or growth.

Flow is the continuous stream of intelligence with you and through you that gives life to you.

Flow is the energy of total awareness and love.

You flow when you are inspired.

You flow when you are guided.

You are able to flow.

You are able to relax.

You are able to let the intelligence of life carry you.

You are equipped to live in grace.

You are equipped to operate from truth.

You are able to respond well.

You can choose to experience peace.

You can choose to practice love.

You can choose to accept and respond wisely and intuitively to life.

You have the intelligence to heal.

You have the capacity to thrive.

Your wellbeing, your truth, your essence remains whole and well when you face change and challenge.

You can flow.

You do flow.

You are flow.

You are growth.

You are expansion.

You are life.

You remain connected and whole within at all times.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be loving with others.

Allow yourself to flow through your day knowing all is well within.

You are designed to default to wisdom.

All experience can lead to further insights.

Choose to flow with it and your wellbeing will always guide you.