Manifestation Workbook

Manifestation is the act of bringing into being what we think about and focus on and align with emotionally. To consciously create means that we manifest what we want to achieve and receive in life. As children we are much more aligned with this ability but as we get older, we forget our power, we focus more on our environment than the unseen possibilities that are on offer to us that we access and connect with beyond the senses and we operate from a limited mindset that tells us that what we dream of and wish for is impossible or requires hard work, struggle and sacrifice.

It is when we remember who we really are that we create well; it is when we move beyond personality that we manifest miracles. Beyond conditioned thinking and a focus on space and time, we are enter a state of consciousness that is the creative energy of life, absolute awareness of our truth and beauty, our ability to bring into being all that we want and wish to. We are worthy and whole and we create well when we acknowledge this, when we connect with it and use this knowledge as our gateway to accessing the mystical and magical. Beyond the veil of illusion, we find we are inspiration, perfection, imagination, we are the creative power of the Universe and in this energy beyond form, we create it.

To manifest, we set an intention, we visualise it as having occurred, we create the emotional response to receiving it and we operate from this level of thinking and feeling as we go about our day, allowing this state of being to inform how we operate in every moment. In doing so, we become the people who we envision as having already received and created all that we want to, we raise the frequency of our vibration to match that which we want to draw to us. We do not spend time on how and when, we trust in our power to create and the power of the life to handle the logistics for us. We send out messages of desire and radiate our intent and match the vibration of the having in our doing. We do not wait to get what we want to become the people we wish to be, we get what we want because we are the people we wish to be now.

We all want to feel good and until we realise that good feeling comes from inside of us, we look to the world outside of us to makes us feel what we wish to which often leads to disappointment as well as feelings of powerlessness. When we are not aligned with our wellbeing, our ability to decide how we feel, our desire for good feeling is often not met and we are left believing we are being let down by life and can feel as if there is a void within us. When we begin to understand this, we start to live in a way that respects and supports our wellbeing. Manifestation allows us to take this further so that we use our gifts to create more opportunities to engage and express them.

To set your intention, identify why you want what you do which is usually a case of discovering what it is you want to feel and feel it now. Because these feelings come from within you and are available to you always, no matter what is going on outside of you. You are perfectly capable of having everything you desire and feeling miserable. You choose what you think and feel in response to life so choose now to feel how you imagine you will when you get what you want and become the person who feels this way. When you are creating and connecting with and energising feelings of abundance, health, love, you act as a magnet for abundance, health and love, attracting what you are and calling towards you more of what you are already experiencing. Life will give you many opportunities to reset your behaviour so that this attitude becomes your default setting.

Next, communicate clearly to the Universe what you want and trust that it will manifest in the way that is best for you. Allow yourself to feel supported as you take steps towards achieving and creating what you desire. Believe in the possibility of it coming into being and take action from this belief. You trust in your health whilst doing your best to make choices that support and maintain and increase health. Likewise, trust in your ability to cocreate with the Universe to bring into being what you wish to experience whilst making choices that support and maintain and increase your connection with the creative energy of life and the likelihood of getting what you wish for.

Children can manifest easily because they know how to play. They know how to tune into their imaginative power and move beyond what they see to what they envision. Conscious creation is the act of reawakening these abilities so that we decide what we want, act as if we already have it and in feeling blessed and loved and supported and expanded by our good fortune, act as the people who are already creating and receiving it.

Ask yourself who you think you will become by having or achieving or living what you’ve asked for. What difference will there be in the way you think and act and behave? This person who has what they want and lives in a way that recognises their ability to create and receive it is already within you. Start living as this person now. What choices does this future you make? How does this future you respond to others? What actions does this future you take? How does this future you think and feel as they go about their day?

Take action from the person you’ll be when you have what you want. Live this life now. Live from the feeling of your new self. Operate from this mindset today and practise bringing this new consciousness into every moment. Manifestation is active and not passive and yet trust enables surrender rather than an attempt at control so do the work to be the person you imagine enjoying what you have asked for, take action to enable more opportunities and possibilities to appear in your life and then release your vision and allow the Universe to deliver what you desire in the way that is right for you.

If you think you know what your opportunity will look like or how it will unfold you might miss it when it arrives. You have set your intention. You are taking action to think and feel as the person you believe receiving your request will make you and you are evolving to become this person now. Do what you can and leave the rest to the Divine. Trying to micromanage God’s work will see you missing your own.

Realise your worthiness. You are a child of God. You are Divinity in action, creating alongside an energy that you are of, that you are lived by and that is you. There is no less than or undeserving. You have the right to be happy and joyful and supported and loved because you are all that you seek and ask for. Get clear on this, embrace it as truth, uncover the wisdom within you that knows who you really are and the limitless abundance you are worthy of creating, receiving and experiencing.

Become aware of the thoughts you don’t believe in when you are aligned with the Divine and knowledge of your magnificence but continue to repeat and energise anyway. Notice the ideas you invest in and continue to cultivate from the limited mind that hold you back. Halt yourself every time you get caught up with thoughts about being realistic or that judge your dreams and aspirations and desires as wrong somehow. Release your hold on fearful thoughts about risk and safety.

You are safe. You were born with spiritual wisdom, strength, resilience and immunity. Tuning into your truth will only lead to the expression of your highest good. Start to play at life again, bring your most brilliant dreams to life in your mind and feel the fun and lightness and creativity and joy this affords you. Rest in the awareness of your wellbeing. Understand that you are safe and whole within. Be the peace that you are. Notice how your thinking creates your feelings and read them as a guide to the helpfulness of your thinking in the moment. Engage with truth and let everything else pass by.

Do not try to force an outcome. What happens when you force a lock? It breaks or jams. You do not need to break down doors that are not open to you. Widen your vision, open up your focus. Notice the path that is welcoming you and the doors that are standing wide open. Walk alongside the energy of life towards your dreams. Let its intelligence guide you, its love inspire you and its limitless abundance provide for you as you uncover who you really are, live from the awareness of who you want to become and feel the feelings of joy, peace, love and gratitude that arise when you realise your connection with the Divine, work with the energy of creation to manifest all that you desire and surrender to the creative power of the Universe.

When we realise that we are the creators of our reality and we embrace this, we begin to notice and look for ways to express our innate desire to celebrate life. We encourage our natural good feeling without waiting for anything or anyone else to do it for us which empowers us and puts us in control of our experience and we find that the more good feeling we generate, the more wonderful our lives become.

And when we do not feel so happy or inclined to affirm our potential and visualise an ever more wonderful future, we choose to treat ourselves kindly, allowing our feelings to arise, letting them go or exploring them safely from the clarity that innate peace of mind affords us. It is judgement of our feelings that causes tension as well judgement of ourselves for having them and judgement of others who we might believe to be the cause of them. If there is no judgement, if we are neutral and fact based, there is no need to do anything with our feelings but allow them to come up and allow them to move on and when we are clear minded again, reflect on them in order to gain insight into where they stem from.

Although manifestation tells us that we are the point of attraction for what we receive and we receive what we do based on the frequency of our vibration which we create via our thinking and feelings, we do not need to be concerned when past thinking or uncomfortable feelings occur that we will be bringing into being what we don’t want. We can simply know that allowing thoughts to pass and feelings to rise up and out of us, allowing us to reflect on them without dwelling in them will lead us to greater understanding of why we created them and how we might move on from them and create new experiences in future.

This allows us to take action that is motivated by our internal wellbeing and happiness rather than a need to fix ourselves and acquire wellbeing and happiness from the outside world in order to feel better. When we operate from awareness of how we are creating our experience rather than a need to control life in order to try and make sure external events and our environment give us what we think we need in order to feel good, we notice that we are primed to turn towards good feeling, that we are innately directed to connect with and express our inner joy and happiness and wonder for life.

Feeling something must occur in order for us to feel good causes us to look away from what is available to us and towards a sense of fundamental lack and powerlessness. Instead we feel well and happy and safe within and are guided by our wellbeing and wisdom to seek out spaces and company that encourage our natural joy and peace whilst knowing that we have the ability to control our responses to life when we are unable to.

Manifestation leads us to trust that when we are aligned with inspiration and intuition, when we take wise action, when we visualise and enact our hoped for future, what is for our highest good will unfold. And we look forward to it without delaying our good feeling and we feel good if things do not unfold as we had imagined. Because we have given up trying to control the journey and surrendered the outcome to a more qualified source. We know that no matter what happens we are whole and well and healthy within, we live from appreciation for life, present and grateful and aware that gratitude is the state from which we receive.

Conscious manifestation is the act of looking beyond what the mind tells us is probable to what the heart tells us is possible. We look forward to possibilities as a way of exploring our imaginative capacities and expressing even more innate good feeling. We are aware of our ability to celebrate life in every moment and there is no element of need or want that can detract from this. When we defer pleasure, contentment and satisfaction and live in a state of perpetual want that sees us never fully happy and always needing more, we overlook how we are creating our experience, living from an idea that it is what is available outside of us that will make us feel well rather than knowing that it is what is inside of us that will lead us to expressing our innate health, success and happiness.

Affirming that we can feel now as we imagine we will when we have what we want leads us to affirm qualities and traits within ourselves that guide us to live in a way that feels more attuned and in alignment with who we really are. It raises our levels of happiness and positivity because it is not the thing but the thinking of the thing that creates our good feeling about it. And this is because we have access to good feeling at all times, we just need to look towards it in order to experience it and celebrate this gift of creation we are born with in the way we live our lives in order to bring about more opportunities to express it.

When we celebrate potential and possibility we operate from an awareness of our ability to cocreate with life, to engage our power to feel good in any moment, to imagine what we might bring into being and enjoy how we feel when we visualise receiving it because we do so from a sense of fun and play and a space of wholeness, happiness and health. This leads us to create lives we love because we do so with awareness and gratitude and we raise the frequency of our vibration to that of pure love and wellbeing and as we do, we attract and open up to more and more opportunities for us to express these in our lives. We appreciate our gifts, we celebrate what we are capable of and we reflect on what is and isn’t occurring for us with curiosity, living from our innate happiness and experiencing more good feeling because of it.

This is a lifelong practice, this is not something we figure out overnight. Life is a journey of learning to return to our true selves. Trust and faith are fundamentals in this journey and in the act of conscious creation. We have to move beyond an intellectual understanding of manifestation in order to create a life in flow, that honours our truth and utilises our passions and brings to life our desires. We have to fully trust in the power of the unseen and the unknown, as well as our own worthiness and ability to receive.

Living in a state of trust and cocreation, knowing on a fundamental level that we can at any moment create a life we love in every area is about giving up the urge to try and control how we receive. Manifestation and living from a higher consciousness are about intention and surrender. And when we live intentionally and surrender outcomes to the Universe from an authentic trust in its power, we recover the time and energy we would have spent trying to control what is beyond us in a state of trust and faith that frees us from stress and worry and aligns us more fully with our truth, allowing us to explore new ways to live and create.

Trusting and having faith in the creative power of the Universe as well as our own ability to bring into being what we want when we do, bypasses our focus on the reality we think we see and experience via our limited vision and understanding and ideas about how things should unfold or occur or be delivered. Doing so allows us to play at life without attachment, excited and enthusiastic about our ability to change how we think and feel and notice that in doing this we are changing the world around us. We feel connected and present when we are no longer striving and forcing but allowing our natural good feeling and ability to flow with inspiration and imagination to lead us in exploring the potential we have for transforming our lives as we do.

Manifesting is the act of deliberate cocreation with the Universe. We focus our energies on bringing into being what we want to see in the world, feeling the feelings of it as already in existence and surrendering the outcome of our efforts to the Universe as we take guided action to move towards our desired futures. Manifestation works to help us shine a light on the areas where we are held back, invested in limited beliefs, not fully faithful and trying to control outcomes rather than following our intuition and surrendering what is beyond us to a higher power.

One area of struggle can come from our efforts to resist what we do not want and believing this to be the same as or a part of the process of manifesting. When we believe in the possibility of something, we are teaching ourselves to feel like it already exists and we work towards achieving it, operating on the faith that we are sending signals of intent into the Universe. Manifesting is the awareness of possibility and our potential to bring into being what we want to experience. We allow ourselves to be guided in action by a trust in our ability to create from a space beyond the logical and physical and our expectations or beliefs about how things should unfold in the way that is right for us.

Resisting is the act of struggling to withstand the effect or action of what we do not want to occur or the attempt to prevent it from happening by fighting against it. When we are focused on resistance, we fall out of alignment with our truth, our core values, our ability to experience insight and spiritual guidance, as well a state of faith and trust. We are all familiar with the phrase, ‘what we resist persists’ because when we focus our energy on what we don’t want we experience more thoughts and feelings of struggle. If we direct our energy towards what we do and the possibility of working towards it at the same time as trusting that we are being supported in the manifestation of it, we feel better, more competent and capable and hopeful and are able to imagine a positive outcome which feels good to us and guides us to take useful and positive action.

When we remain true to our goals and beliefs and trust in our ability to cocreate and communicate with the Universe, we remain connected with our power to create, centred and focused and in touch with the knowledge within that we have the ability to maintain our truth at all times, able to distinguish between having a thought and energising it, as well as conscious of the state we choose to live in. In this space, we recognise during moments of doubt or stress or overwhelm, that the wisdom with us that exists before, beneath and beyond the experience is guiding us to let go of yet another set of limiting beliefs and behaviours in order to expand more fully into who we truly are and what we are capable of.

Every time we focus on and attempt to resist or control, we forget that we have the power to decide on our actions, our choices, our thoughts, our focus. Manifestation is about uncovering the freedom we have to explore our creative capacities and realise our abilities. It is not an act of struggle or forcing but surrender and allowing. When we believe in our worth, our wellbeing and ability to feel good, we choose to be guided by these even when we make mistakes and limited thinking tells us otherwise. We are always being guided to uncover and explore and celebrate who we really are and what we are really capable of creating and achieving.

The energy of life is loving consciousness that powers and supports us in every moment, allowing us to bring to life an experience of everything we imagine. When we default to its wisdom and power, we do not need to resist life, we can embrace it, aware that we decide on our experience of it, choosing who we are and how we think and feel and act and knowing that as we do, we are directing the creative power within and all around us to create outcomes for us that we are deciding on in every moment.

Use this workbook to get clear on what you want to manifest and why and to envision who it is you believe you will become by receiving it. As you record your insights and intuitive guidance, you will be creating a manual on how to live to be best in alignment with your highest expression in the moment. We receive by becoming, we do not become by receiving. Use this workbook to set your intentions, record your progress and expand your goals and vision. Become the person you want to be who is already within you. Imagination is key to creation. Visualise your new and greater expression and record your insights here as a how to guide that you can follow.

Manifestation Workbook