Lucy Di Marino

Instant Turmeric Latte

Warming, healing and comforting, turmeric lattes are creamy, delicately spiced and slightly sweet and this instant turmeric latte recipe makes a delicious and wholesome drink that is free from nuts and refined sugar and quick and easy to make.

Makes Two Servings


• ¼ tsp ground Ceylon cinnamon
• ½ tsp ground ginger
• 1 tbsp ground turmeric
• 2 star anise seeds (found inside each pod)
• 3 cardamom pods
• 6 peppercorns
• 50 g coconut butter
• 60 g pitted medjool dates
• 600 ml boiling water


Blend the ingredients until completely smooth.

If your blender cannot handle boiling water, use half boiling and half cool or all cool and then bring to a boil in a pan.

Strain to serve.