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Next Day Planner

Self realisation is the journey of discovering and actualising the true self. As we become more aware of who we really are and let go of more of who we are not, we are guided to incorporate practices into our lives that support us and allow us to live well. A lot of these practices are focused on mindset and outlook because when we are intentional in how we think, we change how we feel and act. Planning before we sleep to begin our next day in a state of connection and gratitude and live it with awareness and commitment to aligned decision making helps us to remember the choice we have to be conscious of our state of mind, beliefs and perspective in the moment.

Making it our habit to turn to our spiritual health and wholeness for guidance allows us to pause when we find that we are turned away from our inner wisdom and unaligned with our truth so that we can refocus our attention and redirect our energy. This is an empowering practice inspired by and aligned with the true self and when we programme ourselves before sleep to make this our waking and daily commitment, we take responsibility for how we think and feel as we start our day and move through it, mentally rehearsing it beforehand and committing a future expression of self to memory.

When we approach this one step at time in a way that feels organic and natural, our journey is one of exploration and play. We can plan to begin our day by simply smiling. When we smile, our hearts register and signal to our brains that we are well and we produce and release endorphins and serotonin which lower stress levels, helping us to relax into the present moment. Making the decision to smile when we wake creates a joyful habit that sets us up for a healthy and happy day if we continue the feelings of peace and connection we experience when we do. In joy and peace we are present and grateful, in touch with and expressing our wellbeing. Visualising ourselves waking up this way before we sleep programmes us to.

How do we want to express in life? Asking ourselves these simple questions before we sleep – who am I and who do I want to be – reminds us that we are the creators of our experience, the limitless potential of the energy of life, an expression of the Divine.

We are the power of the present moment and there is nothing that can hold us back from being in this moment the people we want to be. This is an empowering and energising realisation and committing to the practice of reminding ourselves of who we really are before we sleep directs our attention and focus towards our inner truth and wellness and opens us up to feelings of possibility and potential. Who will we be tomorrow? We get to choose.

As we continue planning our next day, we get to choose to feel good as we imagine living it and consider ways we can promote and express our innate good feeling. Choosing to ground ourselves in the knowledge of our spiritual wellness so that in every moment we know we have the option to return to a state of appreciation and knowledge of our power allows us to recognise when we are turned away from truth and when we are turned towards it. Truth guides us to accept, reflect, process and heal so that we flow, patient and loving with ourselves, practicing self care and seeking support when we need it.

In truth we are in presence and if we ground ourselves in our ability to be present when we start our day, we will have the awareness to notice any residual thinking and feeling from the day before that we wish to move on from, memories of dreams we want to let go of, habits of being we want to be free of before we engage with them. In presence, in truth, in awareness, we know we have the option to let them pass or consider them when we feel clear enough to do so effectively.

Open Your Heart

We have the opportunity in every moment to engage and express our innate wellness, peace, joy and love as well as the ability to entertain and follow thoughts that lead us towards experiencing and operating from wellbeing. Making it our practice to remember this by programming ourselves to do so the night before makes it our habit in the moment to decide on which thoughts we spend time with.

One of the ways we can simplify this is to focus on heart opening and heart centring. We can have a very visceral reaction to going against our programming so that when we choose to turn away from familiar thinking, feeling and behaviour, the body revolts. When this happens, it is our power to self regulate that allows us to maintain control. Engaging the wisdom of the heart directs us to realise our ability to feel well, connecting us with the Divine energy of life we are a part of and guided by. Breathing into the heart centre and out through it harmonises and brings coherence to us, mentally, emotionally and physically.

In the space of the heart, we are innately grateful. In gratitude we are heart centred and when we operate from the heart we feel light, free, well and optimistic about life. Beginning our day by choosing to practice gratitude elevates us into the state of love and appreciation that we experience when we are heart focused. Gratitude is extremely helpful in creating and maintaining a sense of vitality and energy because when we are grateful, we express pleasure and joy which lift us, raising the frequency of our vibration. We benefit when we are aligned with our wellbeing. Expressing our innate gratitude gets us there. When we find something to say thank you for, we tune ourselves in to good feeling and we know we are blessed. To affirm that we are grateful is to activate the experience of gratitude and when we tell ourselves something, we make decisions that enhance the feeling of it, affirming it through our actions.

Reminding ourselves as soon as we wake that we have a new day ahead of us that we have never lived before filled with limitless possibilities is a way of facilitating our natural state of curiosity, openness, joy and reverence for life and invites a sense of play into our experience. When we choose to view life as if it is full of potential and possibility, freshness and mystery, we enter a state of wonder and awe, opening up to and inviting in new experiences. Wonderful things happen when we see the world through fresh eyes and enjoy it from a new perspective.

Before we go to sleep, visualising how we want our next day to unfold allows us to create our experience of it so that no matter what occurs, we are present, aware, engaged, adaptable. How do we appear during our next day in our most enjoyable imaginings? What can we be grateful for as we make our way through our routines and schedules? How can we make the best of what we need to do? What might we do to remind ourselves of the magic and mystery of life?

We spend so much time imagining scenarios that do not reflect what we truly want in life or what we know deep down is available to us. Deciding to stop playing those out in our minds as soon as we notice we are doing so is a powerful decision. Taking that further by spending time before we sleep running through our perfect next day, programmes us to change the way we operate, to engage imagination in a way that elevates and benefits us, allow space for inspiration, consciously choose the thoughts we follow, the thinking we create, the feelings we inhabit, the beliefs we invest in so that the subconscious mind works in alignment with our conscious desires and practices, from the understanding that we are one with the loving intelligent energy of life, supported by and connected with it.

We are more inclined to assess the helpfulness and clarity of our thinking and feelings when we make the choice more frequently to witness rather than engage with the experiences we are creating for ourselves that do not empower us, do not reflect what we know to be true within, do not lead us from and towards wellbeing.

Cultivating a mindset that empowers us to take control of how we think and feel makes us aware of the power we hold over our experience. Practising this before sleep sees us planning ahead to build new habits, make self loving commitments and embrace new practices that steer us towards living a life we find fulfilling and enjoyable. If there are times we are unable to plan for the next day or despite doing so feel out of alignment with our inner wisdom when we wake, loving ourselves enough to refuse thoughts of frustration or guilt will help us to to sleep well and begin our next day well too. Anything that we do that demonstrates self affection, self care and self respect lifts us, aligns us with our truth and reconditions us to a new way of being.

When we are conscious of our ability to express and experience our spiritual health, happiness and wholeness and choose to make doing so our habit, we set new beliefs and behaviour in place and we change the way we operate. Living well is not about being perfect, it is about being kind to ourselves and others as we explore and investigate living in alignment, allowing innate good feeling and making wellbeing our priority. Investing in our wellness feeds out into the world, setting a healthy example for others, informing our interactions with them, keeping us on track when things don’t go as planned and preventing us from expecting others to do the work for us.

Pausing to notice and reflect on our state of mind before we sleep and when we wake encourages us to consider what we are thinking and feeling and whether we want to take the energy of our experience forwards. When we pause, we can reflect on whether we would benefit from realigning with peace and the clarity that peace affords us in order to sleep well and begin our day from as healthy and happy an outlook as possible. This is not about forcing positive thinking but allowing natural good sense and good feeling to be known and expressed. We don’t have to strive to be blissful and joyful all of the time but we do have the option to reflect on our perspective in any moment in order to choose to do and feel our best. Simply asking ourselves, is this clear and loving feeling thinking, can help us to reset when we are caught up in tension and engaging in behaviour informed and directed by it.

When we find that we are moving away from truth, becoming misaligned, noticing how we are feeling physically can guide us to release any tension we are creating and holding in our bodies.

Tune In

When we wake, we might still be carrying what happened the day before, feeling the effects of our lifestyle choices, our dreams and the quality of our sleep. The stories we tell ourselves about these, the meaning we assign them, is what creates and continues our experiences of them. Whilst we may be caught up in a habitual or familiar state of being almost as soon as we wake, we get to choose whether we continue it. Tuning in to our state before we begin our day can help us to clear our minds so that we remember our propensity for gratitude, ground in the peace of the present moment, centre ourselves in our hearts and connect with the newness and wellbeing that are available to us in every moment.

Choosing to think and feel differently when it benefits us to, spending time in quiet contemplation and connection with our highest selves, working to remember who we are and what is really true and important for us are acts of love and appreciation for ourselves. When we decide to pause, tune in, consider, reflect at the start of our day and during it, we give ourselves the gift of spaciousness and awareness, we are aligned with our innate desire to feel and do well and we recondition ourselves to notice when we are not taking action that respects and promotes this so that we can choose to.

Tuning in to how we are, what state we are creating, inhabiting, investing in and identifying with when we wake is a simple way of resetting when we need to so that we can approach each day from as fresh a state of mind and perspective as possible. When we do this in faith, with trust in our ability to be well and our potential for healthy change and growth, with patience in the moments we battle ourselves, we bring a lightness to our lives. Who we are, how we show up in the world and how these choices impact us are significant and once we start to understand that our interpretation of reality is determined by the beliefs we hold about the world and that we can change them, we transform.

The brain configures the information it receives via our senses to fit the worldview we hold so that it makes sense to us. Changing our view in order to change our interpretation of life and our experience of the world happens when we practice awareness of how we are operating. When we default to the subconscious mind, we default to conditioning and programming that shape our experience of reality, create our sense of self and guide, direct and motivate us. If we are holding beliefs that are not true or helpful, then until we do the work to change our operating system, we create an experience of life that appears to confirm them. If we do not empower ourselves to create beliefs that enhance and elevate our lives, that activate feelings of innate health and wholeness and guide us to clear and healthy action, we live from a limited understanding that reinforces itself.

The sense of self we create is a direct result of our belief systems. The limited self that directs us away from change is not who we really are but a creation, a result of a limited interpretation and understanding of life, the teachings we have been exposed to and the behaviour we have had modelled for us. If we want change, we have to listen to a new inner voice, the voice of the connected conscious self, of present moment awareness, the voice of grace and wisdom and intuition within. This does not mean we need to attempt to erase identity or personality. Once we begin to realise who we are and do the work to reprogramme our default settings and recondition our minds and bodies to operate from health and freedom and wholeness, we find that how we are, who we are, is aligned with our authentic and integral truth so that our identity is an expression of our highest wisdom, innate love, wellbeing and Divinity.

When we are aware, we are conscious and when we are conscious we make decisions and choices that are motivated by self love and directed by self trust. We are free to enjoy a new experience of ourselves and the world when we are present and committed to noticing what happens when we default to unconscious and habitual patterns of thinking and feeling and behaviour so that we can change them when it serves us to. To create the lives we want to be living, we have to do the work to understand that if our choices aren’t leading us there that they can, whether we make changes alone or with support. Expansion into our truest selves is a lifelong journey and it can be a liberating and joyful experience, depending on how we think about it. This does not mean it will not be challenging but that in the space of self awareness, we understand what we are going through as we move beyond investment in who we are not into a more aligned experience.

If we want to begin moving beyond the habits and choices that do not serve us, we need to practice awareness so that we can change the belief systems we operate from to reflect our innate inclination towards happiness and wellbeing. The choice is ours. It takes work to change but it takes work to be misaligned. Choosing to direct our time and energy to self care and wellbeing practices and allowing wisdom to guide us in changing them as and when we need to sees us transform, flow, expand and express our truth. Conscious commitment to practices that heal and transform us is the work of self realisation. Until we engage in it, we are often working in the opposite direction.

We can create a new way of living, we can change our beliefs, we can uncover our potential and we can transform our experience of ourselves and the world around us. Once we awaken to possibility, with the practice of awareness, the lives we dream of can be ours. Somewhere deep within we know that evolving into ever higher expressions of the true self is possible. Good feeling is what we strive for, even as we entertain ideas and beliefs that it is wrong or unsafe for us to feel good. We may have been trained out of knowing that it is our innate right to feel good but we can train ourselves to remember it again.

Planning before we sleep how we might go about our next day so that we come to practice what allows us to express and explore our innate health, happiness and potential, allows us to expand more fully into who we really are, commit to change, and create a sense of possibility within us that not only has an effect on the quality of our sleep but also the feeling we wake up in. If we spend time before sleep thinking about how wonderful our next day will be, we set ourselves up for healthier, happier experiences and come to default to our knowledge that we have power over the way we think and feel and act, even when old programmes are triggered.

We are energy, we are able to return to energy in the moment that we fall out of a limited sense of self.

When we commit to change, to heart centred living, to gratitude and presence and awareness, we experience a quality of clearness that is without striations, limits or blocks, that is joy unbound, simply a pureness of being, an expression of life energy that is love. The way we direct energy causes it to vibrate at different frequencies which affects the way we experience life. Paying attention to the thoughts we follow, the thinking we generate and the way we respond to our feelings allows us to intentionally raise our vibration, turn towards the good feeling that resides within us and take action that encourages health on every level.

We are luminous beings. If we do not feel like luminous beings, it is because we are not thinking like luminous beings and when we think other than we are, we feel it. Becoming aware of our thinking and feelings without energising or reacting to them grants us the space to know whether to continue or let go of the experience we are creating by asking whether it feels wise and true or not.

If we take the time to witness our present state without judgement, without justifying it, trying to change it or identifying with it, we can be distanced from it enough to reflect on whether it is the state in which we want to end or begin or continue our day and allow it to pass when it is best to so that inspiration and new thinking can guide us. The way we do this will be personal to each of us and we can trust our intuition to lead the way. Whatever we choose to do, giving ourselves the space to listen to our inner voice can only benefit us in living more fully from our spiritual wellbeing and health as we commit to taking responsibility for the way we show up in life.

The Next Day Planner is designed to help guide us towards reflecting on what actions we can take each day that are in alignment with our core values and desires so that we can be who we want to be, realise who we truly are. Looking forward to expressing as our highest selves as soon as we wake and feeling appreciative of the ways we might do so as we continue our day uplifts and liberates us.

Meditating on what we want in life, what we want to call in to our experience in order to explore how we might live, can mean spending just a few minutes before we begin planning our next day resting in the silence that we enjoy when we tune out of our thinking and in to our spiritual wisdom. In peace and stillness, we channel guidance, experience insight and revelation and make inspired plans. Meditation is a simple and powerful practice that takes us out of who we think we are and into an experience of a self far greater.

We have the power to elevate our awareness of our abilities, to explore them and enjoy them. When we wake, we are in the best position to condition ourselves to operate from a healthy mindset that raises our vibrational frequency to one of wellbeing and coherence on every level. How we choose to shift into a space of conscious connection with the energy we are and the power we hold to direct it will continue to transform over time. Becoming practised in planning our next day as we remain responsive to our changing needs gives us the freedom to commit to doing the work and flow, change and evolve.

Use this planner before sleep for at least a week and reflect on how your answers change as you go. You might be surprised at how easy it is to take control of the way you live and how effortlessly you open up to inspiration that guides you to make healthy and happy changes as well as create new ways of showing up in the world that benefit you and all around you.

Next Day Planner