New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2020

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 14th December at 16:16 GMT is a time to allow information about our work to become clear to us, to trust in the guidance that is received when we ask for insight into uncovering our gifts and aligning with our purpose and become consciously open to the signs and messages we are always being sent about living in attunement with our higher selves.

Questions we might meditate on right now are, who are we and what is it that we want to do in the world? What is it that we feel guided to make our work? We will find now that what we might once have felt hesitant about claiming or sharing feels natural and intuitive for us to declare. To hide away our talents and gifts, our passions and purpose leads to a life half lived and yet Divine timing will always be perfect when we are tuned into the messages and signs that are always making themselves known to us about what steps to take despite whether we acknowledge them or not.

If we decide during this new moon to tune into our wisdom, we will channel guidance on how to proceed which may arrive in the form of visions, words or even changes of circumstances or events in our lives. The solar eclipse is energising our awareness of what it is we are here for, what the work is that we are on Earth to do and in this state of connection with our path and purpose, we are step into a state of honesty and truth in making our work known to the world that overrides previous insecurities or concerns and sees us standing in our light and shining joyously.

As we engage in this process of discovery and declaration, we will be guided to make note of what we are gifted and skilled at and reflect on how we can get clear on and understand our work through them. We will also find that as we become aligned with our purpose and in doing so, become free of what has been holding us back for so long that we understand again that we are innately worthy, that we are innately whole, that we are always connected with the energy of love that is life, with the energy of life that is love. We are love and we will be guided to realise on a deeper level now that self love is knowing that our worth is inherent and aligning with it regardless of what we have or haven’t achieved in life.

And yet, we will feel now that we are about to begin achieving, that we are no longer shy about who we are and what we can do and that this will lead us forwards in success in a way we may not have experienced before. In this space of self trust and self knowledge we will feel healed and healthy, easy about life as if we have awoken from a refreshing sleep, rested, restored, recentred. This will reflect very dramatically in how we go about our lives, how we interact with others, how we work and rest and play and eat and exercise. We might find ourselves living with more grace than we have for a while and operating in a way that is harmonious and without conflict or struggle.

Living in flow is very natural for us and we know this because it feels very natural for us. It is a feeling of wellness, of being aware of our spiritual wisdom and immunity and allowing our spiritual impulses to lead us. To continue to live this way beyond the new moon we must witness our choices and actions, our mindset and thought patterns during this time, observing how we act when we are centred, how we are neutral, balanced, able to intuit and ask for what we want and need as well as seek out physical space and environments that are supportive of our inner peace and facilitate us engaging and expressing it. Perhaps we may even feel drawn to writing down our observations in a journal or making voice recordings so that we can remember and resurrect this way of living if and when we feel ourselves moving away from it.

In flow, we are so connected with life that we are calm and stable and able to make decisions from this space. This does not mean we are without joy or enthusiasm but that we are at peace and in peace we are quietly joyful and enthusiastic in our reverence for and appreciation of life. In flow we are innately grateful for our state of presence and know that expressing gratitude feels good to us, healthy, that it does not mean settling but feeling well and faithful whilst we do what we want and need to. During the new moon we will feel naturally present and grateful and take action in faith without excess thinking, doubt, apprehension or stress, simply in the trust that what we do now is guided by a higher wisdom and that because of this things will unfold for our highest good.

We will also be innately prone to deferring to our hearts over our heads now in terms of how we approach life and in this we will find an accuracy and clear sightedness in our perceptions that our minds cannot afford us. The heart is pure and its messages are unfiltered, they are not positive or negative, they do not look on the bright side or criticise or judge; they are neutral and knowledgeable and allow us to see what we might not want or feel able to from the conditioned mind.

In living from the pure and insightful space of the heart, we are able to reject any thinking that directs us away from love and neutrality. When a thought occurs that does not feel in alignment with love and peace and clarity, we can let it pass, knowing this is not what we truly feel and trusting in what is in our hearts instead. As we make this our practice, we trust in our innate knowledge, in who we really are and what is available to and true for us before, beneath and beyond who we have created ourselves to be.

This new moon is a time of peaceful realisation and knowing, of healing and awakening to who we are, what we are here for and what gifts we have to offer the world. It is a period of grace and beauty for us as we flow with life, in harmony with our deepest desires and in alignment with our truest wisdom. Spending time now in meditation, in acts that we find meditative, in tune with our intuition will allow us to live in a way that is effortless and still productive, guided and relaxed, peaceful and grateful and attuned to the energy of love and wisdom that we are and that is all around us.