Lucy Di Marino

Spiced Fruit Cake

This delicious, light and fat free spiced fruit cake is made from just buckwheat, cinnamon, date sugar and dried fruit and is perfect for afternoon tea, dessert, a mid morning snack and even breakfast. All plant foods contain fats but grains, pseudo grains, fruit, herbs and spices are generally low enough in fat to be considered fat free. Enjoy cool or warm, as baked or slathered with nut butter or jam. If you do not have a range of dried fruit, simply use 220 g raisins.


• 2 tbsp baking powder
• 3 tbsp ground Ceylon cinnamon
• 30 g dried cranberries
• 30 g dried apricots, chopped
• 160 g raisins
• 265 g date sugar
• 400 g buckwheat groats
• 635 ml water


Process the buckwheat, baking powder, cinnamon and date sugar into a fine flour and blend with the water into a thick batter.

Transfer to a bowl and mix well with the dried fruit.

Bake at 180°C for 50 minutes.