Monthly Favourites, October 2020

October has been a slow and restful month of reading, organising, planning and visualising, spending a lot of time at home eating nourishing foods, watching and reading inspirational content and reflecting on where I am in life and where I want to be whilst trusting in Divine timing.

I love to try new products that support my health as well as rediscover those I have previously enjoyed and forgotten about or was unsure of and now feel called to use again. Whether these are beauty items, food products, homewares, self realisation books or recordings, I think it is helpful to share what I have come across as it might speak to or inspire a need or want in your life. *Some products have affiliate links.

Here is what I have been loving in October:

Pukka Herbs Turmeric Active

Another month, another turmeric tea. This tea is so potent, one plastic free tea bag can be used for a whole pot and its strong and spicy flavour is delicious alone or with lemon juice and sweetener. Made with burdock, celery seed, galangal, ginger, licorice, nettle, orange essential oil, triphala and turmeric, this warming blend is antioxidant rich, soothing for the digestive system, anti inflammatory and anti viral.

Pukka Herbs products are fairtrade, fair wild, carbon neutral and the company is part of responsible business initiatives 1% for the planet and B Corporation. Their mission is to share their knowledge of natural living and campaign for a healthier world, advocating for a herbal revolution of preventive and alternative healthcare, where herbs are at the forefront of wellness.

*Reishi Extract Powder

Known as the queen of medicinal mushrooms, reishi has been used for over 2000 years for its potent health benefits. Known as an immune booster, it is a longevity food, anti inflammatory and considered an adaptogen, supporting the body in dealing with stress, balancing energy levels and hormones, regulating the nervous system and stabilising mood. I enjoy reishi daily at the moment in a smoothie of sunflower seeds, carob, cacao powder and nibs, dates, lucuma, water and ice.

Not all medicinal mushrooms are equal in quality and effectiveness. Nutri-Fungi’s reishi is grown on linden wood logs and sustainably harvested before the bioactive compounds of the fruiting bodies are extracted. Nutri-Fungi was founded by a couple with a passion for medicinal mushrooms and Traditional Chinese Medicine who wanted to provide an alternative to the powders on the market made up of mycellium or mycellium biomass. Cultivated in deep rural areas of China where people make their living from mushroom growing and have a deep knowledge of and reverence for the process as well as the surrounding environment, their medicinal mushroom powders and pure, potent and produced with love.

Buy Wholefoods Online Carob Powder

I used to eat carob by the kilo but over the past few years haven’t really had any desire for it. This month I’ve been enjoying it again and this finely ground and flavourful powder, grown and produced in Italy from dried and ground pods is perfect for use in smoothies, raw desserts and rawnola.

Naturally sweet, carob is considered low GI and has a stabilising effect on blood sugar levels. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an energising food that also has a soothing effect on the digestive system.

Coconut Date Bites

I have a few favourite recipes of my own on rotation and I have been making a daily batch of these coconut date bites this month. I really enjoy having energy balls and bites in the fridge so that I can just grab something to eat when I am hungry or to sustain me whilst I make a meal.

Both coconut and dates have a whole host of health benefits and together make a wholefood recipe that is fibre, vitamin, protein and mineral rich, easy to make and even easier to eat. Delicious and moreish as well as energising and the perfect snack or dessert, I also enjoy these bites for breakfast on the go.

Odylique Rose Velvet Body Lotion

I have been using this moisturiser on and off for years and every time I remember it, I fall in love with it again. Instantly absorbed, it has a lightweight texture that leaves skin beautifully hydrated and moisturised and has the most wonderful floral fragrance that lasts for hours. During autumn, skin is prone to dryness, flaking, irritation and a dull tone and the drop in humidity affects moisture levels whilst moving between heated indoor environments and brisk and crisp outdoor conditions causes broken capillaries and redness.

We tend to take seasonal concerns into consideration when it comes to facial skin care but our bodies deserve skin care too. This velvety body moisturiser tackles all skin care concerns. Made from calming, toning, pro collagen and antioxidant rich ingredients including aloe vera, coconut and cocoa bean butters, avocado and sunflower oils and rosehip, it soothes and hydrates, leaving skin soft and nourished feeling.

Kinto Large UNITEA Cups

My love of herbal tea knows no bounds and as the weather cools and tea is drunk in our house in abundant measure, I cannot express my appreciation for these beautiful and very large glass mugs enough. With a 560 ml capacity, these heat resistant glass mugs are elegant, lightweight, dishwasher safe and keep drinks hot for a long while. Not a new purchase for me, they are a firm favourite that I am particularly grateful for this month.

KINTO is a Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich everyday life and balance usability and aesthetics so they can be used and enjoyed over time. I cannot find out anything about their approach to sustainability or ethics, however, from what I can see, their products are designed by an in house team, produced at their own factories and inspected in their own logistics centres which I hope means they have full control over and respect for fair working standards.

Greenfibres Organic Pecale Cotton Bedding

Greenfibres are a company who really care about the planet and whose products support sustainability as they are well made and long lasting. Greenfibres was founded in 1996 with the aims of offering beautiful and useful textile products that are kind to the environment and our health, providing meaningful livelihoods for those who work with and for the company, reducing the use of chemicals and promoting organic agriculture.

Eco bleached and made from organically grown cotton with a 220 thread count and tagua nut buttons, we have been using our Greenfibres bedding for over seven years and washing it twice weekly and it is still going strong and facilitating a wonderful night’s sleep. I have found one small threadbare area less than a centimetre long on one duvet cover and do have to reattach the duvet cover buttons every now and then but as the nights are longer and we spend more time tucked up in bed, I am so appreciative once again of these lovely sheets and covers that always feel fresh and clean, have a crisp and inviting feeling and are as kind to us as they are to the planet.

*Three Prescriptions for Happiness by Ken Keyes Jr.

A beautifully simple book that feels as if it was written with kindness and love and hope, this light and easy to read book of wise and insightful messages encourages us to ask for what we want in life, accept what is in order to be at peace as we make changes and to live with and from love, to choose love no matter what is occurring.

The three prescriptions for happiness are common sense, intelligent and easy to follow and lead us to reflect on and consider any resistance we have to them and decide whether we want to operate from the conditioned thinking of the limited mind or the limitless wisdom of the Universal. We have what it takes to live by these prescriptions for a happier and healthier life. Choosing to allows us to move beyond our limitations and expand into a more peaceful state of being.