Monthly Favourites, September 2020

I love the energy of September. It feels exciting, refreshing, as if things are getting moving in the right direction. I always have new ideas and experience new insights at this time of the year. For me, it’s a time of enlightenment and evolution and also beginning.

I love to try new products that support my health as well as rediscover those I have previously enjoyed and forgotten about or was unsure of and now feel called to use again. Whether these are beauty items, food products, homewares, self realisation books or recordings, I think it is helpful to share what I have come across as it might speak to or inspire a need or want in your life. *Some products have affiliate links. °Some products in this post were gifted.

Here is what I have been loving in September:

Yogi Turmeric Chai Tea

I firmly believe in the healing and health benefits of spices and this turmeric chai tea is delicious enjoyed alone, with plant milk, sweetened and unsweetened. A blend of turmeric root, cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, apple, fennel, mace, cocoa shells and cloves, each plastic free bag of course also comes with words of wisdom on its tab which warms the soul as the tea warms the body.

Yogi Tea have been making tea blends for over forty years. Inspired by the belief that those who live mindfully discover something great in small things, their ethically sourced Ayurvedic herb and spice blends are designed appeal to mind and spirit and contribute to a more peaceful, healthy world full of mindfulness and happiness. Their focus is on sustainability and fairness and their efforts include climate neutral shipping, a factory powered by renewable energy sources, recyclable packaging as well as directly supporting growers, providing social projects for self help.

°Algamar Sea Spaghetti

Algamar is a company committed to human and planetary health, consciously harvesting seaweed in order to offer products that are life enhancing whilst practicing an ecologically sound approach. Their seaweed is wild harvested from the Atlantic coast and dried at low temperatures to preserve vital nutrients and certified vegan and organic.

Their sea spaghetti is the best I have tried. Sea spaghetti is rich in minerals that are required by our bodies for vitality and health and this product is so easy to use. Soak for an hour, rinse well and enjoy. With a texture similar to spaghetti, it is great eaten cold with a sauce, warmed up, added to salad and soup or used to top canapes and other snacks and dishes.

Napolina Organic Chickpea Fusilli

My favourite pasta is buckwheat but outside of Italy, it is hard to find organic buckwheat pasta that cooks well and remains al dente. Many alternatives made from legumes seem to disintegrate during cooking so I was pleased to discover this chickpea pasta that is available in supermarkets and cooks quickly, remains al dente and is great boiled or baked.

Napolina have been making pasta for over fifty years and are committed to creating good quality products whilst focusing on ethical sourcing and trading, sustainable farming and fair working practices. Their chickpea fusilli is made from 100% organic chickpea flour and has a subtle taste and good texture.

Ecodrop Organic Rose Essential Oil

It can be difficult to find organic pure rose essential oil and the majority of offerings on the market are mixed with carrier oil. This essential oil is beautifully clear with a clean fragrance in an easy to use bottle that dispenses drops well. Created through a simple process of steam distillation, it is the purest organic rose essential oil I have come across and incredibly good value.

EcoDrop aim to prioritise eco consciousness from start to finish so that their products are completely free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, additives and preservatives and made from ingredients that are ethically sourced in their purest form. They have cruelty free, eco, organic and vegan certifications and through sustainable business practices strive to establish a deeper connection with the natural world.

Le Creuset Teapot

I love to drink nettle tea all day long which has been one of my favourite practices for almost ten years. Rather than keep making tea, I like to fill a teapot a few times a day and this beautiful Le Creuset pot made from heat resistant enamelled stoneware holds 1.3 litres, keeps tea hot for hours and has a ten year guarantee. It is also easy to hand clean, dishwasher proof and does not drip when tea is poured slowly.

I believe that one of the best ways we can practice conscious living is to invest in well made, good quality products that we can appreciate and use endlessly rather than items that are designed to go out of style or break and cannot be fixed and need replacing. I cannot find anything online about Le Creuset’s business ethics or practices other than that their cast iron pieces are made sustainably using 85% recycled materials but decided to purchase this teapot as it is so well made and, kept well, I imagine will never need replacing.

Nkuku Nzari Rectangular Dish

It is hard to know whether companies that claim to be ethical truly are and at some point we have to trust our research and invest in those we feel are honest and authentic. I have been purchasing products from Nkuku for years as they are a brand offering handmade home and lifestyle products made by artisans throughout the world with a focus on eco materials, fair trade practices and working in collaboration with independent businesses, social projects and cooperatives.

Their beautiful Nzari dishes are the most wonderful bakeware, easy to use and clean, they cook evenly, have a naturally non stick surface and are also beautifully artisan. Handmade in Portugal by a company that have been in business for 100 years, these beautiful quality stoneware dishes are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe up to 220°C.

*The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles by Marianne Williamson

There is so much wisdom in this interesting book which guides us to understand that the Universe is always providing for us and that if and when we are in lack, we allow in abundant good in every form by turning away from fear towards love, recognising there is actually only love, which allows us to we look through the illusion of lack to a future of prosperity, through the illusion of fear based thinking to the truth of what is available to us.

Guiding us to realise that every experience holds a lesson of value and that when we learn, we grow beyond the fear that has led us to make mistakes, Williamson shares that when we atone for those actions that were not motivated by love by admitting them, taking responsibility for them, making amends and working to change the behaviour that created them, God clears past mistakes and corrects all limitations so that we can become miracle minded, realigning our thoughts with infinite love so that we can reroute back to the perfection within and what is always being provided for us.

*°The Well of Being: A Children’s Book for Adults by Jean-Pierre Weill 

This charming book follows one man’s quest for the wellbeing that society tells him is an illusion. A large hardback picture book for adults, it’s simplicity and elegance engender a calmness within the reader that bypasses the intellect to resonate with the truth and knowing within. A book of remembrance, of all that we are and all that we have come from, it clearly communicates the essence of our oneness through single sentences and endearing illustrations, approached with lightness and humour. Weill asks that we still our minds as we begin our journey, valuing the gift of listening that exists beneath the noise of our minds and other people’s opinions.

As we journey through this book, we are asked to look at the stories we continually tell ourselves, that started so early on, about who we are and how we must operate in the world to stay safe and are told that escape comes through awareness of our thinking and the narratives through which we view the world and the feelings they create, awakening us to the freedom of wellbeing which we can enjoy without waiting for our circumstances to change. Beautifully simple in its conveyance and message, Weill’s words speak to the soul and activate the wisdom and health within to reawaken our fundamental knowledge of oneness.