Reprogramming the Subconscious for Freedom, Health and Happiness – Part Three

Read parts one and two.

Reprogramming is the act of choosing to move into a new future and using our energy to create it rather than keep alive the experience of past belief systems that inform our thinking, feelings and actions. We know our belief systems either direct us towards behaviour we feel aligned with, that is intuitive, guided by clarity and wisdom or not. The reason we continue to keep alive and act on past thinking and feeling that we know do not serve us is that we have become so heavily identified with them that we feel a deep sense of unease when we try to turn away from them. But this is because we are still invested in them. If we trust that when we turn away from our limitations we enter a state of ease and truth and expansion, we will feel this as our truth and be guided by the peace and calmness that come over us to look away from who we are not and in the direction of who we really are.

We have inherited or learned or created a limited response to life and we are compelled by the limited self to act in ways that maintain it, that keep it intact in order for us to survive in the world but as soon as we see the innocence of this misunderstanding, as soon as we trust ourselves to thrive, we give up affirming our limited state of being and concept of self and find that in doing so we create a distance from the thinking and emotions we have been so heavily identified with which allows us the space to consider them, to notice them, to reject them because we know something better is available to us and we want to embrace it.

Energising any type of stressful thinking leads to states of mental, emotional and physical distress and when we identify with a self that is conditioned, created and limited, we cannot live fully in health, happiness and peace. Allowing ourselves to not just remember but recover our connection with our strength and resilience and ability to think clearly allows us to overcome our past habits of being and create new ways for ourselves that allow us to move on from who we once believed ourselves to be, free to disengage from past thinking when it starts and distance ourselves from the experience it creates that once felt all consuming.

As we begin to form new ideas and new beliefs and new ways of thinking and feeling and being, we are guided to be compassionate for ourselves, to realise that kindness and love and understanding are what heal and help us most as we uncover our blocks and release our pain and realise the beauty of what is available to us. We can change the way we deal with life, we are not our behaviour, what has been done to us or what we have done. We deserve love and peace and health.

Once we set our intention to live from this awareness, to reprogramme the subconscious mind to reflect it, to take action from our new beliefs and live in alignment with our newly discovered self, we can explore the very chemical reaction that our thinking creates within us, bringing to life an experience of what we are focusing our minds on and noticing how very real our thinking feels. This is true no matter what we think about and it is when we realise this that we begin to find we can play at life, we can make real for ourselves whatever ideas we invest in, that all that is happening in the moment we are thinking about past experiences and behaviour is generated from within us and that we are able to override our emotional response to these thoughts and memories by generating feelings of compassion, love and understanding that guide us to see things differently, that allow us to feel differently and it is when we think and feel differently that we create and sustain real change within, that we allow ourselves to break free of the past and experience a new present.

As we do, we realise that we are taking action inside that creates change outside. We shift our thinking so that not only do we see and experience ourselves differently, we see and experience the world differently which leads us to respond to act within it differently. We engage with feelings of hope and possibility, we see the opportunity for endless transformation and expansion, we know change is always available to us and we allow this knowledge to guide us in how we live.

It is a phenomenal thing that our entire lives are lived in our minds and the most incredible gift that the mind is malleable, that the brain is changeable, that how we spend our time inside creates our lives outside. Reprogramming the sets of rules we live by means creating new neural networks, changing our body chemistry, shifting our vision so that we see the world and ourselves in a new light. It is the work of God, it is the acknowledgement of the Divine, it is the acceptance of our majesty, our blessing, our alignment with the creative power and intelligence of the Universe.

And we start small. We notice the connection between how we think and how we feel and how we feel and how we think and how these influence and motivate how we behave and we reflect on the beliefs we have picked up and created that make us more susceptible to accepting certain things, more prone to paying attention to certain thoughts and we decide to become aware of these, to question and change our response to them so that we can pay attention to new thoughts, think and feel in new ways and create and engage in new behaviour.

We all have peace of mind available to us and a choice about the thoughts we focus on, energise and think about. We cannot control the thoughts that occur to us and we don’t need to when we become conscious of the thinking we generate about them and change the beliefs that inform and create it. Doing this takes time and effort and self love. We have to make our feeling well and living well our main priority so that we invest our time and energy in overcoming the habits of being that are not aligned with, guided by and representative of who we really are, making the effort to sustain our connection with our inner wisdom as we come up against the ego’s claims that it is too hard, it can’t be done or that we don’t really want to change or can start tomorrow.

The feelings of discomfort that occur when we try to break free of a limited idea of who we are that we are identified with can lead to panic and stress if we do not remind ourselves that we are not who the conditioned mind tells us we are, that we are in fact turning away from who we are not and towards what lies before, beneath and beyond this creation. This neutralises our feelings of anxiety and allows us to settle down so that we are able to think and feel clearly. We can change. We are, in fact, always changing and when we start to realise this on a fundamental level, the discomfort that we experience when we believe in thinking that we should not or cannot change becomes an automatic notification for us that we have defaulted past belief systems and that we can turn ourselves away from them and towards our new truths instead.

We cannot change without changing and change begins when we touch who we really are and want to live in and from this realisation more often. We are the Universe, we are God, we are the light and love and wellbeing and peace that our conditioned mind tells us we need to attain rather than allow. When we get really clear on our spiritual perfection, health and wholeness, we want to create a way of living that honours and is guided by this discovery and we do this when we affirm new ideas and understandings that allow us to remain aware of and connected with the clarity of thinking, feeling and being that is always available to us. We take action to recover our sense of truth so that we live by it.

There has to be a point when we choose something different for ourselves in order to create a change in our lives that is lasting and empowering. There has to be a time we make the decision to give up ideas about self worth that prevent us from allowing ourselves all that we deserve. We have to set the intention to change the way we view ourselves so that when past thinking and feeling come up, we allow ourselves to stand firm in our power and agency and take charge of the experience we create and invest in so that we can begin to create something more healthy for ourselves than what is limiting, self critical, unloving and stressful.

Once we become conscious of our behaviour, of our choices and actions and the motivations behind them and do the work to reset them to a more natural way of being, we begin to shift patterns and evolve beyond what we see no longer serves us. When we notice that we are repeating behaviour we are no longer invested in, we can reflect on this from an open and non judgemental state of mind because we have the power to do so and this approach resonates with the true self, not the self that is conditioned, limited and frightened to operate beyond its programming.

When we treat ourselves gently, we are able to see beyond what we think and feel and do to the ideas and teachings and beliefs that create and inform how we live. Allowing ourselves to notice when we feel obliged, compelled or triggered to act on beliefs we do not feel aligned with or invested in without judgement can help us to witness our urge to act in the moment without reacting to it so that we have the space and distance we need to inforce new behaviour, new beliefs, a new and more conscious state of being.

In awareness we can consider what past thinking we are fuelling that makes us feel that old behaviour is justified or necessary. Often these are to do with feeling we are unworthy of the joy and happiness we have been experiencing, the idea that joy and happiness are hard won and even that our joy and happiness are still actually dependent on events and situations and circumstances outside of us. Simply, we have to decide that we are going to live by the understanding that joy and happiness, peace, wellbeing, deservedness and wholeness are innate and that every thought that tells us otherwise is unhelpful for us.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is the commitment to allowing and inviting in good feeling so that we let go of more and more behaviour we no longer consciously agree with, identify with or want to take part in and rediscovering our ability to do so with love, grace, compassion, kindness and awareness so that we invest our time in growth and evolution as an act of care and respect for ourselves and are able when we notice we are repeating past behaviour to remain in the space of trust and love, reflecting on our actions as we ground and centre ourselves in the knowing that we can move beyond them and do differently in future.

We are designed to live from a state of wonder, in awe of life because in awe and wonder, we are present to the Divine in everything. In wonder and awe we are guided to learn and transform and grow. In awe and wonder we are connected and in connection we are grateful, transcendent, uplifted. It is fun to try new ways when we know we are safe to and we know we are safe to once we become aware of what we can do and who we can be and what resources are available within us. When we use this knowledge to deepen our understanding of what we are still holding onto, curiosity takes over and we give up on unhelpful thinking because we no longer see any benefit in becoming emotionally entangled in reacting to it.

When we live this way, not only are we kinder to ourselves, more patient, more compassionate, more loving and more open, we show up for ourselves in ways we didn’t know we could, witnessing our choices without judgement, allowing ourselves to learn without punishment so that we are free to grow and change and choose differently in future. We release ourselves from the burden of having to do things right and do things better because of it. And we realise that at every step lies the possibility to understand who we really are more fully which brings us to understanding that we do not need to improve ourselves, we only need to wake up to who we really are. We only need to be guided by the wisdom within us that is always offering us the opportunity to evolve beyond what we do not want to continue into more true expressions of what lies within us and guiding us to love ourselves as we learn our way through.