Uncovering and Unleashing Our Light – Part Three

Read parts one and two.

Do you remember the sense of wonder you used to feel about everyday life? The beauty and amazement you found in simply being able to wiggle your fingers and blink your eyes and chew your food? You didn’t need never ending stimulation to feel a sense of fascination and admiration for life because you were endlessly stimulated by life itself. You were connected with your light and it lit up the world around you so that you felt lit up just by being a part of it. Can you connect with the wonder of you again? With the absolute miracle of who you are? With the amazing world you are a part of and invited to shine in?

When we live from a sense of wonder and feel that we are ourselves wondrous, we naturally shine. We are in love with life, with ourselves and those around us and we radiate love. When we get into a routine of habitual thinking and feeling that covers up our light and becomes familiar, we start to overlook how amazing life is, how amazing it is that we are here and a part of it. We get caught up with outside messages about what life should look like for us, how we should feel when this not the case and we get hoodwinked into feelings of lack, less, loss.

When we are children, we have to be told that life is unfair before we feel it. We have to be taught that we are not enough, that wonder is not enough, that the miracle of life in itself is not enough. We grow up and we think, who am I to shine? I am not beautiful enough, educated enough, wealthy enough, privileged enough, fortunate enough, supported enough and we sell ourselves all sorts of lies that further distance us from our innate sense of wonder. We think we know who we are and what life has to offer us and we might not like it but after all, isn’t life unfair? We lose our sense of curiosity about how we got to where we are and how we might move on from there to a brighter future and instead become resigned to our circumstances and the beliefs that created them.

But what happens when we lose ourselves in watching a small child lit up with wonder, shining brightly as they delight in the world? We light up again. We remember that sense of amazement, fascination and admiration for life. In these moments we uncover our light and we shine. For some time afterwards we continue to shine, letting our light guide our interactions, our thoughts and our choices. Softening a little, being kinder, more gentle, more peaceful and loving. Quickly, though, we remind ourselves again of our beliefs about the world and because they feel familiar we settle back into them.

We cover our light up again and almost forget it exists. But never quite. There is always a feeling that something isn’t quite right when we turn away from light, from love, from truth, from wonder. Until we recognise what this signals, we will keep looking outside of ourselves for the solution to it. We will keep thinking that there is something wrong with us, that something inside of us is broken and lacking. But again we have just misunderstood the message. We are wonderful, fascinating, amazing, remarkable, beautiful, bright and brilliant. When we wonder how we got to where we are and what we might do about it, we are on the right track towards truth. If we keep going, guided by confidence in our inner perfection and practising faith in our ability to be led towards health and happiness by the light within us, we are on our way to being lit up by the world again. We are on our way to lighting up those who watch us living in wonder and shining brightly in our love and appreciation for life.

Light is love and love is light and love is the energy of life, the creative power of Universal consciousness. Never underestimate the power of love. Love is qualified by the human mind which applies conditions and bargains and measures to that which cannot be contained, reduced, withheld or removed. We are love. Love is us and love is within us and when we connect with love by dropping out of our false personas and into truth, we uncover and unleash our light. Love is the way. Love never takes a superior stance, feels above or better than. Love helps us fall out of separation and into health and wholeness. Love heals us. Love returns us to insight, wisdom, wellbeing and a deeper understanding of our strength and resilience and light. In love, we are conscious, we are whole, we are actively involved in evolving humanity to a state of wellbeing. Love brings us back to our health, love engages our healing. Love fills us up with light and shines out from us for all the world to see.

We have all had experiences that have left their mark on us but the mark they leave is up to us and when we view our lives through the eyes of love we get to choose in health how they affect us. Experiences are inevitable but how are we interpreting our experiences? What meaning are we assigning them? How are we registering and processing the events of our day to day lives as well as those we have yet to move on from? Love helps us to integrate experiences into our lives so that they don’t become the sole focus of them. Love leads us to be compassionate towards ourselves as we process and patient with ourselves as we move on and evolve. Love keeps us connected with a self untouched by our experiences and helps us to find that self through them. Love is the space within us that is stable and healthy and whole. Love will keep you in health whilst you navigate life and in health you are readily connected with clarity, truth, strength, resilience and wellbeing.

When you live from love, life does get easier. You do not spend energy where it does not need to be spent and you keep yourself physically, mentally and emotionally well because of this. Love keeps you able to live from understanding and clear perspective when you come up against people who do not live from love. Love will always guide you to keep shining your light, never dimming it or covering it up to meet others where they are or retaliate against their unhelpful choices or make them feel comfortable in their darkness. Love is the light within you that never goes out and it is the courage you need to let it burn brightly.

You have to choose who you want to be and what you want to experience in life and work to make this your reality. It has taken years to become programmed to default to limiting beliefs and so you must invest time in your transformation. Although you are simply uncovering who you really are and unleashing your light, you will need to be conscious of which thoughts you follow in your most challenging times, as well as when you are just tired, hungry or busy. Setting an intention every day for an area of your life you would like to remain conscious in, will allow you to begin making changes at a gentle pace. When you feel as if your transformation is all or nothing, you feel as if you are failing for dropping the ball in some areas or that you simply aren’t able to change. Really you are not changing, you are realising your innate nature and essence. You are peeling away layers of false identity so that you can return to your core truth.

Do not let yourself get defeated when you give into ego. You are not failing, you are experiencing opportunities to grow. There is no failure in life, only discovering new ways that don’t work for you. Even noticing when you have forgotten yourself and your power and given into old habits of thought and feeling is helpful on your journey of expansion and growth. Once you see what doesn’t work for you and you remember how well you are designed to navigate the helpfulness of your thinking via your feelings, you will start to move on from old paradigms. You will practise dropping out of your thinking and returning to truth when you are feeling turned away from health and light. You will remember your options when old beliefs come up and more often than not you will make the choice to turn back home to clarity and peace rather than towards familiar and disempowering thinking.

You are in control here and when you take charge from your conscious mind to make the choice to drop out of an experience you are creating and into the wisdom of your light, you will feel empowered, in charge of your evolution and more true to who you really are. Every new thought and feeling and habit of behaviour you set in place is building a new you, a true you, a you that is ready to shine in the world. The choice is yours. Make it. Have faith in it and practise applying it. When in doubt, fall out of your mind and into your heart. Let yourself be cleansed by your light, reset by your light and recharged by your light and guided in your next steps by the limitless knowledge it offers you. Rest in your ability to feel whole, authentic, safe in your truth and to shine. Relax into this awareness and release all that is blocking peace from spreading throughout your mind and body.

When we rest in our sense of self, we are supported. We cease action and movement and we pause, unwind and recharge. When we remember our light, we default to it. We stop making decisions from a flawed and faulty belief system that has led us away from it and covered it up and we rest in our truth. When we take action from here, it is guided by innate intelligence. It is natural, flowing, healthy and healing. We are peaceful, we are spacious and we are able to breathe and thrive in a world that before we felt pressured, panicked, reduced and choked by. Just as a massage soothes and restores our muscles, turning towards our light soothes our souls and restores our strength and resilience and composure.

When we soften our minds, we automatically relax our bodies and from here we find it easier to rest in peace and health. We regain our sense of self and vitality and it is natural for us to want to share this with the world. When we rest in truth, old thoughts of insecurity, doubt, lack and fear don’t weigh so heavily on us. They make less impact when we are not braced against them and it becomes more regular for us to let them flow by as we rest in harmony. When we rest we are not concerned with the concepts of time and space that the world as we know it is ruled by. We take our focus off of the physical and in doing so turn our attention to the spiritual which is where we find the information and guidance we require to live well in the material world. Beyond the physical, we open up to something more expansive than the world of form offers us. We travel beyond the realm of logic, reason and intelligence into the unknown, the metaphysical, the spiritual.

It is here that we touch truth. It is here that we meet Divinity. It is here that we are able to rest in the bliss of pure being and bathe in the light of pure consciousness. When we take this knowledge of a greater reality into the world and allow it to shine out from us, we apply a spiritual understanding to create practical, real world results. And it is fun, effortless, guided, enjoyable. We find our way and keep going, building momentum, fortified by truth and connection. We rest in an understanding that makes our hard work feel rewarding and release the blocks that have kept us living in shadow. Shine like the world is yours because it is. You are a part of this phenomenal manifestation of consciousness. Acting as if you are anything less creates stress and pain and suffering. Rest in your truth. Let it guide you, drive you and shine from you. Be the light in the world that you are called to uncover and rest in your ability to open up to who you really are.

Delight in who you are once more. Kiss the mirror, imagine the limitless possibilities that exist in your future, play with life’s gifts of thought and consciousness and stay rooted in wonder. Seriousness is a ploy to get us to stop having fun and when we stop having fun, we lose touch with our ability to play, our ability to trust in life, our ability to light up in health and happiness and our ability to shine. But we never lose our abilities, we only cover them up. Uncover them. Rediscover the delight in a life that is exciting and new each day. Rediscover the joy of shining your light for all the world to see.

Laugh your way through your learning. Children taking their first steps fall and laugh, walk and laugh, fall and laugh. They keep going, keep enjoying, keep delighting in their ability to try and fall and get up and try again. It does not have to be hard to be worthy, you do not have to suffer to grow. Life does not have to be trying to have meaning. We are the ones who assign meaning and worth. When we realise that we are the light of love concentrated into matter, what purpose is there in pretending we are anything other? Forgive yourself for the times you forget. Allow yourself to move on from the times you get caught up. Remind yourself of the choice you have to return to your light at all times and in all circumstances. You were born shining. Remember this now. Remember with deep joy who you are and what you are here for.

You cannot get this wrong. Laugh your way through your mistakes. Be amused by the pull of the ego. Be compassionate with yourself when you turn away from truth. Because you cannot lose it. You cannot harm it. You cannot damage or break or discard it. You are it. Everything you’ve been searching for, the permission to shine and the ability to be the bright and brilliant light that you are is within you, stable, safe, whole and well. Embrace it. Allow it. Be led by it and filled up by it so that there is no room anymore for focus on doubt or lack or uncertainty.

You are the light in the world that you have been looking for. You have what you need to illuminate your way. Remember this. Rest in this. Uncover and unleash this. And when you forget it let your feelings guide you back to the truth of who you are. You don’t need to run or hide from your experience. If you see it for what it is, it will always guide you home. It will always guide you back to the light of love, lighting you up, lighting up everything around you and shining brightly from within you out into the world.