New Moon in Aquarius, February 2021

The New Moon in Aquarius on 11th February at 19:05 GMT is a time of introspection, advancement and authentic living. We will have been feeling the pull in recent days to live as a better reflection and representation of what lies within us and we will be guided during this new moon to make the shift to living from a higher awareness a permanent transition.

Whilst there may have been times when the call to live as truer expressions of who we know ourselves to really be felt heavy or like hard work, now it will feel simple and light as we are inspired and supported by truth and love to act in ways that intuitively feel good to us. When we open ourselves up to our spiritual wisdom, we think and feel well because we are not limited by the restrictions of our personal thinking, the beliefs we have based our ideas and behaviour upon. Instead we are able to treat ourselves well, we are encouraged by the spiritual knowledge we hold that we can be free of what we have felt trapped by and find our way through what we feel has held us back.

The desire to be more authentic in how we live, to give up and throw off what is not true, what we have been taught or inherited or had modelled for us will build on our full moon revelations about becoming free of concerns about what other people think. This will lead us to reflect on the ideas about who we should be that we are still holding onto and investing in on some level. When we start to wonder how we could be instead, we tune into information that is available to us before, beneath and beyond the thoughts we have been programmed to pay attention to. We find there is a wealth of intelligence at our disposal that will guide us to create room to notice new thoughts that feel expansive and light rather than limiting and heavy and lead us forwards into more enjoyable ways of being.

In this feeling of lightness and expansion, we do the work of self realisation now. During this new moon we will be attuned to a frequency of coherence and wholeness which feels like healing and health and carries and supports us. This doesn’t mean we are no longer triggered by life but that we are less likely to react to that reaction which gives it less weight each time it occurs so we are triggered less and less and able to remain in a space of self awareness, self trust and self love when we are, witnessing our choices and compassionately supporting ourselves to move beyond them into a space in which we are able to make new ones.

In this space of self discovery and insight, we will naturally begin to reflect on how we spend our time, what we are doing with our lives, how well we flow and adapt and remain centred in a state of joyous awareness of where our experience of wellbeing comes from. We will feel able to be fluid and flexible in our exploration of our purpose, our calling in a way that allows us to have fun with our vision and not identify ourselves with it. Uncovering and being guided by our inner light to take intuitive action allows us to do so without aligning with it to the extent that we feel we are it, need it and are unstable or unsure without it.

Much of the action we feel guided to take now will be motivated by our innate desire to support others, to uplift and contribute to creating a world that is healthy and equal for all. This new moon is a powerful time to set down our intentions for living in our truth and consider how doing so can create positive change in the world. How can our commitment to wellness, self care, self love, self trust and self respect affect how we treat others, how we work, how we spend our money, what we consume, how we share information? How can our living from a more intuitive space lead to action to make the world a happier and fairer place?

As we move to a less personal way of thinking, to a more objective, balanced and intuitive way of considering life, we will feel able to ride the waves of life without resisting, complaining, feeling victimised by what occurs which will allow us to remain insightful, clear minded, able to take the action we can and that is helpful without giving energy and focus to what does not elevate us into a beneficial state of mind. Again, our evolution and growth during this new moon this will not feel like work so much as common sense so that we are able to make great progress in terms of letting go of past patterns, old pain and grievances and feel like in every moment we are fresh, alive to new options, possibilities, no longer obliged to punish ourselves for our mistakes and misjudgements by keeping memories of them alive.

We will feel a great sense hopefulness and good humour now which doesn’t mean we don’t have things to deal with but that we don’t feel overwhelmed or weighed down by them. In this feeling of buoyancy and joy, we will want to connect with others, be social, spend time having nourishing conversations, reach out to new contacts, make new friends and seek out new sources of inspiration. This desire to connect with others will be supported by our instinct to spend time in meditation so that we feel well balanced. In meditation, we quiet the personal mind and attune to the impersonal frequency of the loving intelligence of the Divine and we experience peace and bliss and clarity that we can take forwards into all that we do which is very much the energy of this new moon period.