Lucy Di Marino

Lavender Reishi Chocolate

Easy to make with a creamy and crumbly melt in your mouth texture, this deliciously rich wholefood lavender reishi chocolate has a delicate floral flavour. Lavender offers protective and calming effects and supports health with a host of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Medicinal mushroom reishi, an adaptogen that supports the body in dealing with stress, balances energy levels and regulates the nervous system.



• 1 tsp reishi extract powder
• 2 tbsp lavender flowers
• 10 g lucuma powder
• 200 g date sugar
• 210 g cacao nibs


• ½ tbsp cacao nibs
• ½ tbsp lavender flowers


In a high speed blender, process the chocolate ingredients into a liquid or until as smooth as possible.

Transfer to a chocolate mould or individual cases and gently pick up and drop the mould or case to smooth out the chocolate.

Top with cacao nibs and lavender flowers and refrigerate for 2 hours to set.