New Moon in Capricorn, January 2021

The New Moon in Capricorn on 13th January at 5:00 a.m. BST is a time of rebirth, newness and intentional living. For many of us this will feel like the true beginning of the year as we tune into new energy, heightened awareness and a grander sense of what our lives have to offer. As we do, we will realise yet again that in order to become new we must live from a new sense of self and a new state of being and we will feel truly empowered and able now to cast off past models in favour of living well in the way that is right for us.

What wonder and beauty do we envision for ourselves and how can we bring our vision into being? This new moon is a great time to make a plan of action that will take us forwards into the futures we dream of. We are still at the beginning of the year and have most likely spent time reflecting on our intentions and resolutions for the next twelve months and in doing so we will have uncovered some familiar hopes and dreams as well as new desires and wishes. Writing these down now along with action steps for how we can achieve what we want to will help us to uncover any resistance we have to doing what we need to, the unique and inborn skills and abilities we may have been hiding from the world and even from ourselves and the motivation for our desires so that we can identity whether the dreams we hold are truly ours.

As reflect on the action we are now willing to take, we will find ourselves in the perfect position to challenge the thinking that tells us we cannot do what we need to or will not succeed even if we do. No child believes themselves lacking or unable until they receive messaging that this is the case. Now we get to choose to reparent ourselves, loving and letting loose our inner child in order to remember fun and play and lightness of spirit, to see creating and achieving as a game and harnessing the momentum this creates.

In this spirit of joy and connection, we will remember the beauty of life, the ability we all have to rest in stillness, relax into the bliss of being in any and every moment that we choose to settle into spirit and allow ourselves to recover there. When we do, we find that the traumas that have haunted us have left us untouched at our very centre, that the pain we have carried has not harmed us at our core. That we have seen things in ways that are unhelpful to us and understood things in ways that are not healing for us and that if we tune into the loving intelligence within us we will find we are whole and worthy, loving and loved and know there is a way for us to feel and be well and that we can find it.

This new moon is a great time to remember that where we are is not where we will always be or where we have always been and that it is okay if things aren’t perfect or going as planned. Sometimes our relationships are challenging or our home isn’t as we want it to be or our job unfulfilling or our finances a mess and this is all okay because we came here to live life and it doesn’t have to be perfect for us to be a part of it. Giving up expectation now in order to feel peace and ease and clarity will help us enormously to find presence and focus and remember the power we have to work things out and make changes so that situations don’t recur. In the moment that things aren’t as we’d hoped or dreamed or expected them to be, we do best when we accept what is and work from acceptance to do what we feel guided to to create change. Before and as we do, we can remember that it is okay if things are not perfect. The spirit doesn’t need them to be to be able to express its love and wisdom in all its glory.

It is also worth remembering that it has been in some of our most challenging moments that we recovered a sense of what truly lies within us, gave ourselves over to a greater intelligence, were able to trust in the power of prayer, have faith in our inner guidance system and explore new avenues and possibilities and pursuits. For every one of us, challenge has lead us to discover a deep trust in our own intuition, our own ability and right to live in the way that makes sense for us and if we can tune into our resilience and strength now, we will find again that we always have the opportunity to move towards living from our truth and power.

Whether we feel challenged in some way or not, we will feel called now to lean into authentic living, paying attention to our instincts over all else and do so without fear or worry about what others will say. If we are honest and authentic and living with respect and compassion then we can joyfully and confidently move forwards without concern. We are here to be here and any thoughts that make us want to hide away, be small and quiet when we are feeling a deep pull to be the opposite can be brushed away.

This new moon will find us in the mood to take strides towards finally giving up paying attention to what we have been taught and conditioned and programmed to believe. We are brand new in this and every moment and this is the perfect time to show up fresh, take new action and state loudly and proudly that we are here for the thrill, for the ride, to do our work and make our mark and shine our light like only we can. To not take ourselves too seriously so that we can live without limits, so that we can play and have fun and enjoy, so that we can set down all that we have been carrying and rise up as we live this fantastic, wonderful, messy, glorious life with intention and without expectation.

When we live from truth and love, we remain balanced in our approach to life and in order to do what we want and need to now with a fresh and fearless attitude, we will be well served by making note of our core values and allowing them to lead us in how we express ourselves and what plans we make for the next twelve months. Our fundamental beliefs and insights can never lead us astray because they are the foundation and outcome of our truest understanding of who we are, what we are here for and how we can and want to live. Paying attention to what drives us and allowing it to lead us will see us living from a space of truth and trust that the world will respond to, the Universe will foster and that we will feel fuelled and supported by. Happy New Year!