New Moon in Scorpio, November 2020

The New Moon in Scorpio on 15th November at 05:07 a.m. GMT finds us ready for change, optimistic and hopeful about life and the future, loving and joyous, able to envision and experience something better for ourselves than we have been allowing on all levels and generous in our ability to forgive and wish wellbeing for all.

It is our most natural state to be in awe, connected with life and living with reverence for it and to be in love and live from love and see through the eyes of love. In our moments of bliss and health and truth, we feel one with the Divine, we feel light and easy and comfortable. This ability to flow with life, to trust it and feel peaceful about it does not go away when we get caught up in familiar fears and worries and past beliefs, it reminds us that we can choose something new and better for ourselves than reliving them and this new moon, if we decide to make this choice, we will be doing the work to create fundamental shifts in our consciousness and spiritual awareness.

All we have is now and if we want to feel better in life we have to take steps now to do so. We won’t get it perfect all of the time, we won’t always feel up and happy and we don’t have to in order to do life well. We are equipped with everything we need to thrive rather than just function, no matter what we have done or been through, no matter how bad our ego tells us we have it or are. Knowing this allows us to live with grace when things don’t seem to be going our way or we are finding life challenging.

We have all got a past. The way we heal is to allow ourselves to move on from what we judge ourselves most for so that we allow ourselves to know we are worthy of the peace and health we long for. We know better now than to punish ourselves for what is done. Had we known better before, we would have done better and to do the work, to move on, to transform, to heal means to commit to doing what we know is best now, especially when the ego tells us otherwise. We have a choice about the people we are now and moving forwards. We are allowed to change and do things differently and we have the ability to.

We do this by changing what we think and how. We can choose peace. We can choose silence. When we notice our thinking is becoming fast and overwhelming, we can halt it and choose stillness. We have this power. We also have the power to create something new for ourselves and we do this by realising that we cannot be forgiven by ourselves without forgiving ourselves. We cannot unload the weight of our suffering without forgiving others. Forgiveness is not condonation. It is the act of releasing what we are holding onto that is holding us back from living the lives we want to.

This sounds simple and it is once we really understand that all that prevents us from forgiving is the habit of choosing and believing in the experience of one set of thoughts over another. Just as we bring to life the ideas and opinions that tell us we cannot or do not deserve to move on, we can bring to life new beliefs that we can and are worthy of health and happiness, healing and change. We are simply more used to one experience than the other. Simple more familiar with what we don’t want than what we do.

Imagine a world where we learned from our mistakes. Where we could be free of guilt and blame and shame so that we did not project these or expect these, did not mould others to experience them or demand that they do? We’d be whole. We’d be healthy. We’d do better. We’d be allowed to do better. And only we can do this work for ourselves. Only we can choose something new.

The truth of the African proverb, “the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth” is felt deeply by us all. We do not need to feel outcast when we find God within us, we do not need to turn to extremes to find a sense of connection, we can be healed, we can find ourselves holy, we can realise our wholeness. This new moon we can choose to take steps to help us reach this point, this point where in fact the spirit always is. Whether we meditate in the morning or read inspiring literature throughout the day or spend time in nature or just rest, choosing to do what will direct us towards discovering and uncovering the truth of our magnificence and capacity for health and healing rather than away from it will allow us to move on from what we need to, work through what we need to and experience the freshness and newness of life again.

This new moon we take inspiration from the scorpion and shed our skin, expose a truer version of who we are, let go of more of the layers of the constructed self that block and remove us from feeling at one with life, that weigh us down and keep us from evolving and growing and experiencing health. As we do, we use our feelings to create a new reality for ourselves, we choose to build on emotions of joy and wholeness, we understand that we create by dreaming and believing and seeing the possibility of something new and we invest in what seems fantasy to the limited mind.

As we lighten our load, as we let go of what we have been carrying, we experience a sense of magic, of mystery. Overcoming the false self or becoming the true self is our life’s work and during this new moon it can feel as wondrous and exciting and eye opening as we allow it to. This is a time for us to pay attention to our intuition and trust it over the ego. Intuition is a sense beyond the senses. No matter what the ego does with the information we receive, we can tune into it and follow it without getting caught up in doubt or fear about what messages are coming through. This new moon is an excellent time for us to practise listening to our inner wisdom and noticing the difference between intuition and ego. One is a feeling of innate knowing. The other is a created feeling entirely opposite to this.

Our intuition will never lead us away from love and truth and peace. It will never demand of us guilt or stress or suffering. When we act out of alignment, the ego will justify, the spirit harmonise. Which we choose is up to us. One will see us continuing to be who we are not, the other will bring us into truer awareness and experience of who we are. And we are ready, we feel the shift towards a less challenging time now, a time when we feel inclined to look towards what is beautiful and wondrous and beyond the known. Physically this might see us feeling restored or revived in some way, emotionally more balanced, fortified, in tune with our wellbeing and mentally realising we are more powerful than we have ever allowed ourselves to recognise. During this new moon, if we are willing, we can begin to explore our abilities and gain insight into where and how in our lives we veil the truth of our power from ourselves.

The two weeks following the new moon will be a fortnight of transcendence if we allow it to be. A time to delve into the depths of our being in order to bring to life emotions of vitality, positivity and abundant goodwill. This is a choice we make. We choose to rise above the feelings of insecurity, self doubt and unworthiness that root us in who we are not in order to expand into who we are. We make the decision to spread our wings and leave behind what does not make us happier, healthier and when we lean into our power and trust in the intelligence of our spiritual wisdom, we rise up, we transcend, we soar.