Lucy Di Marino

Raw Raspberry Mousse Cake

Sweet, creamy and light with a beautiful raspberry rose flavour, this nut free raw mousse cake is delicious straight from the freezer or left to thaw for a little while before enjoying.



• 1 tbsp lucuma powder
• 15 g freeze dried raspberries
• 90 g coconut chips
• 100 g sunflower seeds
• 160 g pitted medjool dates


• 1 tbsp lucuma powder
• 25 g freeze dried raspberries
• 100 g raw coconut cream
• 130 g pitted medjool dates
• 200 g fresh raspberries
• 220 ml water


• 2 tbsp rose petals
• 15 g freeze dried raspberries


In a food processor or high speed blender, process the base ingredients at a low speed until broken down and well combined and press firmly into a cake mould.

Blend the filling ingredients until smooth and top the base.

Freeze to set for 4 hours and remove from the mould, topping with freeze dried raspberries and rose petals.