Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Manifestation Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to help you connect with your creative power, your innate worth and the creative energy within you and all around you.

Record this meditation, slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Alternatively, speak the words to yourself in front of a mirror and feel the loving intelligence within you awaken your wellbeing, clarity of mind and sense of wholeness.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes. Relax.

Find yourself on a beach at dusk.

The light is beautiful, tranquil, golden and the sky is lit by stars.

The sea is calm and the waves are slowly lapping the shore.

The sound of the water is soothing, resonating with the peace and calm within you.

Look up and notice that particles of golden light are streaming down on you.

This light covers you.

This light is healing.

This light is loving.

It is lighting up the health and creativity and power within you.

Make yourself comfortable on the sand.

As you do, notice how well you fee.

Notice how well your joints and muscles move.

Notice how comfortable you are in your skin.

Notice how safe and secure you feel within.

Notice how clear and calm your mind is.

Notice how deeply relaxed and present you are.

Lay down and look up at the sky.

You see stars and galaxies.

You are looking at elements of the world of form that are is an expression of consciousness that you are also of.

Imagine now as you rest here, connecting with all of life, that there is an energy at work orchestrating the fulfilment of your every desire.

That this energy is working through you, with you and for you as your direct it.

You only need to imagine your desires fulfilled and live as if they have been received to organically make changes that lead you in the direction of their delivery.

Feel the feelings of support, confidence and trust that knowing this creates within you.

Listen to the soft movement of the waves on the beach.

Hear the shifting of the sand.

See shooting stars making their way across the sky.

There is magic here.

Life is mystical.

You have limitless potential.

There is nothing that cannot be done.

You are a part of something.

Tune in to the spiritual truth, awe, wonder you are experiencing now.

Open up to the mystical, the unexplainable, all that is beyond the comprehension of the limited mind.

Rest in the joy of this.

Relax into the knowing that there is an energy at work creating as you direct it to.

See yourself living the life you long for, experience it now and enjoy it.

Feel the fulfilment and enthusiasm and love and gratitude that you express through your enjoyment.

Notice how you think and act and move in the world now you have received what you asked for.

Deepen your sense of connection with the energy that has created with you.

Know that you can imagine anything you desire and in imagining it, experience it just by thinking about it.

Your power to imagine is your power to play with the creative energy within you that is the energy of life.

This knowledge exists within you.

Stand up and as you do, notice that you are still covered in golden particles of light that shimmer and sparkle as you move.

The healing light of Divine love is always shining on you.

The light within you is always shining too

As you walk along the shore now, pick up the object on the floor in front of you.

It is a mirror.

As you lift the mirror to your face, you enter a state of complete bliss and when you look at it your reflection what you see is whole, what you see is worthy, what you see is Divine.

This ability to see your true self is always within you.

Feel yourself deeply relaxed as you put the mirror down on the sand and make your way along the beach, enjoying the warmth and light and easy movement of your body.

You are peaceful, safe and whole within.

You are connected with and a part of all of life.

Come to a stop and close your eyes.

Rest your hands on your heart.

Feel your truth and light and creative power.

Experience and embrace your desire to enjoy and play.

Slowly come back to the space you are in, move your body and open your eyes.

Know that you are about to enter a world of your own choosing where you have the power to play with the creative energy of the Divine that will light up your life as you direct it to.