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Lucy Di Marino Monthly Membership offers exclusive monthly content to help you feel well, live well and uncover and connect with who you really are.

I know that on the path of realisation, on the journey of becoming more fully ourselves, we need reminding of our light, our resources, our strength, our power, our resilience. We need support in doing the work to emerge from identification with beliefs and behaviours born of unhelpful programming and conditioning that have covered up so much of our inner peace and love and wellbeing that we come to seek outside of us. I know it takes courage to step into our power, to shine in the world and the best way for me to offer support is to share resources that guide, inspire and facilitate this.

I share content twice a week so that there is always something newly available to spark inspiration, reawaken creativity, encourage confidence, health and wholeness; so that there is a collection of valuable resources that keeps growing, that offers solace and support for healing, that can assist on the journey of self remembering and guide on the path of self becoming.

Every Monday and Thursday, health and wellbeing content promoting and offering guidance on holistic health and intentional living goes live, including:

Guided meditations
Food recipes
Wellbeing articles
Workbooks, journals and planners
Health and beauty recipes
Product recommendations
New and full moon articles
Mantras and affirmations

Membership is £29.99 per month and billed monthly so that if you change your mind at any time, you can simply pause or cancel your subscription.

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