Lucy Di Marino


Meditation allows us to connect with our spiritual health and wholeness and the peace within us so that we can experience clarity of mind and being. It is the act of moving our focus to presence so that we pause our attention in some areas, no longer narrating, assessing, repeating, analysing, which can actually feel as if we have paused certain parts of our minds, allowing a state of flow. Meditation is not the experience of no thought, it is the experience of being focused on no thought or being guided to focus on specific thoughts and allowing all others to pass by or quieten down. When we surrender to our ability to be present, we let go, we relax, we flow and we are clear minded and able to take conscious action.

Meditation is a wonderful way of easing the body into a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. As we let go of our physical resistance to life, we are reminded of our potential and capacity for wellbeing, happiness, joy, harmony, health and we experience the love that we are. Meditation can be practised as we move or in stillness, it is simply the act of allowing peace. Taking just ten minutes to release ourselves from the habit of perpetual thinking in order to focus on our breathe, a specific word or noise or movement gifts us an awareness and experience of peace and flow that can benefit us for the rest of the day. In peace we are open to new thought, insight, the wisdom within and are tuned to wellbeing, inspiration and spiritual guidance.

The way we think is determined by the beliefs, ideas and opinions we hold about ourselves, the world and our place in it that we energise, follow and invest in. They influence the way our brain interprets the information it receives via our senses in order to form an understanding of the world and who we are within it that makes sense to us within their context. Meditation allows us to experience freedom from them, to operate outside of the personal thinking of the limited mind so that we are simply being and in being able to do with awareness. In presence we are able to access knowledge and wisdom that are available to us outside of our limited interpretations of life and be guided to take conscious action. When we meditate, we stop paying attention to what distracts us from presence and our ability to be present and tune in to what is available to us before, beneath and beyond what we have been taught and come to believe about the world.

We have innate knowledge within and letting ourselves be quiet enough to hear it allows us to be guided by an intelligence beyond the limited mind, personality and unhelpful subconscious beliefs and programming.

In meditation we access what is not already known to us from the personal mind, we expand into a truer expression of self and a greater perspective and understanding. Meditation gives us the break we need from our thinking to experience a rest from it which gives rise to insight and new understanding. We know peace when we release ourselves from our habitual patterns of thought and allow ourselves to be present to the spaciousness that is available to us that is soothing, calming and fortifying. Pausing our thinking in order to engage with the energy of life relaxes us into a state of being in which we become aware of our inner health and wholeness and feel elevated into new states of being by them. When we are not creating an experience by following, energising and forming thoughts, we allow ourselves to rest in the stillness within where our power, potential and presence lie.

Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that takes us out of who we think we are and into an experience of something far greater. It is a practice that allows us to accept, reflect, process and progress from a greater awareness, to connect with a higher wisdom so that we can experience a higher expression of self. If we feel unable to set aside time to meditate, when we remember to, we can focus on our breathing throughout our day so that we experience a sense of clearness and flow, lightness and peace. We can live in a state of meditation by learning not to react to our feelings but to be guided by them to consider how helpful, reliable and clear our thinking is in the moment in order to return to clarity and spaciousness when the experience we are creating is turning us away from them.

During meditation we shift between brainwave frequencies which has a positive effect on us on every level and we enter a state in which we are primed to reprogramme unhelpful subconscious beliefs. Meditation is a state of deep relaxation; we allow our focus to drift away from thinking into a gentler, slower state of being that is conscious awareness. In meditation we experience moments of profound awareness as we open up to the truth of who we are, coming alive to a clearer sense of reality, waking up to a new experience of self.

When we meditate, we stop analysing and enter a calm and creative state of flow. The energy that we facilitate and surrender to during meditation is a result of our focus during it.

Meditation has many forms, sitting, lying, walking, breathing, guided and once we become comfortable with letting our thoughts flow, pausing our attention to them, we find that we are innately able to not get involved with them, to not react to the feeling of our habitual or unconscious thinking. As we practise removing our attention from what is not now, we allow space for wisdom to guide us, we connect with the love that we are, we know ourselves as whole and clear. In this space of connection with and realisation of the true self, we can allow healing, reflection, processing, distance without encountering or energising the suffering created by the personal mind.

Meditation is an act of love; we are loving ourselves when we take the time to connect with who we really are and what we are really capable of, despite what the limited mind may have to say about it. Making the commitment to enhance our experience of life, to explore what lies within us so that we can expand into our potential not only benefits us but the world around us. We are able in any moment to focus on presence, to feel the peace and neutrality we experience in presence and follow these feelings beyond ideas that we should not, cannot, so that we turn towards and know the resilience, strength, health, wholeness, comfort and joy that we truly are.

Living well is not about being perfect, it is about being kind to ourselves and others as we explore and investigate what it means to be human and how best to live. Feeling well and making feeling well our priority feeds out into the world, setting a healthy example for others, informing our interactions with them and allowing us to remain clear minded, open to creativity and possibility when we experience challenges in life. What we access during meditation is available to us at all times, it is always there within us waiting to be realised. The best way for us to connect with our inner resources is to be generous and loving with ourselves when we think we should act otherwise.

Transformation is limitless. What we begin in meditation, we continue in our lives by operating from the awareness, health and connection we experience whilst meditating.

Everything is energy and thoughts and words and the intention behind them vibrate at a frequency that carries information. We can change our frequency in order to live our best lives and we do this by engaging consciousness, aligning with a healthier experience than that created by unhelpful habits of being. As we remove our focus from past perspectives and patterns, no matter how justified we were in creating and experiencing them, in order to operate from health, joy and wholeness, we raise our vibration and change our expression on every level. A simple way to feel well is to meditate on words that concentrate us on an experience of spaciousness, harmony and bliss; words that elevate us, that make us feel restored to health, guided to live well and take care of ourselves.

Just ten minutes in a state of focused meditation is enough time to make radical changes in the subconscious, cultivate a sense of inner peace and boost the immune system and these are benefits that can last far longer than the time we spend meditating if we are vigilant in maintaining our state of connection, awareness, joy and alignment throughout our day. There is power in focusing on elevated feelings. We experience gratitude, presence and an opening up to a greater intelligence when we do and the energy of these experiences can increase our sense of spiritual wholeness, balance our state of mind and benefit gene expression and do so for longer than the period of meditation if we consciously choose to bring these feelings into our day, keep them alive and be guided by them.

Meditating on words of wellbeing to inspire and awaken conscious awareness of our innate health, peace and clarity can tune us out of familiar thinking and into fresh, new and energising ideas, insights and perspectives. If we commit to bringing these experiences in to our day by continuing to hold the word in our minds and energise the feeling of them, we allow the resonance of them, the energy of them to guide us in how we think, how we feel, how we respond to what we think and feel and how we behave.

The choice to believe in the possibility of a happy and healthy inner life that determines our experience of the world outside of us is always available to us and every time we take steps to realise more fully who we are, we move towards it.

There is no one size fits all approach to life and no guaranteed outcomes, there are only options that leads us towards wellbeing and connection with life and away from them. We all deserve to be well. The option is available to us to change our mindsets, belief systems and the way we choose to live in order to fully engage with the possibility of realising wellness. Inside every one of us is a space of love, health, stillness, peace and Divinity that we are able to access, that we are designed to default to and that we can consciously connect with and realise by slowing our thinking, allowing our thoughts to flow, relaxing our bodies and focusing on and opening up to the spaciousness within us.


Meditation allows us to drop into the space of stillness, peace and harmony within us, to connect with the spiritual in order to live well in the physical and meditating on words of wellbeing can help us to focus our minds as well as raise the vibration of our being to the frequency of health and wholeness.

Words are powerful; they direct our energy, they carry information and the vibration of their frequency affects our own. Meditating on words that we associate as healing, empowering and enlightening can elevate us above the habitual thinking that steers us away from operating from our spiritual wellness so that we transcend all that holds us down and back from experiencing the fullness of our innate health and happiness.   

Explore being still. Allow yourself to become physically comfortable, relax your mind and focus on your word for the day without struggle or analysis, simply resting in the harmony of the vibrations of the word and noticing the health boosting impact this has on you during your meditation as well as on the way you go about your day afterwards.

Allow all else to pass by as you meditate. If you want to, you can return to thoughts and sensations that occur later. This practice is designed to guide you to experience and explore the wellbeing within you. Your intuition is your best guide, tune in and let it lead you.

Hold the word in your mind or repeat it as a mantra. Meditate on it and reflect afterwards on your experience. Was your mind clear? Did you experience visions or insights? Were you in the flow of the present moment? Did you feel connected? How did your body feel? Did you want to continue for longer? Did you fall asleep or were you energised? If you experienced tension, can you identify its root? How did you respond to these reactions in the moment? Were you able to remain centred and calm and balanced? How will this experience inform how you respond to tension moving forwards?

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you in how you meditate, whether it is choosing a word when you feel called, daily in order or working through the words for twenty one days as you are inspired to. Whatever you decide, be patient and kind and loving with yourself during your practice. Peace and wellbeing will always guide us to express and be realised through self love.


Allow your meditation experiences to guide you in recognising the beliefs you unconsciously invest in, the ideas you energise, the teachings you subscribe to that are out of alignment with who you are, that are building blocks and not boundaries, that are preventing you from living as you wish to and that are even causing pain and unease.

Likewise, notice the areas in your life in which you are living authentically, in alignment with your truth and values, honouring your creativity, health and happiness and confidently, easily, joyously expressing and exploring your wellbeing and consider how you might extend this approach to other areas.

You are the creator of your experience and taking the time to remind yourself of this and allowing yourself to relax into your innate connection with the limitless and infinite power and potential that reside within you can only help you to discover new ways of living your best life and new insight into the magnificent truth of who you are.

Meditation has the ability to relax and restore us, soothe and calm us and help us channel a higher wisdom and clarity than we are guided to access by the limited mind. The benefits of meditation can be felt throughout your day if you choose to remain in the space of wholeness, heath, creativity, empowerment and realisation that you experience during it. Bring the experience of your meditation practice into your life so that living meditatively becomes your practice. You will be amazed at what you discover about yourself as you do.