Lucy Di Marino


Manifestation is the act of bringing into being what we think about, focus on and align with. To consciously create means that we manifest what we want to achieve and receive in life from our highest awareness. As young children we are much more aligned with this ability than we are as adults. As we get older, we forget our power and we focus more on the reality we experience via our habitual perceptions and conditioned understanding of life than on the possibilities that are on offer to us. When we move beyond the limiting beliefs that tells us that receiving what we desire in life is impossible, unsafe for us or can only be achieved through struggle and sacrifice, we open up to an experience of life that is miraculous.

It is when we remember who we really are that we manifest well. It is when we move beyond our unconsciously created personal reality that we experience miracles. Beyond unhelpful conditioned thinking and a focus on what is known to us from the limited, we are enter a state of consciousness that is the creative energy of life, absolute awareness of our truth and beauty, our worth and our ability to bring into being all that we wish to from the space of wholeness and wellbeing. We create well when we know this, when we connect with and operate from our truth and understand that realisation of our innate worth and our deservedness is our gateway to accessing the mystical, the magical, to aligning with and harnessing the creative power of life.

To manifest, we define our desire, we imagine it as having already happened, we create the experience within us of having received it and we operate from it, guided in how we think and feel and act by it, allowing this state of being to inform how we live and create and respond to life in every moment. We radiate and operate at the frequency of connection, celebration, confidence, worth, gratitude and power. We become the people we envision having what we desire and we raise our vibration to match the experience of having it. By doing so, we draw what we want to us. If we make this an act of play and allow it to be simple without spending time on how and when what we want will be received, we allow ourselves to imagine into being an experience and expression of self that trusts in life to support us as we enjoy our power to create, whilst allowing the logistics to be handled for us. We send out messages of desire, we radiate our intent and we match the vibration of having what we desire with our being and in our doing.

We all want to feel well, balanced, harmonious and until we realise that these feelings come from within us, we look to the world outside of us to makes us feel what we wish to which often leads to disappointment as well as an idea of ourselves as powerless. When we are not aligned with our wellbeing, aware of our ability to decide how we feel, guided by our wholeness, we may come to believe that we are let down by life, lacking in some way, unsupported, that we cannot get our needs met. When we begin to understand that within we are whole and well, spiritually perfect, directed by our wisdom towards and able to manifest an experience of worth, we start to live in a way that is guided by and supports our wellbeing. As we do, we find that the act of conscious creation allows us to use our creative power to bring into being and open up to opportunities for us to engage and express our inner truth, health and happiness.

Conscious creation is a natural result of self realisation which is the process of recognising who we really are, of becoming aware of the resources we have within to change the way we perceive ourselves and life and process and heal what we have been through or are going through. We do not have to force positive thinking, only cultivate our awareness of how we are thinking and feeling and reacting to our experience in the moment, allowing our inner wisdom to guide us. We have the right to be happy and joyful and know that we are spiritually supported and loved. When we get clear on this, embrace it as truth, uncover the wisdom within that knows who we really are and the limitless abundance we are worthy of creating, receiving and experiencing, we shift into a new expression that allows us to create and receive without condition.

We do not wait to get what we want to become the people we wish to be, feeling as we wish to feel, we get what we want because we discover that we can be the people we wish to be now, feeling whole and complete in the present, trusting our instincts and surrendering outcomes to a higher power.

When we are willing to investigate and challenge what turns us away from the wisdom and peace and clarity within us, we find that we have access to insight, that we have the strength and resilience to explore what we want versus what we are creating, that we can keep coming back to the truth of our wholeness in order to consider and dissolve what prevents us from operating from it, knowing it and being guided by it and move towards a fulfilling and expansive experience of life, beyond the limitations we have innocently invested in that are holding us back from it. We align with our truth, we experience the wholeness, unity, integration of all that we are spiritually. In alignment, we are authentic, powerful, operating and processing life from a state of clarity and truth. In truth, we know intuitively our purpose in the moment, our passions, our dreams and desires. When we ignore, doubt or refuse our wisdom, we create an experience and reality for ourselves that allows us to see where we are not in flow.

Take Action


To set your intention, identify why you want what you do which is usually a case of discovering what it is you want to feel and feel it now. Because these feelings come from within you and are available to you always, no matter what is going on outside of you. This does not mean you do not seek to be safe and well in the world; your inner wisdom will always guide you towards health. It means that you are perfectly capable of having everything you desire and feeling miserable. You are able to choose what you think and feel in response to life, so choose now to think and feel as you imagine you will when you have what you want. Become the person who lives this way. When you are consciously creating, connecting with and energising feelings of abundance, health, love, you signal new neural pathways, you generate new cell expression, you become a magnet for and attract what you are, drawing to you more of what you are already experiencing and expressing. Life will give you many opportunities to reset your behaviour so that this attitude becomes your default setting.


Next, communicate clearly to the loving intelligence of life what you want and trust that it will manifest in the way that is best for you, whilst taking inspired action to move towards it. Allow yourself to feel supported as you take intuitive steps towards achieving and receiving what you desire. Believe in conscious creation and take action from this belief. Trust in your ability to co create with life to bring into being what you desire whilst making choices that support and maintain and increase your connection with the creative power of the Divine. Give up ideas about worth and deservedness that question or challenge your right to receive. Notice the direction of your thinking and the physical experience of it. Suffering is not a prerequisite for insight, healing and evolution. We do not have to suffer to grow. This model of thinking is based on an old paradigm that we pay our dues here on Earth in order to be granted access into heaven. Heaven is within us. Love is all around us. We grow through what we go through when we see that we have the faculties to and yet, still, we are able to realise and connect with a higher expression of self without suffering, just by waking up in the moment to who we really are which can happen to any of us at any time.


Before children are taught and programmed and conditioned to view themselves as limited, they are able to manifest their desires more easily because they know how to play and engage and operate from their imaginative power and are more free flowing, more present, more engaged and connected in the moment. Everything we give our energy to requires focus, time and attention and being aware of this can help us to utilise it more joyfully. Conscious creation is the act of reawakening our inner truth, of allowing self love and self trust to guide us in deciding what we want, acting as if we already have it and feeling blessed and loved and supported and expanded by our good fortune, living as the people who have already received it. Ask yourself who you think you will become by receiving what you have asked for. What difference will there be in the way you think and feel and behave? Your future self who has manifested their desire, who lives in a way that recognises their ability to consciously create and gratefully receive, is already within you. Start living as this person now. What choices does this future you make from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed at night? How does this future you relate and respond to life? How clear minded and effective is this future you? How does this future you think and feel as they go about their day?


Take action from the person you will be when you have what you want. Live this life now. Live from the feeling of your new self. Operate as this person today and practise your new approach to life in every moment. Manifestation is active and not passive and yet trust enables surrender so that you do the work to be the person you imagine you will be once you are enjoying what you have asked for and then release your vision, allowing the creative energy of life to deliver your desire in the way that is right for you, without attempting to control how it arrives so that you remain in the frequency of allowing. You have set your intention. You are taking action to think and feel and operate as the person you believe receiving your request will make you and you are evolving to become this person now, trusting the rest to the Divine. Trying to micromanage God’s work will see you neglecting your own.


Do not try to force an outcome. What happens when you force a lock? It breaks or jams. You do not need to break down doors that are not open to you. Widen your vision, open up your focus, notice the path that is welcoming you and the doors that are standing wide open. Walk alongside the energy of life towards your dreams. Allow its intelligence to guide you, its love to inspire you and its limitless abundance to provide for you as you uncover who you really are, are inspired by the awareness of who you want to become and feel the feelings of joy, peace, love and gratitude that arise when you realise your connection with the intelligence of life and consciously direct your creative power to manifest all that you desire, surrendering to the true self and actualising your limitless potential.

Become aware of the thoughts that you don’t believe in when you are aligned with the truth and knowledge of your magnificence but continue to repeat and energise because it has become your habit to. Notice the ideas you invest in and continue to return to that hold you back. Pause every time you get caught up with thoughts that judge your dreams and aspirations and desires as unrealistic or wrong. Release fears about risk and safety, taking aligned and inspired and intuitive action that honours and reflects your innate worth, wisdom and wholeness.

Realise your worthiness. You are a child of God, life, love, source, light. You are Divinity in action, creating as, from and alongside the energy of life that you are of, that you are lived by and that is you. There is no less than or undeserving.

You were born with spiritual wisdom, strength, resilience and immunity. Tuning in to your truth will only lead to the expression of your highest good. Start to play in life again, bring your most brilliant dreams to life in your mind and feel the fun and lightness, creativity and joy this affords you. Rest in the awareness of your wellbeing and allow it to guide you in recognising what limits and fears you have become identified with and why. Understand that you are safe and whole within. Be the peace that you are. Notice how your feelings reflect your thinking and read them as a guide to the helpfulness of your thinking in the moment. Engage with truth which will lead you in clarity and with insight and let everything else pass by.

When we realise that we are the creators of our reality and we embrace this, we begin to notice and look for ways to express our innate desire to celebrate life. We encourage our natural good feeling without waiting for anything or anyone else to do it for us which empowers us and we find that the more good feeling we generate, the more wonderful our lives become because we feel as we think and we act as we feel so when we think of ourselves as powerful, conscious creators, we feel and act this way. And when we default to past habits of being that do not create a healthy feeling experience, self love and wisdom guide us to treat ourselves kindly, allowing our feelings to arise so that we can release them or explore them from the clarity that innate peace of mind affords us.

As we affirm our truth, remember our potential and engage in imagining and energising an experience of an ever more healthy feeling expression of self, we realise that love is whole wellbeing, total connection, harmony and peace. When we drop into love, we are clear and we find that as beings of love, we are guided to operate for our own highest good, to forgo the judgement and conflict created by past thinking so that we honour our desires and flow in life as we are inspired to, allowing ourselves to feel, process and digest who we were, who we are and who we are becoming, trusting in ourselves and the energy of life when we meet challenge or when others challenge us.

In conscious creation, we see ourselves as the point of attraction for what we want to receive and we raise the frequency of our vibration to match it. This does not mean we need to be concerned that when past thinking and feelings occur that we will be bringing into being what we don’t want or that investigating what needs healing within us will attract more of the same. We can simply know that allowing thoughts to flow and feelings to arise, allowing ourselves to reflect on them when we are called to without energising them, identifying with them or dwelling in them, leads us to greater understanding of their origin and how we might move on from them and enjoy new thinking and new states of being. We cannot control life but we can be guided by wisdom to create a conscious experience of it, working with life to create well. This allows us to take action that is motivated by our inner health and clarity so that we can release, reflect on and heal what we need to, giving up beliefs that we need to fix ourselves, punish ourselves and or try to acquire what exists within us to feel well.

When we operate from awareness of how we are creating our experience, rather than a need to refuse or control life in order to try to feel good, we notice that we are primed to turn towards our innate good feeling, that we are instinctively directed to connect with and express our inner joy and happiness and wonder for life. That whilst it may be our habit to forgo or refuse good feeling, we feel how much effort it is to do so and that our inner wisdom is always directing us towards thinking clearly, feeling clearly and enjoying life. Believing that something must occur in order for us to feel good causes us to turn away from what is available to us within and towards a sense of fundamental lack and powerlessness. When we begin to trust in our truth, our resources, our spiritual intelligence, we allow good feeling to be our dominant state, we know what is good for us and we explore ways of expressing and experiencing our spiritual wellbeing in all areas.

Manifestation leads us to trust that when we are aligned with inspiration and intuition, when we take wise action, when we imagine and immerse ourselves in and enact the experience of our hoped for future, what is for our highest good will unfold.

As we look forward to receiving without delaying good feeling, we give ourselves the gift of feeling good as we manifest and even when we do not receive what we have asked for, trusting that we are creating well and knowing that as we expand into our truest selves, we experience more joy and peace simply by being. As we give up trying to control how are desires are delivered to us and surrender outcomes to a more qualified source, we are practicing faith in our inner knowledge that no matter what happens, we are whole within, connected with life and able to live from appreciation, presence and gratitude. We keep our minds clear so that we can take intuitive action. We discover that gratitude is the state in which we receive and that awareness, grace, faith and trust are the states in which we create.

Living In a State of Trust

Conscious creation is the act of looking beyond what limited thinking tells us is probable to what our spiritual truth tells us is possible. We look to possibilities as a way of exploring our imaginative capacities and expressing even more innate good feeling. We are aware of our ability to celebrate life in every moment. When we defer pleasure, contentment and satisfaction and live in a state of lack that sees us never fully immersed in joy, we overlook how we are creating our experience rather than knowing that it is what is inside of us that will lead us to the expression and experience of our innate health and happiness.

Affirming that we can think, feel and act now as we imagine we will when we have what we want leads us to affirm qualities and traits within ourselves that guide us to live in a way that feels more attuned and in alignment with who we really are. It raises our vibration to the frequency of joy because it is not receiving or having the things we want that makes us feel good, it is how we think about receiving and having them that does.

This is a lifelong practice, not something we figure out overnight. Life is a journey of learning to return to our true selves. Trust and faith are fundamentals on this journey and in the practice of conscious creation. We have to move beyond an intellectual understanding of manifestation in order to create a life of flow that honours our truth and expresses our passions and brings into being our truest desires. We have to fully trust in the power of the unseen and the unknown, as well as our own worthiness and ability to receive.

Trusting and having faith in the creative power of life as well as in our own ability to bring into being what we want, bypasses our focus on any limited ideas we have come to invest in and identify with about what we can and can’t do and what is and isn’t available to us. Believing in our inner wisdom, health and wholeness, allows us to play at life without attachment, enthusiastic about our ability to change how we think and feel and notice that in doing so, we are changing our reality. We give up being motivated by fear. We notice that we feel connected and present when we are no longer resisting, striving and forcing and allow our natural good feeling, intuition, innate clarity and ability to flow with inspiration and imagination, to lead us in exploring the potential we have for transforming our lives.

When we celebrate potential and possibility, we celebrate what we are capable of and we reflect on what is and isn’t occurring for us with curiosity. We operate from an awareness of our ability to co create with life, to engage our power to feel good in any moment, to imagine what we might bring into being and enjoy how we feel when we envision receiving it with a sense of fun and play, in wholeness, happiness and health. We expand beyond our limits and dissolve into an experience of pure love and wellbeing and as we do, we attract and open up to more and more opportunities to express our truth in our lives, letting go of more and more of the limits and blocks we have innocently been operating within, building and reinforcing.

When we focus our energies on bringing into being what we want, feeling the feelings of it as already received and surrendering the outcome of our efforts to a higher power, we take guided action to move towards our desired futures. Manifestation works to help us shine a light on the areas where we feel held back, invested in limited beliefs, not fully faithful and trying to control outcomes rather than following our intuition and surrendering what is beyond us. And there we find our work, there we find what it is we need to release or recover from or resolve. When we do, we step into our worthiness, our innate confidence, into the wholeness that is our truth and we shine, without concern for how others will perceive our light, able to examine or move beyond past thinking and feeling that tells us we cannot or should not.

Manifesting is the act of conscious, aware and deliberate co creation with the loving intelligent energy of life, with the Divine.

We are equipped for expansion, learning, development, growth. When we turn to the stillness, peace and wholeness within us for guidance, we relax into ourselves, into life, understanding that we can trust ourselves, take wise action, operate well, live authentically, experience freshness, envision new experiences and expressions of self. Opening up to change and variation and newness, letting go of what we are holding onto that holds us back, noticing where we are struggling against the flow of life rather than flowing with it, can all help us to define what it is we truly want and what we might do to create it.


One area of struggle can come from our efforts to resist what we do not want and believing this to be the same as or a part of the process of manifesting. When we believe in the possibility of something, we are teaching ourselves to feel like it already exists and we move towards achieving it, operating with faith that we are sending out energetic signals of intent. Manifesting is the awareness of possibility and our potential to bring into being what we want to experience. We allow ourselves to be guided in action by trust in our ability to create from a space beyond the limited and our expectations or beliefs about how things should unfold so that we allow them to in the way that is right for us.

Resisting is the act of struggling to withstand the effect or action of what we do not want to occur, the attempt to prevent it from happening. When we are focused on resistance, we fall out of alignment with our truth, our core values, our ability to experience insight and spiritual guidance as well faith and trust. When we focus our energy on what we don’t want, we create more thinking and feeling about it, experiencing tension, fear and struggle. If we direct our energy towards what we do want and the possibility of working towards it at the same time as trusting that we are being supported in the manifestation of it, we feel clear, competent and capable and are able to imagine a positive outcome which feels good to us and guides us towards helpful action.

When we remain true to our inspired goals and empowering beliefs and trust in our ability to co create and communicate with the energy of life, we remain connected with our own power to consciously create, centred, focused, in touch with the knowledge that we have the ability to maintain awareness of our truth at all times, able to distinguish between having a thought and creating thinking about it, conscious of the state we choose to live in. In this space, we recognise during moments of doubt, stress or overwhelm that the wisdom within us that exists before, beneath and beyond the experience, is guiding us to let go of limiting beliefs and behaviour so that we expand more fully into who we truly are and what we are capable of.

We have the power to decide on our actions, our choices, our thinking, our focus, which is not an act of struggle or forcing but one of awareness, allowing and flow. When we believe in our worth, our wellbeing and ability to feel good, we choose to be guided by these even when we make mistakes, even when our situation or circumstances are not as we wish them to be, even when limited thinking would direct us otherwise. We are always being guided to uncover and explore and celebrate who we truly are and what we are truly capable of creating and receiving.

The energy of life is loving intelligence, absolute consciousness, that powers and supports us in every moment, allowing us to create an experience of everything we imagine. When we default to its wisdom and power, we do not need to resist life, we can embrace it, aware that we decide on our experience of it, choosing who we are and how we think and feel and act and knowing that as we do, we are directing the creative power within and all around us to create outcomes for us that we are deciding on in every moment, faithful that we have the inner resources to handle life and the wisdom to seek support when we need it.

Manifestation is about uncovering the freedom we have to explore our creative capacities and realise our abilities.

We have all had an experience of thinking something into being and yet we often seem to question the power we have to manifest good and might even be more comfortable when our fears come to pass. This does not mean we are the cause of the challenging events and circumstances in our lives, rather that we are mistakenly more trusting of and invested in confused ideas about tempting fate, negative things happening in tandem, a good life being too good to be true than we are in the possibility of conscious creation, in our ability to feel good whenever we choose to and the phenomenal impact this has on our lives.

Underlying all of this is a foundation of belief that centres on what we can expect in life, what we deserve and why and we can start to change it by just allowing ourselves to feel as light and peaceful and joyful as we can when we notice we are feeling otherwise. In this way, we are aware of our energetic state and the process of flow that allows us to show up fresh to life rather than rigid, fixed or stagnant. To really get to the heart of things, we can return to the love that we are and let love guide us in recognising that what we want in life is to feel whole and well and supported and connected, able to trust ourselves and act in alignment with our truth. When we feel this way, we understand that if we allow a loving expression of self to be known to us and guide us, we will automatically begin creating a healthier, more satisfying experience, we will be inspired to heal what hurts within us so that we can process and recover and allow a more vibrant state of self to emerge.

As we work to manifest, we benefit from releasing any ideas we have come to internalise about asking being wrong or showing us to be greedy or needy or bad in some way. We exist as a part of a creative and intelligent and loving energy that does not operate from or with judgement. All teachings we have internalised about our desire to feel and enjoy good being unacceptable can be let go of. And when others insist we accept and believe in their ideas about worth and deservedness, we must remain centred in our Divine truth and wholeness so that we let them pass by us. It is helpful to consider and reflect on who we discuss our desires with and how we communicate them when we do.

We direct the energy of consciousness in every moment of our lives to create our experience. Not asking life for all that we are Divinely worthy of does not mean we are not sending out messages of desire, rather that we are using our creative power without conscious intention in a way that may not be benefiting us. Redirecting ourselves to feelings of love, freedom, peace, joy and expansion every time we begin to consider the value of past beliefs about what is allowed, what is deserved, what is right, can help us to drop into an experience of wholeness and wellness and in this experience, reflect on what we truly want and ask for it. Once we do this, we can tune into our inner wisdom, considering what steps will move us towards fulfilling our own needs, towards the achievement of our goals, towards bringing our dreams to life, being sure to celebrate our every effort, our smallest successes whilst being flexible and adaptive as life flows and our plans need to too.

And we surrender our desire because trust is a high vibration that allows us to free up the energy we may spend otherwise. In trust, we relax and when we relax we are more connected, more aware, able to remember our power, our beauty, our innate love for ourselves and life. Operating as if what we want has already been received, whilst trusting it will be delivered in the way that is right for us, sees us consciously rewriting our programmes so that we think and feel ourselves into a new vibration in harmony with what we desire. In the newness of this, we entertain fresh ideas, we are open to inspiration, we allow flow, we know peace and connection and purpose, however these unfold for us. We are worthy and deserving of receiving what we desire from our highest truth. When we see that we are refusing what would allow us to wholly claim and operate from our worth, our potential and our creative power, we are able to invest our time and energy in exploring what we are holding onto that keeps us from living as we want to.

We have the power to choose to do things differently in every moment, to realise that we always have the option to decide again, to understand that how we feel is not the result of the lives we lead but that the lives we lead are a result of how we feel.

We are greater than our fears. We have the inner resources to consider and acknowledge them, the power to process, heal and release them and the inner wisdom to navigate life from wholeness and peace and joy when they come up so that we are able to remain clear on what we want to receive in life and our ability to create it. We can explore and realise our desires in a way that feels insightful and expansive, light and fun. We have the gift of imagination, we can enjoy envisioning the creation of a truer experience of life, guided to know whether we are working to achieve what is right for us or not. We can let go of what we have or are doing when it is not aligned with us and keep on with what is even when it is not working to our timeline, learning and growing whilst we work towards it.

A Lifelong Journey

Life feels beautiful when we open up to the love and wellness that exist within us and that we are. Thinking thoughts of joy, peace, wholeness and appreciation trigger feeling states that raise our vibration and change our physical expression. We realise we do not have to figure life out from the known and open up to new ideas and perspective. Committing to choosing to follow thoughts that lead us in feelings of acceptance, connection, happiness and gratitude is an acknowledgement of the power we hold to feel well and be guided in our choices by our inner wellness and make this a habit of being. This is an ongoing practice. We know when we need to make changes and in which areas we need to make them because it is in those areas that life isn’t flowing for us, isn’t representative of what we want and doesn’t seem to be offering opportunities for change. Stepping back from focusing on what isn’t right allows us to channel inspiration that opens us up to what is and what might be, so that we see a way of moving forwards.

It doesn’t have to be that our situations are negative, they can actually appear to be wonderful but when we feel deeply that we aren’t fulfilling our potential or are holding ourselves back or not living in a way that is guided and motivated by and aligned with our truest desires, core values, highest awareness, we know it and we are ready to take steps to move beyond our supposed comfort zones because we know they don’t or never did feel truly comfortable to us. As we reflect on the lives we live and what we ultimately want to feel and do and explore and enjoy, imagining new experiences can lead us to consider why we are withholding ourselves from fullness and fulfilment, where we are being guided to expand, what achievements or goals or desires are just beyond our reach and where in our lives we dream of doing things differently. This is a practice of presence so that we are not distracted by or caught up in past beliefs or expressions of being and are able to honestly, with gentleness and kindness, reflect on what steps we can and want to take to move forwards.

Noticing our physical state is key to keeping ourselves in alignment, letting go of tension and tightness when we become aware of it, relaxing and resting when we need to, supporting healing and reflecting on what the physical might be revealing. Habits of being express on every level. We are not dual beings, we are of one energy. Loving ourselves into a higher vibration shifts things in the world of form so that we dissolve blocks, release resistance, revive, restore, recover, recharge. Letting awareness of where we physically feel pain or struggle guide us in gently uncovering where we feel pain or struggle mentally and emotionally can allow us to move into healing that is holistic. This is achieved by our inhabiting who we really are and not what we have been told, taught or shaped into. It is the return to a truer state of being that allows for and unfolds as an experience of love, clarity, health, truth and awareness of our absolute spiritual wellness.

Practicing appreciation without force or effort but with a natural inclination to feel grateful and aligned, connected and fulfilled, centres us in innate joy and peace. No one can do this for us and taking responsibility for how we feel is not just an act of empowerment and liberation but an organic consequence of tuning in to the ability we have to inhabit a healthy state of being. In realisation, we are in knowledge, we do not force but align and allow. In doubt, we struggle and attempt to control. Self love is the means by which we progress well and evolve. Self discipline is the result of knowing that being aware and intentional and vigilant is the act of love we commit ourselves to that elevates and aligns our experience without judgment or punishment.

In peace, joy, love and harmony, a perfect affirmation to repeat is, I invite in miracles, I trust in miracles. We all know that to live well, we have to think well so that we feel well and act well and when we discover that transformation can be magical and mystical, we give ourselves over to experimenting with life in a way that feels fluid and flexible, knowing that we are guided and allowing ourselves clear and fresh thinking because of this. We can experience miracles and we can create them. Letting love lead us in grounding in this truth and practicing faith in a greater awareness to guide us in wisdom, sees us allowing inspiration, opening up to new ideas, nurturing our creative impulses, envisioning the receiving of our desires and learning to feel comfortable in taking direction from the experience of fulfilment we enjoy when we do.

Manifestation is not about forcing but allowing our innate knowledge and good feeling to be known to us and to guide us. It is a referral to the loving creative energy of life rather than the limited. A giving over of ourselves to life’s intelligence and power so that we are directed and motivated by it. Manifestation is not about denying what is but accepting it in order to remove judgement from it and allow ourselves to reflect on how we feel about it, so that we can get clear on what our intuition is guiding us to realise. Acceptance is powerful. It allows for honesty and integrity. In acceptance, we acknowledge, we digest, we process, we do not try to fight or flee from or control, we are centred and clear. We are able to tune in to our inner wisdom, to return to presence, to investigate why we feel as we do and once again open up to inspiration, imagination, innovation and forward movement.

In presence, we are in wholeness and as we release what we have been holding onto, we are able to make peace with the present moment, enjoy clarity, allow the expression of our inner wellness, experience the space to embrace joy, to feel enthusiastic about life, able to delight in the simplest pleasures and be grateful for all that we have and are able to create.

In truth, we do not fight life because we trust in ourselves, despite what we have been taught or told or believed previously about how we should be, who we should be, what we should tolerate or be grateful for or satisfied with. In truth, we understand that when life is different than we want it to be, that it is through acceptance that we create space for positive action. We fear acceptance when we fear allowing what we feel but we energise our feelings by struggling against them. We can feel what we need to; it is safe for us to feel when we remember our innate propensity for clarity, wise and clear thinking, peace of self.

When we relax into life, we do better. We relax when we accept what is and enjoy the freedom that doing so brings, experiencing insight and understanding, evolution and growth. We can acknowledge what we feel and allow it, releasing our feelings and enjoying the relief and the space that occur when we do, able to consider what we have been feeling and digest our experience. When we allow ourselves to reflect on how we would like to feel, how we would like things to be, without self judgment, without reference to past beliefs or other people’s ideas and expectations and dictates, we can experience clarity on how we might manage our situation and circumstances and move towards something better for us, from the peace that acceptance brings.

Self realisation is the awareness that we create our experience of life. When intuition guides us to know that something doesn’t support our wellbeing or enhance our joy or maintain our health, it is how we acknowledge and accept, process and respond to this information that creates our experience of it. In truth, in alignment, in self love, we respect and honour our inner wisdom without taking on how others or our own past beliefs react to our decisions and choices. We are guided to know who to share our insights with, regardless of what past beliefs and thinking demand or suggest, so that we are able to stay in alignment and truth and avoid unnecessary defence and justification of what we know is best or right for us, at the same time as we are certain in ourselves, honest and open.

Manifestation allows us to notice how and where we are concentrating our energy and whether our current thinking is leading us towards the lives we want or away from them. When we accept what is, digest how we feel about it and take inspired action, we experience empowerment, self trust, joy and hope, we allow ease and peace of mind and body. We get to notice what we like about life as it is, what we do enjoy and are grateful for, what is working for us and be directed by these feelings of enjoyment and appreciation and self knowledge towards taking action to move beyond our current experience and circumstances.

Manifestation guides us to recognise that inner conflict is the result of struggling against our intuition in favour of following contrasting ideas, beliefs, opinion or guidance, of being motivated by fear, limitation, suffering or doubt. Allowing ourselves to feel what we are repressing or rejecting leads to recognition of how we are responding to the guidance of our inner wisdom and the release of all that we have been struggling with or against and holding onto. We allow ourselves to move into new thinking and feeling without denying what is and also without focusing on our past experience of it, considering life in a new light that guides us to take new action.

To consider what we do want, to imagine how we’ll feel when we have it and making contentment, confidence, enthusiasm, gratitude and happiness the states from which we operate, turns us away from self judgement and unhelpful expectation towards acceptance and peace and love.

There is a depth of feeling unlike any other when we are in wholeness, truth, presence. When we allow ourselves to experience our intuitive guidance and be led by it without conflict or condition, we thrive. We flow. We discover that wholeness and truth, peace and clarity are available to us in every moment and that the more practised we are in centring ourselves in the truth of our being, the better flowing and feeling we become. When we are open to change, to newness, to the unknown, we access a higher wisdom, a greater awareness, we experience an elevated consciousness. In this feeling of wholeness and clearness and joy, we are inclined to make choices that are motivated by the desire to explore and are the result of discovering who we really are. When we surrender to clarity, when we allow flow, when we rise up out of the experience of the limited, we are able to envision lives that resonate with our spiritual health and freedom. It is our choice to commit to this state of freedom and flow. We are innately creative and intelligent and receptive to inspiration. We have the gift of imagination and we can use it to direct our experience in any way we choose.

Conscious Creation

Manifestation is a practice we are all engaged in all of the time. We send information out into the world around us via our vibration and when our state of being is not aligned with our intuition, our wellbeing, our wisdom, who we are overrides our desire to focus on and energise an envisioned experience of receiving of our desires and being transformed by it. Manifestation, then, is the act of creation; what we create within is what we experience without. A simple practice for conscious manifestation is to remove ideas of deserving and not deserving, worthiness and unworthiness, possible and impossible, and view it as straightforward requesting and receiving. Taking this approach allows us to bypass any contrary feelings generated by past beliefs, identification with them and past patterns of being and consciously reprogramme them.

When we make manifestation simple, we think, we feel, we become, we find it easier to invest in and experience our creative power. We become more open to receiving because we trust in joy, gratitude and enthusiasm and allow them, no longer struggling against them in any way. We can begin to explore whether the experience we are always creating matches who we wish to become and defer to our inner health, our belief in conscious creation, our awareness of the miraculous, remaining conscious of whether we are engaging a state of being that has us feeling we are lacking in some way or whole, powerful, fulfilled.

Until we do things differently, we are wired to experience, perpetuate, return to the known. To get new results, we have to take new action which means engaging in new thinking and feeling, rather than continuing to default to and inhabit familiar states of being and expressions of self. Being firm with ourselves about doing this and choosing to align in the present with our desired future selves means moving beyond the known into an experience of possibility, considering what it is that we really want as opposed to what we have been conditioned or habituated to believe it is safe or realistic for us to ask for. We then make it our priority to feel the feeling of having received our desire and acting from it, noticing when we return to the known and redirecting ourselves towards vibrating at the frequency of our desire, less interested in who we have been than in who we are becoming.

In order to request and receive, we can begin to consider why we want what we do. Can we imagine having it? Can we feel it as possible? In this vision, how do we think and feel and act? How does this guide the way we talk to and about ourselves, the scenarios we bring to mind, the stories we tell about our lives, about what we have and do and desire? We have the power to do things differently and the process of change can feel light and bright and joyful. When it feels heavy and hard, we can settle into our bodies, take a deep breath and breathe out as a sigh, relaxing, centring, releasing all that feels tight and tense within us and continue until we feel grounded. As we breathe in the love and intelligence that is all around us, tuning in to our spiritual grace and harmony, we allow our natural and innate ability to reset to be known to and guide us.

As we move forwards, make plans, explore new ideas and desires, it can be helpful to remember that what we have now may have been want we once longed for which directs us to gratitude, to appreciation for our creative abilitites, for life and to see that what may now look to past thinking like failure to achieve in terms of what we don’t currently have, can be understood as opportunity for insight, release, expansion, growth and evolution. As we explore and investigate and expand into new expressions of self, it is helpful and healing for us to be kind to ourselves, to be gentle and patient and understanding. In the moment that we feel struggle, we do not have to strive for optimism or positive thinking, we can simply move into the practice of closing our eyes, centring ourselves in our wholeness, breathing in peace and out tension and allowing our thoughts to flow, guided by our inner knowledge of our ability to realign, to become present, to turn towards peace and clearness and remember our commitment to self love and expansion.

Manifestation is the act of deliberate creation. We are always creating. Choosing to be conscious of how and what we create leads us to realise the power of our potential for focusing our energies on what we want to receive and experience in life, rather than what we don’t. Until we decide to become aware of the subconscious beliefs and programmes running our lives, we default to them the majority of the time and come to believe we have little control over the way our lives unfold. It is when we realise that we have the power to reprogramme them and take action to that we see results.

The experience of co creation with a higher power is one of trust, surrender, faith, that leads us in transformation and is available to us at all times.

Self realisation is the journey of discovering and actualising the true self, becoming more aware of who we really are and letting go of more of who we are not. We are the power of the present moment. This is an empowering and energising realisation because it allows for fresh thinking and feeling and being. We have the opportunity in every moment to engage and express our innate wellness, peace, joy and love, as well as the ability to entertain and follow thoughts that lead us towards experiencing and operating from wellbeing. Making it our habit to mentally rehearse a new expression of self commits future states of being and action to memory. If we can imagine how we might best live, whilst allowing ourselves the freedom of doing as we are guided to by wisdom in the moment, we will approach self realisation in a way that feels organic and natural as well as fun and inspired so that our journey is one of exploration and play.


We are creatures of imagination and past a certain age, we use our imagination within the confines of our programming, conditioning and habitual patterns. When we begin to use our imagination to play again, we begin to explore who we might be and what we might do and we realise the power we hold to create new lives. We are whole and wise. When we are operating from clarity and insight, we feel it. When we aren’t, we feel it. When we allow our thoughts to flow, when we become aware of how we think about them, we notice how we are operating, we become aware of the fundamental beliefs about life that are driving us and we get to choose to change them when they do not serve us in living well.

A simple affirmation that can lead us in this is: I trust in the power of my spiritual truth, I am open to spiritual guidance. When we are open to being shown the way, to accessing a wisdom, a consciousness, an awareness outside of and beyond limitation and following what we intuitively know is right for us, even when we are directed away from what we have or thought we wanted, we are moved by life, carried and supported by an intelligence within that has been available to us all along. We open up to inspiration which leads us beyond limited perceptions of self and concepts of our potential.

When we allow ourselves to expand beyond the limited into the possibility of the limitless, we become inspired, we experience insight, we discover truth. In truth, we are guided to live and create in ways that align with our highest awareness. When we tune in, when we align, when we raise the frequency of our being to love, health, wholeness, we awaken to our potential to do the impossible, to define what we want, to make our dreams reality, trusting in possibility, open to opportunity, no longer waiting for proof before we experience, no longer justifying in order to receive, no longer holding back from what we truly desire, no longer allowing the expectations of limiting beliefs and thinking to turn us away from all that is on offer to us.

Potential is explored in the realm of possibility where we widen our vision, expand our focus and look for ways to take part in the world beyond previous versions of self and models of being that have held us down or back. We deserve lives that are right feeling, aligned, easeful. Our innate knowledge that the possibility exists for us to move beyond fear and limitation to live from curiosity and wisdom is always ready to guide us in the realisation of and connection with our limitless potential. We have what we need to live well in the way that is right for us, to channel and follow our inner guidance and to operate from wellbeing as we do.

It is when we become interested in who we really are that we begin to see through the illusion of who we are not and understand that habitual patterns of being may give us a sense of identity but they are not truly it. We have the answers within to guide us in living well. We can grow and evolve and expand and thrive and create in the way that is right for us in the moment. We can question the thinking that holds us back, we can consider the fears that arise when we imagine failure and success, we can navigate processing and healing because we have the capacity, the ability, the resources to.

We can choose to flow with life, to let go of rigidity and experience fun and play and joyful imagining, consciously creating our experience, enjoying defining and envisioning our desires, allowing our innate worth and wholeness to lead us.

The conscious creative loving intelligent energy of life can hear you. Are you paying attention to what you are asking it to deliver? Are you willing to receive all that you truly desire? Are you ready to let go of what holds you back so that you vibrate at a frequency of wholeness, allowing, gratitude, joy, connection, enthusiasm and celebration? Conscious creation is the act of transformation, of giving up identification with and investment in what limits us. When we release ourselves from our limitations, we become free to embrace a new way of being and experience a new world in which to be in because of it. Until we do, we continue to create the same experiences via the same patterns of thinking and feeling we are familiar and identified with and we rarely enjoy different outcomes.

When we choose to explore our truth and trust in our intuition and the power of a greater consciousness to guide us, we purposefully take steps to connect with our potential and do the work necessary to move beyond the beliefs and programmes that we have come to be defined by. We can begin to manifest the lives we want to be living when we get clear on what we desire and why and how we are holding ourselves back from receiving it. In truth, we are aware of what we are repressing and rejecting. We envision who it is we believe we will become by receiving what we want and we reflect on what it is we have internalised that is preventing us from expressing this way now.

We have to be entirely honest with ourselves about how we think and feel. We have to get clear on what we think receiving our desire will actually change for us in terms of how we live. This is a process of imagination, expansion and experimentation, it is an act of play during which we explore new ways of being that feel healthy and wholesome and aligned with our spiritual truth and guided by our innate capacity to live well. As we explore new expressions of self that elevate us above what has held us down and back, we transcend beyond past ways of being, guided by our future selves to make changes that bring us closer to them and in doing so, transforming our approach to life and the fundamental beliefs that inform it.

So, who will we be when we have received what we are asking for? How will we think and feel and act and respond to life? What does confidence feel like? How does empowerment guide us to operate? How do we live out our days when are in grace and clarity and alignment with the loving intelligence of life? What is our mindset? How do we deal with challenge? What are our beliefs? What is our attitude? Building a clear picture of who we imagine ourselves becoming guides us to know how to live as this person now so that we raise our vibration, match the frequency of what desire and radiate our intent that we are ready to receive what we have asked for, taking action to bring it into being.

We receive by becoming, we do not become by receiving. Reflect on the questions below and know that as you write down your answers, your insights, your intuitive guidance, you will be creating a manual on how to live in alignment with your highest expression in the moment. Do this daily, weekly or monthly, Set your intentions, record your progress and expand your goals and vision. Become the person you want to be who is already within you. Imagination is key to creation. Imagine your new and greater expression of self and use your evolving answers as your guide to expanding more fully into it.

We are the creative energy of life and we are able to experience this in the moment that we fall out of a limited sense of self and into what exists before, beneath and beyond it.

What do I want to manifest?

How will I feel when I do?

How will I act when I do?

How will I think when I do?

How will I live when I do?

How will I treat myself when I do?

How will I treat others when I do?

How will I respond to challenge when I do?

What action can I take today to move closer to this vision?

What affirmation will cement my intent in my consciousness?

What new practice will raise my vibration?

When I reflect on my last challenging moment, how would my future self have responded?

When I recall my last mistake, how would my future self have realigned?

What does my future self aim to achieve each day?

What does my future self know about life?

What are the intentions I set for today, this week, this month and this year?

What am I guided to do to align with my desires?

Who we are, how we show up in the world and how these choices impact us are significant and once we start to understand that our interpretation of reality is determined by the beliefs we hold about the world and that we can change them, we transform.

In the process of becoming, allow your deepest desires from your highest expression of self to become known to you and your intuition and wisdom to lead you. Insight and instinct will guide you in your transformation. Let yourself be carried away from all that is known to you from the limited by a higher awareness and rest in all that you discover about life and your truth in the moments of freedom and inspiration you experience when you do.

The process of manifestation is the process of becoming more of who you are and letting go of who you are not. As you practise being the self you envision who is aligned, fulfilled, harmonious, happy, grateful, peaceful and powerful and commit these rehearsals to memory, you are cementing your new expression of self into being. Play with this, enjoy this and if feelings of discomfort around your ability to change, your creative power or your right to receive arise, trust that you have the resources to reflect on, investigate and rewrite the beliefs that have created them. Seek support in dealing with them if you need it. You are able to achieve, you are worthy of receiving, you are deserving of the abundant good life has to offer you.

We are love. Allow this knowing to be your guide as you recover your sense of connection with life, move beyond thinking that has kept you feeling stuck and open up to an ever more expansive way of being. Love heals us and helps us, love never seeks to do harm. Any thoughts of unworthiness, guilt, shame, blame, resentment or lack can be given over to love to be returned back to you as realisations of who you are not, what you do not need to believe in or follow and move you more fully into your light.

We are creative beings born of a creative energy and we have the ability to create consciously in any and every moment. Choose who you want to be, choose how you want to live, choose what you think and feel and surrender your desire to the energy of life. The Divinity within you is always guiding you, trust it and know that in doing so, you are trusting in and co creating with the intelligent loving energy that you are. When we live intentionally and surrender outcomes to the spiritual, the mystical, from an authentic trust in the power of the Divine, we are gifted with the time and energy we would have spent trying to control what is beyond us and we do so in a state of faith that liberates us and aligns us more fully with our innate abilities, allowing us to explore new ways to live and create.

We consciously create by becoming, we manifest what we want from our highest awareness by expanding, we make it our habit to take action in trust by allowing ourselves to experience the transformative effects of our decisions and choices when we do. As we simplify our approach to life, love ourselves more fully, make it our habit to allow our truth and follow our inner wisdom, we experience a shift in perspective that expands our vision and we see endless possibilities for receiving what we are asking for, demonstrating as we embrace them that we are ready to allow in all that our highest expressions of self desire.

If we do not empower ourselves to create beliefs that enhance and elevate our lives, that activate feelings of health and wholeness and guide us to clear and aligned action, we live from a limited understanding that reinforces itself.

We manifest via the vibration of our thinking and feeling state and so to match the frequency of the vibration of what we want in life, we have to raise ourselves to it, becoming the people who think and feel in alignment with it. And we have to be unwavering in this expression, refusing the dictate of past thinking that we return to the known, allowing a new response when we feel overwhelmed or caught up in suffering, a response of gentleness, kindness, patience and also firmness, discipline and empowerment. Miracles are happening every day to those who shift their mindsets. What is available to those who are consciously creating is available to us all, we just have to decide we want it enough to explore the ways in which we too can elevate our expression to one of wholeness, worthiness, belief, trust and surrender.


The brain configures the information it receives via our senses to fit the worldview we hold so that it makes sense to us. Changing our interpretation and experience of life happens when we practice awareness of how we are operating. When we default to the subconscious mind, we default to conditioning and programming that shape our experience of reality, create our sense of self and guide, direct and motivate us. If we are holding beliefs that are untrue or unhelpful, then until we do the work to change them, we create an experience of life that appears to confirm them. The sense of self we create is a direct result of our belief systems. The limited thinking that directs us away from change is not who we really are but a creation, a result of a limited interpretation and understanding of life.

Manifestation can be confronting work; it is challenging to let go of what we are familiar with experiencing when we are still identified with the limited. When we decide we deserve better than to hold onto past beliefs and repeat past reactions, we allow them to be acknowledged so that we can release them and process and digest and heal what created and has continued to motivate them and choose to live differently. When we make alignment with our inner truth and peace our priority, choosing over and again health and clarity and self love, we seek ways to express them, to remind ourselves of them, to make it our habit to refer to them and as we do, we change our experience of ourselves and life.

Conscious imagining transforms the way we operate because it is the rehearsal of who we want to become. When we commit to living from our truth and expressing it, we record and rehearse our new expression as instruction, creating a blueprint for and memory of our future selves. By doing this, we change the way we think and feel and act, creating neural pathways that incline us to take action we have been mentally rehearsing and committing to. A new thought is all it takes to experience the world and ourselves differently. Once we cement our intention to raise the frequency of our vibration, to elevate ourselves to an expression of love and gratitude and wholeness and do the work that self love guides us to, being gentle, compassionate, forgiving and patient with ourselves as we do, we consciously spend our time reconditioning ourselves to a new understanding and experience of life and doing so becomes our new normal. It becomes familiar to us to to redirect ourselves when we find we are turned away from clarity and wisdom, truth and love.

If we want change, we have to change the way we think and make it our habit to pay attention to a new expression of self that guides us consciously, in present moment awareness, with grace and wisdom and intuition. Once we begin to realise our truth and do the work to reprogramme and recondition our minds and bodies to operate from our spiritual health and freedom and wholeness, we find that how we are, who we are, is aligned with and an expression of our highest wisdom, innate love, wellbeing, Divinity.

Our lives are dreams of our own making brought into being by the experience we are creating for ourselves in the moment. Being conscious of and intentional about how and what we are bringing into being, discovering our strength and resilience, our propensity to heal, grow and learn and recovering our knowledge of our inner wellbeing, connects us with our creative power, imaginative potential and our innate desire to experience our truth and evolve and transform as we do. Embracing a new way of being, embracing the unfamiliar and unknown when we are guided to expand into a greater awareness of self, with conscious commitment in every moment, in grace, in power, in trust, guides us to uncover our natural inclination to ask for what we want, to trust in the power of life and our own ability to co create with the Divine and open up in joyful willingness to receiving all that we desire.