Lucy Di Marino

Intuition Cards

There are many ways for us to connect with and channel our intuition, higher knowledge, greater awareness and these practices or methods allow us to tune in to our inner wisdom, our spiritual guidance and access information that we might otherwise block with limited personal thinking.

It is so liberating to question how much of what we know is actually true and how much of this knowledge is preventing us from connecting with the wonder and beauty of living from an intuitive and organic approach to life and enjoying the peace and freedom available to us when we do.

Holding hard and fast to the illusions of our beliefs and opinions as if they are facts that define us, inform us well and guide us rightly is often limiting and when we invest time in defaulting to them, defending them, acting on them and even in trying to get other people to acknowledge them, we lose sight of all that we really hold within us.

When we turn away from what the limited mind claims we know and towards the mystical, the magical, the elevating, we connect with deep knowledge, with expansive wisdom and we move beyond the ideas and concepts that have prevented us from realising and even acknowledging a greater awareness.

Who are we really and what do we know to be absolutely true? What are we giving up and what restrictions are we placing upon ourselves by remaining within the world of the known? The limited mind has a very narrow field of vision. The true self is open to the limitless opportunities for connection and insight and evolution in every moment.

When we give ourselves over to a higher awareness, we release our blocks, we dissolve our resistance and we connect with the intelligence of life.

In the moments that we ask for help or guidance from a higher power, we are dissolving into it, acknowledging that we are it, giving up the illusion of separation,in communion with the Divine within us and all around us and that we are a part of. In the act of surrender, there is intention and when we intend to open up to and operate from a higher consciousness, we free ourselves to be guided by the wisdom available to us.

We can use practices, devotional rituals and worship to receive and align with the support and guidance we request and in the moment of receiving we can trust that we have the ability to understand what is being made known to us and positively act on it.

We are being guided all of the time to return to the wellbeing and wisdom within us, to allow and enjoy insight. The memory of our truth is what guides us to recover our sense of wholeness and peace when we feel disconnected from our inner wellness. When we trust more in the true self over the claims of the limited mind, we move into alignment and realise connection and are guided by it to discover new ways of living.

Believing in our inner wisdom, our wellbeing, our clarity and health is to believe in the loving intelligent energy of life. No matter how disconnected we feel at times, we cannot be apart from what we are. In the moments we need reminding of this, when we feel we need to return to a state of trust and connection and love, we can surrender to truth and reclaim and reinstate a more open, healthy and intuitive way of being.

There are so many ways for us to recover our sense of self, to remember our capacity to live well and engage instinctively and intuitively with life and when we find the way for us in the moment, we discover we are equipped to make changes that expand our perspective, transform our experience, revolutionise our understanding and default to the self knowledge, self trust and insight that exist beyond the bounds of the limited mind.

Connecting with wisdom is the act of realising wisdom, of coming alive to it.

When we realise on a fundamental level that we have spiritual health and wellbeing and that no matter how we feel, we are always home within, we rest, we relax into happiness, peace and grace, we experience the truth of who we are, we trust in truth to lead and guide us and we choose the approach we are most inclined towards to connect with our wholeness and wisdom.

We find our way when we recognise that wisdom is not outside of us but within us. We are not separate from the wisdom of the life, we are it. When we speak of letting wisdom guide us and heal us and drive us, we are speaking of defaulting and deferring to an essential part of ourselves.

The loving intelligence of life is the energy that creates us and lives us. When we allow ourselves to drop into the space of truth within us, into stillness and silence, we drop out of the limited and discover our ability to hear what is always communicating to us before, beneath and beyond the it.

In our moments of connection, lightness and freedom, we recognise the wisdom within us, we experience the Divine and we trust that we will find what is right for us in each stage of our evolution; not every seed requires the same growing conditions.

Once we understand that wisdom is within us and able to guide us, we realise that the miracle we seek is who we are, that the magic we imagine exists outside of us is generated from within and in doing so, we experience confidence, gratitude, connection and truth.

As we cast off the layers of identity and conditioning that veil our truth, we experience a deeper sense of the peace, calm and quiet certainty of true knowledge.

We know we are not alone, that before, beneath and beyond every experience we create exists our knowledge of and connection to the energy and intelligence of life, available to lead us forwards in growth, health and connection.

Exploring practices, tools, techniques to connect with wholeness and insight with an open heart and mind, allows us to remove our focus from the physical and open up to the spiritual which is where wellbeing, wisdom and peace reside.

In truth we feel well, we feel home. In wellness we are tuned in to love which regulates our heart rates, balances our nervous systems, reprogrammes our patterns of thinking and being and reconditions our minds and bodies. In the space of love and intuition, we experience the intelligence of the Divine and we begin again to live from the spiritual in the physical. We act in communion with life.

Surrender to the unknown is an act of intention and trust that allows us to tune in to our innate knowledge and wisdom, opening to them without complicating what information comes to us. When we trust in stillness and silence, we experience awareness, we find that we are the product of our belief system and that we can change who we are and how we operate when we change what we believe.

When we open to new ideas, perspectives, interpretations and representations of life to what is familiar, known or we are accustomed to, when we investigate the process of belief, how we come to accept ideas as true and how this influences our perception and experiences, we begin to consider and explore our personal thinking and the way we perceive and the receive the world and let go of limiting beliefs that hold us back and create stress and tension.

To experience a higher power, we have to trust in something beyond the physical, the logical and the known. When we withhold our belief, energy, trust from the spiritual, we withhold an experience from ourselves we are seeking, denying what we are guided to receive.

Engaging in the mystery of life by engaging with the mystical allows us to open up to what we have denied, refused or not seen before. Giving up what we think we know in order to experience something far greater expands us into an experience of all that cannot be contained by or understood via the limited mind.

These Intuition Cards have been designed to offer guidance, support and clarity. Centre yourself in the space of trust, health and peace and hold in your mind what you seek knowledge on. Rest in the stillness you experience when you allow your thoughts to flow and calmness and peace to restore you.

Pick a card and allow yourself to follow its guidance, interpreting its message from the space of insight and wisdom that is available beyond the known, before the conditioned and beneath the concepts and ideas of the limited.

If you feel guided to pick another card for further clarification or as part of a past, present and future spread or even to choose a new card entirely, do as you are called to from the state of awareness of your connection and alignment with the intelligence of life.

As you become used to deferring to your intuition, trusting in your wisdom and defaulting to balance, grace and clarity, explore following your own interpretations of the title words of the cards without referring to their content.

You have wisdom within and access to wisdom and your intuition is always guiding you to know the way that is right for you in the moment so that you can flow with life and show up fresh and dynamic and alive to all that exists within and around you.

Pick cards daily, weekly or throughout your day and notice how you respond to the guidance and messages you receive as well as which cards come up over and again for you. You are the wisdom you seek, the knowledge you are opening up to. Allow your experience of these cards be light and fun and enjoy the synchronicities occur as you feel more open, aligned and guided.

These cards are a tool to allow you to explore who you are and learn more about all that is available to you. As always, trust yourself in your use of any resources you choose to use so that you engage and experience an authentic expression of your true self, the Divine moving through you and with you.

Learning to follow our instincts and channel our spiritual knowledge can be fun, light, joyful and playful so notice when doing so feels otherwise and turn towards love and trust and ask your true self what actions you can take to experience and live from peace and wholeness once again.

May you know the peace, love and happiness that you are and experience all that exists before, beneath and beyond the knowledge of the limited mind. And may you enjoy exploring and uncovering more about your true self as you play with these Intuition Cards.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

– Rumi


Slowly move your body in the way you feel guided to whether this be by stretching, swaying or dancing. Focus on your breath as you do, slowly breathing in and out through your nose.

As you move, let your thoughts flow and feelings of peace and presence guide you. Sense your heartbeat becoming steady and coherent and your nervous system becoming balanced.

You are tuning into your innate wellbeing and resetting your response and reaction programmes.

You are a part of the energy of life, connected with its flow and intelligence, powered and energised by consciousness always loving you into realising harmony, grace and health.

You are changing states as you raise your vibration, elevate your frequency and radiate information of peace, joy and connection into the world around you.

 Let yourself wind down your movement when you feel guided to and relax into the vital, energised and fresh state of being you have generated.


Wherever you find yourself in this moment, make yourself as comfortable as possible, close your eyes and relax. Three times, breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth as a sigh, releasing all tension in your head and body.

Allow your mind to still by pausing your attention to your thoughts and the sensations that paying attention to them creates. Rest in stillness by relaxing more deeply with every second that passes.

As you continue this moment of pause, allow your eyes to rest as they relax their focus. See nothing but a soothing darkness in your mind.

In this moment of pause, feel that you are releasing any internal struggles, any emotional conflicts and any pain you are holding onto.

In pause we recover our sense of peace and calm, we release blocks to relaxation and we restore a sense of wellbeing on every level.

Allow yourself to pause any thinking that begins and attention to any feelings other than harmony, peace, wellness and love as you enjoy this moment of rest.


Take a moment to ground yourself in your body, allowing yourself to rest comfortably and relax into being.

Breathe in through your nose for a count of six and out through your nose for a count of six and continue consciously doing so until you feel this become a natural rhythm.

You have everything you need within to manage your response to physical sensations, past emotional reactions and familiar habits of thinking.

As you move away from your centre, you feel it. As you move towards your centre, you feel it. Struggle and strain are your alerts that you are turned away from your ability to inhabit your body comfortably and gracefully.

Allow yourself to notice how you feel when you think about the wellbeing within you, when you think about how within, you are whole and stable and safe.

Notice how you feel when you breathe slowly in and out through your nose, peacefully energising your body, allowing yourself to deeply embody your innate peace and health and grace.


The beliefs we invest in, the feelings we inhabit, the thoughts we energise are all affirmed by us in our repeating them, habitualising them and aligning with them. In this way, we also affirm our identification with them.

To shift to a new perspective, to open up to a new understanding, to create a new experience, we need to affirm new ideas and ways of being.

What is it that you want right now? A clear mind, a feeling of certainty, a new opportunity, an end or a beginning? Whatever it is, affirm for yourself that you invite it, accept it, deserve it, align with it and invest in and energise the experience of having it.

When we change how we view life, we change our experience of life and we open up to what we haven’t seen or known before.

You are a powerful, creative expression of Divinity using the gift of consciousness to experience life. Changing how you engage, express and experience this is a choice you can make in any and every moment.

What do you choose to align with today? What do you wish to affirm? How might your perspective change because of it? What might you experience when it does?


The flow state is the state of being at one with, inhabiting and expressing as the true self so that we are not distracted or taken over by the beliefs and reactions of the limited mind and the feeling of them in the body.

Find a place where you can relax, close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart centre. Imagine this space of love and peace, coherence and balance, harmony and health energised and bringing your whole body into a state of coherent wellbeing and joy.

As you feel the effects of this, allow your mind to ascend to a higher state of consciousness so that you are in tune and aligned with your true self.

Feel the freedom and liberation this brings as well as the sense of grace, connection and lightness you experience.

Reflect on the rest of your day from this state of wellness and feel how easily, gracefully and joyfully you are able to deal with everything you need and want to.

Inhabit this experience for a little while longer and then bring this feeling of self confidence and self trust into the rest of your day.


Allow yourself to feel all of the sensations in your body right now without judgement and notice which of these you are most familiar with, struggling against, repressing or avoiding.

Know that you have the inner resources that you need to allow this sensation to rise up and out of you as you gain clarity on what is creating it and why.

Every feeling and action and behaviour is motivated by our thinking and some of our beliefs remain outside of our conscious awareness until we investigate them.

What is this sensation trying to protect you from? What is following this sensation disallowing?

Know that beneath your every sensation exists clarity, insight and a loving intelligence that is always available to reveal truth to you when you allow it.

Allow it now. Allow your innate wellness to guide you in uncovering what your sensations are attempting to protect you from so that you can thank them and release them from duty by gently assuring them that you no longer need them and requesting that they step down from their role.


As a part of the creative energy of life, born of it, powered by it and always connected with and surrounded by it, every one of us is creative.

Today, take some time to notice what you already create every day as well as to create something new. Allow yourself to be guided in what you bring into being, having fun, playing with life and exploring your creative abilities.

As children we use imagination in play for much of the day. As adults we often use imagination to create experiences for ourselves that are not beneficial, elevating or enjoyable.

Creating can be the act of playing, of opening up to inspiration, of enjoying our ability to imagine and explore and produce with a sense of lightness, flow and faith.

What is your purpose here? How best can you contribute to the health and happiness of the world? What are you passionate about and what skills and talents do you possess or want to cultivate?

Let these questions lead you in play and have fun as you bring something into being today.


What feeling or thought or behaviour do you wish to release and how do you usually deal with it? So often when we wish to be free of something we judge it and refuse it. What if you could have compassion for what you want to release, thanking this expression and gently asking that it move on?

When we judge ourselves, we move out of love, trust, understanding, confidence and compassion and we lose sense of our wholeness, our connection to life and our ability to live well, make conscious choices and treat ourselves with kindness.

If we see a particular belief or idea, feeling or behaviour as an expression of confusion on our part, of a choice made by the limited self, then we do not identify with it but know it as an act of misunderstanding of the wisdom and beauty within us. Thanking an expression for its attempts to keep us safe, to make sure we survive in the world, allows us to move beyond it in order to thrive.

You may have to release an expression many times before it is released for good. Each time, if you root and remain rooted in trust and love, you can know you are heading in the right direction.


When we are centred, we are operating from the true self, aligned with our core values, taking action from health and wholeness. We always have access to the true self and the simplest way to centre ourselves is to remind ourselves of this.

Whatever comes to you when you imagine taking action to return to the space of silence and stillness, wisdom and wellbeing within, do this now. Follow your intuition as it guides you to remember your connection to your truth and your trust in it.

We all have moments when we are distracted from truth, we all have moments when we trust in something else instead but the true self, our higher awareness, our conscious connection to the loving intelligence of life is always available to us and we can revert to it and default to it by following our insightful impulses, our instincts and wisdom.

You have the ability to return to and centre yourself in your truth. You can trust in your truth and operate from it in any moment.

Take the time you can now to rest and relax, to settle into the space within you that is connected and calm and clear and always available to you.


For much of the time we are focused on many things at once and whilst we are well able to multitask and be aware of and considering many aspects of life in any one moment, it can be extremely helpful to examine where our focus lies and whether we are enhancing or depleting our energy with the way we direct our attention.

Make a list of all the things you feel you spend most time simultaneously focused on and assess which of these are held in your mind out of habit and which it actually makes sense to hold there.

Next, make a list of how you direct your attention and energy to what actually needs to be considered and focused on and whether you might be able to approach or handle these differently.

Finally, consider how much of your time you can safely release everything from your mind so that you are able to focus on what you are doing in the moment and practise doing this so that you can experience how it feels mentally, physically and emotionally to be fully present.

You can focus on many things at once but you probably don’t always have to. Enjoy experimenting with what happens when you make the decision not to.


Rest is essential. It is liberating, nourishing, healing and beneficial in every way. Rest comes in many forms and is a period of relaxation and recovery, of resetting and recharging.

What is your idea of rest? What feels most restful for you to do? Are you able to take time for true rest, for indulging in what feels like rest for you on all levels, enjoying your time off from what you want or need to take a break from?

So often our ideas about rest are influenced by our ideas about productivity, success, usefulness and worth and yet we are more productive, successful, useful and able to inhabit a state of wholeness when we feel loved and supported by ourselves, cared for and rested.

Rest regenerates us, it clears and soothes and refreshes us, allowing us to return to spaciousness, to retreat to stillness, to realise peace and enjoy the comfort this affords us.

Today, take some time for true rest in the way you are most guided to, luxuriating in your ability to support and care for yourself in this way.


What do you want in life and how do you feel when you imagine experiencing it? What are the emotions that course through you?

What are you like in this experience? What is your attitude to life, how do you express yourself? How do you think and feel and move and take part in the world?

Spend fifteen minutes envisioning this experience in such a way that it feels as real as a memory. Focus on the feeling of having what you want whenever thoughts of lack or need arise that may have motivated this vision.

As you immerse yourself in this experience, know that you are worthy of receiving, capable of creating and designed to enjoy and embrace all that is good in life that is on offer to you.

Once you feel rooted in this understanding, ask your wisdom to gently share with you what ideas or beliefs you unconsciously invest in that are preventing you from living in a state of innate worth and deservedness.

Be kind to yourself during this process, knowing that with acceptance rather than judgement you will receive the guidance you need to release and move on from any blocks.


How do you connect with life? How do you tune into the rhythm of wellness, the power of creativity, the flow of inspiration? When we are connected with life we are aligned with possibility, we live from wonder, we are present to our innate gratitude and alive to the moment, free from conditioning and programming and limiting beliefs.

In the state of connection we are energised, dynamic and in tune with life, knowing that we are never disconnected from all that we are, only at times distracted or feeling distanced from it.

When do you feel most connected? How often do you make time to explore and experience and enjoy your connection with life? What is your approach to prioritising connection and can you allow yourself to experience connection more in the way that is right for you, in the way that you feel in the moment guided to?

In connection we flow and adapt and transform. Today, consider when you feel most connected to life as well as whether some of your practices are not right for you any longer and what you might do instead. When we feel connected we are free to shift our perspective and change our approach as life guides us to in the moment. Allow yourself to be liberated by connection today to explore what you can do to feel most alive, free flowing and energised by and in life.


The experience of feeling clear is the experience of feeling healthy, light and expansive and that spaciousness and clearness are always available to you.

Find a quiet place where you can relax, lie down and close your eyes. Imagine yourself floating in white space and notice that you feel weightless and supported and safe.

There is a beautiful golden light around the top of your head and as it makes its way through your entire body, you feel even lighter, whole, safe and free.

This cleansing, clearing light of total health is bringing your entire being into a state of clarity and coherence. You are balanced and harmonious on every level.

The golden light of wellbeing within you is glowing and knowing this, you feel safe, whole, free, clear, reset and restored.

As you become lighter and freer and clearer, imagine yourself coming back to the room you are in and notice that the feelings of health, lightness and clarity are still with you. That you still feel infused with light, whole and clear and harmonious.


Open up your channels today, rebalance your energy centres, allow your thoughts to flow so that innovation and creativity can be known to you. When we are open we are less concerned with all that we think we are, have been and will be from the perspective of the limited mind and able to be curious about who we really are.

Who you really are is love and everything that is not love that you experience can be witnessed now from a safe distance so that you can consider if these thoughts and feelings are true and organic and reflective of your magnificence, wholeness and health.

In openness we move away from defending, struggling against or identifying with what makes us feel lacking in some way and we become interested in a more free flowing and present approach to life.

We set down what we have been carrying and allow ourselves to live in love, from love which ultimately leads us to feel strong and secure and able to rebalance when we need to and release what has been blocking us from knowing we can.

Practise asking yourself today when you feel the urge to move away from love, is this me or is this something I was taught, had modelled for me or created as a coping mechanism?


We are self nurturing, loving ourselves is our most natural act and walking ourselves home our most innate impulse. Nourishing and protecting ourselves by turning towards love, peace and wellbeing drives us to seek out ways to encourage and express health, happiness and connectedness.

You are everything you seek, all that you need and however you are guided to remember this, ground in this and explore this, know that it is true and that every time you doubt truth you feel it.

Take time to nurture yourself today in the way you feel called to, meeting as many of your needs as you can whilst knowing that all joy in your life is an expression of your innate essence, all love and peace the realisation of who you truly are.

When you can trust yourself to take care of your needs, to choose clarity, wellbeing and calm over what would lead you away from these states of being, you are caring for yourself truly.

You are designed to feel the love that you are and express it in the world to yourself and others. Remember this truth today and see where following it leads you.


Every moment is new and fresh and whenever you need to, you are able to refresh your perspective, your understanding and your approach.

You have the capacity to experience newness and presence in every moment, able to choose the way that is right for you no matter what has gone before or what others are doing.

Today, allow yourself to refresh your point of view, your belief system, your feeling state, your body so that your connection with your true self feels replenished and you experience a clarity of thought that enlivens you and a sense of newness that energises you and restores your awareness of your abilities, gifts and talents.

You are being guided to refresh yourself on all levels, to do what invigorates you, inspires you and allows you the experience of feeling fresh to life, capable and vital.

Do what you feel inspired to to realise and enjoy this refreshment.


To align means to line up with and as you line up with all that you are, you begin to leave behind all that you are not. In alignment you recognise your truth and realise your magnificence and return to connection and oneness.

In alignment we operate from an appreciation of and for our Divinity and the magic and mystery of life. We open up to new ways of seeing and being and experience what we did not know or hope that we could before.

Today, you are being called to line up with all that you know to be spiritually true, all that you sense and feel and touch in the moments you move beyond the known and allow yourself to be guided by the energy of life.

Take a moment to drop into the space of wisdom within and ask, how am I being called to align today? Be open to the answer that arises in the way that it does, through words, a feeling, movement or synchronicities, opportunities or blessings that occur.

Whether you intuit that you need support or assistance in doing this or feel safe and certain walking this path alone, know that you are always co creating with, supported and loved by the Divine.