Reprogramming the Subconscious for Freedom, Health and Happiness – Part Two

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The conscious and subconscious minds learn differently. We may understand something via the conscious mind but see no effects on our programming so until we make the commitment to work on reprogramming daily and at every opportunity, we won’t have lasting results. This is why it is so important that we work on ourselves from a state of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. We are working to reprogramme belief systems formed over many years and so despite our best efforts, we will at times revert to past modes of being.

This is normal and it’s understandable. It is also an opportunity to practice new behaviour in response to defaulting to past beliefs and action. This is how we become greater than the behaviour we have engaged in before and the triggers that motivate and continue it. If our familiar reaction to this is self criticism, frustration, paranoia, despair, anger or hopelessness, we can choose new behaviour to take its place that is supportive, patient, understanding and curious. The more we override the urge to behave as we once did and instead follow our innate impulse to show up fresh and new to life, loving and hopeful, the more likely we are to form a new healthy habitual reaction to making mistakes that enables us to move beyond them as we learn and grow.

It takes work but it is exciting, liberating, expansive work. What a phenomenal experience it is to discover who we really are and what we might really experience in life. We do not have to keep walking the path the limited self sees and sets before us; we can take steps in a new direction and reach destinations we perhaps have never considered possible. Even more amazing is the impact this conscious approach to life and living has on us at every level. By raising the frequency of our vibration to emit signals of health, happiness and wholeness we experience healthier, happier gene expression and a healthier, happier sense of wellbeing overall.

As we keep finding out, there are very few limits to the experience we can create for ourselves and living from conscious desire rather than unconscious habit is the first step in creating a life that resonates with us at a soul level. We are here to learn and grow and play and most importantly, to love; to be love, live from love and open ourselves up to the love that is who we are and that is within and all around us. Love is the essence of the energy of life. It primes us to explore ways to create an experience for ourselves that allows us to express our innate joy and health and make the commitment to do the work necessary to free ourselves from the programming that is holding us back so that we can unleash the power we possess to create and embrace lives of meaning, truth and choice.

When we revert to unhelpful subconscious modes of being, playing a part that is familiar, the best thing we can do is forgive ourselves, learn from the experience and move on. Any urge to be upset with ourselves, doubt our progress or worry about what other people think is the reaction of the conditioned mind we are no longer identified with, invested in or trusting. Instead of energising unhelpful reactions, we can change the direction of our thinking so that we come back to who we really are more quickly than past thinking would allow.

Once we are feeling restored, it can be helpful to reflect on why we reverted to an identity we do not actually identify with and consider and investigate the stimulus that triggered a particular personality trait, emotional upset or belief system to surface. What were the feelings that we decided to act on and why in that moment were we closed off from noticing the choices we were making so that we got swept away by emotions that were actually alerting us that we were facing away from truth and clarity and love?

If the world as we receive it is simply a projection of what is going on within us then we will have a far more enjoyable experience of life if we return home to health, clarity, wellbeing, love, centre before we assess and react to life. In this sense if we can remember to turn to connection before projection, we will create and experience a world that is more hopeful and positive than we can from a limited state of being.

As we do the work to support ourselves in realising our magnificence we are offered the opportunity to discover that we will never have it all figured out and that this is okay. If we realise and remind ourselves that we are on a journey of getting to know who we are, that learning means finding out what feels right and wrong for us, that we’ll make mistakes and take turns that lead to deeper insight, we will find that we are here to live our way through life, to develop and evolve and explore, to find again and again that we have intuition which is always leading us to realisation, truth, health, which leaves us free to accept, reflect and process without the need to defend, criticise or judge.

In this we find peace and grace and stillness. In this we find out more about what we might be and how we might live and this fuels our self realisation work, this deepens our understanding, this inspires our connection with others. We do not have to be a paragon of any ideal. We don’t have to endlessly strive for a standard that is not necessary. If we are willing to do the work to remember over and over that we can think and feel and act in ways that are aligned with truth and reflect the heart’s wisdom and express our inner knowing that we are one with life, whole within, safe to be who we really are we will experience change and transformation, we will reprogramme our belief systems and responses to life and experience a new way of being. And when we default to past behaviours, we can learn without shame or panic or guilt. We don’t have to be perfect. We have everything we need to guide us to ever healthier and happier expressions of ourselves.

When we make it our habit to learn from past choices, we train ourselves to override previous emotional reactions so that we can choose a new way in future. This leads us to recover truth and clarity so that when we are not in alignment with who we really are or how we wish to operate, we choose to come back to centre rather than keep on with what does not feel right and does not serve us. And we make doing so our new habit, we make the realisation of choice our new belief.

When we recognise that we have the ability to do this, when past thinking comes up we are able to calm ourselves enough to not get caught up in it and when we do give it our attention and follow its lead, we allow thoughts of paranoia, insecurity, frustration or blame that try to justify our choice to flow by so that we can see the innocence in our forgetting, forgive ourselves, learn from our experience and move on to becoming more fully who we are discovering ourselves to truly be.

One of the biggest obstacles to change that we experience is worry about what other people are thinking about us. Whilst it might feel familiar to focus time and attention on mentally addressing their opinions of what we have done, are doing, might do and how this thinking makes us feel, we must recognise that when we do this we are rooting ourselves in an experience that leads us away from the realisation and expression of our health, wholeness and happiness and towards to a limited expression of self we are worthy of moving beyond. Freedom comes from knowing that we are innately whole and well and able to choose a new way for ourselves no matter what anybody else thinks or says about it, what our ego thinks or says about it or what our ego thinks other people might think or say about it.

We will not be perfect and we do not need to be. Perfection resides within us, it is our spiritual truth and essence and we can return to the space of perfect health, wisdom and peace in order to gain insight and receive advice when we need and want to that guides us in living full, happy, healthy lives no matter what we have done or been through.

We have to learn to grow and in order to evolve and expand we will make mistakes or take missteps so that we can find out what doesn’t lead us towards a life of harmony, health and happiness. It is when we get caught up in self punishment, self doubt, guilt, shame and blame that we lose the awareness we need to reflect on and learn from our choices. When we revert to playing a part, which inevitably at some point we do, we serve ourselves best by waking up to who we really are again as quickly as possible, allowing love and wisdom to support us in considering why we did and using the information we uncover to guide us to choose differently in future.

Insights are abundant in this work. Reprogramming our subconscious beliefs about what is possible for us and creating new modes of living that better reflect who we really are and what we are really capable of in life leads us to endlessly discover more about how we have gotten to where we are as well as how we can move forwards.

We learn to be honest with ourselves, too. We cannot know ourselves to be whole and magnificent and powerful and still play the role of victim in any way. This does not mean we repress or deny or ignore trauma or pain. But that we know we have the inner resources to heal and move beyond them so that we are not defined or limited by them. We make the choice by doing this work to give up behaviour that is not in alignment with our knowledge of who we really are and what we are really capable of. If we make the decision to give over our power and responsibility for how we feel and act to other people, acknowledging and accepting this will lead us to truth which will illuminate all that we fell is still in shadow within us so that we can bring it to the surface, bless it and release it. The ego can sway us with justifications only if we allow it to. If it doesn’t feel like it is leading to healing, we can trust ourselves that there is another way.

Whilst it may feel as if we are compelled to act in familiar ways, every thought that flows through our minds is neutral until we think otherwise. The idea to act is only ever compelling if we believe it to be. And if we do, we feel it to be compelling. If we don’t, we don’t. Thoughts are not instructions, they are constructions. Once we understand on a fundamental level that we do not have to follow, believe in and act upon every thought we have, we become free to let pass the ones that do not seem sane, balanced, inspired by truth and pay attention to thoughts that do. In this way we let new thoughts in and edge past thoughts out. This doesn’t mean they will never appear again but that we will have become accustomed to letting them pass on in order to leave space for new thoughts to occur.

We create our experience of the thoughts flowing through our minds with the thinking we create about them. When we no longer read thoughts as directions and the feelings they generate as a call to action, we do not feel urgent when familiar thoughts occur, we do not need to do anything to get rid of them, we find we can simply let them pass and allow new thoughts in that lead us in new directions.

When familiar thoughts that do not match up with our knowledge of our spiritual truth and potential trigger familiar thinking that we no longer identify with and our bodies are filled with familiar feelings that tell us we are turned away from the clarity, health and truth available to us, we can be still, allowing the feelings to rise up and out of us without trying to escape, repress or justify them and reflect if we wish to on what has triggered them, allowing our inner wisdom to guide us in opening up to the healing on offer to us that inspires us to and occurs as we release them.

Reprogramming does not mean that when we no longer pay attention to and trust in certain thoughts that they don’t occur anymore, it means that we don’t react to them as we once did, we override the programme that generates certain thinking and feelings about them, we become greater than our past experience of what was and create a new experience of what truly is. And that as we move towards this, when we do react in past ways, we do not continue the experience but come back to ourselves quickly and treat ourselves with kindness, compassion, patience and love until we do.