Intuitive Wisdom Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to connect you with the Divine guidance available to lead you in your decision making, choices and actions.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


See a bright white light all around you.

Feel it moving through your entire body.

All you see is light and all you feel is its pure, clear energy.

As you become clear physically, mentally and emotionally, notice the silence within and around you.

Allow the peace of its stillness to permeate you on every level.

This is the experience of your health, wisdom and wholeness.

This is the experience of the pure essence of your spiritual being.

As the light gets brighter, notice that there is no longer an inside or an outside.

There is only one pure, true energy that you are aware of and a part of.

Relax more deeply.

Feel yourself becoming lighter.

Sense the light shining brighter.

There is no part of you that is not connected to this light and its clear, pure energy.

This light is the energy of life.

This light is only covered up when you innocently doubt it.

When you veil it or forget it or question that it is there.

Your light is now uncovered.

Anything that seemed to be covering your light has been removed.

All parts of you that have felt in shadow and darkness have been brought into the light of this loving intelligent energy.

You are one with the health and healing energy of life.

You are one with the love and peace of life.

Relax more deeply.

Feel your physical self dissolving into space.

There is no matter, there is only energy in form.

As you relax further, lose sense of your physical self entirely.

You are energy.

And the energy that you are cannot be hurt, it cannot be harmed, it cannot be stuck.

You are always moving, flowing, transforming, evolving.

You are always whole and healthy and well.

Feel how clear you are.

Feel how bright you are.

Listen again to the silence of the wisdom of the intelligent energy that you are.

In this space of clear and pure being, connect with the wisdom of life.

Connect with the loving intelligence of the light that is all you can see and all you can feel and that is you.

Allow knowledge and insight to occur without strain, without force, without expectation.

Notice what arises.

Feel the sense of clarity that this information brings.

Become aware of the quality of presence that you are experiencing.

This wisdom exists before, beneath and beyond anything that would block it or doubt it or dismiss it.

You are able to receive it now.

The light is getting brighter and you are clearer and clearer.

There is only love here and its wisdom.

Allow yourself to rest more deeply in the feelings of wellness and clarity and peace that are always available to you.

You are one with this clear and pure energy.

You are one with the light of life.

You are clear and pure.

You are the light of life.

The intelligence of love is within you, guiding you, it is you.

Trust this light that you are a part of.

Listen to its silent guidance.

Let it illuminate your path and shine out from you and for you on your journey.

Open up to the Divine wisdom that is your intuition and let it lead you on your way.