Lucy Di Marino

Lifestyle & Business Consultant

Operating from Peace

In life, we have the option to operate from peace and to make decisions and choices in peace when we refuse judgement and practice discernment. We practice discernment when we live from awareness and are guided by our instincts and intuition and our ability to follow the information our inner wisdom provides us without complicating it. When we are urged into judgement by the limited mind, we forget our ability to be clear minded, responsive, adaptive, experience fresh perspective, operate from wellbeing and instead are caught up in the experience of tension that is living from unhelpful beliefs, reactions, programming and conditioning.

To be free to live well, we must allow ourselves to step back from what the limited mind claims and believes in order to reprogramme the default settings that steer us away from peace and happiness, sanity and clarity so that we can think and feel and act well, so that we can live in alignment with our core values, our inner wisdom and the knowledge we are continuing to uncover about ourselves, so that we can practise discernment as we are guided to without complicating our awareness with judgement.

When we consider peace, we think of balance, harmony, ease. To operate from peace, from an experience of and direction from a greater awareness, a higher consciousness, that is at ease, that is peace in essence, that is only ever harmonious and balanced, we have to step back from the urge to judge and step into our ability to know, to discern, to make conscious choices and aligned decisions, to not be held back by ideas about should and could but be led by our spiritual wholeness.

We learn to judge in a way that becomes familiar to the limited mind; this is not innate to us. Discernment is. Intuition and instincts are. Judgement is created by the limited mind, discernment guided by our spiritual wisdom. Giving up or letting go of judgement is not a process of doing but undoing, it is an unlearning that occurs when we discover more about who we truly are and what is available to us. It is the recognition that even though we feel at times urged to return to and invest in past perceptions and states of being, that we get to choose to let them pass even as we physically reexperience them.

We don’t have to grow or explore or expand in life but the tension we experience when we refuse to lets us know that when we are not walking the path of truth, authenticity and clarity, we feel it. If we do not realise that we have the choice and ability to live in a way that is reverent towards our spiritual health and wisdom, we can feel lost and overwhelmed and confused. Once we remember our truth, we are guided to recover a wholesome curiosity about life that expands us beyond our blocks to peace and an experience of life created by the judgements of the limited mind.

In judgement, we are closed off, shut down. In peace, we are aware, connected, open, in grace. Understanding, insight and clear comprehension are accessed by us when we pause our identification with the distress caused by the limited mind and a life lived according to its desires, urges, claims and instructions. Growth is healthy, change is natural, adapting to them is innate and we are equipped to flow with life. We recognise and experience this when we begin to gently question and challenge our familiar uges, habits and behaviour and discover resources of strength and resilience within us.

Practicing non judgment is an act of self love. Gifting ourselves a better experience of life is an act of health. In judgement, we are in stress, conflict, struggle, tension and strain because we are not clear and aligned with our core values, practicing the art of discernment and following our innate wellbeing in what we think and feel and do.

In non judgement, we are clear, we are able to be guided by our instincts, intuition and wisdom, our natural ability to discern. We live in right relationship with ourselves. When we come to know ourselves as a part of the energy of life, as Divine, we are reverent towards the true self, we consider our ability to live in alignment with knowledge of our truth and when we commit to being guided by it, we live well because we live beyond the insecurities, suffering and fear of the limited mind, we are led by intuition, we default to a higher expression and we experience flow as we trust that we will show up appropriately.

In judgement, we experience friction and stress and when this is a practised state of being, when it is prolonged, it affects us on every level. Stress can impede our ability to be flexible, signalling pathways in the prefrontal cortex that reduce our ability to consider new approaches, open up to new perspectives and flow with life in order to handle and meet challenges. The chemicals released during stress can also stimulate parts of the brain that make us more susceptible to stress and revert us to practised and habitual reactions and feeling states.

Understanding that stress can do this but that it isn’t guaranteed because we have the awareness to notice stress and not be shut down or diverted by it, allows us to experiment with new responses when we sense stress within us, to change how we deal with it, practising peace, exploring new ways of being that feel guided by peace so that we find that we can allow and process the experience of stress without being motivated into unhelpful action by it.

Even during the times we are not overtly stressed or triggered into judgemental thinking, simply repeating thinking that does not feel balanced, peaceful, neutral, helpful and indulging it or struggling against it can create stress, tension, tightness, unbalance. It may be habit for us to repeat, invest in, fight, identify with these ideas and beliefs but habits can be changed, feeling states can be let go of, we can gently consider what does not feel good for us and allow it to pass, coming back to it later if we need to from a fresh and clear state of mind.

As we start to explore and enjoy new ways of responding to our reactions when we notice the urge to repeat past and familiar behaviour that is not beneficial for us, such as judgement which creates or increases stress, we step back from it by allowing it without following it and in doing so we experience a distance from it that allows us to take a new route. In this way, we practise new behaviour that becomes habitual for us in a beneficial way, all the while being open to evolving and trusting ourselves to make changes as and when we need to.

When we act from self trust, we free up the space and energy used in trying to anticipate, in worrying, in obsessing and we return to the peace of self knowledge, we return home to ourselves and experience self love. When we know ourselves as Divine, we naturally respect the higher values of the true self and revert to them when the limited mind directs us to do otherwise.

In honour of our highest expression, our truest nature, we live in accordance with peace, we engage naturally in discernment and we trust that we know how to process and express it in appropriate ways, learning more as we do about operating from the peace of the true self, our inner wisdom, our innate knowledge.

Understanding that the conditioned self is always doing its best to keep us safe allows us to be patient with and have compassion for ourselves in the moment that we choose judgment so that we come back to self awareness, we allow past beliefs and habits to pass without engaging in self criticism or punishment, turning towards love, health and harmony which leads to resolution, insight, wisdom, healing and helpful action.

Love always guides us to wellness, wholeness, discernment and an experience of truth and grace. In order to move away from judgement, we have to recognise that doing so is a loving act and that when we love ourselves unconditionally and without expectation we are able to investigate our past beliefs and previous choices without self judgement so that we make it our habit to revert to truth and wholeness when we find we have turned away from them.

We do not have to justify self love, only allow it and when we do, we choose expansion into a fuller expression of self over the contraction and constriction that is the experience of aligning with and following the direction of the limited mind that acts from fear and uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. In the moment that we notice we are engaged in judgement, we can simply choose to open our hearts, holding space for ourselves, regulating our nervous systems, allowing the feeling of the intelligent love within and around us to relax, reset and soothe us, allowing us a choice about what we think, how we feel and the actions we take as a result.

Doing so helps us to stop repeating past reactions and to not prolong them when we do. In the moment that we experience a stimulus or trigger that we feel urges us to revert to a past way of being we have become identified with, fixed in or simply used to, we remember that we get to choose whether we believe that operating that way is inevitable or that we can align with our truth, self knowledge and core values and be directed by these instead.

Upbringing, trauma, habit, culture, societal programming and more all create and inform subconscious beliefs that direct our behaviour until we become conscious of and curious about them. As we change how we view and respond to our beliefs, we discover our ability to practice pause, peace and presence when we find ourselves investing in what does not serve us. This allows us to move away from a narrow, rigid, fixed approach to life and enjoy a more flexible way of living.

A sense of imbalance can be the result of many factors. Our experience of discomfort comes from our thinking about it. When we know ourselves to be Divine, we acknowledge how we are feeling without identifying with it and we refer to a higher awareness for guidance without complicating the information we receive with judgment and opinion, simply sitting with and exploring how we might follow and implement it. When we move from the idea, this feeling or experience is me, to, I am all knowing, I am spiritually whole, I am Divine, we change the framework from which we operate and approach healing, health, wellness, harmony.

Love guides us to not only be willing to experience fresh perspective but to embrace it because we are no longer defined by past modes of being and we allow ourselves to experience new thinking in situations that may have triggered certain fixed ideas, beliefs and behaviour before.

The simplest way to know whether we are in need of change is to reflect on whether we are functioning well or not; whether we are we flexible, clear minded, experiencing wellbeing, peaceful, able to set healthy boundaries, take confident action, evolving, learning as we grow and operating from self love, self respect and a sense of wholeness, in presence and connection.

When we love, we are more relaxed and free flowing which allows us to have more harmonious experiences. We allow ourselves to give up fixed notions of what is right or justified and we choose love for ourselves which translates to love for others because in love we are gentle, intelligent, kind, compassionate, calm, balanced, clear and graceful. In love we are in wisdom and wellness, able to discern, take right action and adapt to life as we flow with it.

We are always striving for clarity and harmony, however, attempts to create a sense of certainty by remaining aligned with what is known from the limited mind rarely guide us to clearness, peace, balance or wise action. This means that when we take direction from the limited mind in an attempt to feel well, we become more entrenched in our limited habits of being and more identified with a limited expression of self and we move farther away from a sense of our innate wisdom and wholeness. This is a cycle we break by choosing the discomfort of change and growth over the discomfort of living in a way that despite being familiar and known to us doesn’t serve us.

Engaging in the work of transformation is an act of self love and in love, we are kind and gentle with ourselves, turned away from judgement and towards our light, practicing discernment and making life simple. Love guides us to examine our motivations and expectations so that we consider where taking a certain route will deliver us. Will our chosen action make us feel empowered, resolve a situation, lead us to new or helpful understanding or are we being guided to revert to fixed notions and concepts, to judgement and tension, that turn us away from clear, creative and insightful thinking and the feeling of it?

Our brains change as we experience life which means that when we consciously create a new experience for ourselves that benefits us and practise it over and over, we create new neural pathways, circuits and connections that work in our favour. Practising a new response to life when we are triggered into the feeling of past reaction that would previously lead us to it, allows us to remain aware and intentional, centred in peace, love, wisdom, clarity and wholeness.

Centred in truth, we refresh our awareness of what is available to us. The conditioned self finds it reassuring to assign meaning, categorise and take action that it believes will restore a sense of certainty when life is challenging. If we choose a new way, if we turn away from judgement and towards the discernment afforded us by a mind aligned with our core values, we do not get overtaken by the feeling of past thinking, we are not motivated into unhelpful familiar action by the urges of the limited mind, we act in accordance with a new understanding that allows us to be open to new perspectives and interpretations, to remember in our most challenging moments our ability to operate from peace and default to it.