Lucy Di Marino

No Bake Almond Coffee Bites

Raw biscuits and cookies are so easy to make and these quick and simple no bake almond coffee bites are perfectly sweet, melt in your mouth and have a crunchy and chewy topping that perfectly balances their soft and crumbly base.

Makes 14 Bites



• ½ tbsp lucuma powder
• 1 tbsp decaf coffee granules
• 150 g date sugar
• 200 g almonds


• 30 g dried mulberries
• 35 g cacao nibs


In a food processor or high speed blender, process the topping ingredients until broken down and well combined and set aside.

Process the biscuit ingredients until completely smooth and stop once the almonds start to release oil.

Press 1 ½ tbsp of the mix firmly into a cookie cutter to shape and then firmly press a heaped tbsp of topping into the surface before gently pushing the entire bite out of the cutter onto a plate.